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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/25/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

As Thomas works on a design in the other room, Steffy walks in. She asks if he has seen Quinn. Her designs are all wrong. Thomas asks what is wrong with them. Steffy doesn’t think that they are anything like they are supposed to be. Thomas assumes she means that they are nothing like what Ivy pitched. He asks if Steffy is having second thoughts about letting Ivy go.

Caroline asks if it is possible. The doctor wonders if she means if Caroline is carrying another man’s child. Caroline explains that it was just one night, and it didn’t mean anything. She needs to know if she can take a test or do anything. She cannot leave here until she knows who the father is.

Brooke suggests that Ridge should see a fertility expert. Brooke knows that he has complete faith in his doctor but still. Ridge knows that if he were to have the tests run a thousand times that they would come out the same. Brooke knows that Caroline loves Ridge no matter what. She might be disappointed but first he has to tell her the truth.

Wyatt and Ivy kiss passionately in Wyatt’s living room. Ivy thinks that she should probably get going. Wyatt asks if she is mad because she only just got here. Ivy knows that she could interrupt his work. Wyatt wonders what work she is referring to because he has been looking at a computer screen for the better part of the day. Wyatt figured that it would be easier to work at home than to go in and see Liam’s smug face. Wyatt still cannot believe that Bill turned down his fashion house idea. Ivy understood that Bill didn’t want to pit brother against brother. She respects Bill for it. She does love Wyatt for trying though. Wyatt knows that Ivy will get snatched up really quickly by another fashion house. Ivy is just frustrated. She knows she shouldn’t have used the video but she did delete it. Then Steffy had her escorted out of the building. It was so wrong. Forrester is her family business as well. She will not let her get away with this. Wyatt wants Ivy to think about this for a second. Ivy has just as much of a right to be at Forrester as Steffy. Wyatt knows but the video is still an issue. Steffy hasn’t told anyone why she fired her. Quinn walks in and asks what is going on. Wyatt says nothing and they are just talking. Quinn thinks that they are plotting to get her job back at Forrester and Quinn can tell she is right. Ivy isn’t plotting. She is just going to go back to Forrester and try to get through to her.

Steffy asks why she would have second thoughts. Ivy blackmailed her and she cannot trust her. Thomas thinks that Ivy should be thanking Steffy for only firing her. Steffy is glad that Thomas is on her side. Thomas notes that Steffy is his sister. He is glad that things are going so well especially on the design team. Steffy wonders how things are really going with Ridge and Caroline. Especially given his history with Caroline.

Brooke knows that Ridge doesn’t want to disappoint Caroline but this changes everything. Ridge asks if she doesn’t think he realizes that. Caroline has wanted a baby for so long and now he is taking that away from her. Brooke thinks that he has done everything he can to make it possible. The longer he keeps this from Caroline the harder it will be.

The doctor assumes that she is talking about a paternity test. Caroline really hopes that it isn’t too early. The doctor is afraid so. She notes that Caroline told her that her period was lighter than normal. She had it though. Caroline did. She really needs to know that this baby is Ridge’s.

Quinn notes that Steffy doesn’t back down on anything. She wonders why Ivy thinks that she will be able to get her to back down on this. Ivy just thinks that she can. Quinn assumes that Ivy must miss working with her. Ivy actually misses everything including Pam’s lemon bars. Quinn cringes. Ivy enjoyed that Wyatt was down the hall from her. Quinn reminds Ivy that Wyatt is there for life unlike Liam. Wyatt doesn’t want her to go there. Quinn is just saying that she can count on Wyatt in many ways. Ivy knows as he has proven it. Quinn asks what he has done to prove it. Wyatt wants to know why she must know everything. Quinn doesn’t mean to be cryptic. Ivy just thinks that now that time has passed that she might be able to get through to Steffy this time. Quinn asks what she will do if she can’t then.

Thomas wants to know what it is with everyone… First Brooke then Nicole and now Steffy. He promises that there is no problem. Steffy never said that there was. She is just saying that he had issues when he first learned they were together. Thomas points out that Steffy did as well. Steffy knows but they were different reasons than Thomas’s. Thomas just had a concern for Caroline. He thought that it was going to end like Taylor and Brooke. He was wrong though because Ridge stepped up. Steffy assumes he means having a child. Thomas was wrong because Ridge is doing this. Ridge wasn’t initially for this but he is going to give his wife the child of her dreams.

