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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/28/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Bill and Katie’s bedroom they are kissing passionately in bed. Katie likes it when Bill keeps her home from school. Ridge thinks that she is the teacher’s pet. Katie giggles. Katie asks if Bill wants a smoothie. Bill thinks that would be great. Bill asks Katie to get two though. He wants to go see Wyatt because he knows how upset he is. Katie feels that he might need to bring a bigger peace offering.

Caroline doesn’t think that Ridge can be telling the truth. Ridge didn’t want to worry her and he tried to get it undone but it isn’t possible for him. Caroline thinks about the fact that she is pregnant. Ridge really wants to give her a baby but he can’t.

Thomas is in Ridge’s office and thinks about Caroline helping him with a design. He then thinks about the night he spent with Caroline.

Quinn thinks that a Spencer fashion house is brilliant. Wyatt sure thought so. Quinn asks if she should give Ridge her notice. Wyatt tells her it isn’t happening. Quinn promises to be on her best behavior. Wyatt corrects her and explains that the fashion house itself isn’t happening. Bill shot it down. Even Katie was on board but Bill said no. He supposedly wants nothing to do with a fashion house.

Ivy understands that Steffy is having trouble trusting her. Ivy will be honest she did lose herself there for a while. Firing her though from her own company is a bit harsh. Ivy promises to earn Steffy’s trust again. She is a Forrester too. She belongs here at Forrester. She just wants one more chance. Steffy says no. She isn’t welcome here anymore.

Bill knows that Wyatt is upset at him right now but what is he supposed to do. Throw a ton of money at him just because his girlfriend got fired. Katie sort of understands why he wanted to do it and she thinks that it is a refreshing idea. Bill knows that Katie wants to do it. Katie really does. She also understands though why he doesn’t want his children competing against each other. Bill doesn’t think that anything good will come from this. She has to know that. Liam working at Forrester being Wyatt’s direct rival. There has already been so much conflict between the two of them. He wants them to start acting like brothers. He is sure that someday Wyatt will understand.

Ivy asks why Steffy is being so stubborn. She just wants one more chance to be proven that she can be trusted again. Steffy cannot trust her. She sees her and she sees herself getting blackmailed. She sees Ivy calling her a murderer. Liam walks in and shuts the door quickly. He asks what is going on. Ivy wants to be a part of her families company again. Steffy cannot trust her. Liam thinks that she is a wonderful designer and she will easily find another job. Steffy decides that she will write a letter of recommendation to help her. She doesn’t want her out of work. She just doesn’t want her working here.

Caroline wants to know if Ridge is sure about this. Ridge explains that the doctor said that trying a reversal wouldn’t even make a difference. Ridge didn’t think he wanted anymore kids. He didn’t know how much he wanted her. He just didn’t know how much he wanted to watch his child grow inside of her. He is sorry that they will never have that chance. Caroline is freaking out.

Katie walks back into the bedroom holding two smoothies. One for Bill and one for Wyatt. Bill thanks her. He realizes though that Katie is probably right and if he does show up to Wyatt’s house with that as a peace offering he will look at it as a pathetic bribe. Katie doesn’t think that he should expect so much from him. She doubts that Wyatt is going to be happy that he isn’t getting what he wanted because he really wanted a better relationship with Liam. Katie does not think that it is likely to happen. Katie knows that Wyatt feels like he is bullied by Bill. Bill thinks that he has more to make up with for Liam. He really was in love with his mother. If she didn’t disappear then he could have had a life with her. He feels like he has to make amends with him. Katie wonders about Quinn. Bill was never going to be in a relationship with that nut job. Liam could have had the nuclear family. Wyatt not so much.

Wyatt cannot even believe that Steffy won’t take her back. Ivy guesses that she is standing by her choice. Quinn asks if Liam was there. Ivy says that he came in at the end of it. Quinn assumes that he didn’t say anything to Steffy and didn’t even try to convince her. Ivy says that he tried to convince her to send her elsewhere. Quinn cannot believe that Liam is such a lap dog that he said nothing. Quinn is really angry. Wyatt wants her to relax. Quinn explains that when it comes to his happiness there is no end to what she can do.

Steffy wants to know what the look Liam is giving is about. He has a deep thinking look about him. She bets that Liam thinks that she should give Ivy another chance. Liam did not say that. He knows that if Steffy cannot trust her then she shouldn’t be here. Liam knows that Ivy wants to earn back her trusts. She says that and she only wants one more chance. Steffy kisses him. Liam can see that she doesn’t want to talk about this. Thomas walks in. Steffy thought that he was working in Ridge’s office. Thomas was but he wasn’t getting any work done and needed a chance of scenery.

Ridge betrayed her. He knows that but it was never meant to be a secret. He just wanted to give her a baby. He knows she didn’t want anything else in the world. Just a baby. Half her and half him. He can’t do that though and it is not meant to be. Caroline continues to cry.

Wyatt appreciates everything Quinn does for him. She doesn’t have to do all this though. He is happy though. Quinn notes that his girlfriend has been fired, his father won’t support him, and he has to listen to his spineless brother at work. Wyatt knows that it is salt in the womb. Quinn believe that Liam is a jelly fish. No integrity or loyalty. Wyatt can deal with his jelly fish brother. He can handle him being dads favorite. He can’t handle how he treats Ivy. It makes him sick. Ivy needs some fresh air. Wyatt suggests a walk on the beach. Quinn doesn’t want to go. She is going to answer her phone and then head out. Quinn gets a call from Deacon. She explains that she has had a day. She will tell him when she gets home. She just hopes that she doesn’t see Bill or Liam today. Bill walks in and Bill tells her that he just saw Ivy and Wyatt walking hand and hand on the beach. Quinn will have to call Deacon back.

Thomas guesses that he will go back across the hall to let them get back to working. Steffy suggests that he knock if he is going back across the hall. She is sure that Ridge and Caroline started working the moment he left. Thomas explains that they are at home. Steffy wonders if they will ever get out of the honeymoon stage.

Ridge wants Caroline to come sit next to him. He knows she wanted to be a mother and he wanted that for her with him. That is why he asked her to marry him. He did everything so fast because he wanted to make her happy. He is his favorite thing in the world. He would wake up in the middle of the night trying to find the right words. He would wake up and see her breathing and so at peace. For those minutes he will always be happy. Everything seemed right in the world. He didn’t tell her because he wanted this to work. It isn’t fait and it isn’t what she signed up for. Ridge is releasing Caroline from any vow or promise. He wants her to pretend this marriage never happened. He tries to take off her ring. Caroline asks what he is doing. He is her husband and she loves him.

Bill wants Quinn to tell Wyatt that he stopped by. Quinn thinks that Wyatt needs more from him than to just talk. Quinn asks why Bill is so determined to keep Wyatt down. Quinn was told about the fashion house. She asks if he hates her that much that he would hold it against their son. Bill made a business decision. Quinn thinks that a Spencer fashion house could be hugely successful. Quinn asks why he never supports him. It is always Liam and she is sick of it.

Caroline asks if the doctors are sure. Caroline knows that sometimes a vasectomy doesn’t take. Ridge knows his took. He is sorry. Caroline doesn’t think that this should be happening. Ridge knows it is his fault. They love each other. Caroline is so sorry. Ridge thinks this is his fault. He doesn’t want her to take him. Ridge knows that in a year from now or more when doubt comes and she doesn’t think this is enough. He cannot even begin to imagine this empty feeling she is having. He will always be here though. Ridge hugs her while Caroline panics.

Thomas sits back down in Ridge’s office.

Caroline cries in Ridge’s arms.

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