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Caroline picks a flower in a garden and keeps imagining her wedding with Ridge. She then starts to think about having sex with Thomas and her doctor’s appointment. She is filled with guilt.

Ridge asks Thomas how it felt to hit his own father. Thomas believes that Ridge disrespected him and has been his whole life. Ridge asks if he thinks that because he feels disrespected he is allowed to hate his father.

Wyatt feels that because Liam is in one piece that things seem to be going fine. Liam isn’t joking. Quinn is on the move. Ivy doesn’t think that Liam is making any sense. Liam feels that Wyatt knows what he means. Wyatt actually doesn’t know what it means. Liam explains that Quinn confronted him. Ivy assumes that Quinn is just annoyed that Liam keeps siding with Steffy after she fired her. Liam doesn’t think that is it. Ivy really thinks that it does. She thinks that it has to do with the fact that he keeps getting these great breaks while Wyatt is marginalized. Ivy asks if he really thinks that makes her crazy. Liam feels that they both know the signs. Wyatt asks if she threatened him. Liam doesn’t think that it was in so many words but yes. Wyatt needs to know how many words it was exactly and what she said.

Deacon doesn’t think that Quinn should be wasting her energy on Liam. Quinn usually could care less about Liam Spencer. It is only when he starts to interfere with her son on so many different levels. That is when she has to do something. Deacon reminds her that Liam is her boss. Quinn knows but he is also Wyatt’s brother. Not that he acts like it. Quinn assumed that brothers were supposed to look out for each other. She knows that as usual her son is the one that is innocent. Deacon asks if she really wants to use that word. Quinn wants to look at the facts. Liam made a play for a job that should have been Wyatt’s. Then Liam stole a girl that Wyatt was clearly interested in. Now Wyatt is dating a girl that Liam rejected and Liam allowed Steffy to fire her. Quinn knows that this is all because of her.

Liam thinks that Wyatt should know about Quinn’s threats. Wyatt does know that sometimes they are vailed, sometimes they are implied, and sometimes they are promised. He wants to know which one it was. Liam un-eagerly says that they were implied. Wyatt and Ivy both scoff at this. Ivy cannot believe that Liam came here over that. Liam doesn’t think that Ivy knows what it is like the way that he and Wyatt know. Liam doesn’t want Wyatt to think that he is over reacting. Wyatt thinks that Quinn is upset. She thinks that he has been passed over, that Ivy has been treated unfairly, and that Liam is Bill’s golden child. Wyatt wants to know how she got it so right.

Caroline walks into the loft. She has a frown on her face and looks at the basinet that Ridge bought her. She then thinks about the doctor telling her that she is pregnant. Caroline looks at a picture of herself and Ridge. She starts to cry again.

Ridge asks how Thomas can hate his own father. Thomas for a minute forgot that Ridge was his father. Ridge wants him to stop acting like a child. Thomas isn’t a child and he needs Ridge to stop making him beg for his approval. Thomas has had very little of it over the years and he doesn’t need it. He sure as hell doesn’t need to Ridge’s opinion on who he can go to bed with. Ridge wants to know who else he has been with. He can only imagine.

Wyatt suggests that Liam is feeling guilty about everything that has happened. He wonders if Liam has ever thought about that. Liam cannot believe that they are not taking this seriously. Wyatt wants Liam to remember that he is in the trenches with his mother every day while Liam pretends to be VP. Liam wants to know what his point is. Wyatt’s point is that she has been on her best behavior. Ivy even thinks that she is one of her biggest supporters right now. Liam thinks that is reason enough to keep an eye on her. Ivy cannot believe that Liam is going to support her now. It is really sweet but not needed. Liam guesses that if she wants to trust someone who tried to drown her then that is her prerogative. He is just worried. Wyatt guesses that he can leave then. Liam wants to know why it has to be this way. Liam thinks that they have a family problem. Quinn might not be his mom but Wyatt is his brother. He also wants to know why Ivy is defending her after all she has done to them. Wyatt reminds him that Quinn has been supportive of Ivy when Liam decided to get back together with Steffy after she demanded to get back together with Liam. He did nothing when Steffy fired her from the family company. Liam understands why Ivy is mad. He thinks that Quinn is the issue though and he is worried enough for all of them.

Deacon doesn’t think that Quinn is responsible for Wyatt. Quinn is his mother. Deacon doesn’t think that she is responsible for anything that has happened to him either. Quinn wants him to tell that to Liam or Bill. Deacon thinks that he won’t be winning any father of the year awards. Quinn asks if he knew that Bill called Wyatt reckless and impulsive. Deacon finds that funny seeing that Bill took off to the Middle East and forced Ridge out of a chopper. Quinn explains that in Bill’s mind Wyatt gets this from her genes. Deacon would like to see Bill raise a kid all by himself. Deacon thinks they should be lucky that Liam was raised by his mother. Quinn doesn’t think she should be getting any gold stars either. Liam is as unstable as Bill is. Deacon doesn’t think that is the case. Quinn asks if it is because his daughter fell in love with him. Deacon points out that it was a half a dozen times. Quinn scoffs. Wyatt has lost so much because of Liam and herself. She isn’t looking for a pity party but Wyatt is judged on her behavior. She won’t make any apologies. She knows that she has consequences though.

