B&B Friday Update 8/28/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/28/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Caroline walk up to his office and Ridge rushes to the door first so he can open it for her. He thinks that it never gets old opening up this door. Caroline laughs. Caroline can tell that Ridge really likes being CEO. Ridge asks if that shocks her. Caroline is not shocked. She just never really knew corporate Ridge. Just Ridge the artist. Caroline thinks that Ridge is somewhere in between Eric and Rick. He is sensitive and deceive and he is reasonable. He is all about the bottom line. Ridge doesn’t feel that he is all that complicated. The two of them kiss passionately. Caroline cannot just stand here and kiss all day she has to work. Ridge is the boss and can do whatever he wants. Caroline remembers something and goes to find a design Thomas did. Ridge looks at it and thinks it is pretty good but he needs to change the neckline. Caroline will give him the note. Ridge sees that Caroline really wants Thomas. Caroline gets jumpy. He means that Caroline really wants him on the team. Caroline says that Thomas is very talented. He wants to be here and he is Ridge’s son so he is a good fit.

On the Sky Lounge Thomas and Zende are working out together. Thomas tells Zende that he turned out to be a good fit. Zende asks if he really thinks so. Thomas does. Zende really hopes that is true so he can learn the business and be with the family. Thomas informs him that he can have a really great future at Forrester if he works at it. Zende intends to do just that. He wanted to thank Thomas for getting him settled. Nicole walks outside and cannot believe that they are working out. The sun is hardly up. Zende explains to Thomas that Nicole is not really a morning person. Nicole just needs her morning coffee to wake her up. Zende imagines that her coffee puts some real hair on her chest. Nicole reminds him that he has never seen her chest and if he did he would never find any hair. Thomas asks Nicole how summer has been treating her. Nicole is having the best summer ever. She is at Forrester and her she is close to Maya. She is also making good friends. Zende agrees. It is the best summer ever. Zende wonders about Thomas and his summer and if he is glad he stayed in LA. Thomas is. He thinks that it feels right. Ridge has put him through the basis. Nicole heard all about the designs. Thomas forgot that interns know everything. Zende thought that Thomas used to have his own line. Thomas did but that was before Ridge and Caroline were working exclusively together. They are in a very specific place and he needs to get to it before he can join them. Nicole wonders if there will be any problems. Thomas assumes she means between him and Ridge. Nicole was actually thinking about him and Caroline. Thomas guesses that she knows about that too. It was a long time ago though. He feels that they both have grown and changed.

Caroline assumes that Ridge agrees with her though. Ridge will be happy to have him on board if he can step up. Caroline really does think that he is coming along. If he can design then he thinks it sounds good. Caroline thinks that is exactly what Ridge wanted. Ridge believes that Caroline is under the impression he is being hard on him. It isn’t for Caroline to say. Ridge explains that being a Forrester comes with a lot of perks. One can walk in here and take any job they want. He doesn’t want that for his son. He doesn’t want him to walk through life taking everything that he thinks he is entitled to. Caroline feels that he is a really good father. Brooke walks in and asks if she is interrupting. Ridge says to come on in. She just got a text from RJ and wondered if Ridge would like to see it. Ridge would of course love to see it. Brooke explains that he is in his so annoyed stage. Ridge thinks that they all know what comes next. Caroline gets sad and walks away. Brooke can see that they are busy so she will just leave. Caroline who is at the conference table tells her that she should stay. She has to find Thomas and give him Ridge’s notes. She leaves. Brooke asks if something is wrong. Ridge thinks that everything is great. Brooke just felt she looked a little tense. It happened when she brought up RJ. Brooke knows that Ridge saw it too. Ridge admits that there is tension. Brooke asks if it has to do with children.

Nicole mentions to Zende that she spoke to Maya this morning. Zende is glad. He asks if they came up for air. Nicole says a lot of air. They are on their way back. Zende wonders how she sounded. Nicole thinks that she sounded like the happiest woman on the planet. She can’t wait to hear all about their honeymoon. Zende is a little angry that they didn’t post one picture. Nicole got on Maya for that but she claimed that they were too busy living it. Zende is happy for them. Sometimes they get too caught up documenting everything that they forget what is right in front of them. Nicole asks why Zende is looking at her like that. Zende is taking a picture.

Brooke guesses that she should have not brought up RJ in front of Caroline. Ridge points out that RJ is there son. It would be strange not to bring it up in front of Caroline. Brooke reminds him that children are a tense topic with Caroline. Ridge thinks that they are a speed bump. They will get through it. Brooke reminds him that his girlfriend wants a family and he doesn’t.

Caroline is in the hallway and finds a bottle of Pam’s anti-anxiety pills on the ground. Caroline tells herself that Pam shouldn’t be leaving these on the ground. She goes to put them in her desk but the handle is missing. Caroline takes them into Rick’s office and puts them in her purse. She gets a text of a baby. She thinks about the conversation she had with Ridge involving the topic of children. Thomas walks in. He just left Zende and Nicole and they are a couple just waiting to happen. Caroline thinks that is obvious. Thomas explains that it is to everyone but them. They think that they are besties. Thomas asks if she is ok. Caroline is. Thomas wants to know what she was looking at. Caroline laughs and says it is a friend’s baby. Thomas wants to see it. Thomas thinks it makes sense. No matter how much she down plays it she is still having a really hard time. Caroline claims she is fine. Thomas knows that Caroline had to pick between having a family and her father. She is allowed to have feelings about this.

