B&B Wednesday Update 9/30/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/30/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas wants to know what is so important that it has to be addressed this minute. Caroline looks at Charlotte and tells Thomas that she needs to speak to him privately. Thomas doesn’t think that she does. He isn’t at work so whatever she has to say she can just say.

Brooke knows that Caroline was so set on having Ridge’s child. She asks if Caroline was devastated. Ridge wonders what she thinks.

Wyatt asks what Ivy wants for dinner. Ivy would love a job. Wyatt laughs. Wyatt suggests that if he guilt trips his father enough maybe Bill will give her one at Spencer. Ivy knows that Liam would never allow that plus Steffy would think that she was stalking him.

Liam wonders if Quinn is really still on this. Quinn isn’t threatening him. She understands that he takes everything she says and does as a threat though. Liam knows that he can fire her. Quinn doubts that Steffy would allow Liam to do that. Ivy is gone and they need someone to take over the demand. They would need knock offs like that thing around Liam’s neck. Quinn wouldn’t be here if she didn’t think that Wyatt had support from anyone in his family besides her. Liam has supported him. Quinn asks when. She wishes that he would just be direct like Bill and admit that he doesn’t care about Wyatt. Liam guesses that Quinn had some blow up with Bill. Quinn explains that Wyatt is always going to come in second to Liam because she is Wyatt’s mother. Liam thinks that Bill just likes getting under her skin. It worked because she is here. Quinn is only here because she wants to stand up for Wyatt. All the things that Liam has gotten in his life is because of Bill. People keep throwing titles, money, and jobs at him. Women throw themselves at him. Liam rescues everyone unless it is his brother.

Brooke asks if Ridge knows where Caroline went. Ridge doesn’t. Brooke asks if he is worried. Ridge thinks that they will be ok.

Caroline asks if Charlotte will give them a few minutes. Thomas tells Caroline no. Caroline reminds Thomas that he owes her. Caroline feels her stomach. Thomas asks if she is ok. Thomas tells her that she needs to start taking better care of herself because she is trying to have a kid right now.

Ridge gets a text. Brooke wonders if it is from Caroline. Ridge tells her that it is from Pam. Brooke asks if she should go into work and help out. Ridge says that it is fine. They gave the interns all cell phones and one of the interns is missing. Ridge needs to go handle it. Ridge asks if Brooke wants him to walk her out. Brooke asks if he wants her here to help out with Caroline. Ridge doesn’t. When Caroline gets home she is dealing with him and no one else.

Caroline is not sick or hungry. Thomas asks why she is here then. Caroline doesn’t know. Caroline is sorry. She tells Charlotte that she is sorry about this. It won’t affect her internship at all. Charlotte thanks her. Caroline needs to go. Thomas cannot believe that she is going now. If there is something important going on then she needs to tell him. Caroline was thinking about something but she was brought to her senses. She runs off. Caroline walks down stairs quickly holding her stomach.

Liam doesn’t think that Wyatt needs to be rescued from anything. He would like to know what Wyatt needs to be rescued from. Quinn wants to know why Wyatt is not basking in the glow of being a Spencer. She wants to know why Wyatt is not benefiting with Liam. She thinks that it is because no one wants Quinn around especially Bill. Quinn asks if Liam has ever talked to Bill about Wyatt. She wonders if he ever has just said lets support Wyatt and give him a chance. Liam asks if she has ever tried to talk to Bill Spencer into anyone. Quinn thinks that Liam is attached to no one. He is an imitation Spencer with the replacement sword around his neck. Liam knows what she is doing and it is working. He is sad because he always wanted a close relationship with his brother but he will never have that because of Quinn. Quinn tells him no. It isn’t because of her. It is because of their father. He has given him the world at Wyatt’s expense. He might see himself as Liam the hero but she doesn’t buy it. She may be the only person on this planet who sees right through him.

Thomas and Charlotte walk down stairs and he apologizes for Caroline. He is sure that it has something to do with his father. He promises that Ridge will never find out about this though. Thomas kisses her and Ridge walks in. Ridge tells her to leave. She leaves quickly and Ridge looks angry at Thomas.

Wyatt asks how he would make out in Australia. Ivy doesn’t understand what he means. Wyatt means would he like the climate and stuff. Ivy doesn’t know. Ivy isn’t going back to Australia as a failure. Wyatt says that she is a star. Liam storms in. Wyatt asks if he knocks. Liam knows that he could knock all day long and he wouldn’t be welcomed here. Wyatt bets that he is going to give Ivy her job back. Ivy doubts that because Steffy would never allow that. She wonders how she knows Liam so much better than he does. Wyatt asks why he is here. Liam had to deal with Quinn. She is stirring right now and as her designated favorite target he doesn’t like it.