Ridge turns around. Thomas is glad that Ridge is once again turning his back on him. Ridge walks over. Ridge thinks that Thomas is the one that turned his back. On decorum and good family. Thomas wants to know where Ridge was when he was younger and needed him. He was too busy being wrapped around his ego and messing around with Brooke and Taylor. That is dysfunction. Ridge admits they have issues. Thomas is way past issues. He has blocked those out. Ridge asks if that is true because he did just hit him. Thomas is an adult. Ridge does not think that he is an adult. An adult has limits. Thomas wants to know what the big deal is if he slept with her. They are both young and single. He definitely isn’t ready to settle down with a woman that is half his age. Thomas lived his life in Paris and will do the exact same here. Ridge guesses that means with no respect or boundaries. Thomas sets his own boundaries. Ridge guesses that he is the great Thomas Forrester and he doesn’t need to respect his own father. He won’t forget this. Ridge leaves.

Deacon cannot believe that he is going to say this but he wonders if Spencer is right. He knows that Wyatt has a lot of him in him. Quinn unenthusiastically thanks him. Deacon thinks that is a compliment. He has her brains. Quinn asks if he knows that Bill claims that Wyatt is not as smart as Liam. Wyatt doesn’t think that Bill is much of a genius. Quinn thinks that he is an idiot. Quinn thinks that there has to be a way to get through to Liam. Deacon wants her to charm him. Quinn reminds him that Liam detests her. Just as much as Bill does. They both use that to use against Wyatt. Deacon feels that Wyatt can take care of Liam. Quinn asks if Hope was being treated unfairly with her family would he not get involved. Deacon wonders if he should talk to Spencer. Quinn doubts that he would listen to him anymore than he would her. She has to do this on her own. Deacon thinks that the only way she will change Bill’s attitude is if she doesn’t hold a big stick to anyone. Quinn can speak softly and hold a really big pointy stick. Deacon suggests she leave the stick at home. Quinn is going to do what she has to do. Wyatt will not continue to be marginalized by Liam Spencer.

Wyatt gets that he is concerned and not just about himself. Wyatt still thinks that he is over reacting. He hasn’t seen any of these signs that she is going to make a bad choice. Liam would like to believe that. Ivy will keep an eye on her. Wyatt gets a text message. Ivy assumes that he has to get back to the office. Liam didn’t want things to work out this way. Liam would like them all too still get along.

Thomas looks at his phone. He texts Charlotte that he is sorry about tonight. She thinks that it was awkward. Thomas doesn’t think that it should have happened. Charlotte feels that it wasn’t his fault. Thomas still feels that it wasn’t good. Thomas gets up and stands next to the chimney. He then remembers punching Ridge in the face and brushes his head.

Caroline is sitting on the staircase. Ridge walks in. Caroline says that she has been waiting for him. Ridge had to go see someone first. Ridge had to see Thomas. Ridge looks at Caroline and asks if she is hurt. Caroline wants to know what happened to his face. Thomas punched him. Ridge explains that they were arguing about who he has been sleeping with. Caroline looks mortified.

Wyatt cannot believe that his brother tried to extend an olive branch. Ivy would like to believe him. Wyatt thinks that Liam should have convinced Steffy not to fire her. That is what should have happened. Ivy does understand why Steffy has issues with trusting her. Wyatt thought that they were past all of this. Ivy thinks that regardless of what Liam says Wyatt stood up to him again. It kind of turned her on. A girl likes having a man in her corner. Ivy kisses Wyatt and she unbuttons his shirt.

Thomas starts to think about Caroline and then tells himself no.

Caroline asks if he fought Thomas because of who he is sleeping with. Ridge didn’t have to be told. She was right there. Charlotte the intern. Caroline says oh. Ridge sees that she isn’t surprised. Ridge thinks that Thomas is out of control. Caroline asks if he hit back. Ridge didn’t hit his kid because he is his kid. Ridge just doesn’t think that he is acting like it. Caroline is sorry that he is upset. Ridge just thinks that this could be another scandal. Caroline doesn’t think that Charlotte would go down that road. Caroline wants to know why he hit him though. Ridge explains that Thomas was mad about all the bad things that Ridge supposedly did. He has to tell Caroline that he thinks that Thomas really enjoyed hitting his dad. Caroline assumes that he just lost his temperament. Ridge doesn’t know. He said that he can have anyone he wants. The list of women in his bed makes him sad. Caroline thinks about the night with Thomas. She starts to get worried. Ridge doesn’t mean to put that on her. They have their own issues. He doesn’t even know where to start. This is all going to be ok. They need to talk about this. Caroline has to tell him something first.

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