B&B Friday Update 10/2/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge asks if Caroline is mad. Caroline says now and doesn’t think that he would understand. Ridge thinks that he does. Ridge knows that she wants to tell him something. He asks if she already packed her bags or if he is going to get a chance to beg her to stay.

In Ridge’s office Thomas is fixing the hem on a models dress. Thomas thinks that it works. The model noticed that Thomas hadn’t RSVP’d to her birthday party this week. Thomas remembers that it is a pool party. Steffy walks in. She listens at the door and Thomas talks about going in the hot tub with him. Thomas asks the model to pass some notes on to the sewing room. The model says sure. She asks him not to bring any presents as him in a swim suit will be just enough. Steffy walks in and tells him that she is hot. Thomas asks her what she means. Steffy thinks he heard her.

Ivy and Wyatt kiss each other. Ivy thanks him. Thomas seems confused and says that she is welcome. Ivy means that she is thankful for him supporting her. He really does. Everything with Aly and the video. She went off the walls but she gave him plenty of chances to give up but he never did. Wyatt shakes his head no. He wouldn’t give her the chance. They start to kiss again. He is here for her. Ivy is starting to get that. Wyatt isn’t his brother. Ivy is getting that too. Wyatt assumes that it is hard for her to trust people because of him. Ivy assumes he means the fact that Liam used her while he waited for Steffy to get back from Europe. Wyatt means that exactly. Ivy admits that Liam did make it very hard to trust people but Wyatt has made it easy again. They kiss again.

Steffy thinks that it must be a tough life avoiding all these beautiful models. Thomas is just letting them off. Steffy bets that he is taking Ridge’s place if the legends are true. Thomas is confused. Steffy assumes that Thomas remembers all the stories of Ridge breaking all the models hearts. Thomas doesn’t think that is what he is doing. Steffy wants him to relax. She wasn’t trying to insult him. Thomas asks her not to compare him to Ridge then.

Ridge asks Caroline not to leave. He doesn’t want her to give up on them. Caroline isn’t leaving him. She meant every word of their vows. She doesn’t care about the vasectomy. She wishes that he would have told her what he meant. She knows that he didn’t want her to worry and he thought he could fix it. She wishes she could do the same for him. She wishes that she could protect him from something. She doesn’t know how to handle this on her own. Ridge will do anything to take care of her. Caroline thinks he might take that back when he hears what it is.

Ivy wants to know what took them so long. Wyatt assumes that she means them dating. Ivy does. They were right in front of each other for so long but just didn’t see it. Wyatt isn’t sure but it doesn’t matter. They see it now. They kiss yet again.

Steffy wants to know what is the matter with Thomas. Thomas doesn’t think that it matters. Steffy would like to know why he is so angry with Ridge. She wonders if he even knows that Thomas is this angry. Thomas thinks that he is probably because he did punch him in the face. Steffy looks shocked.

Ridge promises that Caroline can tell him anything she wants. He is here for her. Caroline hopes so. She just doesn’t know how to say it. Ridge asks if Caroline is sick. Caroline says no. Ridge doesn’t think that it could be so bad. He wants to know. Caroline says that it is about the night they broke up. Caroline was confused. She didn’t understand how he could just end things because she wanted a family. Ridge wanted her life to be fulfilled. He has so many regrets about that life. Caroline does too. Ridge would have done things differently. Caroline would have as well. Caroline started with pills. Ridge asks why she did. Caroline was freaking out and alone in a hotel room. She had found some of Pam’s pills earlier and she took a few. She thought that they would help her sleep but she didn’t realize how strong they were. She added wine to them. Caroline knows that she was stupid. Ridge assumes that this is his fault. She wants him to stop. This wasn’t his fault. It was the combination of the wine and pills. He doesn’t really remember a lot after. Especially after he showed up. Ridge wonders what that means. Caroline explains that he misunderstood. Ridge asks if he spent the night with her. Caroline looks heartbroken.

Ivy and Wyatt start to undress each other on the couch as the kiss each other. They start to make love on the couch.

Steffy is shocked that he punched Ridge. Thomas says he did. Steffy wants to know what happened. She demands that he tell her. Thomas explains that he was just getting all judgmental. Steffy reminds him that he is their dad and that is sort of his job. Thomas doesn’t care. He keeps getting called a self-absorbent little brat. He thinks that is odd coming from him. Thomas wants Steffy to imagine what it would be like if he took whatever he wanted.

Caroline explains that he didn’t realize. Ridge asks if he didn’t realize that she was drunk or on drugs. Ridge asks if this is what she wanted. Caroline was really out of it and didn’t know. Ridge wants to know who he is. Caroline is so sorry. Ridge didn’t ask for an apology. Ridge wants to know who it is. Caroline called him because she was upset and it seemed like he understood. He kissed her. Ridge assumes that she told him no and pushed him away. Caroline was just out of it and he misread everything. Caroline wouldn’t have. She thought that they were broken up she wouldn’t have cheated. Ridge thinks it is his fault. He should have been there for her. It should have been him. He is glad that she told him. She should have before. Caroline couldn’t. She was ashamed. Ridge doesn’t think she should be. He should have been there. Ridge is so sorry. They are going to be ok and they will get through this. They will figure it out. Caroline shakes her head. She explains they can’t because there is more.

Steffy cannot believe that he slept with Charlotte the intern. Thomas doesn’t want her to say it like that. Steffy asks what the hell he was thinking. Thomas doesn’t that what he did was bad. Steffy reminds him of the potential lawsuits. Ridge had every right to lecture him. Thomas knows that he shouldn’t have punched him in the face. He is well aware of that. He is acting like he is a brat though and is taking any woman he wants which is far from true. Thomas thinks that Ridge has no idea.

Ridge wonders what she means by there is more. Caroline just wishes that she could pretend like this didn’t happen. Caroline thinks that it is really complicated. Ridge asks if she has feelings for this guy. Caroline thinks he is a friend. Ridge doesn’t think that a friend would do that to her. Caroline feels that things have changed. Ridge reminds her that they are married now and they can’t have a baby together. He asks if that has changed. Ridge thinks that they can make this work. Ridge asks if they can make this work. Caroline explains that the guy isn’t back in her life because he never left. Ridge wonders if he knows the guy. Caroline says that he knows the guy. Ridge wants to know who he is. Caroline shakes her head and is scared. She blurts out that it was Thomas. Ridge says his son as a question. Caroline looks frightened.

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