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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/22/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline is working in Rick’s office. Brooke walks in and asks where Ridge is. Caroline says that she does not know. Brooke asks if he didn’t say where he was. Caroline explains that he said he was planning their future. Caroline doesn’t know what that means. Brooke sees. Caroline is shocked that Brooke does because she has no idea. Brooke thinks that she will see soon enough. Carline thinks that Ridge is just filled with surprises. She wonders what it will be this time.

The doctor tells Ridge that wasn’t so bad. Ridge wants to know how long before they get the results. The doctor explains that it isn’t an easy procedure. Ridge understands. The doctor will see if there are any complications. If there are none, then he will schedule the procedure. Ridge doubts that anything could possibly be wrong even after he fell out of the chopper in the Middle East. The doctor wants him to be calm. He is shocked that his wife didn’t come with him to this. Ridge tells him that she is working today but tonight they will celebrate. The doctor really hopes that this all works out. Ridge thinks that it all will work because that is what she wants.

Zende walks into Ridge’s office and asks if he heard that right and Thomas kissed Nicole. Thomas doesn’t think that it is what it sounds like. Zende thinks that a kiss is a kiss. Thomas guesses that there is kissing your grandmother and then kissing a beautiful woman. Thomas thinks it was nothing. Zende notes that Nicole isn’t exactly his grandmother. He thinks that it must have been something.

Caroline assumes that Brooke knows all about that. Brooke doesn’t know what she means. Caroline means about Ridge and his surprises. Brooke does know all about those. Caroline wonders if she knows about this one. Caroline doesn’t want to know what it is because she doesn’t want it spoiled. Brooke doesn’t know what Ridge will say to her. Caroline knows that he is planning their future. Brooke wants her to wait and see how it turns out. Caroline thinks that is a weird way to put something. Brooke tells her to stop guessing then because she said she doesn’t want to spoil it. Caroline guesses that she is right. Caroline doesn’t know what Ridge could possibly be up to. Brooke just doesn’t want Ridge to disappoint Caroline. Caroline asks why she would say that. Brooke notes that Ridge has a surprise for her. They are not always everything that they are cracked up to be.

The doctor walks back into his office and is shocked to see that Ridge is still there. Ridge needs to know what the results are. The doctor notes that it hasn’t even been an hour yet. He will call him with the results when they get them. Ridge can stay though and find out and then they can have the procedure done later on in the day. He knows that he is being a pain. He just knows that Caroline wants a family and nothing is going to stop her from having that.

Thomas admits that he kissed Nicole one time. Nicole was caught off guard. Zende notes that things like that just don’t happen. Thomas promises that she wasn’t encouraging it if that is what Zende is suggesting. Zende wants to know why he did it. Thomas thought it was a good idea at the time. Zende guesses it makes sense as all you have to do is look at her. Zende asks if Nicole liked that some guy just walked up and kissed her. Nicole says that it just sort of happened. Zende thought that it was frowned upon in the work place. He could even call it sexual harassment. Thomas asks if that is what he thinks it is. Thomas asks Nicole if he was totally out of line. She can tell him. Nicole thinks that they are all making too much out of this. Nicole would like a minute alone with Zende. Thomas leaves. Nicole hopes that Zende is not upset about this. Zende asks why he should be upset. She is a free person. So is he. Nicole thinks that he is upset. Zende is good. Things are just put into perspective now. Things were getting a little fuzzy but now everything is good. Zende thought that something was going on between them but he guesses not if Nicole is kissing other guys. Nicole didn’t kiss Thomas, he kissed her. Nicole didn’t slap him across the face because it wasn’t forced upon her. She wants to know why they are talking about this. Zende guesses that she is right. Who kisses her is none of his business. Nicole takes Zende’s hand and tells him that they both need some fresh air.

Caroline has to admit that she was so blown away when he dragged her off to get married. Brooke is shocked that Ridge had to drag her. Caroline admits that technically he didn’t but it was very spontaneous. Brooke guesses that it did put a cramp on her schedule for the day. Caroline thinks it did. She thinks it is weird talking to her about Ridge but she cannot help it because he is all she wants to talk about these days. Brooke thinks that it is ok. She remembers that feeling. Ridge is a one of a kind guy. Caroline thinks that Ridge is there and is so present. It is like no one else is there and he is such an open book with nothing hidden. Brooke agrees that he is an open book most of the time. Caroline asks if it hurts her to talk about him. Brooke says no. Caroline thinks that the way she is reacting makes her think differently. Brooke promises that she is not pining after Ridge right now. She does love him and probably always will. She is sure that Ridge feels the same too. That is over for her though and it is just beginning for Caroline. She sees Caroline and she sees her. A woman that wants to so have children with Ridge. Caroline knows that she did. Brooke is probably the one person she can talk to because she has actually been through it. She got to have a child with the man she loves.

