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Thomas doesn’t understand. Ridge thought he was clear. Thomas doesn’t think that it makes sense that Ridge wants him back in Paris. Ridge tells him to go home and pack his bags because he is leaving today.

Steffy asks if Ivy is really ready to jump in and do whatever she asks. Ivy says yes. She is so grateful and will do anything she wants. Steffy is glad. She walks over to a design and asks if Ivy likes it. Ivy thinks it is gorgeous. Steffy is glad that she likes it. Ivy is a bit confused because she is a jewelry designer so her opinion on lingerie shouldn’t matter.

Wyatt believes that if Ivy gets her job back it will be good all the way around. Liam doesn’t disagree it just will be a tough sell for Steffy. Liam can tell that he is very protective of Ivy. Wyatt feels that someone has to. It pains him to admit this but Liam still has the power to hurt her unless he does something. Liam asks if that is what he is doing now. Wyatt just wants him to be nice and not bring up anything. Eric walks out and tells them both that it is done. Steffy has agreed to give Ivy her job back. Liam looks confused. Eric assumes that they are both aware of the reasons as to why Steffy fired Ivy to begin with. Eric cannot believe that no one came to him about all of this. They could have fixed all of this. Liam wants to make sure that Steffy is cool with Ivy being back. Eric says yes. Eric believes that they know it is the best thing for the company and the family.

Steffy wants Ivy to know that her opinion matters and she never wanted her to think otherwise. She just thinks that in this case it is beneficial if she likes the product. Ivy doesn’t really get what she is going for with this. If she is thinking about paring jewelry with lingerie she thinks that it is great. The key to fine designs is putting a little bit of small stones and other stuff. Steffy likes that and will talk to Quinn. She will be way to busy. Ivy asks what she will be busy with. Steffy has a new assignment for her if she is willing to be a team player. Steffy wants her to be the new face of Forrester as the embodiment of the lingerie line.

Thomas can’t think that Ridge is serious. Ridge is. Thomas wants to know why he would be sent away now. He is just settling in and they haven’t even gotten off the floor as a design team. He is happy here in LA. There is no reason for him to go back. Ridge thinks that he is the reason. Him and his reckless disregard are reason to leave. Thomas asks why. He can’t believe that Ridge won’t forgive him for what he did.

Liam asks if Steffy was upset that Ivy went over her head. Eric notes that she wasn’t thrilled but she accepted Eric’s wishes. Wyatt thanks Eric for helping Ivy out. He knows how difficult it has been for Ivy being cast out. He knows that being back at Forrester means the world to her. Liam agrees. Wyatt asks if he really means that. Liam thinks that she is a great person but she got lost for a minute. Eric wants them to all practice forgiveness. Liam thinks that this will mark a fresh start and they can all come together as a team.

Ivy is shocked that Steffy really wants her to model lingerie. Steffy thinks that she has the perfect body for it. Steffy thought that this was what Ivy wanted in the first place, to be the face of Forrester. Ivy just imagined herself doing it clothed. Steffy thinks that is clothes. Ivy thought that she was going to be the head of the bedroom line. Steffy was but she has an image to uphold. Ivy is her natural successor. Steffy wants her to take this opportunity. Ivy doesn’t think that she would be good about it. She doesn’t feel like this is her. Steffy guesses that she misunderstood. She thought that Ivy was going to do anything she asked.

Thomas realizes that Ridge is really angry with him. Thomas cannot believe that he is angry that he slept with an intern. Ridge doesn’t like that he has a disrespect for women. Ridge asks if he is going to charge his way around things like this. Actions have consequences and it is time that he learn that. Thomas is. He doesn’t get it. He has never seen him like this. Ridge is done watching Thomas wreak havoc on the company and people he loves. Thomas is ready to change. He can’t prove himself though if he is in Paris. He needs to be in LA. Ridge needs to let him. The work they have together is awesome. Ridge cannot work together anymore. Thomas asks if it is because he hit him or because he slept with an intern that he is being sent back to Paris. Ridge tells him to stop it. Ridge feels that the world according to Thomas is just sex and he can take it. Thomas asks where this is coming from. He wants to know what else is going on here. Caroline looks scared.

