B&B Monday Update 9/7/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Ivy hover of Wyatt and tell him what he should do with the video. He looks nervous. Ivy does as well.

Ridge thinks that it is a big day for all of them. He welcomes Thomas to the team as he is walking out the door. Thomas thanks him and doesn’t want to let him down. Ridge thinks that the three of them will create beautiful things. He also mentions to Caroline that she will also be a beautiful mother. Thomas also mentions that he is very happy for the two of them. Ridge hugs Caroline and Thomas leaves. Caroline looks angry and scared.

Thomas storms into Ridge’s office walking right past Brooke not noticing her. Brooke mentions that she could work across the hall if he would like. Thomas says that it is fine. Brooke didn’t mean to surprise him. Thomas guesses that it is just a running theme today. Brooke asks if everything is ok. Thomas explains that he is the newest member of the design team. Brooke says that is great and congratulates him. They hug. She knew that Ridge would come through. Thomas thinks it is funny she should mention it.

Caroline is looking at a stuffed animal. Ridge asks if she has a short list. Caroline doesn’t know what he means. Ridge means names. He knows that there are so many things to think about but a name is something important. Ridge asks if she is ok. He thinks that she looks pre-occupied.

Wyatt informs Ivy that this video is dangerous. Aly attacked Steffy and that is what happened. Ivy asks what Steffy did. She assumes that Steffy played into his old feelings for her. Wyatt doesn’t think that she is a murderer. Ivy doesn’t care what he says. Even without the video she is an eye witness to the entire thing. Wyatt doesn’t care if she has the video or not. She cannot go around with those kind of accusations. They are wrong. She has to put an end to it today.

Brooke cannot believe that they are back together. Ridge ended things with Caroline out of respect so that Caroline could be a mother. Thomas says that Ridge changed his mind. Brooke doesn’t think that he can. Thomas tells her that he can. He is Ridge Forrester and he kind of does what he wants. Brooke doesn’t think that is ok. Thomas feels that the bottom line is that he is committed to having a baby.

Caroline says that it is nothing. She is sorry. It is just a lot to process. Ridge doesn’t want her to apologize. Caroline cannot believe that they are starting a family together. Ridge just wished that he hadn’t let go. Caroline does too. Ridge doesn’t even know how those words came out of his mouth. He never wants to hurt her. Caroline knows that he thought it was what was best for her. Caroline is glad he came to his senses though. Ridge never wants to be without her again. They kiss passionately.

Wyatt wants her to listen to him. He knows that she thinks she is defending Aly. What she is doing is not right. He never should have encouraged this in the first place. They saw an opportunity and they took it. It is wrong. Ivy thinks that what is wrong is that Steffy murdered Aly. That is what is wrong. Steffy didn’t murder Aly. She is blackmailing her with this video and attacking her. Ivy feels that life has consequences. She should have thought about that before she picked up a tire iron. Wyatt screams at both of them to stop it. They are both Forrester’s and are both family. They need work this out as a family. He knows that he has made mistakes but he has admitted to them. He was upset that Liam took the VP position at Forrester. This video doesn’t make Steffy a killer though. He did enjoy watching Steffy and Liam swarm though. He admits that he was wrong as well. Wyatt knows that Ivy is upset and rightfully so. She has to see how wrong it is to blame Liam and Steffy. Ivy points out that Aly was alive one minute and the next she was dead. Wyatt tells her that it was an accident. She cannot hold this over Steffy. They made a mistake and they need to fix it. He turns to Steffy and explains to her that she needs to give Ivy a second chance. She needs to grasp that this was a traumatizing experience for her. They have to delete this video. They do not need another tragedy. Ivy does not believe that Steffy being accountable for murder is a tragedy. Wyatt does not think she is a murderer. Steffy was defending herself. Ivy will not accept this. She gets away with everything. Steffy does not think that is true. Ivy is her cousin and Aly was her cousin too. She has to live with this the rest of her life. She has to live with the knowledge. She has to carry this forever. Steffy understands that Ivy is upset with her for taking Aly away but it was not intentional. She is not a bad person. This extortion and blackmail is not who she is. Wyatt knows that she has been saying that she has been doing this for Aly but has she even been thinking about Aly. Aly stood for family and love and honesty and truth. That is what she stood for. Steffy didn’t murder Aly. She just needs to listen to Steffy. Steffy explains that Aly tried to kill her. She put a nail in her tire and tried to run her over. She drove directly at her. She tried to get through to her and then Aly picked up a tire iron and swung it. Ivy didn’t see it. Steffy promises her that she had a rock. Ivy didn’t see it. Ivy means that she didn’t see Aly. She was her best friend and didn’t see what was going on and that she needed help.

Brooke points out that Ridge already has Thomas and Steffy plus RJ and now wants another baby. He can’t just start a new family now. Thomas explains that Ridge wasn’t sure that he wanted to start a new family but then he changed his mind. Brooke doesn’t think that everything is for certain. Brooke remembers that Ridge had a vasectomy. Thomas explains that he is just as shocked as Brooke is. Brooke doesn’t even think that this is what Ridge wants. He just told her how much he loves living in the moment. Thomas knows that this is just like him. He acts first then thinks later. Brooke feels that he was so right to be worried about Caroline. She is a poor girl with everything she has been through in the last twenty four hours. Thomas wishes that he could turn back the clock.

Ridge sits down and starts looking at a sketch. Caroline still cannot believe they did that. They are starting a family together. She is going to be a mom. It is everything that she has wanted since she was really little. She looks forward to all aspects. Caroline just thinks that raising another person and seeing them turn into their own person. Ridge thinks that some people would find that daunting. Caroline knows that she has Ridge. They are such a good team. Caroline wants to have a baby right now. Ridge explains that they just have to take of a few things before all of that. Caroline knows that they have a lot going on right now. Caroline hopes that it is within a year. Caroline asks if this sketch is something he has been working on. Ridge needs her approval on it. Ridge needs them to work on the line. Lines brought them together. That is what brought them together. He has one more line he would like to run by her. He changed the page in the sketch pad and it says “Will you marry me”. He explains that she is her muse and loves her. He doesn’t want her to ever question his commitment. Caroline looks at the ring and the diamond is huge. Ridge wants her to just listen and marry him. Caroline says yes. The two kiss. Caroline still cannot believe it. Ridge says that she is beautiful. Caroline thinks that he is beautiful. He knows that is he is. Caroline kind of gave up on the idea of having kids and she was ok with that. Then he saw her and he knows her better than she knows herself. He taught her so much. Now he is going to be her husband and child. Ridge says that she is all he needs. She just wants the most important thing which is Caroline’s happiness. Ridge cannot wait to start a life with her. Ridge goes to get champagne. They have no champagne. They do have beer. Caroline doesn’t want that. She wants to snuggle.

Ivy explains that she was her best friend. Maybe if she had seen her sooner she would still be alive. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is Ivy’s fault. Ivy was so caught up with Rick and the deportation stuff. Wyatt knows but she can have some slack. Ivy knows that Aly had a history. They all knew that. They all just called her crazy when she was sick and they missed it. She missed it. Wyatt knows that they all missed it. They cannot bring Aly back. They can bring an end to hurt. This video will do more harm than good. Ivy knows that Steffy didn’t intentionally kill Aly. She is not a murderer and she is so sorry. She starts crying. Wyatt goes to delete the video. Ivy stops him. She walks over to the video herself. She presses delete. Steffy takes a sigh of relief. Wyatt hugs Ivy.

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