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Caroline thinks that they are going to make amazing parents. Ridge thinks that she will make an incredible mom. Caroline wants him to picture this time next year or possibly the next them having a perfect little baby with Ridge’s eyes and smile. She wonders if that is what he was talking about in terms of planning their future. Ridge says yes and reminds her that this might not be so easy. Caroline knows that. She just is grateful that he wants to try. Ridge would have it happen right now if he could. Ridge hears Brooke telling him to tell Caroline in his head.

Brooke sits angry in Rick's office while Thomas asks her what he should do with a design. Thomas asks her again. He can finish this later if this isn’t a good time. Brooke gets up and looks at it. Brooke tells him he better wait to show Ridge. Thomas asks if she doesn’t think it is good. Brooke does think it is good she just thinks that Ridge and Caroline need a little privacy.

Nicole wants to know why they waited so long to kiss. Zende doesn’t have a good reason. Nicole guesses that it was kind of exciting and the buildup was nice. Zende asked if she liked that. Nicole likes this better. She wonders if he was a little nervous. Zende wasn’t. Nicole would have kissed him if he had waited any longer. Zende wishes that she had. Nicole kisses him and Zende laughs. Zende wishes that he had waited even longer then. Rick walks out and asks what is going on. Zende wonders what he means. Rick notes that Pam was getting strange when he asked where the two of them were. Rick knows that look of interrupting anything. Rick congratulates them on being a couple. Zende guesses that it is no surprise that it happened.

Thomas thinks that Ridge and Caroline are ok. He just saw Caroline and she was really up beat. Brooke asks about what. Thomas thinks about everything the wedding included. Thomas knows that Ridge is trying to plan their future. Thomas hates being wrong but he was glad he was this time about their relationship. Brooke knows that he was worried about Caroline. Thomas was scared but he did propose and now they are starting a family. Thomas is glad that they are following it through.

Ridge wants Caroline to know that there is going to be more to their life then just having kids. Caroline knows. Caroline’s phone goes off. Ridge tries to talk but Caroline has to go. She has a doctor’s appointment. She needs to go to the Ob-Gyn. Ridge wants to finish his speech. Caroline will let him know how it goes.

Rick has a great idea. He wonders if Zende would like to hang out tonight. Nicole asks if this is some sort of interrogation set up by him and Maya. Rick wants to order some food and watch the game. Zende is in. Rick will talk to Maya. He knows that she is going to have a lot of questions. Nicole likes football. Rick will have everything set up for them before they get out of work. Rick will be thrilled to be there for the two of them.

Caroline thanks her doctor for meeting with her on such short notice. The doctor knows that there was something she wanted to discuss. Caroline doesn’t know if she has heard but she got married. The doctor congratulates her. Caroline would like to start a family so that is why she is here. The doctor doesn’t think that Caroline should have any fertility issues. Caroline doesn’t either. She asks if she is concerned. Caroline just wants to do everything she can to have the happiest little baby there is. She wonders what she needs to do. The doctor thinks that they should probably see where they are. She asks if her cycles are regular. Caroline says that they are the same as usual. The doctor notes that she has kept her exams up. Her health is good. Caroline wonders if she knows about her accident. The doctor asks if she has recovered. Caroline has. The doctor tells her that they should have blood test and they can go from there.

Brooke asks Ridge where Caroline is. Ridge tells her that she had an appointment. Brooke asks if she would finish his conversation with her. Ridge needs to finish it later and goes to look at a design with Thomas. He thinks that it looks nice. Thomas thinks that it is kind of unexpected. Brooke asks if this appointment was a meeting. Ridge turns and tells her it was a doctor’s appointment. Brooke hopes that she is ok. Ridge promises that she is fine and it is nothing for her to worry about. Ridge looks angry at Brooke.

Caroline asks if she can wait or if she should come back another time. The doctor put a rush on the exams and it shouldn’t take long. Caroline asks what they are looking for exactly. The doctor just is checking. She doesn’t expect to find anything out of the ordinary. She thinks that she should be fine. Caroline loves doing things with Ridge anything fun. Ridge will read to her sometimes. She can imagine him reading to the baby. The doctor thinks that is lovely. Caroline has wanted to be a mom for such a long time. She cannot wait to have a baby with him. Ridge has changed her life so much and it is more than she can dream of.

Zende asks Nicole if this is really ok with her. If she is really ok about going and having a football night with Maya and Rick. Nicole says that family is important to her. So is that game. Zende wonders if it won’t feel like they have chaperones on their first date. Nicole knows that Maya can be protective but she can work around that.

Ridge likes Thomas’s design. He just has to change a few things about it. Thomas will get right on those changes and he leaves. Brooke wants to know what happened. Ridge already told her that she was just at a doctor’s appointment. Brooke hopes that she is not sick. Ridge explains that she is doing the same thing that he was doing. Brooke asks why. Ridge explains that she wants to have a family sooner the better. Ridge should have just said that he was going to the doctor but he had to be cute about it. Brooke reminds him that there are other ways to have a child. Ridge knows but Caroline wants his child. Brooke understands but he has to have told her that she can’t have his baby.

Caroline looks at a baby magazine. The doctor walks back in and she has her labs. Caroline wants to hear the good news. The doctor says that most of her results are what she expected. She did have one surprise though. It is a pretty big one. She might want to sit down. Caroline knows that something is wrong. The doctor promises her that nothing is wrong. It might come as a shock but she is pregnant.

Brooke cannot believe that he didn’t tell her before she left. Ridge explains that she left to soon. Brooke reminds him that he knew exactly where she was going. Ridge knows. Brooke asks if he had a chance to say anything. Ridge was going to tell her but her phone started to beep. Brooke knows that he hasn’t been honest. This is just becoming a big mess for them. They need to face this together.

Caroline asks if she is pregnant right now. The doctor says yes. Caroline is very happy. Caroline explains that they weren’t even trying… She starts to put things together and says that they just got married not that long ago. She has a flash of sleeping with Thomas. The doctor asks if something is wrong. The doctor thought that she wanted to be a mother. She assumed that she would be happy about this. Caroline needs to know how far along she is. The doctor says it is really early. Caroline still needs to know. The doctor would like to know why. She reminds her that she is her doctor and it will remain between the two of them. Caroline explains that a few weeks ago Ridge had ended things and it was a mistake but that night she went and stayed at a hotel and she was really upset and her friend came over to check on her. She took some pills before he came and she ended up drinking. The doctor asks if the man took advantage or assaulted her. Caroline promises that it was a huge mistake and then she got her period so she thought things were normal. She married the man she loved… She could have gotten pregnant on her honeymoon. Caroline wants to know if the other guy could be the father of this baby.

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