B&B Thursday Update 9/3/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/3/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Rick’s office Thomas walks back and forth and thinks about the night he spent with Caroline. How she forgot everything and blamed him for violating her. Pam walks in and tells him to get ready for the meeting as it is about to start. Thomas asks if Ridge and Caroline are in there. Pam doesn’t know. She has been at her desk but she can go and check. Thomas is fine. He is passing on the meeting. Pam asks if he is ok. He is. He will handle this.

Ridge thanks Caroline for coming over to his apartment. He wants her to sit down. She does but says nothing. He is sorry. He was wrong. He wants her back. She looks at him.

Wyatt is on the sky lounge and goes to sit down. He starts to think about Steffy demanding he do the right thing and delete Ivy’s video. Ivy walks out and asks if Wyatt has seen the press release. Wyatt has and thinks that she has hit the big time. Ivy wonders who would have guessed that she would hit the big time as the face of Forrester. Wyatt agrees. Ivy knows it is what Aly wanted. Ivy can only imagine how it annoys Steffy. Ivy didn’t convince Steffy to do anything. The video did. Wyatt asks if Ivy has other copies of it. Ivy of course does. She isn’t going to take any chances.

In Ridge’s office Steffy explains to Liam that she didn’t ask Wyatt. She demanded that every copy be deleted. Liam asks what he said. Steffy says that Wyatt knows that he is crossing the line. He still sides with Ivy. Liam imagines that it has to do with the fact that they got back together and it is hurtful to both of them. Steffy even told him that. Liam reminds Steffy that Wyatt didn’t tell her that he would indeed delete the video. Steffy just needs this to end. Ivy thinks that this video is somehow justice for Aly. She is using it and holding it over her head. For all she knows Baker will walk in any minute with a warrant for her arrest. Liam doubts that is how this will go down. Steffy knows that Liam tried to get through to Ivy. She tried to. She also knows that Wyatt is no solution to things but she needs him to get rid of that video. Hopefully he comes to his senses. Ivy and Wyatt walk in and ask if they are interrupting anything. Wyatt asks what is going on. Liam sarcastically says that it isn’t like he doesn’t know. Steffy got a text from Ridge to start the meeting without him and Caroline. Ivy asks about Thomas. Liam can fill him in later if he doesn’t show. Wyatt wants to know what this meeting is about then. Liam explains that they are all aware of what is happening at this company and now so is the public. Ivy is the face of Forrester and they need to plan her first photoshoot. Wyatt asks if he has something in mind. Liam spoke to Bill and he said that they can use the yacht in Monte Carlo. Ivy thinks that is great. She thinks that this is moving really fast. She wants to know if there is another reason he wants to get her out of the country.

Thomas is at a drawing desk. Brooke walks in. She is a pretty decent mind reader. Brooke can tell he is thinking about Caroline. She knows that he is concerned about her. She asks if they have spoken today. Thomas says no. Brooke asks if he has spoken to his father then. Thomas wonders why. Brooke explains that when she originally told him that he was going home to talk to Caroline about having a family with her, he ended up breaking it off with Caroline. They are not together anymore.

Ridge knows that it is hard to hear after what happened last night. Ridge just wants what is best for her. He still loves her and wants to have a life with her. He hopes that she still wants the same thing.

Steffy can only imagine that Ivy would think that. Ivy wants to know if that is what they are doing. Are they using this trip to get her out of the country? Liam is just doing business. Ivy thinks that her gut is telling her something different. Steffy feels that she is just paranoid. Wyatt tells Steffy to come on. Steffy wants him to come on. He knows what Ivy is doing is wrong. Ivy is doing the right thing. She should have taken the video to the police a long time ago. She didn’t. Instead of being grateful though they keep throwing demands around. Steffy asks why Ivy gets off accusing her of something she would never do. Aly was family. She has said this a thousand times. She is sorry but it was self-defense. Ivy asks then why she is so worried about this video getting out then. The reason is because Aly’s life was taken by Steffy.

Brooke explains that despite Caroline deciding that she could live without being a mother Ridge decided he couldn’t let her make that sacrifice. He knew how much children meant to her. Ridge decided to call her to make sure she was ok. She was upset and crying but Caroline will get through this. She can find a man who will give her children. She has friends and family and even Thomas. He has always had this amazing connection with her. She thinks that he can help her get through this.

Caroline doesn’t understand. Ridge was trying to do what was best for her. Then he realized how upset she was and he wanted to hold her. He thinks that everything will be ok because they love each other. They are a team and they can get through this together. It is what they are all about. He wants her back.

Steffy asks how many times she will have to deny this. Ivy wants her to try admitting it. Ivy asks what the saying is. Confession is good for the soul. Steffy never wanted any of this. Ivy didn’t either. She wished to God that Aly was still with them. She really wishes that Steffy didn’t do what she did. She wished that they would realize she was trying to honor Aly’s name. Instead though Steffy and Liam are spending time trying to figure out how to get Ivy out of the country. She storms out. Wyatt is going to go talk to her. Liam will do it. He is the one she is really upset with. Steffy tells Wyatt not to say it. Wyatt cannot go on like this. Steffy wants him to do something. She assumes that nothing she said got through to him. Wyatt explains that they did. In more ways than she thinks.

Thomas wonders about Ridge’s phone call to Caroline last night. Brooke knows that Caroline was a mess. He took full responsibility. Thomas wants to know if Brooke is hiding something. He can tell that there is. Ridge told her something in confidence. Brooke thinks that Caroline is the one who needs a confidant. It should be Thomas. She has always trusted him completely unless something has changed.

Caroline looks at her portrait. Ridge explains that is how he sees her. That is what she will always be to him. Caroline does not think it is the same. Ridge asks if it is what he did. Caroline thought it was her. Ridge doesn’t think that. She was the most loyal person ever. Caroline can never hear that again. Ridge didn’t mean to hurt her. Caroline knows that he cannot give her what she wants so it can’t be brought up. Ridge didn’t know how it would be being a parent. His parents always had so many issues. Then he realized that they were always there for him. He doesn’t even think that people realize how much love they have until a person holds a child for the first time. Caroline starts crying. Ridge cannot have her missing out on that. He picks up a baby basket and she starts crying even more.

Ivy walks out to the sky lounge and sits down. She looks at the video yet again. Liam tells her to delete it. He knows she wants to. Ivy wants Steffy to admit responsibility. Liam thinks that it is the other way around. Ivy reminds him that the video doesn’t show that. Liam thinks the video doesn’t show everything. Liam knows that she wants justice for Aly and that she also thinks that he is blind when it comes to Steffy but he isn’t. He isn’t any more than what is driving her right now. He knows that Ivy is a good person. This video is changing her and consuming her. She needs to stop this. She needs to heal and move on. This can backfire on her. He leaves.

Steffy assumes that he is agreeing to delete the video and all the copies. Wyatt is considering it. Steffy wants to talk then. Steffy wants to make a deal. Whether Ivy is grieving or sees this as an opportunity to advance herself the video needs to be deleted. It needs to be dealt with once and for all.

Thomas hears Caroline screaming at him in his mind. He thinks about their conversation. How she claims to be in love with Ridge.

Ridge knows that Caroline will be an amazing mom and he has to be there to see it. Their baby will be the most amazing baby in the world. He knows that he said he doesn’t want to be a part of it, but he has to be. He can’t lose her. Caroline doesn’t want to lose him either. Ridge thinks that they will have a kid together. Ridge hugs Caroline. She looks confused and scared.

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