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Bill is baffled that Wyatt wants to start a fashion house. He explains that Spencer is a communications company. Wyatt knows but it is one of the most powerful companies in the world. It speaks success. Bill doesn’t make clothes. Wyatt feels that if they did make clothes they would be the best clothes around. Katie doesn’t think you can really argue with that. Wyatt is telling Bill this could work. If they do it right they can beat Forrester at their own game.

In Ridge’s office Steffy is with Carter and Liam. She looks at Ivy’s contract and asks if there is nothing stopping her. Carter explains that Ivy’s contract can be terminated at any time. Steffy is glad. Quinn walks in. She wonders what is important because she was in the middle of a call. Steffy tells her that she is no in charge of the jewelry line. Ivy has been fired. Pam walks in and tells her that Ivy is in the building. Charlie just stopped her in the lobby. Steffy will deal with it. Quinn looks confused and Liam looks frightened. Carter asks why Ivy is back. Quinn didn’t even know she was gone. Quinn has been in meetings and wants to know what happened. Carter says that no one really knows. Ivy was waiting for the photoshoot and Steffy showed up and just fired her. Liam says that it didn’t come out of nowhere. Ivy did something and it made Steffy feel like she cannot be trusted.

In a hallway at Forrester Charlie is standing at the elevator. Ivy is standing next to him. Steffy walks up to them and she explains to Ivy that she cannot be here. Charlie already told her that. Ivy’s belongings are upstairs. Steffy asks Charlie to handle it. Charlie goes to get them. Steffy tells him not to take the drawings though because they belong to Forrester. He assumes that Ivy is going with him. Steffy doesn’t want Ivy going with him. It will only be him. Ivy rolls her eyes.

Bill notes that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Katie asks when was the last time that he didn’t do something? Bill knows that the only reason Wyatt wants this is to one up his brother. Wyatt tells him that Liam knows nothing about fashion and had to learn about running a business. Wyatt actually has the experience but needs a chance. Bill sees that he has to provide him with a company in order for that to happen. Wyatt feels that it is a good investment. Wyatt learned a lot at Forrester. He wants to do something on his own now. Wyatt asks if Bill can understand that. Katie does. They have to be careful about taking on Forrester. They have been king of the hill for a long time. Wyatt knows that no one has challenged them enough. That is all about to change.

Quinn would like to know what Ivy did. Liam doesn’t think that it concerns her. Quinn points out that Ivy was her partner. Liam wants her to just do her job. If Ivy had done hers then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Quinn assumes that means that Steffy wasn’t happy with her work. Liam says no. Ivy let her emotions get the best of her. She made some decisions that she shouldn’t have. Quinn wants to know if they were choices about the collection. Liam is annoyed and says no. Steffy needs people that she can rely on. If she doesn’t trust your judgement then you are gone. That is all he is going to say. Carter can tell that Liam doesn’t feel good about this. Carter knows how much Liam cared about Ivy. Liam still does and he hates this. She is a brilliant designer. Steffy felt it was right to let her go and he understands why.

Wyatt feels that this is the perfect time to open up a company. Bill notes that Forrester is at the top of their game. Wyatt knows this but points out that they are only thinking about themselves and not the competition. Katie guesses that they would never see them coming. Wyatt says that Forrester is international with all the stores. They will be completely different. They will be a fashion house only. Katie seems to like this idea. She feels that if they just use a product they will make money back with a brand. Wyatt wants Katie’s input. She ran Forrester and Spencer. He wants to know what she thinks. Katie thinks it is an interesting idea. Wyatt asks if she would like to be a part of it. Katie says she would if it happens. Wyatt thinks that is perfect then. He and Katie can run the company and Bill can just collect the cash. Bill asks if Katie really thinks that there is something to this. Katie feels that it is something to consider. Wyatt wants to start right now. Bill explains that you don’t start a business over night. Wyatt knows that you don’t do it by dragging your feet either. He is asking his father to support him here. Bill asks who is going to draw the pictures. A design house is going to need a designer. Wyatt will hire someone with talent. Bill needs a name talent. Wyatt asks about Forrester. Ivy is out of a job now.

Ivy doesn’t think that this is over. She has a contract. Steffy explains that it is being terminated as they speak. Steffy reminds her that she blackmailed her. Ivy deleted the video. Steffy knows but she threatened her with it for weeks. Ivy was trying to defend Aly. She knows how the video looked. Steffy cannot work with someone like Ivy. She came back here thinking she was still the face of Forrester. She didn’t feel guilty at all. She doesn’t want anything from Ivy. If a person wants to see how someone really is like give them a little power. Rick for instance and how he treated Ivy. Steffy wonders what didn’t stop Ivy from doing the same thing to her. Ivy asks about Steffy and what she is doing right now. Steffy could get past this but she can’t get over it. She needs people she can trust. Steffy suggests that she go back to Australia but her days in LA fashion are over. Charlie and Pam walk out of the elevator with Ivy’s stuff. Steffy asks Pam to tell Liam she will be up in a minute. Ivy asks if she is going to be escorted off the premises. Steffy wonders if she needs to. Ivy says no. Steffy didn’t want it to come to this. They are family. She knows that Ivy thought that she had a place here but she doesn’t. She is no longer welcome at Forrester Creations.