The doctor has his results. Ridge is glad and wants to schedule the procedure. He can do it tonight or early tomorrow. The doctor explains that they won’t be reversing his vasectomy. His sperm count is not viable. Ridge guesses that they can take more samples. The doctor already looked at three. The doctor says that they can try a few things. They have less than ten percent than anything would work. Ridge promised his wife that they could have a child together. Ridge promised. The doctor is really sorry.

Nicole walks out on to the sky lounge with Zende. She thinks that this is better and now they can get sane. Zende cannot be taking this seriously. Zende is not at all jealous. Nicole notes that it was just one kiss. Zende asks why she is acting so guilty about it. Nicole isn’t. Nicole is just mopey. Nicole asks if he is ok. Zende wants to know what it was like for Thomas. He has never had the pleasure himself. Nicole guesses that he will have to ask Thomas. Zende cannot believe that guy. Nicole thinks that he is going through something. Nicole thinks that Thomas has been acting strange working days and nights. He is trying to lose himself in his work. He is hurting. Nicole thinks that it really got to Zende. Zende thinks it sounded more than just a peck. Nicole wouldn’t know because she wasn’t paying attention. She promises that she wasn’t. Thomas was thinking about someone else and maybe so was Nicole.

Caroline shows Thomas what he has to do to fix a design. Thomas cannot help but look at her. He thinks about the time they had sex. Caroline is sorry that she is giving him advice like she is incredibly gifted. Thomas promises her that she is. He asks where Ridge is. Caroline says that he is planning their future. He went off and she doesn’t know where. Thomas wonders what it means. Caroline thinks that it could mean anything. Caroline wonders if it bothers Thomas that Ridge is such a huge force in this world. Caroline thinks that he has some huge shoes to fill. Thomas is not trying to be his father. Caroline just wants him to be closer with Ridge. Caroline knows that a baby would be such a blessing for all of them.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office to find him. She explains that she was just with Caroline. She thinks that Ridge is planning their future. She assumes that Ridge went to the doctor. Ridge explains that he ran tests. Brooke assumes the procedure was to reverse it. Ridge says that it was not necessary because he cannot have a baby. He has a problem with fertility.

Zende wants to know what she was trying to get at. Thomas was using her as some kind of a distraction. Nicole thinks maybe. Nicole doesn’t understand why he kissed her. Zende feels that Nicole is beautiful. He doesn’t think that it is shocking that Thomas wanted to kiss her. Nicole notes that there are a lot of beautiful women in this building. Zende doesn’t think that she can be that dense. Nicole isn’t dense just confused. She was given no warning and she didn’t even know what was happening until it was over. Thomas has just been really busy. Zende guesses that Nicole is just that irresistible. Nicole thinks that Thomas couldn’t hold back his feelings for the person he is trying to forget.

Caroline is getting the two things she wanted most. Thomas is really happy for her. Caroline knows that he said that before but this is the first time she really believes him. Thomas really does. Caroline thinks that means a lot to her. She thinks that he has changed. Thomas just thought that Ridge wouldn’t be able to give her what she wanted. Caroline notes that he didn’t. Thomas knew that he didn’t want another child but he is giving it to her. Caroline assumes that Ridge was going to not keep his promises but Ridge came through again.

Brooke asks how this is possible. Ridge has no idea, but his sperm isn’t viable and he has no fertility. Ridge is infertile and they don’t know why. Brooke is sorry. Ridge doesn’t know what to do. Caroline wants to have a family and he went through with everything to give her what she wanted. Now he cannot do anything about it. He had never seen Caroline so happy when he told her he would give her everything. Caroline wants to have his baby and be a mom. She wants to have his son or daughter but he just took her dream away. Brooke hugs Ridge and tells him that she is sorry.

Caroline tells Thomas that Ridge is going to have a baby with her. She is so excited about their future.

Ridge and Brooke continue to hug. They both look devastated and worried.

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