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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/7/15


Written By Anthony
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Caroline and Ridge get ready for work. Ridge reminds her that they agreed. Caroline knows. It is just that she is the one who has to carry this secret around with her. Ridge doesn’t think that this is her fault. It is Thomas’s. Caroline wants to be with Ridge and have a family. Ridge promises her that they will do that. Thomas can’t know about the baby.

Thomas is working in Rick’s office. Steffy walks in and doesn’t say anything. Thomas asks if this is how things are going to be from here on out. Steffy doesn’t know. Steffy asks if he has apologized to Ridge. Thomas hasn’t yet. He has been too busy working on a new bedroom line. Steffy walks over and says that she likes it. Thomas wants Steffy to present the line to Ridge instead of him. Steffy promises Thomas that his problem with Ridge will not be a problem for the collection. He will tell Ridge that he is sorry and get this all sorted out today.

Eric hopes that things can go quickly today. Ivy does as well. Wyatt suggests that it might be easier for Eric if he talks to Steffy alone. Eric wants to talk to them both at the same time so that they can make up. He hopes that Ivy didn’t expect him to just go in and order Steffy to give her the job back. Ivy promises that she didn’t. She knows that he said he was going to help plead her case. She is so thankful for that. Eric knows. He thinks that if they get everything out on the open and talk freely they can get her job back.

Liam is on the sky lounge and Quinn sits down across from him with her jewelry box. Liam points out to her that there are other places to sit. Quinn notes that if she were to sit over in another seat that he would go and complain that she was stalking him to his girlfriend. Quinn asks Liam about a jewelry piece. Liam is shocked that she wants his opinion. Quinn guesses it would be better to ask what he thinks Steffy will think. Liam explains to her that Steffy never had a problem with the jewelry that Quinn and Ivy designed it was just with Ivy herself. Quinn isn’t worried about her designs. She doesn’t need anyone telling her how good they are. She does miss having Ivy around though. Liam asks if she can’t talk to Wyatt. Quinn feels that her son has better things to be doing than looking at his mother’s jewelry. Wyatt walks out and asks if he just heard his name. Quinn explains that they were talking about Ivy. Liam says that Quinn misses her. Wyatt thinks that is good news because she is down stairs right now getting her job back.

Thomas tries to claim that it was a reaction. Steffy doesn’t think that it just happened. Thomas didn’t plan to hit Ridge. He can’t take back the truth though. He made his share of mistakes. Thomas does feel bad but it isn’t like Ridge disowned him or he found a pink slip in his desk. He is sure that Ridge will get over it. Ivy and Eric walk in. Steffy wants to know what they are doing here. Eric tells her that Ivy is family. He explains to Thomas that the three of them have to talk. Thomas guesses that he has somewhere to be and leaves. Steffy feels that they have already said everything that needs to be said. Eric would like them to explain it to him then. He wants to know why Ivy is no longer working at Forrester.

Thomas walks into Ridge’s office and looks at a picture of Caroline. He thinks about the night with Caroline.

Caroline doesn’t think that they have to go in. Ridge feels that they do. Waiting isn’t going to help. Caroline feels that they need to process a lot. Ridge has to keep moving forward and stick to the play.

Quinn believes that having Ivy back would be good. Creatively speaking. Liam doesn’t think that they should start unpacking the office furniture just yet. Wyatt believes that if he and Liam can work out issues that Ivy and Steffy should be able to do the same. Liam doesn’t think that it is the same thing at all. Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge. She hated her for a good reason and then they learned to trust her. Liam feels that it is different. Quinn doesn’t think that it is. Wyatt reminds him that Eric is going to have a say in this. Liam points out that he is practically retired. Wyatt doesn’t care because he founded Forrester Creations. It doesn’t matter what it says on his business card. He has a say around here. Liam doesn’t think that it will matter.

Eric explains that both Steffy and Ivy are confident and talented Forrester women. Steffy tells him that Ivy doesn’t work here anymore. Ivy wants to though. Steffy knows that she has made that clear repeatedly. Eric asks if she doesn’t think that she can make a contribution. Steffy already has a jewelry designer. Eric promised that he would take care of Ivy. Steffy doesn’t care she isn’t re-hiring her. Ivy has said she is sorry. Steffy doesn’t want to hear it. Ivy just wants proof that things can be different. Eric knows that all he can really offer is advice at this point. Steffy would love advice but this situation is more complicated than he realizes. Steffy can’t work with Ivy. Eric knows that it has to do with the night Aly died. Steffy explains that the reason she fired Ivy was because she was blackmailing her.