Bill asks if he really wants to do this for his girlfriend. Wyatt is doing this for himself and the Spencer family. Bill asks if it is good for his relationship with Liam if he goes head to head. Wyatt knows that Liam enjoys being told what to do by other people. Wyatt on the other hand is not ok with that. Ivy isn’t either. She wanted to take a leadership role but wasn’t allowed to. Steffy and Ridge are in charge over there now and everyone including Liam has to jump when they are told. Wyatt is all about being a team player if that means he can move up in the company but he doesn’t see that happening. So yes he does want to start his own team. One that is every bit as successful and talented as Forrester Creations. Bill assumes he wants to be a boss. Wyatt is a Spencer so of course but it is more than that. He wants to be challenged. Bill notes that starting a company is a big challenge. Wyatt can handle it when he has the right help. He understands that it is a lot to help. He doesn’t expect him to give him anything. He intends to earn it.

Steffy walks back into Ridge’s office. Pam goes and sits next to Charlie and explains that business can be really harsh. She just cannot help feeling sorry for Ivy. She didn’t see this coming at all. She wants to know what they are missing from this.

Liam asks if Ivy is gone. Steffy confirms that she won’t be a problem anymore.

Ivy walks into Wyatt’s house holding her box. Wyatt is glad that she is home. Bill assumes that it was a rough day at the office. Ivy guesses that Wyatt already told them about what happened. Katie is really sorry about that. They haven’t even heard all of it. She just went back to get her things. Steffy had Charlie go and get her things and explained she was no longer welcome at Forrester. Wyatt hopes that Ivy has her pencils in that box. Ivy asks why she would need pencils. Wyatt is just saying she might needs them at her next job. Ivy doubts that would happen because Steffy might blacklist her. Wyatt feels that her getting fired might have been the best thing to happen to all of them. Ivy doesn’t really see how. Katie explains that Wyatt has been trying to convince Bill to open a fashion house. Wyatt adds that Bill was just about to tell him how brilliant that is. Bill hasn’t given it his ok. Wyatt notes that Katie is on board though. Ivy says Spencer Fashion. Wyatt lists a number of things they could call it. They will figure it out later. Ivy didn’t know that Bill was interested in fashion. Wyatt says that Spencer has been interested in fashion for decades. Bill reminds him that is only on a reporting side. Katie doesn’t think that it is a conflict. Wyatt agrees seeing that it hasn’t been one for Liam. Ivy asks if this is actually happening. Wyatt is trying to make his pitch right now. Wyatt introduces Bill to the new design leader. Ivy explains that she has never designed professionally. Katie asks if she has ever shown her work to Eric or Ridge. Ivy wouldn’t because they would never choose of themselves or Caroline. Bill is not making an immediate choice. Bill doesn’t think that fashion is a big return business. Wyatt feels that just because Forrester hasn’t blown him away doesn’t mean that they can’t. Bill will consider it.

Liam asks if Ivy is not here. Steffy still doesn’t think she gets it. What she did to her and what she put her through. She accused her of doing things. Liam knows and hugs her. Steffy tried to get through to her and tried to make her realize. She didn’t care though. She let everything that happen with Aly cloud her judgement. She had no idea how she could do that. Liam wonders what will happen with Wyatt. He said that they were going to regret their choice. Steffy thinks that the best thing that Ivy could do is get as far away from her as possible.

Wyatt asks if Ivy is in. Ivy reminds him that he still has his position at Forrester. Steffy didn’t fire him. Wyatt could step out of line and be gone and his brother won’t stick up for him either. They need to stick up for each other. He wants her to say yes. Ivy says yes but she was devastated leaving Forrester. She put in so much work and wonders if she needs to go home to Australia. She really appreciates Wyatt. Wyatt feels that what Steffy did was unfair. Bill and Katie will agree to do this once they see what she can do. He asks if she wants to test her limits and show what she is capable of. Wyatt asked himself why Liam gets to be VP and not him. Then it hit him why not him? He has a building with his name on it. He can do what he wants. Wyatt believes that they can accomplish a lot together. Ivy does too. Wyatt told Steffy and Liam that they will regret firing her. They just made a huge mistake doing this. He cannot wait to see their faces when they realize it.

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