B&B Thursday Update 9/17/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy is working on something next to Wyatt in his house. She turns to him and reminds him that his mother pushed her into a river in Paris. Wyatt explains that moms will be moms. Ivy then mentions that she is in an even bigger mess from his brother. Wyatt is thinking. He tells Ivy that he is looking into Bill’s investments. He already owns a half a dozen fashion magazines and websites. It won’t kill him to invest in this and him. He has to figure this out. Ivy feels careful around Wyatt. He really does.

Steffy is writing Ivy’s exit statement for the press in Ridge’s office. Liam knows that she is the PR wiz but it feels totally fake to him. Steffy changes a few things and says that Ivy is focusing on growing and suggests she goes to Australia. Liam points out that they don’t even know if she is going to Australia. Steffy guesses that the media will assume it is a family squabble regardless of what they say. Bill storms in with Katie behind him. Katie meant to knock for them. Liam says hi and wonders why he is here. Bill asks if Liam really expected him to ask his looney toon receptionist if he has time. Liam would have preferred actually if he had called to see if he was even available. Bill laughs. He didn’t mean to offend the big time executive. He wonders though how many times he made an appointment to see him in his own office. Liam points out that they were working together. Bill assumes that now that he is working here at Forrester representing Spencer… Liam doesn’t want him to get into the ownership details. He doesn’t need Bill telling him what to do.

In Rick’s office Quinn explains to Rick and Maya that she was a good team with Ivy but she will manage. She was doing this long before Ivy came around. Maya wonders if Quinn has spoken to her since the firing. Quinn is going to give her some space. She asks Rick what is on his tie. Rick accidently got something on it at lunch. Rick notes that he was a brutal CEO but at least he never fired a Forrester. Maya points out though that to be fair Ridge didn’t have anything to do with it. Quinn knows that Steffy is as brutal as Rick was. Rick assumes that Quinn and Wyatt are now going to be lords of the jewelry department. Quinn thinks that Wyatt might be upset. Rick asks why because he they have worked together for years. Quinn doesn’t want him to think that she got his girlfriend fired.

Ivy thinks that they have to be careful not to jeopardize his job at Forrester. Wyatt asks why. Ivy notes that it is his job. Plus Bill didn’t exactly give off a vibe that he really needed Spencer designs. Wyatt knows his father. Liam lives in fear while Bill lives on the edge. Wyatt does the same. Spencer Designs is exactly what he needs. This is what he lives for.

Katie feels that this visit has gotten off on the wrong start. Liam asks if this is really a visit or if Wyatt filed a complaint. Liam can tell that it is. Steffy wants to make it clear that she is the one who fired Ivy. Liam has nothing to do with it. Bill isn’t here to tell them not to be mean to Wyatt’s girlfriend. Steffy thinks that Wyatt needs to mind his own business. Steffy gets that Wyatt has opinions and big ideas. Bill assumes that having an employee with vision is a bad thing in her mind. Steffy notes that Wyatt has a job here but running the office is not it.

Maya walks back into Rick’s office with a new shirt. She cannot stand it if he does not change. Rick guesses that it is pretty bad and takes off his jacket to reveal a huge stain. Rick is glad that it wasn’t hot coffee. He guesses that his first instinct to ignore them wasn’t wrong. Maya points out that people think that food trucks are so trendy and cool. Rick doesn’t think that it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Maya still wishes he would have let her call the police. Rick doesn’t want it in all the papers tomorrow. Maya is so sorry. She asks if this is what their life is going to be like. Rick doubts that a bunch of juveniles throwing food and beer at them is nothing to worry about. It is just a shirt. Maya asks why it is ok for those people to call them the names that she was called when she was a kid. Rick explains that those same people who don’t think she is a real woman don’t think that she is a real man.

Ivy thinks about Steffy firing her in her mind. She rolls her eyes. Ivy asks if Bill is banging up against himself if he goes up against Forrester. He does have a lot of shares in that company. Wyatt knows that Forrester would love to buy him out. Which come to think of it would be all the seed money they would need. Wyatt gets a phone call. He says hello to Quinn. Quinn asks if he is proud of her because she was giving him space. Wyatt can see that Quinn knows about Ivy getting fired. Quinn wants to know what happened. Wyatt explains that one minute she had a job and the next minute she didn’t. Quinn heard about the big scene. Wyatt assures her it wasn’t big by Quinn’s standards. Quinn asks if Steffy gave a reason. Wyatt has to go. He is here with Ivy right now. Quinn understands. She just has to say that it feels like opportunity is knocking for them. Wyatt wonders if it doesn’t knock and just walks right in. Ivy smiles.

Bill notes that Steffy made a major change and he thinks that it is in his rights to ask why. Steffy already knows that Bill thinks that every time he walks through these doors that he deserves answers. This is a private manor. Katie asks if she is disputing his right to walk through the door. Bill doesn’t think it is a problem. He will just ask Ridge and wonders where he is. He can tell that Ridge doesn’t even know that she canned Ivy Steffy has the authority to make staffing choices. Liam asks when Bill became a fan of Ivy. Bill wants to know when Liam’s choke collar got so tight that he can choke. Katie thinks that Liam deserved that. Steffy is not going to justify herself to them. Liam is an executive here. If either of them have a question they will set up a meeting at Liam’s earliest continence. Liam will not be micromanaged. Bill wanted him here so he should be allowed to do his job. Bill feels that Liam has a very interesting way of showing gratitude. Liam thinks that Bill knows he is grateful. Katie assumes that when Bill put Liam in this position he thought that Liam would exercise a little independent judgement. Liam thinks that he disagrees with Steffy all the time. Katie isn’t sure if she recognizes the guy standing in front of her. She wants to know when he became Steffy’s yes man. Steffy cannot believe that Bill is going to let his wife insult his son like that. Bill asks if Katie has anything she wants to add. Katie is good and tells them it is time to go.

