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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/15/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline cannot believe that they are married. She is his wife. Ridge knows that she is and she made vows so she cannot get away from him. Caroline says that he is stuck with her. Ridge is very happy about that. They kiss each other happily.

Nicole touches her lips and didn’t see that coming. Thomas is glad because he doesn’t like to look predictable. Nicole can no longer accuse him of that because he just kissed her for no reason. Thomas had a reason. Nicole would like to hear it. Thomas asks if anyone has ever told her that she talks too much. Nicole thinks that line is over played. Thomas is willing to learn new lines if she is willing to coach her. Nicole thinks that he is cute and she would be flattered by the kiss if it had anything to do with her. She has a feeling that it didn’t though.

Katie and Bill are having dinner. Katie can tell that Bill is awfully dark. Bill needs something stronger than a glass of wine. His niece is marrying Ridge. That isn’t something to celebrate. Katie is proud that he stayed quiet. Bill had to hold his tongue so hard it bled. Katie knows.

Liam thinks that was a scene. Steffy agrees. Liam doesn’t think that Ivy expected to be fired at least not like that. Steffy is sure that she didn’t. Steffy wasn’t going to let her work here like nothing happened. She doesn’t want to talk about her. They need to move forward. Steffy remembers that they have to tell Quinn that she is on her own. Liam asks if she is sure about this. Steffy feels that Quinn is perfectly capable. Liam doesn’t mean that. He means firing Ivy.

At Wyatt’s house Ivy cannot believe that it happened. She knows that it did but she can’t believe it. She fired her. Wyatt knows and it is outrageous. Ivy couldn’t believe that Liam just sat there and agreed with everything she was saying. Wyatt isn’t surprised at all there. Ivy thought that he would at least come to his sense for old time sake. Wyatt explains that the way they treated her was unacceptable. When he told them that they were going to regret this he meant it.

Katie wants to run something by Bill just as a heads up. She is looking for a new project. Bill is at her service. Katie was actually talking about work. Katie needs something to sink her teeth into. She needs a challenge. Bill will make it happen. Katie thinks that was easy.

Caroline and Ridge walk around the edge of the property. Ridge doesn’t want to share her with anyone. Caroline likes that it is just them. They are always off in their own little world. She guesses that will end when they have their baby. Ridge knows that she will make a wonderful mom. Caroline wants to enjoy being married to him for a while. Ridge notes that tomorrow they are going to be stuck in traffic around the city. Caroline doesn’t think that will make her feel more like his wife than she does right now. They kiss.

Nicole believes that Thomas kissed her to shut her up. Not because she talks too much but because of the subject she brought up. Thomas knows that she thinks that something more is going on with Caroline but she is way off base. He was over with Caroline almost as soon as it started. He would never cross a line with his father. Nicole asks why he really kissed her then. Thomas had to because she was standing there all gorgeous.

Steffy had to fire Ivy. She left her no choice. Liam thinks that technically Steffy could have let her stay and just dealt exclusively with Quinn on the jewelry line. Steffy wasn’t going to give Ivy time to regroup so she could betray her again. Business is business and she cannot work with someone she cannot trust. Ivy is out and she is not coming back.

Ivy wishes that Steffy and Liam would take a moment to regret the way that they treated her. Wyatt asks if she doesn’t think that could happen. Ivy doubts it. They don’t care about other people. They just care about themselves being happy. Wyatt might not be able to do anything about them being together but he bets that there is a way to shake up happy.

Steffy recognizes Liam’s look. She really hopes that he doesn’t want her to bring Ivy back. Liam doesn’t. He knows that holding the video over her head was wrong. He was surprised by Steffy. He thought that they made a pact that this was buried and done. Then Ivy got fired over it. Steffy didn’t want this either. The more she thought about it though the more she realized that she doesn’t trust her. Then when they were at the photoshoot today she thought that she would still be the face of Forrester after blackmailing her. Liam knows that. What Wyatt said when he left he has to wonder what that means.

Ivy asks if he has a plan. Wyatt is still working through the finer points but as soon as he knows she will be the first to know. Ivy can tell that he really does have her back. It is nice to know that she can count on him. Wyatt explains that it isn’t a chore. Ivy notes that it has been a long day and she should get going. Wyatt doesn’t want her to leave. He wants her to stay a while. Ivy needs to go back to the place she calls home because she isn’t sure how much longer she will be welcome at the Forrester Estate. Wyatt doubts that she will get kicked out. What he said earlier about regretting what they did early that is going to happen.

