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Liam and Ivy storm into Rick’s office. Ivy explains that he can deny it all he wants but she is not stupid. She knows exactly why he wanted to ship her off to Monte Carlo. Liam reminds her that she is the face of the company. He wants her to just ask Maya. Photoshoots are a part of the job. He asks if she didn’t know that when she blackmailed her way into the position. Ivy wonders if Liam thinks that shipping her off is going to make her forget that she has the video. Liam sarcastically says that he is so glad she is just going to keep this video over Steffy’s head. Liam wants to know what has happened to Ivy. She has the face of Forrester. He wants to know when it will end. Ivy will stop when Steffy admits to murdering Aly. That is when but they both know that is never going to happen. So she will just have to learn to live with it.

Caroline cannot believe that Ridge bought a crib. Ridge explains that it was the only one they had. If it turns out to be a girl then they can get something else. He starts rambling. He just wants it to be healthy. Caroline needs to be sure he wants this. Ridge doesn’t want this. He has kids. He saw her walk out that door and a big part of him walked out with her. All he could think of was that a big part of who he is now is her. He saw her running around naked while he painted her. He thought on his bed and thought about what he needs and that is her. Caroline is still crying. Ridge doesn’t want a family but he needs to be with Caroline and share it with her. Caroline wants that more than anything. They hug as Caroline cries like a baby.

Thomas is in Ridge’s office and he thinks about right before he had sex with Caroline. Then he thinks about her waking up in a state of shock and explaining that she took pills. He gets a text message.

Wyatt and Steffy walk into his house. Steffy will not deal with this for the rest of her life. Wyatt is holding his laptop. Steffy tells him not to look at her like that. She is serious. Wyatt admits that Ivy isn’t making this easy for anyone. Steffy assumes that they are going to delete it then. She wonders if it is on several devices. Wyatt says yes. Steffy thinks that they should hack into the virtual storage and delete it. She wants it gone for good.

Liam wants Ivy to trust him that he doesn’t want this on her head. He knows that she is hurting right now. Using this video as leverage will not get Aly back. Ivy is going to do whatever she can for her. Liam doesn’t think that this is what Aly would have done at all. She was someone who always followed the rules. As misguided as she was that was her passion. Ivy knows that Aly hated Steffy. The way Steffy through herself at him and treated her. Liam knows that Aly’s death was tragic for all of them. He wants her to just let it go so they can pick up the pieces and all move on.

Thomas walks into Ridge’s apartment. Ridge hopes that he wasn’t up to something. Thomas was just working on some sketches when he got his text. Caroline looks disgusted and confused with Thomas. Thomas is clearly unsure of what is going to happen. Thomas asks if everything is ok. Ridge explains that he went through a bit of a rough patch with Caroline last night. Thomas heard. Brooke told him. Ridge knows that he said some things he shouldn’t have said or meant. So now they are back together. Thomas notices the crib. Thomas looks angry now and Caroline looks scared.

Liam knows that Ivy is in pain and is upset over losing Aly. They all are. Ivy does not think that Steffy misses Aly. She is just worried about getting in trouble. Liam knows that she is. He imagines that she would be as well. Ivy would be if she were guilty. Liam does not think that she is guilty of what Ivy is accusing her of doing. Ivy wants to know why she cares about the video then. If she really is innocent then she wouldn’t care if she had the video or not. Liam reminds her that it looks bad. Ivy knows that it looks bad. It does because she murdered Aly. She will never believe otherwise. Steffy sure has him fooled though. Liam knows how hard this is for Ivy. This isn’t about making Steffy pay. It is about getting back at Liam.

Steffy wants to know what they are waiting for. Wyatt wants her to slow down. He never agreed to anything. Steffy asks why she is here then. Wyatt told her that he was considering it. Steffy thinks that he is wasting her time. This has gone on long enough. Steffy is serious. She knows that they haven’t known each other for that long but she feels some sort of connection and she thought that he did too. Wyatt thought that they did have a connection. Steffy got with Liam though. Steffy mentions that he is a pawn in Ivy’s game. Wyatt denies being a pawn in Ivy’s game. Steffy feels that if he doesn’t do this then he is just as much to blame. Steffy thinks that he has the power and the video can be gone.

