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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/14/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline asks if they are really doing this and if it is happening today. Ridge wants to do it. He doesn’t want to wait and asks if she wants to wait. They can wait and do all the things that you are expected to do. Caroline only wants Ridge. She cannot believe they are getting married. They kiss.

In the lobby Thomas is walking towards Ridge’s office with a sketch pad. At Pam’s desk she is blind folding Charlie and asking if he can see anything. Thomas stops to watch. Pam tells Charlie that she is going to get started. Pam turns around and sees Thomas. She asks if he would like to join them. They are playing guess the missing ingredient. Whoever wins gets a brand new mixer. Thomas would love to but he is really busy working. He would love to next time. Pam explains that Thomas might want to knock. Caroline is in the office and with those two together you never know what you are going to get into.

Thomas walks into the office to find Ridge and Caroline kissing. Thomas didn’t mean to interrupt. He just so happened to finish the revisions. Ridge told him to take his time. Thomas already is finished though. Ridge explains that he should really just take his time as he isn’t going to have much time to really look at them. Thomas asks if there is any reason. Ridge is getting married. Thomas already knew that. Ridge means right now.

Ivy cannot believe that she is being fired. Steffy wants her out within the hour. If Steffy has a problem with an employee then she has every reason to get rid of her. Ivy reminds Steffy that this is her families company. Steffy knows and Ivy is no longer a part of it. Ivy looks completely shocked. Liam asks if Steffy wants to take a minute to discuss this with Ridge. Steffy doesn’t. He will respect her choice. Wyatt knows that she is upset. They get that. He doesn’t think it is fair to treat Ivy like this though. Steffy feels that business is business and she cannot work with someone she can’t trust. Ivy deleted the video. Steffy points out that it was only after she held it over her head. She said that she felt guilty for not seeing the signs. That doesn’t excuse her though for blackmailing her and threatening her. She is being nice and not sending her to jail. She is just sending her home. Just go and go anywhere she wants. So long as it is far away from her.

Pam is now the one blind folded at her desk. Pam thinks that this is way too easy because she can tell that there is no vanilla. Nicole walks up to them and looks a little disturbed. Charlie explains that this was just a test. This one will be tougher. Nicole asks if either of them have seen Thomas. Pam tells her that he is in Ridge’s office. She wonders if that is Nicole talking. Nicole laughs and says yes. Pam asks if Nicole can be the intern in charge of smoothies today. When it comes to food she can’t trust the others anymore. Nicole says no problem. Pam gets a phone call and she picks up the stapler. Charlie puts the phone in her hand. She needs to transfer somebody but Charlie doesn’t know how to. Nicole does it for her. Charlie thinks that someone needs to talk to Ridge about giving Nicole a raise for being so impressive.

Thomas is shocked that the wedding is today. Caroline knows it is crazy. Ridge doesn’t want Thomas to worry but he is relieving Thomas of his best man duties as they are having a private ceremony. Thomas asks if there is anything he can do to help. Ridge just wants him to put a little bit more thought into the designs and they will talk when they get back. Ridge and Caroline run. Thomas just wants to say congratulations. He thinks that they are going to have an amazing time. Caroline and Ridge both thank him. Thomas looks annoyed.

Ivy understands that Steffy is president of the company and can fire anyone she wants but she needs a reason. Steffy doesn’t trust her. Ivy knows that Uncle Eric will not stand for this. Steffy believes that Eric would be disgusted if he knew that Ivy was using Aly’s death to further her career. Ivy doesn’t think that is what she is doing. Liam doesn’t think that it matters at all because Ridge is in charge. Ivy is a Forrester and belongs here. Steffy picks up the phone and asks Pam to get security up here.

Nicole tells Thomas that if there is anything he needs done to just let her know. All the interns are in today so they can get it done pretty quickly. Nicole also mentions that Pam wants her to go on a smoothie run. If he wants one she just needs to know what flavor. Thomas is out of it again. Nicole asks him again if he wants a smoothie. Thomas says he is fine. He does think that she put a lot of effort into this though. It is color coded. Nicole explains that was Zende’s idea. She asks if he is ok. Thomas is and wonders why. Nicole just thinks that he is acting like he is in his own world. Nicole asks if it has something to do with Caroline. Thomas is a little pre-occupied. Ridge and Caroline are getting married. Nicole doesn’t really think that is news though. Thomas means right now. That is why they left so early. They are exchanging vows today.