Nicole has to ask. A hot kiss on her and suddenly alarms do go off. Thomas asks if he should say he is sorry. Nicole was not offended she just was assessing his motives. Thomas notes that sometimes a rose is just a rose. Nicole points out that roses have thorns.

Ridge and Caroline are walking on the beach. She notes that they just got married in the most romantic place ever. Ridge asks if she thought that she was missing out on her family and friends being there. Caroline doesn’t at all. The two start to kiss each other again.

Liam knows that his brother doesn’t make idol threats but he isn’t sure of what he can do exactly. She does have the right to hire and fire anyone she pleases. Steffy knows that Ivy can say anything she wants to Ridge. Liam will have her back. It is just so crazy because she thought she could be friends with Ivy. Liam thought at one time that Ivy wasn’t capable of blackmail. Steffy was shocked at how good she was at it. She is just glad that Wyatt got Ivy to delete the video. He needs to be careful though being around Ivy could be bad. If she doesn’t trust him then he is gone too.

Wyatt calls up Bill. He needs to see him right now. Bill asks if everything is alright. Wyatt says that it will be after they talk. Bill is finishing up lunch with Katie and then they will head over to his place. Wyatt is glad and hopes to see him soon.

Nicole looks at a sketch of Thomas’s. She thinks it is good. She assumes that he has to be good at this being the son of Ridge Forrester. Thomas feels that he will be better than him one day. Thomas feels that it is all evolution. Ridge learned from Eric and made his own style. Thomas will do the same with him. Nicole believes him. He has that look of confidence in his eye. Nicole hopes that he knows what he is looking for. Thomas gets an alert from Caroline. She posted a picture. They are married.

Caroline and Ridge sit down under a tent. She is shocked that he did all of this and asks how he made time for this. Ridge needed to make time. It is her wedding day. Caroline thinks that he has done so many things for her. Ridge is going to give her more. Caroline laughs and he thinks she looks prettier. Ridge had a good life and then she came along and he is humbled to call him his wife. Caroline just wanted to be in the same room as the most talented designer when she moved to LA. She can’t even call it a dream come true because she never thought of it. She never knew this was everything she wanted. She loves him husband. He loves her wife. They kiss again.

Liam thinks that Steffy looks different. Liam doesn’t know. He guesses that she just looks lighter. Steffy agrees that a weight has been lifted. They can move on with their lives and future. They have waited to long for that. Nothing is being held over her and regardless of how angry Wyatt gets he can’t do anything to them. She considers this chapter closed. Liam is glad. They kiss.

Bill asks Wyatt what is going. Katie says that if this is between the two of them she can wait. Wyatt explains that this has to do with both of them actually. Bill asks what it is. Wyatt explains that Ivy was fired from Forrester today. Katie asks why and Bill even looks shocked. He asks if Ridge just dumped her life that. Wyatt tells them that it wasn’t Ridge. It was Steffy. Ivy didn’t want to go quietly so she had security escort her out of the building. Katie thinks that is ridicules. Wyatt knows that it is horrible. Liam didn’t do anything. He didn’t stand up for her or do anything. Bill guesses that this is about Liam then. Wyatt says that it is. Liam is not only president of Spencer but also VP at Forrester. He doesn’t know anything about fashion what so ever. Bill says that if he is asking him to give him Liam’s position… Wyatt isn’t. Katie asks what he wants then. Wyatt knows that Bill gave Liam control of his 12.5 percent of the company. It hasn’t benefited Bill at all. Nothing at all has changed. He is dirt to the Forrester’s and he will never have a say at Forrester. Not as long as Ridge is controlling things. Bill wants him to get to the point. Wyatt wants to carve out his own space in his old family business. He asks what he is even doing at Forrester. Spencer is where he belongs. He isn’t asking for a job but he wants something bigger. He wants another industry brought under Spencer. Katie asks what he means. Bill assumes he means another jewelry line. Wyatt wants to start a design house to compete with Forrester and Liam and Steffy. To take them down.

While Ridge and Caroline start having sex flashes from the past start to show of when they connected with each other. Such as painting Caroline. Ridge gets on top of Caroline and starts kissing her passionately.

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