Maya cannot stand that she brought this on Rick. Rick doesn’t want her feeling responsible for those idiots. Maya notes that if they hadn’t recognized her none of this would have happened. Rick explains that Brooke insulated him from this stuff as a child. That said a little ketchup and Lobster rolls are not going to hurt him. Maya asks what good is it for people to come around to her if they aren’t going to do the same for Rick. Rick feels that people aren’t always good. Maya knows but he is her husband. Rick thinks that people feel like they know her because they have read everything in the papers about her. She has earned their respect. It is what they can’t see or what they refuse to see. Maya is used to rudeness though. She doesn’t think that Rick should have to. Rick already had his freak out due to Bill. It wasn’t about Maya. It was about what people think of him. It almost broke them up but he will never let it happen again.

Liam asks if he deserved that. Steffy wonders when he started to expect fairness from Bill. Liam thinks that usually Katie has his back. Steffy knows but they don’t know how crazy Ivy has been and it isn’t like they can say anything. He needs to take their reaction with a grain of salt. Liam wants to know why Wyatt went running to them in the first place. Steffy doesn’t know. Liam doesn’t think that Bill even likes Ivy.

Ivy asks what Quinn thinks. Wyatt reminds her that she worked with her. Ivy assumes then that Quinn feels she is a step closer to world domination. Wyatt says that is it exactly. Ivy asks if he is going to pitch Spencer Design to her. Wyatt quickly says no but then changes his mind and says maybe if it is not suicidal. He knows that Bill isn’t going to invest in anything involving his mother and then Deacon will be there sexually harassing all the female employees. He can’t have that. Ivy points out though that Quinn has a huge following and no one can handle her like Wyatt can. Wyatt knows. Someone knocks on the door. Wyatt goes to answer it and it is Katie. Wyatt notes that she is back and wonders what is up. Katie explains that Bill might be more open to discussion but he won’t do anything right now because he is pounding his head against the steering wheel. She tells him to call him. Wyatt asks what he is doing and tells him to come in and talk about it. Bill hangs up. Katie explains that they just got back from Forrester and it wasn’t pretty. Wyatt asks if they told them his idea. Katie tells him no. Katie thinks that Bill heard Wyatt out but running a company is a big step and she thinks that Bill wanted to see how things were running at Forrester. She notes that Rick has been completely sidelined which is find because everyone thought he was crazy. Bill used to think that Steffy walked on water but Liam is behaving like a jerk. Bill walks in and says that he has a headache. He isn’t going to disinherit anyone because that would be childish. Bill notes that he on occasion he can lose his temper and act a little childish. Wyatt feels that he gets that from Bill. For instance why does Liam have a bigger beach house than he does. Bill doesn’t know. Wyatt asks why Bill gave Liam a top executive position at both Forrester and Spencer and not offer Wyatt anything. Bill tells him that he never asked. Wyatt told him that he wanted to make him a fortune. Using his name under his banner. He asks what is not to like.

Rick thinks that Maya should know now why he tolerated Bill at their wedding. Maya actually doesn’t know and wants to know why. Rick will never allow himself to be shamed that way and neither should Maya. Maya doesn’t think that he should have to suffer the consequences for the choices she has made. Rick loves her and that wasn’t really a choice. Rick doesn’t even think that the stains are going to come out of his shirt. Maya will try to get them out. Rick asks if she knows what he was thinking about today. Her father. He has to assume that Julius might have gone through the same things he went through today only a lot rougher. Maya thinks that he is probably right and that is what he blames her for. Rick notes that back in his generation people were judged and masculinity. Maya should probably understand. She probably would if it isn’t for him being her father. Rick thinks that a child should always fight for them. Rick knows she didn’t have that back then but she does now.

Liam wonders if they could give Wyatt some sort of title. Steffy asks what his title is now because she doesn’t even remember. Liam doesn’t even know. He doesn’t want it to look like crazy Quinn is being rewarded while he is being punished. Steffy doubts that it will make Ivy’s firing go down any better. Liam knows but he gets so resentful of him. Steffy thinks that that is a sucker for what Wyatt does. Liam guesses. Steffy wants Liam to realize that he has done nothing wrong. Liam has learned that isn’t true. He knows that Steffy loves him though. He wonders how bad things can be if Steffy still loves him.

Bill wants to know what Wyatt knows about running a legit business. Wyatt has been running his mother’s business since he was fifteen. Bill isn’t talking about Quinn’s nut job fantasy land. Wyatt points out that what women wear comes from a fantasy. Bill asks if he knows how much this would all cost. Wyatt states it be around eleven million. That is if they don’t have a cash flow in which case it would only be three point five. Bill asks why he would trust Wyatt with that kind of money. Wyatt doesn’t want him to. That is why God created accountants. To control things unlike his investment in Forrester. Bill asks Ivy what happens if he doesn’t believe that she can design. He doesn’t. Wyatt points out that hypothetically he would because he trusts him. Plus Katie does. Bill thinks that Katie likes people too much. Wyatt knows that Katie wants in. Bill says that one thing he doesn’t like is that Wyatt keeps saying that Bill owes him. Wyatt isn’t asking him that. He wouldn’t even be asking him for this if there wasn’t something in it for Bill. No more dealing with Ridge Forrester or the fact that his niece is married to him or having people get angry over judgement questioning. Wyatt wants him to back him. Bill can question him all he wants. He has thicker skin. He is more of a Spencer than Liam and he is ready to prove that. Wyatt wonders if Bill has any more questions. Bill doesn’t right now. Wyatt has one and asks if they have a deal. He puts his hand out…

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