B&B Tuesday Update 9/1/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/1/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge walks up the stairs of his apartment. He sits down on them and looks at papers that he was holding earlier. He starts to think about Caroline crying and yelling at him. Asking him why he can’t have a baby with her.

Caroline is in a hotel room and a bell-hop asks her if she needs anything else. Caroline says that she is fine and tips the man. He leaves. He wishes her well on her stay. Caroline sits down on the bed and takes her shoes off. She gets a phone all and it is from Thomas. He asks if he can pick her brain for a second. She says sure. Thomas doesn’t want to interrupt her though because he knows she is in the middle of something with Ridge right now. Caroline says now is fine. Thomas wants to make sure that he is going in the right direction with his designs. She is the only one who knows what Ridge wants. Caroline is crying. He asks if she is ok. Caroline is not ok. Thomas asks if she wants him to come over. Caroline is at a hotel. Thomas tells her to send the address he is on his way. She goes through her purse and finds Pam’s pills. She takes one. She then takes another one after the fact.

Maya and Nicole are looking through pictures to send to Vivienne. Nicole suggests she send the one of her next to “The Little Mermaid” statue. Maya doesn’t know. Maya decides to send it. Nicole is pretty jealous of all these amazing pictures. Rick would have taken her along but it was the honeymoon. Zende mentions that he has been talking with Nicole. They think that all the interns should be sent on a vacation. Rick wishes him good luck on asking Ridge for that.

Ridge opens his front door and it is Brooke. Brooke just wanted to drop off some papers for the meeting tomorrow. Ridge thinks that she could have emailed them. Brooke was in the area. Ridge knows that she was in the area to check up on him. Brooke admits that might be true. Ridge invites her in. Brooke says so long as he is not in the middle of something. Ridge explains that Caroline is gone. Brooke is confused. Ridge ended it.

Caroline opens the door for Thomas. She doesn’t think that he had to come. Thomas did. The way that she sounded on the phone. He sees that she is staying in a hotel. He wants to know what happened. Caroline is sure that he can imagine. Thomas assumes that she got into a fight with Ridge. Caroline explains that he ended things. He said that she wants a family and he doesn’t. He said that he wants her to be a mother but he can’t be the father. Thomas hugs her.

Brooke is shocked that he ended it. She reminds him though that he said that he was going to give in and have a child with Caroline so that she could have that experience. Ridge does want her to have that experience. Brooke assumes he just doesn’t want her to have it with him. Brooke asks if he is sure that this is what he wants. Ridge remembers that Brooke even told her that it is crazy to start a family at this point the game. Brooke knows and it is but she can see how upset he is. Ridge is not doing it. Brooke asks if it is that important for her to have a family that they needed to break up over this. Ridge thinks that it is. She would have kept pretending it wasn’t if they stayed together. Brooke is feeling guilty. She hopes that she didn’t talk Ridge into this. Ridge knew it already. He already raised his kids and that part of his life is over. Caroline however is just getting started. She can find someone who will have a kid with her. It isn’t him. Not anymore.

Thomas was just with Brooke. She had the impression that he was changing his mind. Caroline thought that at first too. They were talking about having a baby. She thanks him for not making her drink on her own. Thomas wishes that there were something he stay. The issue is that he is not capable of staying in a relationship. He is so sorry. Caroline is crying. Caroline thinks that it was so strange. He was acting like ending things was what was best for her. She doesn’t understand that. Thomas wonders if he really does believe that. If having a baby is that important to her… Caroline says that it is. Caroline has always wanted to have a child of her own. She wants to raise it and love it. Then she met Ridge who has children and doesn’t want anymore. She was ok with that. She wasn’t thrilled about it but she knew she was giving it up. That is what relationships are about. Compromise. Then Ridge decides to just end things. Caroline thinks that it is shocking after all they have been through. Caroline doesn’t know what to do.

Maya hands Rick a martini. Rick doesn’t think that this is going to inspire them to unpack. Maya thinks that they can unpack later. Tonight she just wants to be with Rick and think about the honeymoon. Rick thinks that it was an adventure. Maya agrees. Clips are shown of the two of them riding their bikes through Copenhagen. They kiss each other. They then walk over to a bunch of boats and go to the “Little Mermaid” statue and take a picture in front of it. They see a bunch of sites together and kiss. Maya thinks that it was wonderful. Rick welcomes his wife home. Maya welcomes her husband home as well.

Ridge has made a decision and that is all it is. Brooke is not going to argue with that then. She wonders about his relationship though. Ridge knows that being with him is a bit of a sacrifice. Now Caroline can focus on what she wants. Brooke knows that what she wants is with him. Ridge doesn’t think that it is.

Thomas pours himself another drink. He hates seeing how much his dad has hurt her. Caroline chose him over having kids. He was worth it. Thomas thinks that is one of Ridge’s flaws. He knows what is right for everyone. Caroline is just never going to have kids ever. That will show him. Thomas wants her to live her life. She can have kids or not but don’t let Ridge be the reason. Caroline thinks that he effects everything she does. He is the man she wants to be with. How does he not see her. She doesn’t need to have kids if she can’t be with him. It is just an excuse to get rid of her. Thomas doesn’t believe that. He saw how he acted around her. Caroline just doesn’t understand. Thomas rubs her shoulders while she cries hysterically

Brooke wants to know what Ridge isn’t telling her. After all these years he cannot possibly think that she doesn’t know when he is hiding something. She wants to know what it is. What did Caroline do? Ridge explains that Caroline did nothing. This is all on him. Ridge explains that she advised him and this is the right thing to do. Brooke assumes that Caroline should have known who she was getting involved with. She should have realized that Ridge didn’t want children. Ridge says that she didn’t. She can find someone who can give it to her now. Brooke points out that it isn’t like he can’t. He just won’t. Ridge can’t. Brooke asks what he is talking about. Ridge explains that when he was living in Paris he knew he didn’t want any more children. Brooke looks at the papers. She reads them. She sees that he had a vasectomy.

Caroline thinks that she and Ridge would make really good parents if he just ignored the age difference and his kids. Caroline doesn’t get it. Thomas thinks that it sounds like he really wants kids. The two of them are drunk out of their minds. Thomas thinks that when she said it doesn’t matter he was seeing what Thomas is seeing that she was giving up to much to be with him. Caroline would have given it up. She would give up that dream to be with him. At least for a little while. He could change his mind down the road. Thomas notes that he is past the age of wanting kids. Caroline just thinks that he would change his mind if he saw her holding his baby. Thomas sits down next her in bed. Thomas admires Ridge in a lot of ways. He tries to emulate him. The thing that he doesn’t understand though and he plans to do this differently. It is the way he treats the women in his life. After living through Taylor and Brooke’s disappointments. It is whatever suits him in the moment. Caroline say that is exactly what he said to her. He doesn’t want a future with her. Thomas knows it has never been his style. Thomas is not wired that way. If he was ever lucky enough to have another chance with her. He would love that opportunity. Caroline thinks that Thomas has always been a good friend to her. Thomas thinks that they could be more than friends like before. Caroline is hallucinating. Thomas is rambling through all she has accomplished and how talented she is. Caroline thinks that was really nice. Thomas kisses her as she is completely intoxicated.

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