B&B Monday Update 9/21/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/21/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita


In Ridge’s office Pam is fixing a wedding cake so that everyone can see the flowers. Carter laughs as she does this. Pam tells Charlie that his side of the congratulations banner needs to be up a little farther. Carter walks over to Steffy and asks if she is ok. Steffy claims that everything is good. Carter can tell that she looks like she has something on her mind. He asks if it has to do with firing Ivy. Steffy promises that was her final decision. She is just thinking about the fact that she never though that Ridge and Caroline would get married… Eric walks over to Pam and asks if they are doing paper plates today. Pam asks if that is too tacky. Eric just thinks that they can do better. Pam knows but then she thought that maybe the casual approach was better because Ridge and Caroline are artistic and spiritual people. Eric thinks that she is right. Pam thanks him… Steffy tells Thomas that this is just so weird. She isn’t going to talk about it and just be happy… Zende asks Nicole what is up. Nicole is just thinking about Thomas. Zende thinks that Thomas is cool about Ridge and Caroline… Eric asks Brooke why she is so quiet. Brooke wonders what there is to say. Eric doesn’t think that there is anything to say it is perfectly understandable. Caroline and Ridge walk in and they all congratulate them. Pam wants to know what it was like. Caroline thinks that it was a nice day. Caroline explains that it was the most perfect day ever. Quinn hopes that they have a marriage like hers. Ridge would like to talk business now. Steffy says go for it. Ridge brings up that Ivy is no longer here and asks if Steffy would like to talk about it. Quinn is going to miss her but she doesn’t make decisions though. Ridge mentions that Thomas is also a part of the design team. Caroline asks if the cake is for them. They all cut the cake. Ridge walks over to Brooke and asks if she plans to change her mind. Brooke thinks that he really should tell Caroline about the vasectomy. Ridge thinks that there is no need because he is going to see a doctor today.

On the sky lounge Charlie walks out with a piece of cake. Charlie asks Pam how it is going. Pam wants to know if the cake isn’t good. Charlie thinks that it is incredible. Quinn asks if Charlie is seriously going to analyze the cake. She assures Pam that it is good cake. Pam says that means a lot to here. Nicole is shocked that Caroline didn’t make a big deal about the wedding. Quinn is shocked as well. Women like Caroline are born and bred for big splashy events. Pam thinks that Ridge and Caroline bring out something personal in each other. Charlie guesses that makes sense about their wedding as well. Pam wonders how Brooke feels about this whole thing.

Eric, Brooke and Steffy are in Rick’s office. Eric thinks that Ridge and Caroline are in a good mood. Brooke can tell that Caroline made an impact. Steffy thinks that it is more like she rocked his world. Steffy notes that Ridge not only married Caroline but wants to start a family with her. Brooke turns around before she says something. Steffy can take it that Brooke doesn’t approve. Brooke doesn’t think that this is her place. Eric feels that Brooke is allowed a reaction. Ridge was with her off and on for a very long time. Brooke is off that merry go round and she can’t say that she isn’t happy. Steffy assumes that Caroline is what bugs her then. Brooke does think that Caroline is too young but she makes him happy. It is the fact that Ridge has a sudden urge to have a child. She has reservations.

Ridge doesn’t thinks that this is too bad. He has his beautiful wife, a prospect of a baby, and his eldest son on the design team. Caroline asks how lucky she is to work with not one but two brilliant Forrester men. Caroline has the biggest ego of all of them. Ridge has to go. Caroline wonders where. Ridge thinks that she will know soon enough.

Quinn thinks that if her experience with Brooke is any similar then Brooke is not happy at all that Ridge and Caroline are married. She isn’t putting her down but after Brooke has marked a man she sees them as hers for life. Nicole asks what Pam’s opinion is. Pam is picking up a vibe from Brooke. She doesn’t think it is jealousy though. She thinks it really could be about the age difference. Quinn wonders if it is just territory seeing she is the mother of one of Ridge’s children. She could see Brooke finding that a threat.

Eric asks if Brooke is opposed to Ridge having children with Caroline. Brooke just doesn’t think that it is wise to have a child this late in life. Steffy gets it. She was concerned about the whole relationship. She even told them that she wasn’t supportive straight to their face. Eric thinks that it is a huge surprise that Steffy didn’t hold anything back. Steffy asks what she is going to do. She has never seen Ridge this happy and it is all because of Caroline. She has to have his back one hundred percent.

