B&B Friday Update 10/9/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/9/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya walks into the Forrester Mansion living room and kisses Rick. Rick suggests that instead of heading back to the office they just head upstairs. Maya asks what their excuse will be. Rick says that someone got sick. Maya doubts that would ever work. Pam would show up with chicken soup and try to nurse them back to health. Rick thinks that they could lock the doors. Maya thinks that she would climb in through the window. Rick guesses that they will just have to get a guard dog then. Rick realizes that Pam has a thing for dogs. Maya didn’t know that. Rick realizes that she never heard of Tiny, it was Pam’s beloved baby. Pam wonders if they should have one of those. Rick wonders if she means a dog. Maya means a baby.

Zende is working out and tells Nicole to start working out as well. Nicole doesn’t know if she wants to mess up her new workout clothes. Nicole notes that he hasn’t even commented on her new outfit. Zende would like to know how she is able to afford new clothes on an intern’s salary. Nicole budgets. Ninety percent of her salary goes to the essentials. Zende assumes that means makeup. Nicole doesn’t really need food. Zende asks if she is going to let him cook dinner tonight. Nicole asks if he really wants to. Zende really does. The only problem is that he doesn’t know what she likes. Then again he might. The two kiss.

In Ridge’s office Steffy is sitting at the desk and asks Ivy how this sounds… “Affective immediately Ivy Forrester will be rejoining our team alongside Quinn Fuller on the jewelry line in addition to being the face of the bedroom line. Steffy asks if she is having second thoughts. Ivy has said it before it just doesn’t feel like her. Steffy guesses that she could drop out… Ivy will do what she wants if she really wants her. Steffy wants her to try on a new piece. She tells her to try her on for Wyatt. Liam walks in and tells Ivy that he is glad she is back. Ivy will see them later. Liam wonders what is wrong. Steffy guesses it is just first day jitters. She will be better… She thinks. Liam thinks that she looks ok. Steffy isn’t ok but she is making the most of her situation. Liam wants to know what Steffy did.

At Wyatt’s house he asks Ivy why she isn’t at the office. Ivy explains that she was. Ivy asks if he recognizes a bra. Wyatt really doesn’t. Ivy guesses that he will when he sees her modeling it on the run way. Wyatt is shocked. Ivy has a new job modeling the bedroom line. He can guess whose brilliant idea that was.

Nicole asks if Zende always kisses his workout partners. Zende tries to think about it. There was Brit, Samantha, Vanessa, the cutie with the blue eyes. Nicole thinks that he is full of it. She knows that he isn’t a player.

Maya asks what he thinks. She knows what his opinion is on starting a family. Rick sees her face every time a stroller passes by. Rick has never been happier in his life. Maya wants a family. She wants to have a baby with him.

Steffy wants to know why he thinks she did something. Liam can easily read her. Steffy doesn’t think that it is a big deal. Ivy had a word with her. She said she would do anything so she made her the face of the lingerie line. Liam wants to know if she is kidding. She can’t believe that she expects Ivy to model their lingerie.

Wyatt seems a little shocked about Ivy modeling lingerie. Ivy explains that it was Steffy’s brilliant idea of course. She cannot believe that one minute she is telling Eric that she can work with her and then the next minute she comes up with this idea. Ivy walked straight into it. Wyatt wants to know what her point is. Ivy doesn’t want to be standing around in her underwear. She doesn’t know if she wants to be a part of this. Wyatt thinks that this is the reaction that Steffy wants. He asks if she is going to let her do that.

Nicole walks back out to the sky lounge dressed in her regular clothes. She asks if Zende is still at it. Zende explains that a couple more and he is done. Zende guesses it is time to hit the showers. He wonders if she wants to scrub his back. Nicole really isn’t dressed for it. Zende feels like that is the point. Nicole takes what she said about him being sweet back. Zende will have to make it up to her. Zende wants to make this dinner special for them tonight. Nicole explains that she might be occupied tonight because Rick and Maya are still at home. She needs to have a talk with Maya. Zende hopes that she only has nice things to say about him. Nicole kisses him. Nicole mentions that she isn’t a picky eater. Except for mushrooms. She hates mushrooms.

