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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/6/15


Written By Anthony
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Ridge asks if she is really pregnant. Caroline says yes. Ridge asks if it is with Thomas’s child. Caroline nods. Ridge cannot believe that his beautiful wife and son are having a baby.

Thomas kisses Charlotte in Ridge’s office. Charlotte is totally going to die the next time she sees Ridge. Thomas promises her that she won’t. He is the one who needs to start being quiet. She suggests that they meet at her place next time. Steffy walks in and tells Charlotte that Pam has been looking for her.

Eric is confused about Steffy’s role in Aly’s death. It was an accident. Ivy knows that it was a horrific and terrible accident. A lot of things happened that night that people don’t know about. He asked why she got fired. It all started that night. It all started with how Aly died. Eric wants to know why that would have caused problems with her and Steffy. They were both grieving. He thought that they would have bonded. Ivy guesses that should have happened but instead they started to argue. Ivy admits that they had some trouble in the past because of Liam. She hasn’t been getting along with Steffy for a long time now. She admits that they both could have done things very differently. Ivy wants to make amends. They are cousins and family so they should be trying to do everything and they tried. She thought it would inspire her to do the same. She wants to be a part of the company. Steffy won’t budge though.

Charlotte will head down to the showroom now. She will call Thomas later. Steffy tells him not to answer when she does. She can’t understand him and wants to know why he is acting like this.

Caroline wants to forget about that night like it never happened. She almost did. She got to the point where she could talk to Thomas and never remember it. Ridge guesses that has changed. Caroline knows that it won’t fade away now. Ridge asks if it really won’t.

Ivy asks if there is anything that Eric can think of. Anything at all. She isn’t asking for special treatment. Wyatt explains that Ivy really has tried. Ivy feels that it is humiliating. She was kicked out of her own family company. She understands that Steffy is president and she has no power. Eric assumes that he does though. He gets that is why she is here. She wants him to go over Steffy’s head.

Thomas promises that he is fine and doesn’t need to be worried about. Steffy feels that she can’t help it and needs to be worked out. An employee walks in and says that Ridge was going to leave a fabric sample for her. Thomas goes to get it for him. She thanks him and tells them both that it is great to have them both back from Paris. She knows that it makes Ridge proud. Steffy thanks her and she leaves. Thomas guesses it is nice to have at least one of them make Ridge proud. Steffy thinks that they both do and will once they get passed the issues. Thomas knows that it is hard to get past the past. Growing up with Ridge it was hard to take him seriously. He wants to be there for Ridge but he won’t let him.

Ridge asks if Thomas knows. Caroline says that only Ridge does. Ridge wants to hear what happened so he can try to make sense of it. Caroline can’t. Ridge wants to know what Thomas did to her. Caroline explains that he came over and thought he was helping. Ridge guesses that he thought things were good but now everything is so wrong. Caroline admits that he didn’t know. The wine hit her hard. Ridge feels that Thomas wanted to get to him. He said horrible things to him. He thinks that he destroyed both him and his mothers life. Ridge remembers his life being completely different. Thomas slept with her because he wanted to hurt him and he did and broke his heart.

Eric doesn’t hold a title at the company anymore. Wyatt thinks that his name is the title. Ivy reminds him that the company only exists because of his hard work. Ivy remembers that her father was so impressed of Eric. He was even more happy when Ivy got to work for the company. She was also thrilled and proud to be a part of all of this. To have Steffy take it all away from her. She needs him to know how much she hates being in this position. She needs him to understand. Eric does.

Steffy doesn’t think that he needs to worry about being in Ridge’s new life. Thomas reminds her that he punched him in the face. Steffy is sure that he will forgive him if he goes up to him tomorrow and says he is sorry. He needs to do what is right. She knows that he will see that he is trying. Steffy knows that they have both been extremely vocal about him dating Caroline but they are married now. They are thinking about having a child and Thomas has said that he wants to be a part of that. All he has to do is stop hooking up with interns and face punching and Ridge will come around.

Caroline sits in a ball on the couch. She wants to know what they do now. Ridge doesn’t know. Caroline could just go away. Ridge doesn’t think that she has to go anywhere. He isn’t going anywhere either. He lost her once and it almost killed him and he won’t do it again. It is us and they will figure it out. She shouldn’t be going through this but he wants to know what they can do. They have options. She doesn’t have to keep this baby. Caroline explains that some people can’t get pregnant. She wonders if this is her only chance. She wants to have a child and now she has one inside of her. She wants to keep her baby. Ridge guesses that is it then. They are having a baby. Caroline asks what he means. Ridge says that they will raise it as their own. Caroline asks if he would really do that. Ridge wants to see something good come out of this. Caroline says ok. She asks how they will tell Thomas. Ridge tells her that Thomas will never know about the baby.

Ivy understands that Steffy is his granddaughter and he has priorities to think about. Eric does. Both Ivy and Steffy are a part of both. He will speak to her. Eric says that she is his niece and a Forrester. He doesn’t understand what has happened between the two of them but he will talk to her. Ivy thanks him. They hug.

Steffy still thinks it is crazy that Ridge is going to be a father again. They could have made him a grandfather by now but instead he is going to do the dad thing again. She guesses that is what happens when you marry a girl half their age. Thomas expected that Ridge would upset Caroline. It sure seemed like things were going that way. He is glad that he was wrong. This all meant a lot to Caroline.

Caroline doesn’t think that they can keep this from Thomas. Ridge doesn’t even want to hear his name. Caroline asks how they keep this from him. Ridge reminds her that she is his wife, and she isn’t supposed to have a child with his son. He married her so that he could take care of her and her child. They will raise the baby as their own, and Thomas won’t know. She is his wife and that is their child. Caroline asks how they keep this from him. Ridge has to. Thomas gave her more than she wanted. It was never about what she needed, only what he wanted. Thomas uses women and interns. He claims to hate his father. He asks if Caroline wants that for her child growing up. He knows that it is not perfect. This isn’t their dream. He will do this for her and for them. He is going to love that kid with everything he has. He will give him or her a life that is filled with magical dreams and fairytales and wonderment with possibilities. Thomas will not be a part of that life. It is their child now and their secret. He wants her to say yes. Caroline says yes. She thinks this is their baby. Thomas will never know. Ridge hugs Caroline.

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