At a house in Malibu, Ridge walks up a staircase with a bunch of yellow flowers. Caroline walks out in a wedding dress. He hands her flowers and they walk down the stairs hand in hand. They kiss near the pool. Ridge asks if she is sure about this. Caroline thinks that this is amazing. Ridge can always call Carter to come and officiate. Caroline asks if they need witnesses and a signed paper. Ridge thinks they can do that all later at city hall. Caroline asks how they start. Ridge has a place in mind.

Ivy cannot believe how ridicules Steffy is being for calling security. Steffy will call them off if she leaves. Charlie walks in with Pam and another security guard. He asks if they have a problem in here and tells the other guard to check the perimeter. Pam said she needed security. Steffy tells him that Ivy has been fired and needs to be escorted out of the building.

Nicole is shocked that they are getting married today. Thomas confirms that it is true. Nicole thinks that sucks. Thomas doesn’t think so. He is happy for them. Nicole asks if he is really happy that Ridge is marrying a girl that he used to be into. Thomas notes that he used to. Nicole notes that when you are with someone you share a connection. Nicole guesses that he is looking completely miserable for some other reason. Thomas can’t believe that she is calling him miserable. Nicole notes that he is trying to hide it but he isn’t hiding it that well. Thomas doesn’t think that this is misery. This is his resting bitch face. He gets it when he is hungry. He does want a smoothie. Anything with berries would be great.

Ridge walks out close to the edge of the property. Caroline walks close to him holding the flowers in her hand and smiling. Ridge holds her hands. Caroline cannot believe this is happening. Ridge thinks the two of them are becoming one. He wonders if he should ask if anyone objects. He looks around. He takes her hands as a symbol of what brought together two artists. He thinks that they will guide each other and hold on to teach other. From this day forward. Neither of them is ever going to let go.

Liam thinks that there is a better way to do this. Ivy thanks him and agrees. Liam wants her to just leave peacefully now. Ivy cannot believe that he is agreeing with her. Liam is of course going to agree with Steffy. She is the president of the company. Wyatt thinks that Steffy’s trust of Ivy has nothing to do with her work. She has done nothing wrong. Liam points out that Steffy has the authority. They both do actually. Wyatt thinks that they are going to regret this. Charlie is sorry. He takes her hands along with the other guard. Ivy tells them to get their arms off of her. Ivy cannot believe this is happening. Ivy asks Liam to please stop this. He is sorry. Liam looks conflicted.

Nicole suggests that she let Thomas get back to work. If there is anything else he needs even if he just wants to talk. Thomas is good. Nicole knows that getting married is huge. Thomas agrees but it doesn’t really affect him though. Nicole thinks it does. He is clearly trying to lose himself in his work. Thomas wonders if there is something else distracting him. He kisses Nicole. She looks shocked.

Ridge notes that today is not going to change who they are as people. Caroline will still be magnificent and beautiful. He will still be himself. They are a couple and they have gone through a lot and done a lot. It is coming with a sense of what it means to be home. He understands now why someone like her would want to spend the rest of her life with him. He cannot wait to call her wife and to do all of this together. He hopes that they are lucky enough to have a kid. Caroline hopes so. Ridge can see her pregnant and having a baby. Ridge doesn’t care what they throw at them. They are going to get through this together. Ridge takes her to be her loving wife. He takes Caroline through the good and the bad. He promises to honor, love, and protect her as long as they shall both live. Caroline guesses she should say her vows. Caroline just knows they have been doing this for so long. Individually they were stuck and unstoppable. She didn’t understand it until her accident. He took her by the hand and together they learned to draw and walk again. It makes her not afraid because as a long as they are together they can concur anything. She takes him to have and to hold in sickness and in health in good and bad for as long as they both shall live. Ridge puts a ring on her hand. He says this ring symbolizes his commitment to her. Caroline gives him this ring a symbol of their love. To know that everything that she is and embodies is his going forward and forever. Ridge pronounces them husband and wife and he gets to kiss the bride. They kiss passionately.

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