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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/8/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline and Ridge are in bed together looking at her ring. Ridge thinks that it suits her. Caroline feels that it is spectacular. Caroline says that it is probably the most flawless diamond ever. Ridge explains that if she doesn’t like it that they can exchange it. Caroline is never taking the ring off ever. Ridge feels that she could still change her mind. He isn’t the greatest catch. Caroline believes that he is the most wonderful man she has ever known. She cannot wait to be his wife. They kiss.

Thomas sits sketching. He starts to think about his situation with Caroline. Brooke walks back in and is glad he is still here. She has been trying to make sense of what he told her. She wants some help understanding. Brooke would like to know why Ridge would say he is not having children with Caroline and yet he goes out and buys a bassinet. Thomas guesses that he changed his mind. Brooke does not think that it is that simple. Thomas believes it is pretty easy to understand. Ridge loves Caroline and wants to make her happy. Brooke says that he should buy her a piece of jewelry or go on vacation or something. You don’t just go and have another child. She wants to know what he was thinking. Thomas suggests that she go and talk to him about it. Brooke thinks that maybe she will.

Ivy walks over to a mirror in Wyatt’s house. Wyatt walks out into the living room. He thinks that she is awfully quiet. Her eyes kind of give it away. Ivy feels that she has changed so dramatically. Wyatt believes that she got a little lost. Aly died and Liam treated her horribly. She had a little power and it helped her cope. He gets it. Ivy explains that she just deleted all that power. What really bugs her though is that even though Steffy is not a murderer she still got away with killing Aly. That video was the last thing she had to prove that. Wyatt reminds her that she did the right thing and he is proud of her. Ivy whispers thank you.

At Liam’s house he asks Steffy if this is for real. Steffy explains that Ivy deleted the master copy from all her devices. He wants to make sure that she saw this with her own eyes. Steffy confirms this and adds that Wyatt saw it too. Liam guesses that the threat is over then and she cannot blackmail her anymore. They hug and say that the threat is finally over. Liam thinks it is unreal. They tried everything and there was no way she was going to delete it. He wants to know what happened. Steffy tells him it was Wyatt. He was relentless. He told her that using the video was wrong and that it wasn’t murder. Wyatt guesses that he got through. Steffy explains that Ivy was dealing with a lot of guilt. She didn’t know that Ivy was in trouble. They were best friends and Aly went crazy and Ivy missed it. It wasn’t revenge Ivy was looking for. She was coping and Wyatt got the video deleted.

Wyatt needs to hear Ivy say it. Ivy asks what. He needs her to say that deleting the video was the right thing. Ivy just feels that Wyatt felt so sure. Wyatt just wants to make sure that Ivy is letting it go for her sake and everyone else’s. Ivy admits that blackmailing Steffy does not benefit Aly in anyway. Ivy knows that deleting the video was the right thing to do. They hug.

Ridge asks if Caroline has seen his phone. Caroline hands it to him. Ridge needs to call Thomas. Caroline asks why. He was just here. Ridge asks Thomas to come by the loft. Thomas tells him that he was just there. Ridge knows but wants him to just come by. Thomas says ok. Ridge thanks him and hangs up. Caroline wants to know why he needed to come back. Ridge says that she will see.

Brooke would like to know why Ridge is calling Thomas back to the loft so quickly. Thomas does not know but points out that is a lot of questions about Ridge. Brooke asks how he sounded. Thomas says that he was up and energetic. Brooke wonders what is going on. Thomas does not know but if she is done with the interrogation he can go and gather some Intel. Brooke tells him to go. He leaves.

Ivy has to admit it is a relief. It was almost too much power. Wyatt notes that Steffy didn’t kill Aly. Ivy knows it wasn’t intentional. Ivy explains that Aly is gone and Steffy gets to live large. That is what was driving her crazy. She took no responsibility for it. Ivy knows that she did things that she wasn’t proud of. Wyatt assures her that fierce Ivy was actually kind of sexy. Ivy just knows that blackmailing her cousin was probably taking it a step to far. Wyatt points out that she stopped. Ivy knows but he was the one who stopped her. Ivy asks if Wyatt saves women from themselves often. Wyatt only does it when they really need it. Ivy thanks him. They kiss passionately.

