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Written By Anthony
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Brooke knows that Ridge is aware she is right. Caroline asks what she is right about and wants to know what Brooke is talking about here. Brooke implies that Ridge is not telling Caroline everything. Ridge feels that Caroline knows everything that she needs to know. Caroline wants to know what they are talking about already and wants them to stop pretending like she isn’t there. Brooke explains that his fiancé has certain expectations. Caroline admits that Brooke is right about that. Every bride to be has certain expectations. She thinks she has figured out what is going on. Brooke clearly wants Ridge to say something.

Thomas thinks about his conversation with Caroline before she completely lost it. He told her how they could be something more. Nicole and Zende walk in and Nicole is discussing how they have a rare fabric from Japan. Zende would like to know how she knows so much about rare fabrics. Nicole is sponging up every bit of information that she can get while working here. Zende assumes that Cathy from the sewing room told her. Nicole confirms it and is shocked that she has been here for thirty years. Zende asks if she really wants to make a career in fashion. Nicole wonders if he does. His family is in fashion. Nicole notices that Thomas is really into his work right now. Thomas comes back to reality. Thomas explains that he got behind on his work. Nicole can tell that something big is going on. Thomas tells them that Ridge and Caroline are getting married. Zende wonders who didn’t see Ridge and Caroline getting married. Nicole can tell that Thomas didn’t apparently. She sees that Thomas never expected Ridge to propose to Caroline. Thomas just feels that relationships are complicated. However if getting married is what they want to do… Nicole assumes that it is unless they are missing something. Thomas explains that Ridge decided to have another child with Caroline.

Caroline assumes that it is RJ. Ridge must have told him and now he is upset. Ridge doesn’t think that it matters how RJ reacts to any of this because he will learn to love Caroline in the same way that he loves her. Ridge is going to do whatever he can but there are no guarantees. Caroline realizes that but there is fun in trying. Caroline guesses that they can talk about this more at home. Caroline promises to Brooke that she would never try to replace her in RJ’s life. She isn’t the wicked step-mom type. Ridge takes Caroline out of the room and slams the door. Ridge asks why Brooke would do that. This is his life and she needs to stay out of it.

Zende cannot believe that Ridge is getting married and having another kid. Ridge doesn’t go half way apparently. Thomas explains that Caroline isn’t pregnant yet. Nicole assumes that she wants to be though. Thomas confirms this. Ridge wasn’t ok with this at first but Caroline talked him into it. Ridge thought he was done with this part of his life but now he is going to go back into it. Nicole thinks it is because he wants to be with the woman he loves. Nicole thinks that is romantic. Nicole happens to like happily ever-afters. This is their happy ever after. Thomas assumes that there is a lot they could keep talking about but this is a place of business. Nicole guesses they should continue counting the swatches. Zende assumes those are for the freedom line. Thomas says yes. He knows that Ridge and Caroline are out goofing around. Nicole knows that Thomas is more focused. Thomas explains that the three of them are the next generation of Forrester and people are expecting a lot from them. Thomas would love for them to help out in any way they can. Nicole suggests that she go and run these fabrics down the sewing room. Thomas tells them to get on it. Zende goes by himself. Nicole hopes that Thomas really is happy for Ridge and Caroline. She knows that they were together a long time ago. Thomas explains that they are over.

Ridge wouldn’t have told Brooke about his vasectomy if he thought for a minute she was going to hold it over his head. Brooke isn’t doing that. She just wants him to be straight with Caroline. Ridge assumes that if he isn’t she will be. He wants to know where she gets off doing so. Brooke knows what Caroline is going through. Ridge promised to give her a family and he might not be able to give that to her. Ridge doesn’t know that for certain. He wants to know what they are even talking about. Brooke knows where this is coming from. He never wants to disappoint the woman that he is with. She knows. She has been there. He has done this many times. This time it is different. Vasectomies can’t always be reversed. She hopes that his can but to start a marriage with such a big secret… Caroline deserves to know.

