B&B Monday Update 10/19/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/19/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the photo studio Ivy is getting her makeup and hair done before her first shoot. Steffy explains to the photographer that they need her to be taken easy on. She shouldn’t be doing anything to provocative. They are only trying to sell lingerie. The photographer understands. Steffy thanks him. Caroline asks if Steffy is sure that Ivy is up to this. Steffy feels that she is. She said that she was up for anything when she rehired her. Caroline wonders if she is being put to the test then. Steffy isn’t asking her to take her clothes off in front of the camera. Caroline feels that is exactly what she is doing. Steffy laughs. Caroline just means that for someone like Ivy this is actually kind of a big deal. Steffy acknowledges that it is. Caroline walks away. Over by Ivy Wyatt walks over and asks if she is ok or needs a pep talk. Ivy thinks she needs her head examined because she has no idea what she is doing. Wyatt thinks that she is standing up to Steffy and he finds that sexy. Plus, Ivy looks really hot. Ivy reminds him he already said that. Wyatt knows but it needed to be repeated. Steffy walks over and asks if Ivy is ready. Ivy says yes. Ivy asks why Caroline is here. Steffy says that she just wants to see how the initial photos go. Ivy assumes that means that she wants to see how she photographs. Wyatt thinks that everyone is pulling for her. The photographer promises that they are going to have a lot of fun. Steffy tells everyone it is magic time. Ivy takes off her robe and walks in front of the camera. She is wearing a purple bra and underwear piece. Ivy seems to be a little tense but is trying. Steffy tells her to loosen up She wants her to think about being in a bedroom with Wyatt and showing off. She tells her to go with the flow. Liam tells everyone that they are done. He wants everyone to leave and give them a minute. Liam won’t let this go on any longer. He won’t let the rivalry between Steffy and Ivy go on any longer.

Ridge is measuring a model in his office. The model asks if Ridge has heard from Thomas. She claims that all the models really miss him. She guesses that no one misses Thomas as much as Ridge though. Ridge thinks that she would be surprised. Katie walks in and wonders what she heard about missing Thomas.

Pam and Charlie are in the lobby. Pam whispers that if Ridge won’t tell her why Thomas is gone then maybe Thomas himself will Charlie asks if that is who she is texting. Pam says yes. She doesn’t think that Thomas should have been banned. There has to be more to it. Pam bets that Charlie thinks it is curious as well. Charlie nods.

Katie wants to know what this is about missing Thomas. Ridge explains that it has to do with all the models missing him while he is in Paris. Katie guesses it is because Thomas is so handsome and misses his father. Ridge doesn’t think that Thomas is anything like him. Katie believes that all the Forrester men are alike. They can have any woman they want. Ridge believes that some lines shouldn’t be crossed. Katie wonders if they are still talking about Thomas.

Liam states that this is ending today. She can’t make Ivy parade around in her underwear. Steffy isn’t making her. Liam knows that Steffy knows that this isn’t her thing. That is why she couldn’t resist. Steffy wants to know why she is being called out. Liam isn’t calling her out. This all has to do with Aly’s death. They know the circumstances. They all know what Ivy did was wrong and hurtful. What Steffy is doing right now is hurtful as well. They are both strong and beautiful women. They need to be the royalty they were meant to be for both their sake. Liam thinks that they can either move on or they can be snarky and get back at one another. He wonders if that is really what they want. Ivy doesn’t. Liam asks if that is what Steffy wants. Ivy has said sorry for everything. She said sorry for the video and losing her way. She gets that Steffy might think that she is just going through the motions. Steffy does think that. She is just saying all the right things to get her job back and that isn’t easy. Steffy knows that losing Aly did something to Ivy. She feels like she failed her. Steffy feels like that too. Liam does as well. Steffy doesn’t think that it is on the same level as Ivy who blackmailed her though. Ivy once again admits that she took things to the extreme. Steffy thinks that Ivy went over her head. She pressured Eric to rehire her. Steffy won’t let that go. Ivy asks if that means that this lingerie shoot was just about revenge. Steffy explains that it is yes and no. She knew that this would be good for Ivy. Most women would jump at the chance. Ivy thinks that Steffy knows that she isn’t most women. Liam feels that they are all sharing good things here. He would love for them to all imagine what they could accomplish if they just were nice to one another and worked things out. He isn’t just talking about work but at home as well. In their personal lives. This is a real chance to rise to the occasion. They are both leaders. They need to be their best selves and more.

