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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/12/15


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Nicole asks if Maya really wants her to be her surrogate. Maya wants a baby that can be both Avant and Forrester. Rick adds that this is because Maya obviously can’t have a baby. That is why they are asking. He knows that it is a huge and emotional sacrifice. Maya knows that there are other ways to do this. She just would love to have the baby be a part of her. They all live here and they could all go through the pregnancy together. They would help her all the way through. With Nicole’s help they can do this.

In Rick’s office Pam and Charlie offer up romantic advice for Zende. Pam suggests something like Casablanca. Charlie thinks that they could sit back row and pretend he is Humphrey Bogart. Charlie suggests he imitate him. Zende thanks them for the advice but he has something special planned for tonight.

At Liam’s house Bill hands Liam two bottles of wine, one red and one white. He explains that they will have steak and tofu. Steffy explains that she didn’t have time to cook so she got take out. Liam promises Bill that his steak is on the grill. Katie is sure that they are both just so busy. Bill reminds her that Liam has two executive positions. Katie thinks that it is too bad that the same can’t be said for Wyatt.

Wyatt and Ivy continue to kiss. Wyatt thinks that Ivy seems more comfortable with this. Ivy guesses it is because it isn’t modeling. Wyatt agrees that it isn’t. Ivy cannot believe that Steffy would make her do this. She should know how uncomfortable she is with modeling lingerie. Wyatt thinks that she will do great at this. Ivy knows she will do horrible. Wyatt feels that right now she is killing it and to trust him. They start to kiss.

Katie asks if she said something wrong. She assumes that it was the comment about Wyatt. Bill explains that Katie is of the opinion… Liam assumes that it is because she thinks that Wyatt is being short changed. Steffy thinks that Liam has more executive experience. Katie suggests that Wyatt might have more experience if he was ever given the opportunity. Bill suggests that he could go find one. Katie also feels that he thinks that Ivy was treated unfairly. Steffy already fixed that problem.

Ivy still isn’t sure if she is ready to strut her stuff in underwear. Wyatt suggests that she not tell Steffy that. Ivy can imagine that Steffy would love for her to strut around in her underwear. Ivy thinks that Steffy is so transparent thinking that this was an opportunity.

Pam thinks that she has the perfect idea. Give Nicole an evening that she will never forget. Zende feels that is the plan. Pam thinks that they have the wardrobe for it. Charlie agrees that she is a genius. He wonders if she is thinking what he is. Pam wants to dress them like Elizabethan era prince and princesses. Zende assumes that they are kidding but slowly realizes that they are not. Zende already has the perfect plan. It is called dinner. Pam asks if it means a restaurant. Zende wants something a little more private. Pam realizes that he is going to cook her dinner. She explains that he is looking at two culinary experts and they are at his service.

Maya knows that she caught her off guard. Nicole doesn’t think it is that but then admits that it is. Rick knows it isn’t an everyday request. They aren’t just asking her to be a surrogate they are asking her to be an egg donor. Nicole asks if they are serious about this. Nicole can tell that they are. Maya explains that they both want this. They want a baby it is just a question of how. She could be there answer.

Charlie offers Zende the use of the recipes he is making for Pam tonight. Pam asks if he really is. Charlie is. He is making a fresh tomato soup. Then he will make a cheese sandwich. If you mix the two things together then it becomes an aphrodisiac. Pam asks if he has done this before. Charlie has but it never went very far. Zende was actually thinking of an old family recipe. Pepper steak. Pam knows that is Ridge’s favorite. She wonders if he would like some lemon bars for dessert. Zende actually has it covered but thanks her. Zende has to get cooking but he thanks them for some interesting ideas.

Katie notes that Steffy was talking about Ivy and how she somehow fixed the problem. Steffy hired her back. Bill is shocked seeing that she already fired her. Steffy explains that she went over her head with Eric. Bill notes that he can’t force her to rehire Ivy. Liam knew that it was Steffy’s choice still. Steffy gave her a job modeling the bedroom line. Bill looks a little confused.

Ivy gets off the phone and tells Wyatt that the pizza is on the way. She is about to go get changed. Wyatt tells her not to. This is a dream of his. Ivy thinks that if she has to walk around the house naked so does he. She notions to him to take off his pants. Wyatt laughs. He takes them off.

