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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/14/15


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In Ridge’s office Caroline looks distressed. Rick asks Ridge why Thomas is in Paris. Ridge explains that he packed his bags and left the other day. Maya thought that he was staying in LA. Ridge tells them that it was a change of plans. Rick asks if Steffy knows about this. Ridge rolls his eyes. Rick figures out that this is a choice that was made by Ridge. He asks how Thomas is going to work on the line with them. Caroline explains that Thomas can work from Paris. Rick wants to know why. Rick thinks that is a huge hassle. Ridge thinks that it is as big of a hassle as it is to run international from here. Ridge is designing with Caroline not Thomas.

On the sky lounge Zende is lifting weights. Carter is instructing him to continue. Zende quits before Carter wanted him to be done. Zende is to tired. Carter thinks that is what happens when you spend all those late nights with Nicole and have no breakfast. Zende feels that it is worth it. He enjoys spending time with her. Carter is glad. Zende thinks that it will be fun to see what ends up happening. He isn’t supposed to say anything. Maya asked Nicole for a favor and it was a pretty big one. She asked her to be a surrogate.

Nicole walks into Rick’s office and picks up a picture of Maya. She starts to think about when Maya asked her to do this for her the night before. Brooke walks in and didn’t realize that anyone was in here. Nicole says hello and explains that she was just dropping off some proofs. Brooke asks if she is ok. Nicole just has a lot of things on her mind. Brooke doesn’t mean to pry but if she needs someone to talk to she is here. Nicole decides that there is something. She has a choice she needs to make. It has to do with Maya and Rick.

Rick isn’t CEO anymore but shipping Thomas off to Paris was a huge mistake. Ridge believes that it had to be done. Maya thought that his designs were so impressive as of late. She also remembers the stuff that he had created with Caroline. Ridge notes that he is still designing. Thomas asks why he had to be shipped to Paris then. Ridge needed someone on the ground. It is the most important place in terms of fashion. Ridge made the right choice and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Carter seems shocked to hear this. Zende explains that she just asked Nicole to give them a child. Cater doesn’t think she would actually do that. Zende is sure that it has been on their minds for a while. Since Maya can’t get pregnant herself… Carter assumes that the next best thing is her sister then. He asks if she has said yes or no. Zende explains that she hasn’t ruled it out. It shows how much she loves her sister. Carter doesn’t think that Nicole should be saying yes.

Brooke assumed that Maya and Rick couldn’t have ever been happier. She really hopes that nothing is going wrong. Nicole promises that it is nothing like that. It has to do with them starting a family. Brooke knew that Rick was researching adoption. Nicole explains that Maya wants to use a surrogate. Brooke knows that is common these days. Nicole knows but Maya wants her to be the surrogate.

Rick and Maya walk into the Forrester Mansion. Rick wants to make sure that Maya is sure they aren’t being followed by Pam. He could have sworn that a drive that was near them looked suspiciously like Charlie. He had a mustache but did just look like him. Maya knows that Pam has been very protective of them lately. She however thinks that his imagination is getting the best of him lately. Rick wonders why they are home. He assumes to spend some alone time with him. Maya would love that but she thinks that they should wait until their visitor leaves. Rick wonders what means. Maya invited a fertility specialist over. She thinks that they might need a little information. She pulled some strings and she was able to get a highly regarded specialist to see them. Rick thinks that is fantastic. He can’t wait to meet her. He wonders if they should invite Nicole to come by. Maya just wants it to be the two of them. She is still thinking if she even wants to do it and doesn’t want to pressure her. She really wants the two of them to be parents. She wants to make sure that they are going about this in the right way.

Brooke is shocked that Maya wants her to be a surrogate. Nicole says that Maya wants their child to be both an Avant and a Forrester. Brooke asks if Rick is aware of this. Nicole says yes. They discussed this before they asked her. Brooke is a little surprised. She wonders how Nicole is feeling about this. Nicole is still trying to figure this out. It is a lot to think about. Brooke agrees. She is young and Zende is getting closer with her. Brooke finds it odd that Maya would do this to her. She would be pregnant with Rick’s baby and it would be her child technically. Nicole wants to help them and be there for them but it is a lot to go through and she doesn’t want to lose Zende.

Zende notes that if Nicole says yes and wants to be the surrogate he doesn’t doubt that it wouldn’t impact their relationship. Carter doesn’t see why it wouldn’t. Nicole’s life is going to change forever. Zende knows that she wouldn’t be the mother. Rick and Maya would be raising the child. Carter knows that in theory but Nicole will go through things. He knows that they are going hot and heavy. He wonders how Zende will react to Nicole having Zende’s uncle’s baby. Zende didn’t even think about that. Carter wants him to be realistic. Zende knows. He wants to get closer with her and doesn’t want anything to come between them.

