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Caroline cannot believe that Brooke knows about the vasectomy. Ridge realizes that he shouldn’t have. Caroline can only imagine that when Brooke finds out that she is pregnant she is going to know that the baby isn’t his.

On the sky lounge, Brooke hands Charlotte paperwork to take to Accounting. Charlotte wonders if it is true that Thomas is in Paris. Brooke just heard this herself. Charlotte asks if she knew why. Steffy walks out and says that she was looking for Charlotte, she wasn’t expecting to find Brooke around, though. Charlotte leaves. Brooke wants to know what is going on. She guesses that is why Thomas went to Paris. Steffy is stunned and asks where he is.

Maya tells the doctor that nothing is official yet. Rick explains that they both agreed that they would consider Maya’s sister for the job. Maya still needs to know more about the process though. The doctor thinks that there is a lot to consider in this. She wonders if Nicole has ever had a child. Maya says no. Rick asks if it matters. The doctor notes that the ideal surrogate has already had her family. This makes it easier to avoid attachment. There are psychological concerns. She assumes they trust her, though. Maya thinks that Nicole is the best and that is why they trust her.

Nicole asks Zende if he really doesn’t want her to be Maya’s surrogate. Zende understands why she wants to. She would be giving Rick and Maya a baby of their own. He asks if she really wants to be pregnant right now or if she would rather do things. Nicole thinks that they can still do things when she is pregnant it would just be a little different. Zende thinks that this is so much better though. He wraps her in close.

The doctor feels that having a child is wonderful. She understands the reason why they would want to have the child share genes. As she has said it is atypical to have someone who has never has a child be the surrogate. Nicole’s ability to get pregnant is unknown. If she does have a healthy child what will happen if she has issues later in life. Then she might go after the child. Maya doesn’t think that this would ever happen. The doctor knows that it is easy to say now. There are reasons why people usually transfer eggs to another woman. Maya and Rick have read about that. She just feels more at ease having her sister carry the child. They trust her and can be with her every step of the day. Then it would feel like her own. They don’t even know if Nicole would say yes yet. The doctor notes that there is a lot of things that have to happen before she is even pregnant. It could take a while. Rick assumes a year at the most. Maya asks if once she is pregnant wouldn’t she be ok. The doctor says that she would have to see. She thinks that her sister seems close with them.

Zende explains that Nicole is talking about turning her whole life over to Maya and Rick. Nicole isn’t planning on turning over everything. Just some things. She doesn’t plan on giving up her relationship with him. Zende asks if they are going to let her go to parties or around the world. He wants to do things that they have never done before. He understands that she wants to help her sister but he wants to be with her too. Zende wants to know what her future is going to look like. He asks if he has room in it.

Steffy asks if Thomas is really in Paris. Brooke is shocked that she didn’t know. Steffy asks when he left. Brooke says yesterday. She doesn’t know why though because Rick has no knowledge of an issue at International. Steffy realizes that the problem is here. Brooke wants to know why Ridge would send Thomas to Paris. Unless of course the problem is between the two of them.

Caroline is sure that Brooke will know the moment she is pregnant. Ridge thinks that they have time. Caroline reminds him that he told Brooke so there is no fooling anyone. Ridge doesn’t have to fool anyone. Caroline is his wife. No one is going to do anything about this. Not Thomas and not Brooke.

Maya doesn’t want them to get ahead of themselves, but if things do go right this would be easy, she assumes. The doctor explains that this form of surrogacy is actually a lot less complicated. Maya asks if there is any risk. The greatest concern would be having multiple births. Rick laughs but thinks it could be fun. The doctor explains that based on Nicole’s youth and good health would make things easier. Usually there is a twenty percent chance of getting pregnant during each cycle. While it might not sound high, it is actually good. She knows that this has been technical, but this is good information to know. They both thank the doctor. The doctor explains that she still encourages them to try other options, but if Nicole says yes, then they can get started right away. The doctor leaves. The two of them smile at each other.

Zende doesn’t thinks that this is a bad idea. It is just bad timing. Zende promises her that there is never going to be a time like this in their lives again. They are young and they are interns. They don’t even have real jobs here. Zende thinks that Nicole knows that she means. They can enjoy each other. Zende asks if she could give someone her eggs. Nicole likes the idea of being part of every step. If she does this she wants to do this for all of them. Zende believes they shouldn’t put this on hold. They can’t just pick it up a year later. They have to keep going. Zende hugs her.