Wyatt asks if Liam is surprised that Steffy forgave Ivy. Liam is proud. He knows that Steffy can be hot headed sometimes but he knows that if you give her enough time and she will let go. Wyatt doesn’t strike Steffy as someone who will forgive. Liam guesses that there is a difference between forgiven and forgave. Liam is just saying that he doesn’t know Steffy so he doesn’t know what it is like for her to hold a grudge. He knows that Wyatt cares for Ivy. Wyatt doesn’t think that it should be hard. Liam does care about her. Liam doesn’t think that is the case. He is sorry that he hurt Ivy and is grateful that Wyatt softened the blow. Wyatt thinks that is a big admission. Wyatt thinks that the only thing that matters is that Ivy deserves her place at Forrester. He hopes that Steffy doesn’t make her jump over hoops to keep it.

Steffy guesses that Ivy is refusing to do what she is told. Ivy just isn’t comfortable modeling lingerie. Steffy feels that means thanks but no thanks. Ivy didn’t mean that. Steffy thinks that she is acting like she is taking off her clothes and dancing on a pole. She is offering her a wonderful job. Steffy thought that she was going to do whatever it takes. Ivy thinks that she knew. Steffy thinks that she is either a part of the Forrester team or not. Ivy thinks this is a very clever way to put her on the spot.

Ridge wants Thomas ready to leave shorty. Thomas feels like this is banishment from his life and doesn’t think that the punishment fits the crime. Ridge agrees that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime but it is a start. What he did here will have a lasting affect and he needs to leave. Thomas wants to be here in LA and stay on the design team but if his own father doesn’t want him here… He asks Caroline if she has anything to say. Ridge will get him the jet. He asks Caroline if she is ok. Ridge leaves. Thomas thinks that this is crazy. He wants to know if Caroline can change his mind. Caroline can’t. Thomas cannot believe that he is being banished from LA. He thinks that is an overreaction. Thomas asks if Caroline told him the truth about the night they had together.

Liam believes that Wyatt really likes painting himself and Ivy as victims. He guesses that someone is always picking on him or stealing his toys. Wyatt doesn’t think that he wants to go there right now. They are supposed to be getting along. Liam asks why he has to assume the worst about Steffy then. Wyatt doesn’t think that it is farfetched to think that Steffy wouldn’t put Ivy though her ropes. That is payback 101. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy is like that.

Ivy asks if Steffy is having some fun at her expense just because she can. Ivy knows that she is not like Steffy. She isn’t confident enough to walk around in lingerie. Steffy believes that she should be able to overcome her fear. Ivy doesn’t think that underwear is really a motivation. Steffy asks if she knows how many models would jump at this. She is gifting it to her and she is turning it down from her boss. Steffy won’t allow her to have it both ways. She can either be a part of the company or not. Ivy will do it then. She asks when she starts.

Thomas wants Caroline to talk to her. He is being banished with no idea why. He thinks that this has more to do than just a punch and an intern. Caroline thinks that it is because he hit him. Thomas knows and he would take it back if he could. Thomas wants to make sure that Ridge doesn’t know about the night. It wasn’t supposed to happen. Thomas doesn’t get why he is furious. He can’t sway him and wants to know why. Caroline doesn’t think there is anything he can do. Caroline wants him to do what he says and go. She looks disgusted. Thomas leaves confused.

In the hallway Thomas tells Ridge that he is sorry. He is also sorry about Charlotte. He guesses that he really does need time to think about things. This is where he belongs though. He wants to be on the design team with him and Caroline. Ridge tells him to pack. Ridge will wait for Thomas to leave. Thomas guesses that this is it then and says bye. Caroline walks out as the elevator closes. Caroline takes Ridge’s hand and they walk away. Thomas is sad in the elevator.

In Ridge’s office Caroline asks if he is alright. Ridge is and asks if she is. Caroline nods yes. Ridge never planned to do that but he wanted to throttle him and couldn’t even look at him. Caroline thinks that it was for the best. Ridge knows that he took advantage of Caroline and he can’t take it or forgive him. That is his son, his boy. He can’t even look at him. Caroline holds on to Ridge’s shoulder.

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