Katie wonders what Thomas is even doing in Paris. Ridge explains that he is designing and observing. Katie asks if he is angry at him. Ridge doesn’t know. Katie knows that Ridge has had issues in the past with Thomas. She thinks that as parents they never get to know. She believes that good thing is though that Ridge will get to do it all over again with better choices and different mistakes. He can do it with Caroline.

In Rick’s office Charlie declares that they all hail Liam the great. Liam really wouldn’t go that far. Caroline would. He brought Steffy and Ivy together and was a peace maker. Especially when… Caroline runs out with her mouth covered. Liam wants to know what that was about. Charlie doesn’t know but it has been happening a lot lately. Liam asks if there is a stomach thing going on. Charlie asks Pam if there is a stomach bug going around. Pam wants them to hold that thought and grabs Charlie and runs out.

Steffy asks if Wyatt plans to read them the riot act as well. Wyatt reminds Steffy that Liam is the only one who is trying to apply for saint hood. She has to admit that in this moment he is right. It is time for them to make peace. Ivy asks if that is what they have done. Steffy guesses that it sort of feels that way. Wyatt is going to give them some time to talk alone. He just wants Ivy to know that he is so sorry that he pushed her. Ivy wants him to not feel bad. He was just trying to help. She thinks that it is fine. She kisses Wyatt and he leaves. Steffy feels that in some ways they aren’t so different. Ivy tells her to not let them hear her say that. Ivy gets that Wyatt is trying to be strong and independent. Steffy asks if they are really going to do this, are they going to pretend to make them happy.

Ridge wants to know if Katie really believes in a fresh start. Katie guesses by the way that he says it that he doesn’t think so. Ridge means that she must with her and Bill. Katie wants to know why he keeps bringing this back to her and Bill. Ridge means that they were married then divorced and now married again. Katie is more than aware of her past. Katie doesn’t want him to worry about that with Caroline. Ridge would never let that happen with Caroline. Katie asks if he wants a boy or a girl. Ridge doesn’t know. Katie knows that he does. She points out that if it is a boy then he will be handsome and creative like his father and like the ladies. She guesses she is getting ahead of herself. Caroline isn’t even pregnant…

Pam and Charlie walk back into Rick’s office. Liam wants to know where the hell they went off too. Charlie explains that Pam has an idea. Pam just sort of has a sixed sense about this. Liam wonders what she means. Charlie whispers that Pam thinks that Caroline might be pregnant. Pam wants him to think about it. She thinks it calls for a home pregnancy test. She pulls out a bag. Liam doesn’t think this is any of their business. Pam asks how great it would be though. Caroline walks back in. She wonders how great what would be. Pam explains that Liam wanted to ask her something. Liam asks how she is feeling. Caroline guesses that she ate something weird for breakfast. Charlie thinks that Caroline is looking a little pale. Caroline is fine she just needs to touch up a little bit. Liam offers to go and get her some water. Pam suggests that she have some tea. Caroline is fine. Pam admits that she made a dash to the pharmacy. Charlie asks if she wants to know why. Caroline already knows why and while it is super thoughtful she doesn’t really want any medicine. Liam explains that it isn’t medicine… Pam pulls out a home pregnancy test.

Ridge made a promise to his wife that he would give her a family. Katie knows that Ridge Forrester always keeps a promise. Ridge always tries to keep his promises. Katie guesses that a baby on the way strengthens the bond between two people. Katie asks how Thomas feels about all this. Ridge wonders what she means. Katie wonders if that is the reason he went to Paris. She wonders if he was having an issue with it. Ridge changes the subject that he just wants the baby to be healthy and very soon they will be announcing.

Ivy is really sorry for running the shoot. Steffy doesn’t want her to be sorry. She went too far. Ivy went too far with the video. Steffy never wants to have the video mentioned again. Ivy agrees. Steffy has to appreciate how strong Liam was with taking a stand. Ivy feels that he was doing more than just take a stand. It was about helping Steffy too. Steffy asks if she thinks he ever gets tired of being right. Ivy feels it is sickening sometimes. Steffy agrees.

Caroline is shocked. Pam thinks that she has morning sickness. Charlie asks if she wants to know. Pam thinks that this is crazy. Charlie thinks that home pregnancy tests are accurate. Liam asks if Caroline doesn’t want to know. Caroline looks shocked. Liam knows that this is all personal but she does want a child. He knows that she wants to know. Caroline doesn’t need to take a pregnancy test. She snaps on Pam. Caroline just thinks that a pregnancy test is a waste of time. Liam asks if Caroline is pregnant. Ridge walks in and asks what is going on. Liam explains that this isn’t Caroline’s fault but they figured out the secret. Ridge’s eyes widen. Liam knows that they are having a baby.

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