Thomas wants to know how it feels to be a married lady. Caroline can’t even explain it. When she moved to LA she just wanted to focus on her craft. Caroline would have had enough with just that but now she has Ridge too. She is his wife and hopefully future mother of his children. She wants to savor his time. (Nicole is listening in at the door). Caroline is glad that Thomas is back. Thomas is as well.

Ridge tells the doctor that is why he is here. He wants his vasectomy reversed. The doctor explains that from his French doctor’s notes that Ridge was very adamant about having it in the first place. Ridge thinks that was then. The doctor wants to know what has changed. Ridge fell in love with a beautiful woman and she wants to have a family. He wants to have the thing reversed. The doctor sits down and looks at Ridge’s file.

Nicole walks in and explains that she left something. She can come back later though if she has to. Caroline doesn’t want her to be silly. They are just working. Nicole asks why she isn’t on her honeymoon. Caroline will go eventually but Ridge is too busy right not. She doesn’t care though because she is just happy. Nicole thinks that it shows. Caroline has to pop in across the hall and tells them that she will see them later. Nicole can tell that Thomas isn’t happy with this.

Carter asks if Quinn really thinks that Brooke feels threatened. Quinn explains that for example Ridge was enamored with RJ. Zende points out that Ridge always has time for his kids. Quinn is only saying this to make a point. Men have a thing for the mother of their child. Brooke has gotten used to this. Ridge did have Taylor but now Caroline. Only so much of Ridge can go around. Quinn would be jealous too.

Caroline and Pam walk into Rick’s office. Caroline wants Pam to tell Bill that she will be happy to do that segment for him. Pam tells her that Ridge didn’t want to do Bill any favors and turned that down. Caroline wants Pam to call Spencer Publications and she will handle Ridge. Brooke walks in and tells her that is spoken like a true Forrester wife. She asks if Caroline has a minute. Pam leaves. Brooke just wanted to congratulate her. Caroline thanks her. Brooke did have doubts. She can see though that Caroline makes Ridge happy. She just has one word of advice. She notes that it is never a given to have a family.

Ridge wants to know what can happen. The doctor has gathered all the facts. He is sure that Ridge has some questions. Ridge wants to know what the outcome is. The doctor thinks that it should be good because the procedure was still recent. Ridge really wants this family. The doctor needs fatality work done. He won’t do the procedure unless he has proof that it needs to be done.

Pam wonders who would have thought that when Caroline stepped out of that elevator for the very first time that not Brooke would have become Misses Ridge Forrester. Charlie thinks that life throws curve balls sometimes. Like a curveball he never saw Pam coming. She is the insight, grand slam of his life. Pam loves that. The two kiss. Zende walks over and asks what they need. Pam gives him an envelope. He is glad that they came because they are hard to get. Pam notes that it is easy when you throw the Forrester name out there. Which he is actually allowed to do. Zende thinks that Pam is better at it then he is. Zende has to tell Nicole because she is going to flip. Pam tells him that Nicole is in the main office right now with Thomas.

Nicole gets that Thomas has feelings about his dad marrying his ex. Most people would. Thomas doesn’t really think that it is like that at all. Nicole can tell that Thomas still cares about Caroline. Thomas asks why he wouldn’t. They didn’t end their relationship badly and she is an awesome person. He of course cares about her. Thomas doesn’t want her talking about his father’s wife like that. Nicole isn’t judging. She just is really good at reading people. (Zende is listening in at the door). Nicole knew all along that the only reason that he kissed her was because of Caroline.

Brooke thinks that this is a fabulous time in Caroline’s life. She is young and beautiful and all her dreams are coming true. Yes Caroline has had some issues but she bounced back. She has everything. One thing though is that not everything lasts forever. Life just doesn’t work out that way. She will have to go with it. She is amazing with Ridge so if it has to be just let that be enough. Caroline asks if she should not be disappointed if she doesn’t get pregnant right away. Caroline knows that nothing is promised but she isn’t worried at all.

Ridge asks if this is really necessary. The doctor explains that there have been changes in fatality. Ridge thinks that because he just had this done that he can have it reversed. The doctor explains that age isn’t the only problem. The doctor is just being thorough. He will have this rushed. Ridge explains that his wife wants a family and he wants to give it to her. Ridge gets a phone call. The doctor tells him to take it and he will be right back. Caroline asks where he is. Ridge is off campus. Caroline asks what he is doing. Ridge is locking in their future. He loves her. She loves him too. He hangs up. Ridge is ready and wants to do it.

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