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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke cannot believe that the lone reason that Ridge broke it off with Caroline is that he had a vasectomy. Ridge doesn’t want children but Caroline does and he wasn’t going to let her throw that away because of him. Brooke points out that she is under the impression that he doesn’t want children not that he can’t. Ridge thinks that she will eventually learn to understand that. She left hurt and upset. When she wakes up it will all make sense to her.

Caroline wakes up in bed naked. She is confused. She takes a drink of water. Caroline turns around to find that Thomas is in bed with her. She asks if it is Ridge. He turns around and Thomas smiles. She looks shocked.

Steffy comes storming into Wyatt’s house looking for Ivy. Wyatt explains that she is not here. Steffy wants to know where she is. Wyatt isn’t going to tell her where she is so she can go find her all riled up like this. Steffy is done. She asked him to delete the video. She is not asking this time. She wants that copy destroyed. She demands to know where the damn video is. Steffy knows that Ivy has it on her phone and wants to know where else. Wyatt doesn’t know. Steffy wants him to find out. Wyatt thought that they had been through this. He already told her… Steffy doesn’t care. She could care less about his relationship or what it could do to put him in a bind with Ivy. It is nothing in comparison to what could happen to her. She is through trying to reason with them. Ivy thinks that she can control her with that video and make it look like she committed murder. That game is over.

Brooke asks if Ridge has decided and that is it. Ridge was living in Paris on his own and he figured it was time. He had raised children. Brooke asks if he was seeing someone at the time. Ridge wasn’t he did this all on his own. Brooke wonders if he told anyone about this. Brooke guesses then there was Caroline. Ridge guesses it was unexpected. He didn’t realize it was happening until it started. Brooke assumes he didn’t know how long it would last. He was hoping it wouldn’t come up but when it did he was being unfair so he had to let her go. He didn’t tell her about the vasectomy because he knows that she would have stayed. Ridge doesn’t want Brooke to look at him like that.

Caroline asks Thomas what happened and wants to know why he is here. Thomas asks if she thinks that he would just leave her. He wouldn’t do that to her. He tries to touch her arm but she hits him and tells him not to touch her.

Steffy thinks that his girlfriend is out of control and he better do something about it. Steffy feels that Ivy is under the impression that she owns her. Wyatt doesn’t think that anyone owns Steffy. Steffy explains that Ivy told her that, directly to her face. Wyatt doesn’t believe that. Steffy thinks that he should be able to see why this is wrong. If she takes that video to the police she is prime suspect number one. She would get massacred by the media. Wyatt asks what she wants then. Steffy wants every trace of the video deleted. Wyatt feels that is a tall order. Steffy doesn’t think so.

Ridge gets a text and it is a shipping update. Brooke assumes that that Ridge doesn’t expect to hear from her. Ridge doesn’t. Ridge doesn’t think that there is anything else to say. Brooke reminds him that he had a vasectomy. Ridge knows what he did. Brooke feels that she would understand. Ridge isn’t trying to make her understand something. He is trying to give Caroline what she wants and deserves. He will not take that away from her. Brooke asks if he is having second thoughts. Ridge would never let Caroline go if it were possible.

Caroline asks what happened. Thomas says that they fell asleep. Caroline means how did they get here. Thomas says that she called him up and told him where she was so she wouldn’t have to be alone. Caroline says Ridge. Thomas doesn’t want her to think about him right now. It is over. Thomas tries to touch her again but she pushes him away again. She asks if they did anything. Caroline wouldn’t do that though. Thomas asks if she really doesn’t remember anything. Thomas assures her that they talked and he told her how he felt. They reached out to each other and made love. Caroline is crying and say no a lot. Thomas wants to know what is going on. Caroline is in a state of hysteria.