Steffy explains that it has been awful living under Ivy’s threat. Constantly worrying that she would give it to the police. Steffy asks what would happen if they didn’t believe her and she went to prison. She would have lost Liam. Liam doubts it would have ever gotten that far. He thinks that they would have come up with a different way to end this had that not happened. Steffy is just glad that everyone is on her side now. Liam asks how Wyatt was convinced. Steffy admits that she begged and pleaded and did everything she could. Liam assumes he made it difficult. Steffy says he was torn. He wanted Ivy to delete the video. He was loyal to Ivy. Liam thinks that Wyatt moves fast. Steffy says it worked. Ivy wouldn’t have deleted the video if it were not for Wyatt.

Thomas asks Ridge why he is here again. He asks if he is already being kicked off the design team. Ridge assures him that this is not about business. This is about as personal as it can get. He knows that he wasn’t happy about himself getting with Caroline. Thomas assures him it is nothing personal he just didn’t want to see Caroline get hurt. Ridge knows that they had a connection. Thomas admits that he had his doubts but Ridge has stepped up. He hopes nothing changes. Caroline rudely says that they don’t intend to. Ridge is glad that they have all changed the corner because he needs him to stand with them. Ridge explains that they are getting married and he wants Thomas to be his best man. Caroline looks mortified. Thomas is shocked they are getting married. Ridge knows it is fast but they have to go with the momentum. They are going to have a baby so getting married makes sense. Thomas says that he would be honored. Ridge hugs him and thanks him. Ridge thinks that he just made an excellent day a perfect one. Ridge runs out. Caroline cannot believe that Thomas said yes to being the best man. She wants to know why he couldn’t say no. Thomas congratulates her he guesses. Caroline will take his congratulations if he means it. Caroline is happy so long as Ridge never finds out. It will ruin everything for both of them if Ridge ever finds out.

Steffy has been so focused on Ivy and the video. She hasn’t had time to really mourn Aly. Liam doesn’t think it feels real. Aly spent so much time in Paris that it doesn’t feel real. It is like she could walk through the door any minute. Steffy thinks so too. Liam doesn’t think it is her fault. Steffy wishes that Liam would have drove her that night. Liam thinks that this is a good way to move on. He feels it is time they let her go. Liam is sorry. He has to make sure. He calls Wyatt. Liam wants to be on speaker. Ivy says hello. Liam explains that Steffy told him about her deleting all the copies. He thanks her for that. Wyatt points out it was the right thing to do. Liam wants to make sure the video is gone. Ivy says that it is gone. No other copies exist. Liam thanks them. He needs a promise from both of them that they will never speak of this again. It needs to stay buried forever. They all agree.

Ivy thinks that Wyatt has been incredible. He has been giving her what she needs when she needs it. He made her realize that she shouldn’t be hanging on to the past or resenting it. Wyatt knows that Aly wouldn’t want that for her. Ivy will only be focusing on the future from now on so long as Wyatt sticks around. The two of them kiss.

Steffy also hasn’t paid much attention to Liam. She asks if he feels neglected. Liam feels incredibly lucky to be with her. He thinks that it is Steffy and Liam’s incredible adventure part two or three. He isn’t sure. She is where he belongs. Steffy is so grateful for him. She knew he would be here. Liam thinks it is a new beginning for them. Liam wants to more baggage from either of them. The two kiss each other.

Brooke is on her laptop researching vasectomies. She thinks about her conversation with Ridge earlier.

Caroline still cannot believe what happened the other night. Thomas is sorry but he didn’t take advantage of her. He would never do something like that. Caroline is just confused because she would never do something like that. She could never betray Ridge. Thomas reminds her that they broke up and he thought that she wanted him. Caroline feels that is the last thing she wanted. Thomas does not think that was clear at all. She was looking at him in a very different way. Caroline said she took pills. Thomas didn’t know that. He has no idea how he could have. He would never have done it otherwise. Thomas thought that Caroline and Ridge were over and they made love. He held her in his arms until they both fell asleep. She was content and at peace. He thought that she was his. Obviously he was wrong. He wonders if she would ever think he would do something so horrible. Caroline admits that she doesn’t. Caroline thinks that they need to move forward. Ridge can never know. It didn’t happen. They are going to be happy and start a family. Thomas never wanted to hurt her. Ridge walks back in with champagne. Ridge wants to know why she is crying. Caroline is just emotional. Everything is good. Ridge doesn’t want to waste any time and wants to party. He goes to get glasses.

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