Caroline is worried about Ridge. Ridge is fine. He is just tired of Rick asking stupid questions. Caroline points out that Rick is the head of International and Maya is the lead model. She thinks it is ok that they asked where Thomas went. Ridge doesn’t want to talk about Thomas. He wants to talk about her. Caroline is fine. She knows that he has every right to be angry but he is his son. She knows that he still loves him. Ridge couldn’t handle looking at him. So he sent him to Paris. Ridge cannot forgive him.

Maya thanks the doctor for making a house call. They haven’t had much privacy in the past few months. The doctor knows that fertility is a private and personal matter. She often can make exceptions for her higher profile clients. Rick notes that they only started to recently think about this. The doctor notes that they mention surrogacy. Rick says yes. Maya obviously assumes that she knows about her medical history. She can’t carry a child but they would like for it to have Rick’s genes. The doctor explains that one of the many options they have is having it done confidentially. Maya was hoping that it could have some of her genes as well. Rick was hoping that they could have Maya’s genes included in some way. Maya realizes that it is a huge request to ask someone to carry another person’s child. That is why they want all the details for surrogacy because the person they asked is her sister.

Brooke assumes that Nicole is worried about losing Zende. Nicole really likes him and they only recently started to become more serious. She thinks that her and Zende have a lot of potential for the first time in her life. She wants to see where it goes and doesn’t want it to end. Nine months is a lot. Brooke knows but it is her choice and Zende might even admire her even more once he finds out how kind she is. Nicole isn’t sure that Zende will think of things rationally. Brooke believes that Zende has a very kind and open heart. Nicole would like to think so but if she gets pregnant with Rick and Maya’s baby isn’t sure if Zende will want to look or touch her in the same way.

Zende thinks that Carter is right. She has to speak up to Nicole. Carter knows that if he doesn’t speak up it will cause problems down the line. Zende doesn’t see how this wouldn’t change things for them.

Ridge can’t even think about what he did. Caroline isn’t excusing his behavior but she would like him to consider the circumstances. Ridge wants to know what the circumstances are. They broke up and she took pills. This is his fault. Caroline reminds him that Thomas didn’t know that. Ridge thinks that he knows. The only good thing that came out of this is the baby. He hopes to be a good father this time. Caroline feels that he is a good father. Ridge doesn’t think so. He was never there, he was always chasing women. It is over now though because he plans to raise this baby with her. Caroline asks if they can really keep this a secret. Ridge thinks that they have to. Everything apart of them is theirs now so Thomas won’t even see the baby. Brooke walks in.

The doctor explains that what they just described is called traditional surrogacy. It isn’t used as much anymore. It isn’t unheard of just uncommon. Maya’s main concern is that her sister doesn’t feel pressured and that she is safe in this situation. Rick doesn’t want her to feel obligated to do this for them. They want her to feel confident that this is her choice. The doctor can imagine that this is an undertaking for the birth mother. Maya can only imagine. The doctor notes that surrogacy is very rewarding but can have complications. Maya says that before she talks to Nicole again she wants to know more. She has been looking online and needs professional views. She needs to know the risks and doesn’t want her sister doing anything until she knows all the facts.

Zende and Nicole are kissing. Nicole stops She notes that as much as she would love to do that all day… Zende guesses that they should probably talk. Zende has been thinking about this. Having Rick and Maya’s baby. He thinks that there really is only one answer. Nicole is happy they are on the same page. She was so nervous and didn’t know how he feels. She is glad though that he is happy she is doing it… Zende at the exact same time assumes she was going to say not do it. Zende is confused. Nicole thought that they were on the same page. Zende thought she would say no. Zende doesn’t think she can do this.

Caroline asks Brooke if those are the new prints. Brooke says yes. Nicole was dropping them off and she thought she would bring them by. Brooke asks if Thomas is coming to work today because she hasn’t seen him. Ridge sent him to Paris. Brooke didn’t see that on the schedule anywhere. Ridge had to send him right away. Brooke asks if it is a short trip. Ridge doesn’t know yet. Brooke tells Caroline to let her know what she thinks of the prints. Brooke leaves. Ridge tells Caroline that Brooke didn’t hear anything. Caroline thinks that people will know. Ridge isn’t telling anyone anything until after the first trimester. Then they will move her due date up a couple of weeks. It will be fine. No one knows about the vasectomy other than Brooke. She knows that he had it reversed. Caroline guesses that it is fine. She will just assume it was reversed. Ridge explains that she also knows what the doctor said. Caroline freaks out and knows that Brooke will realizes this isn’t his baby.

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