Brooke doesn’t know what is going on. Steffy explains that Thomas punched Ridge in the face. He wasn’t having it anymore. Thomas was going on about Taylor and how he was letting the family down. Then Thomas just punched him. Instead of being a part of the design team he has to take a timeout in Paris.

Caroline knows that Brooke knows. Ridge explains that she only knows what he told her. Ridge will tell her something else. Ridge guesses they could say that the doctor was wrong. She will have no reason not to believe him. She knows how much he wants to have the child. They just have to keep this under wrap. Caroline guesses they are going to have more secrets then. Ridge promises they will get past this. He knows that it is complicated and not perfect. They will be fine. It just isn’t what they hoped for.

Rick thinks that was a great idea. Rick wonders though if this medical talk will scare Nicole though. Maya believes that Nicole is the strong one of the Avant family. Rick feels that all the Avant women are courageous. Maya guesses that once they decide to do something they do it. Rick asks if anything the doctor said changed her mind. Maya still has concerns but she still wants Nicole to carry their child.

Nicole didn’t mean to make this so hard. Zende didn’t mean to bring it up. Nicole gets that he doesn’t want her to do it. Zende knows that things are going well right now and doesn’t want them to change. Nicole asks why things have to. Zende knows that he would still be her boyfriend. They could still hang out and be working at Forrester. The baby will be the priority though and everything else will come second. Nicole thinks that Zende just wants her for himself. Zende doesn’t ever want her to doubt that. They kiss.

Brooke asks if Steffy really thinks that Ridge sent Thomas to Paris to get rid of him. Steffy just thinks that he needed some time to cool off. Brooke just can’t believe that all of this happened because of an intern. Steffy thinks that it is funny how family things can bring things out in people. Steffy tells her to wish her like. Brooke asks if she is off to see Ridge. Steffy feels it is time that the President and the CEO have a little chance.

Caroline knows that he keeps saying not to worry, but this thing sounds dangerous. Sending Thomas to Paris… Ridge thought that he had outgrown his anger and resentment towards him, but obviously he didn’t. Caroline thinks that sending Thomas to Paris might just make things worse. Ridge will tell everyone when the time is right. Then they will have a baby shower and give her all the things that she can cherish. Caroline wants this to sound normal but it sounds like a horrible secret she is keeping. Ridge wishes that he could change the past but he can’t. He loves her and her commitment to both him and the child. The two hug each other. Caroline is distraught.

Maya doesn’t want Nicole to feel pressured. Rick agrees. If Nicole does, then she can just change her mind. Maya asks if she would tell them. Maya can imagine that Nicole is feeling obligated about this. She doesn’t want Nicole to think that she has to do this. If Nicole does give them this gift she swears that she will never ask for anything else. The two hug each other.

Nicole wonders if all that stuff about saying no to Maya… Zende confirms that it is all true. Nicole wonders though if there is another reason. Zende explains that there is. Zende almost said it earlier about how she would have adorable babies. He would rather make them with her. Nicole is confused. Zende isn’t saying that he wants to make a child right now. Nicole feels that he kind of did. Zende doesn’t think that either one of them are ready for that. Someday, though. He wants to be a part of every amazing thing in her life. He wants it to happen to both of them. Nicole feels that way, too. They kiss.

Ridge promises to work this out and will talk to Brooke. Someone knocks on the door and Ridge reluctantly tells them to come on in. Charlotte is sorry to interrupt but she has the proofs for the California Freedom spread. Ridge tells her to just put them on the table. Charlotte is really sorry that Thomas had to go to Paris. She hopes that it wasn’t because of her. Ridge explains that Thomas shouldn’t have been involved with an intern. That isn’t why though. Charlotte thanks him for telling her. She leaves. Caroline cannot believe that people are asking questions. Ridge doesn’t want her to worry. It is going to be ok. Ridge looks at the pictures and says they aren’t using them. Thomas is holding Caroline in pictures. Steffy walks in and asks if this is about Thomas. She wonders if he did something else. She wants to know now.

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