Brooke wants to know how Caroline will react. Ridge doesn’t know. He knows that she means well and she wants to help but he doesn’t know. Ridge just wants to be alone with his wife. Brooke reminds him again that there are other ways to have a child. Ridge will say it again. Caroline wanted a child with him. That is the reason she went to the doctor.

Caroline really needs to hear that she is carrying her husband’s child. The doctor asks if she really had no idea that she was pregnant. Caroline thought she was on the pill. The doctor notes that it is a very effective form of birth control, but it isn’t always effective especially if you miss a day or two. Caroline was just really stressed out. The doctor wants her to understand that for now she has no reason not to believe that this isn’t her husband’s child. They can do some more tests to be certain, but for now she is almost certain. She needs to stay positive though. Caroline asks what she needs to be doing. The doctor notes that other than vitamins, no. She thinks that this baby will be healthy. Caroline cannot wait to tell Ridge.

Wyatt thinks that Ivy should be there by now. Quinn assumes that Wyatt is really rooting for her. Wyatt knows that Ivy really wants back in at Forrester. Quinn knows that it is all up to Steffy now. Wyatt feels that if Liam really cared about Ivy then this wouldn’t be happening. Quinn thinks that Ivy’s track record with women is sickening. He treated Hope terribly. Yet he is still considered the fair haired wonder boy. Wyatt knows that he really is in Bill’s eyes. Quinn asks what this has to do with Bill. Wyatt claims nothing. He doesn’t get Quinn because since she found out about Ivy she has been calling up about what a great opportunity it is for them, now she is on Ivy’s side. Quinn can tell how Wyatt feels about her. She thinks that in certain ways his situation is very similar to Ivy’s. Wyatt knows that they were both disrespected by Liam and Steffy at a big cost.

Ivy walks into Rick’s office and tells Steffy that she slipped by security. Steffy wants to know why she is here. Ivy feels that she has been punished enough. She thinks that it is time that she gets back to Forrester to do some work.

Thomas walks into Ridge’s office and finds Brooke. He asks if Ridge is here. Brooke wonders if he needs something. Thomas just needed Ridge to look at the tweaks he made to his design from earlier. Brooke wants to see. Thomas will only show if she says how brilliant it is. Brooke really thinks that it is good. Brooke can tell how much this team up has done for him. Thomas asks where Ridge is. Brooke explains that he had to go home to talk about something with Caroline in private.

Caroline walks into the loft. She kisses Ridge and can smell scotch on his breath. She wonders what is wrong. She has good news though. She knows how he will react. She was at the doctor… She cannot believe it. Ridge has to tell her something first. Caroline says that he can go first.

Quinn asks why Wyatt isn’t fighting back. He wants to know why Wyatt isn’t trying to hit Steffy and her lapdog boyfriend where it hurts the most. Quinn wants to know why. She doesn’t want to hear that it isn’t any of her business. Wyatt is a natural born leader. He is the one who should be running a company to run head to head with them. Wyatt asks who said he hasn’t tried.

Ivy knows that Steffy feels justified in terminating her. Steffy thinks that this is more than enough. Ivy was just dealing with Aly. Steffy misses her too but what she did was wrong. Ivy thought she saw something in that video. She agrees that she should have found another way to deal with guilt. Aly was screaming for help and she didn’t want to see it. She understands why Ivy doesn’t want her as the face of Forrester but they have both had a moment to cool off. This company is important to her and she knows that she can make a contribution. They are family and should be able to put things behind them. Ivy respects that Steffy is president and she is ready to prove that she is loyal. She asks Steffy to please find it in her heart to allow her to come back to Forrester.

Thomas guesses that Ridge needed some private time with his new bride. Brooke says yes. Thomas thinks that this is another one of his famous romantic evenings. A baby might be coming very soon…

Caroline thinks that Ridge seems very serious right now. She wonders if everything is ok. Ridge wants to talk to her, about Paris. When he was living abroad, he needed to make some choices in his life. Steffy and Thomas were doing great, and RJ was growing to be a fine young man. The idea of having another family never came into his mind. Then Caroline showed up all perfect and beautiful. Had he known she was coming, but she didn’t know… So he took the steps to not have any more children. He had a vasectomy. When he said he couldn’t have kids, he meant that. When he let her go, it was so she could have a child. Then he noticed that he was going to lose her, and he decided to get it reversed. He went to the doctor’s office but he has a condition where his sperm is not viable. He is really sorry, but he cannot be the father to her child. Caroline is panicking and crying.

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