Thomas asks what that is. Ridge knows it was a bit premature. They are going to have a family together. Not right away. They are thinking of next year. Caroline says yes. Thomas thinks that is great news. Ridge agrees and asks if he is ready to be a big brother again. Thomas says sure. Thomas asks if that is why he called him over. Ridge wanted him to be the first to know because he knows that he had a problem with their relationship. Ridge admits that Thomas was right about a lot of things but he really does want to have a family with the woman that he loves. Thomas is really happy for him. Caroline is sure that Thomas doesn’t want to hear this stuff. He is probably busy with work. Ridge thinks that he does want to hear it and mentions work. Ridge admits that it is not easy for him. Thomas has put in a lot of effort and he is proud of what Thomas has done. Ridge is very happy to have Thomas as part of the design team. Thomas smiles and Caroline looks mortified. He likes what he has seen from Caroline and Thomas and wants them to continue doing that. Caroline looks away when Thomas looks at her. Ridge says that he is part of the team so he must be over joyed right now. Thomas is. He is just surprised. Ridge assumes that Caroline is as well. She has been supporting the guy ever since he came back from Paris. Caroline claims that it is great and well deserved. She thinks Thomas will be great. Thomas thanks them. This is an amazing opportunity. He doesn’t know if he deserves it. Ridge thinks that he does. Ridge thinks that the two of them will do some great work together.

Ivy has lost so much. It is all in the smallest amount of time. There has been too much change and sadness. The minute that she was with Liam they were happy and now they are not. Aly was here and happy and now she is gone. Ivy is really upset with her. She is. She is misled. She feels unappreciated. Ivy doesn’t think that is the issue though. The issue is what Steffy did to Aly. This is what all of this is about. Liam thinks it was a tragic accident. Ivy is so tired of hearing that. Liam thinks it is true. Ivy doesn’t think so. What is true is Steffy hit Aly with a tire iron. Liam knows it was true because she was trying to knock the big ass rock out of Aly’s hand. Ivy does not see a rock. Steffy is lying to him. Liam doesn’t care. Steffy is not a liar or a murderer. Ivy knows that Steffy gets away with everything. She attacked their relationship. She has taken Aly’s life. She gets away with everything. She is the dangerous one. She wishes that Liam would see that from her perspective. Liam wishes that Ivy wouldn’t punish Steffy for something he did to her. Ivy doesn’t think that everything is about Liam. Steffy is guilty. She killed Aly. They should both be thanking her that Steffy isn’t in prison. The evidence she has they are kidding if they think she will delete it.

Steffy knows that Wyatt is a good guy. She knows that he wants to do the right thing. Wyatt knows that if he deletes the video then all hell will break lose and Steffy knows it. Steffy imagines that Ivy might be mad at him. Wyatt hates the thought of hurting her or betraying her. Steffy thinks this is the best for Ivy. She is filled with hate and resentment and so is Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t believe that he is at all. Steffy can see how much Wyatt hates that she is back with Liam. It bothers him. Wyatt admits it does. Steffy knows he wants to advance in the company. She will sing his praises to Ridge. All he has to do is delete the video. Steffy opens the laptop. She will hold nothing against him. Steffy wants him to log in and delete it. She wants it deleted everywhere. Steffy wants him to make it disappear.

Ridge realizes that it was hard on Thomas. Thomas points out that he made him work harder than everyone else. Ridge pushed him and he needed it. He saw the white dress that they put together and he loved that. Then the red number that they did. He hates to admit it but Thomas might be more talented than he was at his age. Thomas thanks him. Ridge tells him to enjoy it because he will never say it again. He doesn’t want hard feelings. Ridge thinks that this is great. He gets to design with his eldest boy. Just like Eric did with him. Thomas will do so much. Ridge hugs and congratulates Thomas. Caroline looks absolutely mortified.

Wyatt explains that what Steffy is asking him to do is betraying Ivy’s trust. He wants Steffy to imagine things if the tables were turned. If he was asking her to betray mister perfect. Steffy thinks that would be different. Wyatt asks how. Steffy doubts Liam would blackmail her with false murder charges. Plus they were married. Wyatt almost forgot about her complicated history. Steffy thinks that this is wrong. She wonders if he gets it. Everything she has cherished and loved is being threatened away from her. If this video gets out she goes to prison for life. For something she didn’t do. Steffy didn’t want Aly to do. She is a mess about this. She doesn’t know how much she can take. She had two choices that night. Death or self-defense. She wishes that Wyatt would believe her. Steffy asks if he really believes she is a cold blooded murder. Wyatt doesn’t. Steffy wants him to delete it then. Wyatt finds the video on the computer. Steffy swears to God that there was a rock. She knows he believes her. He wants her to just delete it. Wyatt gets to the video and has his hand over the mouse to delete it. Ivy walks in. She wants to know what is going on. Steffy wants him to tell her. Wyatt knows that Ivy is upset but what she is doing is wrong. Ivy asks what he is doing on her computer. She will not let him delete the video. Steffy thinks that he is doing the right thing. They both go back and forth telling Wyatt what to do.

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