Rick can tell that Maya is really serious about this. Maya knows that they haven’t been married long but they shouldn’t wait. Family is important. She wants to have a baby so she can show their son or daughter all the unconditional love and support they have to give. Rick has already looked into adoption. He knows it was good for Zende. He thinks that they could have a child by Christmas. Maya thinks that it sounds great and she is a huge supporter of adoption but she wonders if they could have a baby that is party her and part him. She wonders how he feels about surrogacy.

Ivy doesn’t think that Wyatt understands. Wyatt gets that Ivy doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. Ivy doesn’t think that this is about being uncomfortable. It is about having her worst nightmare coming true. Wyatt doesn’t think that Ivy has any reason to worry and she can trust him. Wyatt thinks that lingerie is going to fly off the shelves because of her. Men are going to fall for her like he has. He wonders if she will give him a little sneak peek. Ivy says no. Wyatt will then. He takes off his shirt. The only way he isn’t going to put this on is if she puts it on first. He wonders what it will be.

Liam doesn’t think that this this a good idea. Steffy notes that the bedroom line needs a spokesmodel and now hat Ivy has been rehired by Eric… Liam can tell that this is what this is really about. Steffy guesses that she is here so they might as well give her the position. She black mailed her for the position to begin with. Steffy thinks that she will get to show off her entire body. She asks what the problem is. Liam wonders if she realizes that Ivy isn’t like her. She isn’t going to want to prance around in tiny underwear. Steffy is sure that she will be fine. Liam knows that she is making Ivy’s life a living hell because she can.

Rick wonders about surrogacy. Maya wants their child to be part of him. Ideally both of them. She wonders what he thinks. Rick thinks that it would be great but it really can’t happen. Maya thins that it can. She has been reading online about surrogacy. It might not be impossible. Rick thinks that they would have to find someone that they trust to carry the baby. Maya might already have someone. Rick asks if she has already contacted someone. Maya says no. She would never do that without talking to him first. She does have someone in mind though. Rick asks if it is someone that he knows. Maya says that it would be someone who is possible to have a baby that would be both Avant and Forrester. The only one really. Rick seems to realize who it is. She asks if he would be ok with it. Rick hasn’t really thought about it. Nicole walks in. Pam was scared they were abducted by aliens. Rick explains that they were playing hooky Nicole asks if she should go so they don’t interrupt anything. Rick doesn’t think that her timing could be any better.

Liam gets that she is still resentful towards Ivy involving the video thing. Steffy really is. Steffy thinks that it will take some time for her to earn back her trust. If she wants to be a team player then she will throw her into the game. Liam thinks that she is making this into a game. Steffy feels that this is a huge opportunity for Ivy. She thinks that this could lead to great things for Ivy. Liam feels that she is having too much fun with this. She told her to go model some for Wyatt.

Wyatt waits in his living room asking Ivy if she is ok in his bedroom. He starts doing pushups and then Ivy walks in wearing the piece. Wyatt thinks that she looks wow. Ivy thinks that modeling this in front of people will be scary. Wyatt thinks that she can do this. Wyatt isn’t trying to pressure her and this is her choice but in his unbiased opinion… hot damn. They start to kiss.

Nicole asks if they are sure that she isn’t interrupting something. Maya explains that she is. Nicole can go back to the office then. Maya tells her to stay. She wants to talk to her about something. Nicole says ok. Rick tells her that they were just discussing their future. Maya loves her life right now. This is about family and sisters and how close they have become. Maya explains that Rick and her want to start a family. Nicole thinks that is awesome. Maya explains that they are thinking of surrogacy. They are telling her first because of how much Nicole means to her and everything that Nicole has given her. Nicole asks what little sisters are for. Maya deserves to have a baby. Maya would like a baby that both Rick and her DNA so it can be completely a part of their baby. Nicole doesn’t really think that is possible. Rick didn’t think that either until Maya suggested otherwise. Maya would like a baby that is part of both of them. She knows that Nicole is young and just started her life and she knows that this is a lot to ask. This is a huge thing to ask. She wonders if Nicole would have their baby and be their surrogate. Nicole looks shocked.

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