Steffy thinks that he knows this is wrong. Wyatt points out that he isn’t the one who is looking like a criminal here. Steffy reminds him that he is using incrimination and extortion. Wyatt tells her that isn’t murder. Steffy once again brings up the rock. Wyatt saw no rock in the video. Steffy knows what she did. She had to defend herself. Wyatt explains that she could have told the police that. Ivy didn’t put her in this position. She could have come clean. Steffy will not admit to something that she didn’t commit. She will not live in fear the rest of her life. Wyatt feels that it is a little dramatic to say rest of her life. Steffy asks why Ivy hasn’t gotten rid of it. If she only wanted to be a model it would be gone. Steffy knows Wyatt is a good guy and she used to think that Ivy was a good person. Steffy thinks Ivy has changed. Steffy wonders if Wyatt has too. Ivy has made up her mind about her. She cannot convince her to change her mind. She asks if Wyatt will help her or not.

Brooke thinks that he made the right choice. Ridge knows that she would say that. Brooke understands. Ending things with Caroline all goes back to the way she wants to live her life. She admits that Ridge and Caroline were great for each other. She encouraged him. They passed crosses but Ridge lives in the moment. He knows how hard it is to live a child. How hard it was with RJ. Ridge does. Brooke thinks that children need stability. Ridge points out that they should know better than anyone that things change. Brooke points out that vasectomies can sometimes be reversed. She wonders if that is what he is considering.

Thomas gets dressed and tries to calm down Caroline. Everything is going to be fine. Caroline doesn’t even know. Caroline remembers the pills. She took pills before he got here. She took ant-anxiety pills because she was so upset about everything. Thomas remembers that they drank so much. Caroline doesn’t remember if she passed out. Thomas promises her that she didn’t pass out. Caroline didn’t want that. Thomas would have never done that. He wouldn’t take advantage of her. He thinks it is because of the pills. Thomas was here for her. He told her how special she is to her. He didn’t know about the pills. Caroline asks how he could not tell. Thomas thought she was being emotional. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him anything about these pills. He thought what they had was amazing. Thomas didn’t do anything. Caroline thinks that Thomas had to have known that she was on pills.

Wyatt knows that Steffy wants him to get the video for her. Steffy would do this herself if she could. Wyatt thought that she was done playing games. Steffy is. Wyatt points out that she is standing here calling him a good person. Steffy asks if she was wrong about that. Wyatt thinks that she needs help. She can ask her boyfriend. He has been the white night of the family saving everyone. He is sure that Liam would love to help her but he bets that she did ask Liam. Steffy isn’t looking for a hero. Ivy wouldn’t listen to a hero. Wyatt knows that Liam failed her. It is a running theme with him. Steffy thinks that he sounds bitter. Wyatt believes that when you put faith into him that happens. Steffy asks if that is how Ivy feels. Steffy doesn’t want to believe that but what other reason could there be. She should just go to the police. Wyatt asks if that is what she wants. Steffy doesn’t. Steffy doesn’t want to live under the shadow either. So long as the video exists they cannot move on with their lives. Doing nothing is allowing Ivy to black mail her. She needs him to help her get rid of the video.

Thomas promises her that what happened between them was absolutely mutual. Caroline thinks that it was the pills and wine. Thomas doesn’t think that she was that out of it. They talked for a very long time before they did anything. She opened up to him. He thought that she wanted it. Caroline asks if she said that. Thomas says that she kissed him back. Caroline dated his father. She asks if he thinks she is the kind of girl who would break up with the man she loves and be with him. She is not that kind of person. Thomas thinks she is making it sound like he did something wrong. Caroline thinks he did. Thomas didn’t know. If he knew he would have stopped right away. Caroline screams and tells him to get out right now. Thomas grabs his things and leaves. Caroline cries. She sits down on her bed. She gets a phone call from Ridge. She picks up. Ridge is glad she picked up. Ridge asks if she is crying. He is sorry. Caroline can’t do that right now. Ridge wants to see her. He needs to talk to her. Caroline can’t do that. She hangs up the phone. Caroline continues to cry.

Brooke is shocked that she hung up. Ridge needs to go find her and make things right. Until he does he doesn’t want her saying anything to anyone. Brooke asks if he is really thinking of getting back with her and having a baby with her. Brooke asks what he is going to do.

Caroline is curled up in a little ball sobbing hysterically.

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