B&B Tuesday Update 10/13/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/13/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole feels sort of the same way that Zende feels. That anything she asks she should do. Zende didn’t say that. Nicole does owe her a lot and she is really glad that Zende never saw what she was like when she first got here. Zende feels that they all have to think about themselves. Nicole guesses. She doesn’t know about giving up a whole year of her life. Zende tells her not to. Nicole assumes he means don’t over think it. Zende means don’t do it. She has to tell Maya no.

Maya thinks that she has been a little short sided. Rick asks why she would say that. Maya wonders if he knows what it is like to want something your whole life. Then you suddenly have it right in front of you. You lose perspective. Maya knows how Nicole looked at Zende. Rick doesn’t think that anyone is pressuring her. Maya knows that that Nicole is pressuring Nicole.

Ivy and Wyatt are eating pizza in their underwear. Ivy asks what kind of wine goes with pizza. Wyatt tells her that beer goes with pizza. Ivy will have another one then. Wyatt asks if he is really expected to wait on her hand and foot. Ivy feels that after what he did to her that he is. Wyatt says fine. He will get her another beer but she has to admit that she is becoming more comfortable. Ivy believes that parading around in her underwear is a little different than parading around on the runway.

Bill walks over to the couch and is laughing hysterically. Katie tells Liam that this was really great takeout. Liam doesn’t think that this is that funny. Bill thinks that it is. Steffy gave Ivy her job back but only if she takes her clothes off. Steffy is glad that Bill can appreciate her creativity. Katie comments that they all know how creative she can be. Bill won’t stop laughing. Steffy is laughing as well now. Liam believes that Ivy will be great as any kind of model. Katie asks if that means she wants to do this. Liam tells her that Ivy didn’t discuss it with him. Katie wants to know why Steffy didn’t discuss this with him. Liam points out that Ivy isn’t a new hire. Steffy thought it was very nice of her to offer Ivy this new opportunity and she thought that Katie of all people would agree. Bill asks if Liam still has feelings for Ivy.

Wyatt believes that Ivy is letting Steffy get to her. Which is exactly what she wants. Wyatt wants Ivy to fake it and pretend she loves to walk around in the lingerie line. Ivy asks if it isn’t a little too late for that. Liam doesn’t think that it is ever too late for winning.

Rick thought originally that it was a flirtation of opportunity. He knows that Nicole hasn’t been around many people her own age. Maya knows and then Zende showed up and he was adorable. That is what she thought at first too. Rick knows that they do seem to be getting closer as a couple though. Maya thinks that he is making her dinner and guys just don’t do that. She just doesn’t want their future to cost Nicole her own.

Nicole asks if he doesn’t think she should. Zende wonders about them. Nicole wants to know how much of them is there. Zende thinks that they could be amazing. They will think that they want to be them. He wonders if she wants to find out.

Maya remembers when she was Nicole’s age. Love seemed like the most important and improvable thing. Rick wonders if Nicole thinks Zende is her first love. Maya feels that she has a right to it if he is. Maya wants that for her.

Nicole notes that Zende has never said anything like that before. Zende doesn’t always say everything. Nicole thinks that maybe he should. Some guys act like they are more interested than they really are. Zende wonders if he has acted at all interested in anyone else. Nicole doesn’t think so. Zende assumes that she thinks he is different but she doesn’t see him. Zende thinks about her all the time. Zende wants Nicole to watch herself as it might be painful. He is going to kiss her. Nicole wants him to kiss nice. He kisses her and asks if it was nice. She says kind of. He gets more passionate.

Katie thanks Liam and Steffy for dinner. Bill agrees even if it was partial takeout. Bill can tell that Liam is annoyed with him once again. Liam is sorry he just doesn’t like the way he talks about Ivy or all the snickering. Steffy wants him to give the subject to rest. They don’t even know if she will be able to do the job. Bill knows that if you don’t want to be looked at you won’t. Katie would normally agree but there have been some. Emily Dickinson is an example. Steffy points out that she was dead. Katie suggests Greta Garbo or Howard Hughes. Liam asks if Bill wouldn’t hesitate. Bill starts to take off his clothes. Katie tells him it is time to leave. Liam tells Katie to get him home.

