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Steffy wants to know what she just walked in on. She thinks that it looks like they are about to explode and wonders if it has to do with Thomas. Ridge asks why she would say that. Steffy doesn’t know. She just knows that she has no idea why her brother was shipped off to Paris. She wants to know what is going on between her brother and her father.

Maya doesn’t want to jump to far. The thought of being able to have a child together sounds incredible. Rick feels that they need Nicole. They can’t make her feel guilty if she says no though. Maya agrees. They have to remember what they are asking her sister and how much she is giving up. Rick knows that her life is only just really starting. Maya knows that there are a lot of emotional and physical things involving carrying a child. She is really glad that they spoke to the doctor about carrying their child. Maya realizes that she is talking about their child. Maya loves that it would be both of theirs. Rick kisses Maya.

Nicole liked what Zende said earlier about not wanting to share her. Zende wonders what man would ever want to share her. They are brand new. Nicole has known him for a while now. Zende knows but they only just started kissing. Zende asks if she didn’t realize that. Nicole has a bad memory. She is sorry. Zende guesses that he will have to remind her then. They kiss again passionately.

Maya wants Rick to speak up if he has any reservations. The three of them have to be one hundred percent committed. Rick wants to have a baby with her. When Brooke first found out that Maya was transgender her biggest concern was that he wasn’t going to be able to have a baby with her. Maya believes that with Nicole’s help they will be pretty darn close. They couldn’t ask for a more perfect surrogate.

Zende knows that this is a big decision and he is probably sounding selfish. Nicole says yes but it is about her so it is ok. Zende only wants to be honest with her. Nicole needs that. There is nothing worse than having to guess where someone is coming from. Zende agrees. He thinks that they need to be honest with each other. That is a ground rule. Nicole thinks that is fine. Zende doesn’t want this to seem like he is bossing her around. Nicole wants him to have an opinion. She thinks that having a child would be the greatest gift. Zende thinks that a year is a long time. He knows that a baby would affect their relationship.

Ridge doesn’t think that anything is wrong. He just needed Thomas in Paris. Steffy asks why. Caroline explains that California Freedom had great momentum and now they have to keep it up. Having Thomas in Paris was a great way to keep up with trends. Ridge is CEO of the company so it was his choice. Steffy reminds him that she is President and is concerned with the fact that they didn’t tell her. She feels that this desired a heads up. Steffy isn’t buying this. She knows Ridge. She also knows that he is holding something back. She wants to know what is going on between him and Thomas.

Rick is glad that they saw the doctor. Maya feels that this might be a little intense for Nicole. She would have so much to do. Plus the fertilization might not work right away. Rick wants Nicole to know everything before going in. That way she can make the best choice. Maya wants the best for Nicole. Rick will make that happen. Maya is so excited if this works out. Rick is as well but they shouldn’t get their hopes up yet.

Nicole understands where Zende is coming from. If she gets pregnant with Rick and Maya’s baby it will cramp, there style. She asks how she says no though. Zende thinks that she just has to say it is too much for her. Nicole knows that her sister can never have a baby if she doesn’t step up. Zende loves that she is so eager to help. Nicole thinks that she is meant to hold the baby. Zende thinks that Maya and Rick can still adopt. He knows this. Nicole knows that but if there is a possibility that she could give them a child she has to. Zende doesn’t think that they could be together. It wouldn’t be the same and he isn’t sure on how it would be. Zende gets a text from Carter. He has to go. He tells her to do what is right. He doesn’t want her to be pressured. They have a great future ahead of them. He just hopes that she makes them a priority.

Steffy isn’t backing off until she knows the truth. Ridge just told her. Steffy doesn’t think that made any sense. Caroline asks why that doesn’t make any sense. They need eyes in Europe. Steffy notes that they have eyes. Thorne is in Paris and Hope is in Italy. She thought that they were partners with Thomas. Ridge believes that it is just him and Caroline. Steffy guesses that he is that mad over getting punched. Ridge just felt that it was too far. Ridge put him in Paris because he needs him there. Steffy doesn’t think this is fair. Steffy knows that he has proven his loyalty. Steffy asks Caroline why she did this. Caroline believes that Thomas can be useful elsewhere. Steffy doesn’t think that Thomas is staff. He is family. Steffy doesn’t get this. Ridge is keeping Thomas in Paris. Steffy really wishes that Ridge would change his mind. Ridge isn’t going to. He hands her a folder and explains that she needs to look at it again. Steffy feels like Ridge banished her brother. Ridge didn’t banish Thomas. He just needed him in Paris right now. Steffy suggests that if there is a problem to use her. She can buffer. Caroline wants Steffy to let it go. Ridge made his choice. Steffy leaves.

Maya doesn’t want to pressure Nicole or make her feel like she needs to fulfill her needs. Rick doesn’t need that either. Maya thinks that this might be too much. Rick believes that you have to ask in order to get. Maya believes that is a Forrester thing. She was taught to be grateful and not greedy. Maya would love a baby though. They could adopt and it would be wonderful. Nicole would be sacrificing in all of this. Nicole walks in and doesn’t mean to interrupt. Maya hopes that she isn’t still saying sorry for walking into her own home. Rick hopes that she isn’t feeling like a guest here. If that is the case then he has failed her miserably. Nicole asks if Maya has a minute. Rick goes up stairs. Maya asks if she wants something to drink. Nicole is good. Nicole knows that she has been waiting to hear from her. Maya is in no rush. She is just waiting. Nicole has an answer for being the surrogate.

Caroline wants Ridge to breathe sometimes. If he doesn’t then he will implode. Ridge knows that Steffy can be relentless. Caroline knows that she is his daughter. She is good so far though. Thomas hitting him is more than enough of a reason. Ridge gets a phone call. It is Thomas at International. Thomas sort of expected to hear from him by now. He got here safe. He doesn’t understand why he is here. Ridge feels that he is where he needs to be. He hangs up the phone. Caroline asks what he wanted. Ridge says that he wanted answers. He can’t have them. No one can. Ridge tells her that this is their secret. No one can know the truth. Caroline thinks that this is the truth. This is their baby. She wants to have a family with him. She will do whatever it takes.

Nicole has a lot to say. First she loves Maya so much. She never wants to let her down or disappoint her. She has to think about her life now. Zende is a big part of her life and Zende feels the same as she does. They both want to take this ride and see where it goes. Maya doesn’t want her to give anything up. Nicole has a choice. Maya is so awesome and she admires her so much. Her strength and courage. She inspires her. Now she is married to Rick and will have a kick ass life together. They will be great parents except that is the one thing she can’t do. Maya thinks that Nicole is the best little sister. She wants her to have a glorious life. She won’t be the reason that doesn’t happen. If this is too much for her then she gets it. Nicole thanks her. Nicole admits that Maya has given her the world. She just has to look at what she has. It is all because of Maya. Her generosity. She has her sister who turned out to be her very best friend. The bigger sacrifice would be to give up this opportunity. She would be honored to be Maya’s surrogate. Maya asks about Zende. Nicole will work it out. Nothing is more important than her doing this. Maya will take her to a specialist. They could even harvest her baby in someone else. They will only do what she wants. Nicole wants them to all have a connection. She wants to do this. She wants to carry her baby. The two of them hug each other.

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