Thomas stands in Ridge’s office. He sits on the desk and Caroline and Ridge walk in. Thomas notices Ridge’s eye. Thomas is sorry about it and knows he is angry. Ridge doesn’t think that he even sort of knows how he is feeling. Caroline doesn’t think that now is a good time for a conversation. Thomas wants to say sorry. Ridge doesn’t think that what Thomas did is going to go away with a couple of sorrys.

Liam believes that this could turn out to be a very bad idea. Wyatt thinks that things could turn out well. Liam would love for the two of them to get past things. It is a risk though. Wyatt needs Ivy to take it though. Forrester is her family company and she belongs here. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy will want to help her if she forces Eric to make the call. Wyatt thinks that if it helps Ivy get her job back then so be it. Liam can tell that Ivy didn’t tell the whole story. Liam knows that Eric will never side with Ivy if he knows what she did.

Eric asks if Ivy was blackmailing Steffy. Steffy explains that Ivy was forcing her to be the face of Forrester. Steffy won’t give her the job back after what she did to her. Ivy was looking for justice for Aly. Steffy adds that she was looking for a fat new job position as well. Steffy explains that the night that Aly died she tried to attack her with her tire iron. Aly was going to hit her with a rock so she defended herself. Eric thought that she fell. Steffy says that she did but she picked up a rock and she freaked out and she grabbed the tire iron. It was self-defense. Eric asks if Ivy saw all of this. Steffy tells him that she recorded it on her cell phone. Ivy doesn’t think that the footage shows Aly holding a rock just Steffy holding a tire iron. Steffy adds that Ivy was using the video against her. She planned to go to the police if she didn’t do what she said. Steffy asks who did something like that. Eric asks if Steffy didn’t tell anything to the police. Steffy was too afraid to change her story. Ivy deleted the video. She knows that she took it to fat but Steffy wasn’t the only one traumatized by that night. Aly was her best friend. Steffy didn’t want Aly to die. Eric knows. He thinks that the real tragedy here is Aly’s death. Eric thinks that this is enough. What happened between the two of them is disturbing and they need to let this go and move on. He knows it is hard to have trust but they need to let it go. Aly loved this company and this family. When she was well she understood the best thing is to stand together. They need to move on. Eric is telling Steffy to bring Ivy back into the company.

Thomas can live with Ridge telling him what he did was wrong. Thomas lost control and lost his temper. He came back to LA hoping to reconnect with Ridge. The way that Steffy did. What Ridge did to his first design… Ridge asks if he hurt his feelings. Thomas knows what he did was disrespectful. Caroline thinks that he should just go. Thomas wants to take responsibility. He doesn’t want to drag it out. He over stepped and he is sorry. Ridge thinks that he stepped way out of bounce.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Eric needs to know everything that happened that night. Liam asks if Wyatt really doesn’t think that Eric will want to know how Ivy lost her job. The fact is that Ivy wants back and wants to put all this behind her. Liam thinks that all Ivy is doing is going to Eric for help. Wyatt feels it is support. Wyatt expects Liam to do it as well.

Ivy wonders if there is anything she can say. Steffy thinks that Eric just said it all. Steffy knows that it is his company and if he wants her to have her job back then fine. He asks if they can work together. Steffy thinks that depends. Ivy is willing to prove herself. Steffy won’t forget her threatening her but if they can move past this then she is sure things will be fine. Eric is proud of Steffy. Ivy thanks Steffy. She also thanks Eric and knows that it wasn’t easy to hear. Eric feels it is time to move forward he leaves. Ivy promises to respect Steffy and her position. She is willing to do whatever it takes. Steffy is glad because she has an idea if she wants to prove herself. Steffy knows how she can do it.

Thomas wasn’t thinking. He lost it. Ridge feels that he knew what he was doing. Thomas was caused a lot pain. All those times that Ridge was never was there for him and when he called him on it Ridge gave him the same looks that he is right now. He gets that he is angry and he understands why. Ridge wants to know if he had to be the big man. Thomas wants to take all of this back and he is ashamed of that. Ridge thinks that he should be ashamed. Thomas asks what he can do. He wonders if he wants to let this go. Thomas doesn’t think that this has to be another reason why they can’t get along. Thomas wants him to accept his apology and move forward. He doesn’t think that this has to be a problem. Ridge doesn’t even know Thomas anymore. Thomas is his son and is asking for forgiveness. Ridge thinks that Thomas is needed somewhere else. He is going to Paris. Thomas thought that they had the collection to finish. Ridge needs him to go home and pack because he is leaving today.

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