Wyatt wants Ivy to just say it to see how it sounds. Ivy says, Steffy I have been thinking a lot about the assignment. She has been thinking in front of the year and she realizes that she looks fabulous. She can’t wait to wear it around the building. Wyatt jokes that Steffy will say that they are going to have to fit her. Ivy thinks that he has some strange fantasies. They start to kiss passionately.

Rick believes that Nicole and Zende are young. Maya knows. She realizes that first love only comes once. Rick doesn’t mean to sound cynical but first love never lasts. Maya thinks that it lasts long enough. Rick suggests that they could wait it out. Maya doesn’t want to waste away this time in their lives. Rick knows that they will have a family and she will be a mother. He promises. They have too much love. They need one or two little people around.

Steffy feels that Bill was in fine form tonight. Liam asks if she really thinks so… Steffy wants to know what the deal is and wants to know why he is unhappy with her. Liam isn’t unhappy. He has misgivings. Steffy guesses that he is concerned at Ivy’s feelings. Liam just thinks that she is making a mistake. Steffy doesn’t want him to bring work issues home. Liam knows that she has made this mistake before. Steffy would like to know what the horrible thing she did was. Liam doesn’t think that it is terrible. It is just that it has consequences. Steffy asks what does. Liam explains that people have issues with their body and it is mean to have body image issues disregarded. Steffy assumes that he means Ivy. Liam also means Aly.

Nicole and Zende continue to kiss. She explains that because he cooked she will clean up. She thanks him for an amazing dinner. Zende thanks her for sharing it with him. Nicole asks if his brain is still on spin cycle from what she told him. He can’t tell anyone else. Zende gets why Maya wants this. Nicole knows that Maya has accomplished so many things. There is one thing that she can’t do and she could. Zende asks if she is thinking of returning the favor. Zende thinks that it might be selfish to wonder about the two of them. Nicole asks if one rules out the other. Zende wonders if there is something she might want to do with her body for the next year. Maya walks in and is just going to grab some drinks. Zende tells the two of them to talk. Maya doesn’t want him to rush out. Zende tells Nicole they will pick up later. He leaves. Maya assumes that she told him what they talked about. Nicole hopes that is ok. Maya says of course and wonders what Zende said. Nicole explains that he thinks it could get in the way of their relationship. Maya assumes that she does as well.

Wyatt says that the answer is no. Ivy doesn’t know what the question was. Wyatt means that whatever she was pondering the answer is no to. Ivy asks if Wyatt thinks that she is thinking about Liam right now. Wyatt doesn’t know. She does sometimes get a million-mile stare. Ivy asks if he thinks she wants to be with Liam. Wyatt doesn’t think it is true but does wonder sometimes. Ivy does think about her past but she thinks about how stupid she was. Wyatt asks about the other half. Ivy says the other half thinks about how happy she is because she has everything she wants. They kiss and Ivy rests on his chest.

Steffy would like to know why he is making this a life or death situation. Liam isn’t. He can’t help speaking his mind when he sees someone bullied. He wants Steffy to pick up the phone and tell Ivy she doesn’t have to do it. Steffy is better at the lingerie thing and she knows it. Steffy doesn’t want to have people always asking what kind of bra she is wearing. Liam suggests that Maya could do it. Steffy can’t have Maya modeling it because she is the lead model and the brand face. The lingerie line still doesn’t have a representative. Steffy asks who else can fill the bill. Ivy works. Liam knows she doesn’t want to do it. Ivy said she would do it so it is poetic justice.

Maya asks if Nicole knows sometimes how people can have an idea and think it is the most wonderful idea ever. Nicole does every day but no one ever really listens. Maya adds that when you do say it out loud it might be a disaster. Maya needs to say this. She didn’t think before asking and didn’t even think about Zende. Nicole doesn’t think that this is a disaster. She is honored that Maya would ask her this. Maya feels that Nicole is important to her and made her whole. She felt complete when Nicole showed up. Nicole made her be who she wanted to be when she wasn’t strong enough. Children can wait until the time is right. Nicole isn’t saying no yet. Nicole has a great life now because she has her sister back. Maya doesn’t want to put distance between them. Nicole can’t say yes right now but she won’t say no either. She is just so grateful to think that she could do something for her after what she did for her. They tell each other they love each other and hug.

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