Caroline is working in Rick’s office on a design. She gets up and Thomas walks in. She was about to go to the restroom. Thomas asks if she is coming back. Caroline is in the middle of designing something so yes. Thomas was going to design in here as well. Caroline has no problem. Thomas walks in as Caroline walks out. He sees her design. He walks over to the desk. He picks up a copy of Eye on Fashion and Caroline is on the cover.

On the sky lounge Zende and Nicole work out. Nicole asks if she is lifting right because she doesn’t feel anything. Zende promises her that she will. Nicole wonders if she should try a heavier weight. Zende tells her to trust him that she doesn’t want to strain anything. Zende doesn’t want her to hurt herself and isn’t willing to chance anything. Zende looks out for his peeps. Nicole doesn’t want to be call that but doesn’t know what she prefers to be called. She thinks that guys can be clueless sometimes. Zende offers her that men just want people to think that sometimes. Nicole reminds him that they better get back to work. Zende wonders if Thomas was being serious about them working closely together and the whole next generation of Forrester thing. Nicole thinks that he must mean it but then again when it comes to Caroline and Ridge he clearly doesn’t mean it. She can’t shake the feeling that something else is going on where Thomas and Caroline are concerned.

Ridge asks if Brooke is through psychoanalyzing him. Brooke just wants what is best for them. Ridge asks if Brooke Logan really knows what that is. Brooke certainly knows that she wouldn’t want to be left in the dark. Ridge isn’t looking at it that way. Brooke knows he isn’t because he isn’t looking at it from Caroline or any woman’s perspective. Ridge has put her through enough. This isn’t necessary. Vasectomy’s can be reversed. Brooke points out that sometimes they can’t and asks if he has done research. Ridge has. He has other things to do though. He has other responsibilities. Brooke feels that he still has time to tell her about this. Ridge reminds her that she was standing right there when he told her that there was no guarantee. Brooke knows that but he never told her why. It might not be possible. She might want to know.

Caroline walks back into the office and explains that she just walked into Pam. She asks if Thomas knows that there are lemon bars on her desk with Thomas’s name on them. Thomas doubts that they are for him. Caroline promises him that they all literally say “Thomas Forrester” on them. Thomas doubts that she could be doing that right now. Caroline couldn’t help it. It just was pretty funny. Thomas thinks that it is great seeing her that way. It has been a while. Caroline points out that they both know why that it is. Thomas is really sorry. Caroline knows but she was kind of worried. She was worried that she might be pregnant but there is no question about that now. She just wanted him to know. Thomas didn’t. He asks if she did.

Zende doesn’t want Nicole to take it the wrong way but she should be careful talking about Caroline and Thomas. Ridge is CEO and something got out. Nicole knows that she has to be more serious. Nicole isn’t going to blow this chance. Zende is glad because he likes having her around. Zende gets a text and they need them both in the sewing room. They should probably get changed.

Brooke guesses that she should have handled this different. Ridge asks if she really thinks so. Ridge knows that Brooke wouldn’t just do this. That isn’t like Brooke at all… Brooke asks if he has spoken to his doctor about this. Ridge hasn’t yet. Brooke asks if he has done anything because the longer he waits the longer it will be. Ridge already understands. He has other things to plan right now though. He said they would have a kid in the next year. Brooke hopes that it works out for them. Ridge wants it to be kept between them.

Thomas asks why Caroline hasn’t said anything. Caroline doesn’t want to think about the worse scenario. That night was a terrible thing and she doesn’t know what she would have done. Thomas still cannot believe that night. He had no idea that she was high. He never would have done that. He isn’t that guy. Caroline knows that and she means it. Thomas is so sorry that she has to go through all of this. Part of him can’t help but wonder but he is happy for Caroline. Caroline will never talk about that night again. No one will ever find about that.

Ridge tells Brooke that this is his secret and no one else will know.

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