Nicole needs Zende to do better looking out and check her big mouth. Zende assumes she means with Thomas earlier. Nicole says yes. She doesn’t know what she is thinking. It was awkward. Zende feels that she was just messing around. Nicole thanks him for realizing that. For a minute she just totally spaced. Zende thinks that Thomas seemed all right about it. Nicole asks him if he really did. Zende doesn’t think that it was something that Thomas didn’t want to bring up but Nicole shouldn’t feel bad. Nicole needs a filter. Nicole wonders what Zende thinks about Thomas joining the design team. Zende thinks that it is a high chance. He has experience. Ridge ripping up his work though was harsh. Nicole guesses that Ridge has to do tough love and make everyone be the best they can be. Nicole has to wonder though if he did that for Caroline.

Brooke cannot say that she is surprised. Caroline is a lot younger than Ridge. Ridge sarcastically comments that she has never said that before. Brooke is not trying to judge. She is just saying that the biological clock exists. It isn’t shocking that Caroline would want them. She wanted them with Rick. Ridge has already raised two of them. He doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with that. Brooke doesn’t think anything. Ridge explains that Caroline claims to be ok with it. Brooke asks if he believes her. Ridge does. He doesn’t though. Brooke explains that a little while ago when she found out that she was pregnant she was shocked. A baby wasn’t even on her radar. She never thought it was possible. She planned to go through with it but she was over whelmed. Caroline on the other hand is the perfect age to have a family and children. She wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of her life goals. If what she just saw was any indication then she might be covering up that urge more than he wants him to see. The feeling of being a mother just doesn’t go away. Ridge realizes that.

Caroline tells Thomas that she and Ridge made a change to his sketch. Thomas thanks her for all the time she is spending helping him. It means a lot to him. Caroline thinks that they are going to ace this. Thomas knows that they have confided in a lot. He told her what was going on with Steffy and she opened up about the baby issue. Caroline doesn’t think that means they have to keep poking at it though. Thomas can see that it was weighing on her and he wants her to know that she can talk to him. Caroline thanks him. She guesses if she is being completely honest it is disappointing. She thought that she would have a family but she loves what she does and she is getting better at it over time. She is so in love with Ridge. Maybe asking more than that is bad. Thomas thinks she should have it all. Caroline doesn’t think it will happen so she should be grateful. Thomas thinks the whole story of how it happened is crazy. Caroline explains that she was his muse. At first he was just trying to explain and it wasn’t going out. He grabbed her hand and started to draw. She just knew.

Zende asks if Nicole doesn’t think that Ridge is good enough for Caroline. Nicole doesn’t know. Zende thinks that they seem pretty happy to him. Nicole does know that their relationship is really knew. They also need to be serious that the age difference is serious. Zende believes that age is only a number. Nicole agrees that it might be that way at first but eventually they are going to settle into how things are going to be. Maybe they will find out that they have different needs in life. Nicole likes Caroline. She is really good people. She deserves to have a good life. She just isn’t sure it adds up to Ridge.

Ridge loves Caroline. He doesn’t want Brooke to make any mistakes. Brooke isn’t the one that needs to be convinced. Ridge wants Caroline to have kids and be happy. Brooke hopes that Ridge doesn’t plan to have a whole new family with Caroline just to put a smile on her face. Ridge doesn’t see why not. After all she has done for him she has given him his life back. He wants to give her whatever will make her happy. Brooke thinks that is a lovely testament. To have a new child at this stage of the game. It means eighteen more years of parenting. She thought that he wanted to be free. Ridge knows why he chose Caroline. He is living every moment. As who he is right now. He thinks it is excited. Brooke reminds him that it is not just him anymore. He is in a relationship with Caroline. Her needs and desires matter and are important. Ridge has to put Caroline first. That is what he is going to do.

Thomas guesses that you can’t miss the connection she shares with Ridge. He just hopes that they are both happy. He sense that she is giving a lot more up than he is. Caroline feels that somehow it all evens out. Thomas guesses that would be a first for his dad. Thomas wonders what sane man wouldn’t want a family with Caroline. Caroline asks if he wants kids. Thomas says bring them on. Caroline notices that he didn’t even hesitate with that. Thomas has always known that he wanted to start a family. Just hasn’t found the right person yet. They might be waiting for him right outside his door. Kind of like Caroline did that one afternoon. She just stepped out of a limo. He asks if she knows how unfair that is because he can never compare anyone else to her. Caroline thinks that this is it. Caroline explains that the neckline needs to be fixed on the dress. Caroline tries to explain it. Thomas tried to work on it but Caroline says no. She asks if she can show him. She puts her hand on top of his and he looks at her with a passion. Caroline smiles.

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