Quinn works on her laptop and Deacon walks in. He asks if she notices anything different. Quinn says new jacket. Deacon tells her that she didn’t even look. Quinn gets a text alert every time he spends over a hundred dollars on her card. Deacon asks if he could charge like ninety five dollars a day and she would never know. Quinn doesn’t want him to doubt that she would know. Deacon thinks that he looks so damn sexy right now. Quinn tells him to go ask himself out on a date then. Quinn is looking at her computer and wants to know what is up with the smiling executives all over the home page. Deacon wonders if maybe she should be nicer to Steffy. Design something for her and have her for dinner. Quinn doubts that will happen anytime soon with Liam attached to her hip. Quinn tried to reason with Liam and explain that Wyatt isn’t being treated very well. Deacon doesn’t think that is so bad because she does hate Bill. Quinn thought that Liam would see that Bill isn’t treating Wyatt very well but Liam wasn’t having it. Wyatt will not allow her son to keep being over looked.

Thomas asks if he was out past his curfew or something. Ridge asks how far it went. Ridge had to track an intern to here and he is going to have to be drawn a map. Thomas asks what he is supposed to say. Ridge doesn’t think you are supposed to cross a line with an intern. Thomas is a peer with Charlotte. Ridge guesses that they are buddies or something now. Ridge thinks that Thomas tricked her into thinking that he had power because he is the bosses son. Thomas showed her the grounds and they played a game. Ridge asks if this was upstairs. Thomas asks if there is a better place to play strip poker. Ridge cannot have another sex scandal. Thomas knows that he sure caused enough of them and he will never come close to breaking his record. Ridge thinks that there are limits. They just had this conversation back in Paris about some other girl. He can’t just have any woman he wants without consequences.

Caroline goes back to the property that she was married on and she sees herself getting married with Ridge.

Deacon thinks that Bill is unbelievable. He cannot believe that Bill actually said no to Wyatt’s start up because of Quinn. Deacon wonders what kind of father does that. Deacon understands that he isn’t exactly the best father himself but still. Quinn should have never let Wyatt take the Spencer name. She should have listened to her gut. Deacon hates to point out the obvious but they both have done really well since then. Quinn has her own jewelry line. Quinn thinks that they were fine before all of this. Without the Spencer influence. Deacon is glad that Quinn can talk to him like this. She might have even got through to Liam after all.

Ivy cannot believe that Liam is going to Wyatt to pick his battles with Quinn. Wyatt thinks that it is fine. Ivy doesn’t think it is at all. Liam doesn’t know how to handle Quinn. Ivy worked with her for so long but had no issues. Liam thinks that is a bit odd but he can understand that she would have some sort of support of Quinn because she was kind to Ivy. Ivy finds it odd as well that she can trust the woman who threw her off a bridge in Paris as opposed to the boyfriend who threw her under a bus. Liam thought that there was one thing in this world that would make them put aside their differences and act as brothers. Wyatt asks if he really thinks it is happening again. Liam just wants him to watch out.

Thomas feels that every day is double standard day with Ridge. Thomas thinks that he hooked up with before he was born. Ridge doesn’t think that it matters what happens before he was born. Thomas guesses that they can discuss the lines that he crossed after he was born then. He moved in with Brooke and then with Taylor and then back again. Ridge cannot be accused of anything that he hasn’t already accused himself of but today he would like to talk about Thomas’s behavior. Thomas thinks that Ridge should have taught him these things back when he was younger but he is just as selfish as he was then. He doesn’t have room in his life for a father now. Thomas thinks that Ridge chose to have a family just to change his reputation. He is about to start another family with Caroline. They both know that this will end with Caroline as a single mother. No son of his will ever walk down those stairs in the morning hoping that his father is going to be there. Thomas never got that. He will never have a son or daughter or a woman in his life to hurt every single day. Ridge is sorry but Thomas has a very convenient memory. Ridge asks who he thinks cleaned up his messes, paid for college, his sports cars. He gave Thomas international. He gave him a job on the design team because he wanted to come home. Ridge thinks that he is a spoiled little brat who will take anything he wants from his father. Thomas punches him across the face.

Caroline walks across the property. She thinks about everything that has happened in the past few weeks. Her marriage, sleeping with Thomas, finding out she is pregnant, that Ridge cannot have children, she looks distraught.

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