Nicole thought that they were going to ask her to go to the store or pick up laundry. She had no idea that they would ask her this. Maya knows. Nicole knows that they both have done so much for her. Rick promises her that she doesn’t owe them anything. Nicole admits that her life has changed for the better. That is largely thanks to the two of them. She doesn’t know about having a baby. Maya doesn’t need an answer now. Rick wonders how she is doing with Zende. Nicole explains that he is making her dinner tonight. Maya thinks that could be fun. Nicole admits that they are getting close. Nicole thinks that he might even be the one. Maya guesses that it might not be the time to have her sister’s baby then. Zende walks in and asks what is going on.

In their bedroom Maya thinks that they dropped a bomb on Nicole. Rick thinks that she handled it rather well. Maya isn’t sure that she even had the right to ask. Rick assumes that she would have been disappointed if she didn’t. Maya would love any child they had together. It doesn’t have to have her genes. Rick feels that it would be nice if it did. Maya just hopes that she didn’t freak her out. Rick thinks that she was a little flattered. Maya realizes that she should have probably thought about Zende as well. Rick thinks that they make a good couple. Maya wonders how he would even feel about it.

Zende tells his story about Pam and Charlie trying to help with grilled cheese and tomato soup. Zende thought that they were going to suggest breakfast for dinner. Nicole has done that. Zende asks if she would have preferred that. Nicole is fine. She would love to have his family’s peppered steak. Zende has never made it and has a salad here to back him up just in case. Zende asks if she is ok. Nicole says that she is of course and he is cooking her dinner and that is a first. Nicole has never really had any one make it for her before. Zende wants her to try the pasta. Nicole and Zende kiss each other.

Bill is shocked that Ivy is the new lingerie model. Steffy explains that Ivy wanted to do whatever it took and they needed a new model for the line. Katie doesn’t think that sounds like Ivy’s thing. Bill feels that it is brilliant.

Wyatt is willing to take this to the next level. Ivy tells him to go first. Wyatt says no and starts to undress her to help her out. Someone knocks on the door. Wyatt tells her to go and answer the door. Ivy isn’t so sure. Wyatt feels that if the whole world is going to see her next week so she needs the practice. Ivy takes the money and answers the door. The pizza guy seems to be more than a little happy with what he sees. Ivy tells him to keep the change. He feels he has already gotten a tip. He mentions that they are having a special tomorrow and can come back around the same time. Ivy closes the door. Wyatt and Ivy laugh. Wyatt thinks that was awesome.

Katie is assuming that Ivy didn’t exactly embrace this idea. Steffy admits that she didn’t. Liam explains that she accepted it though. Bill knows that she did. It beats selling her trinkets in the park. He applauds Steffy. Liam feels that they have already exhausted this enough. Bill wants to know when the coming out party is. That is one fashion show he wants to see.

Wyatt could not believe the guy's reaction at the door. They are going to sell this lingerie. Wyatt thinks that he will be here every night. Ivy won’t be dressed like that every night. Wyatt thinks that she is a little more confident with this whole thing. He bets that people will be lining up to see her. Ivy tells her that he needs to stop talking and starts eating. She shoves pizza in his mouth. Wyatt thinks that tastes good. Ivy thinks that he can be very exhausting.

Maya wonders if Nicole will tell him. Rick doesn’t see why she would keep something from Zende. Maya hates to ruin their night. It was just the timing. Rick doesn’t want her to worry about it. Maya knows that it is a big sacrifice to ask of her. Rick thinks that they all have a lot to talk about still. Maya knows but it be great to have a child with their genes. Rick agrees. Rick thinks that they would be the coolest parents on the block. He thinks that she will be an extraordinary mother. Maya will cherish the child no matter how it comes to them. It is in Nicole’s hands now.

Nicole picks at her food. Zende doesn’t think it is bad. Nicole thinks it is good. Zende wants to know what is going on. Nicole was just talking with Maya. Zende wants her to be open with him. Nicole notes that he has been so good to her. She has never been this happy. When she first came to LA she was unhinged. She went to UCLA for computer programming and nothing worked. Then her whole world changed and now she has him. All of it is because of Maya. Zende knows that she is pretty spectacular. Nicole admits that Maya asked something of her today. Zende tells her to do it because she has done so much for her. Whatever she wants she should make it happen. Nicole tells him that she asked to be the surrogate for their child. Rick and Maya want a baby with her help. Zende asks what she said. Nicole doesn’t know. She asks if he thinks she should do it.

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