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Ivy asks if Wyatt agrees that they will no longer be pushed around. Wyatt feels that they have the power so they should do the pushing. Wyatt says it is a deal. Ivy knows that Wyatt has a problem using the video and doesn’t want Steffy going to jail. Wyatt thinks that is the beauty of it. So long as they start getting what they want at Forrester nothing bad has to happen to anyone. There are some people (he coughs and says Liam) that get handed everything. Then there are others who actually have to work for their success. That is what this video does for them. It helps them move up in the world. So long as no one is getting hurt why shouldn’t they use it?

Steffy thought that if anyone could get to Ivy is would be Liam. Liam thought the same thing. Steffy points out that she is being blackmailed and this is being held over her head. The video doesn’t show enough and if she goes to the police… Liam says that he has a feeling that Ivy expects Steffy to go to the police. The only reason that Steffy would go to the police is to turn Ivy in for blackmail. She wants Liam to tell her that.

Ridge asks Thomas and Caroline what is going on. Caroline explains that Thomas wanted to paint her. Ridge asks if Thomas paints. Thomas jokes that Ridge’s portrait inspired him. Ridge gives Caroline a rose. He tells Thomas that painting is fun when you have the time. If Thomas wants to impress him and the rest of Forrester though then he should probably be working on designs. Thomas actually has been spending plenty of time on his designs. That is why he is here. Caroline was helping him on his designs. Ridge asks Caroline if she was. Thomas asks if he wants to see them. Ridge says sure. Thomas asks if he is going to rip them up. Ridge hopes he doesn’t.

Liam feels like he is to blame here. Liam knows that Steffy wouldn’t be blackmailed if he was still with Ivy. Steffy assures him that he should feel relief not guilt. He escaped. Liam guesses that is one way to look at it. Steffy doesn’t even want to think about this anymore. Steffy would like the night off. No video or Ivy. Just them. Liam can make that happen. He kisses her.

Ivy tells Wyatt that the bizarre thing about all of this is that they all think that they are the bad ones. Wyatt knows that Liam only ever considers himself the hero in the situation. It has never occurred to Liam that he could actually be wrong in this situation. Ivy agrees. He made all these commitments to her, then Steffy comes back to town, takes him away, and murders her cousin… Yet she is the disappointment. Wyatt asks if he really said that. Ivy explains that it was in his tone. That she had changed and was no longer the Ivy Forrester that he knew. Wyatt thinks that it is a good thing. The Ivy he knew would wait around for Steffy’s scraps. The girl that Wyatt knows however was screwed over and is standing up for herself. He is so proud of her. Ivy tells him that Liam thinks that Quinn is rubbing off on her. He isn’t entirely wrong but these changes have a lot to do with Wyatt. Wyatt asks if it is a good or bad change.

Ridge looks at the design and sighs. He sets the sketch pad back on the table. Thomas explains that it used to have sleeves on it but Caroline convinced him to lose those. The neckline was also changed. They could drop it more. Thomas jokes that it is the best design he has ever seen. Ridge admits that it is an improvement. Thomas asks what that means. Ridge says that it doesn’t mean anything. He hasn’t made his choice about what Thomas will actually do within the company. It just means that he has seen that Thomas has improved.

Liam asks if Steffy has picked a movie. Steffy thinks that she has narrowed it down and asks if he wants to watch a Bob Hope movie. Liam says always. They both toast to a quiet evening together. Steffy can’t believe that they are together. Liam doesn’t think that he ever really gave up on Steffy coming home and here she is. They toast to her being home. Steffy likes the sound of that.

Wyatt wonders if Ivy regrets what they are doing here or if she thinks that he is a bad influence on her. Ivy does have regrets but none of them involve him. She regrets not realizing what kind of a guy Liam is soon enough, or being a good friend to Aly when she needed help. There were a lot of things she would have done differently. Especially that night. This change that Liam sees though, it is a matter of survival and to mourn Aly’s death. If Liam wants to act disappointed then so what. She is a stronger person because of Wyatt. Wyatt is glad she thinks so. Wyatt likes this fire in her. It is extremely attractive and sexy. A weaker person might have gone home. Ivy has thought about it. What would it mean for Aly though if she just left? Ivy thought she was in a loving relationship with Liam but it turned out she was a stand in. Ivy hopes that they never find people like them again. They did realize though what is standing right in front of them. They kiss.

Thomas thanks Ridge. Ridge asks what for. Thomas just means he is thankful that Ridge didn’t rip up his designs this time. Ridge says that he is welcome. Caroline told Thomas that they were good. Ridge seems to think that Caroline is invested. Caroline just sees a growth in Thomas as a designer. Caroline wants it to work out for him and all of them.

Steffy says “I like your style padre”. Liam asks if she remembers saying that to him in Aspen. Steffy remembers that he gave her his best John Wayne response. Liam says something in gibberish. Steffy tells him to stop it. Liam is done he promises. Steffy thanks him for making her laugh and stop thinking of everything that is happening. He reminds her of all the good in her life and all she has to look forward too. They kiss.

Wyatt is glad that Ivy stayed. Ivy is too. She is excited. Wyatt wants to ask her a question. He probably knows the answer to this but he has to ask it anyway. He wants to know what will happen when Liam breaks up with Steffy in a month or two and says he wants a second chance. Ivy has learned that Liam only wants Steffy. Wyatt points out that Liam needs another girl waiting in the wings. Ivy is sure that it must have been a huge shock to him that she said she wouldn’t play that part and it would have to go to someone else. Wyatt thinks that Ivy just made her day. Ivy thinks that was easy. She starts to kiss him. Wyatt retracts his statement and thinks that this kiss just made his day. He however can later retract his statement again. Ivy tells him to just wait and see what happens. Wyatt feels that Ivy has helped him get out of the shadow of Liam. Ivy helped him see the potential. He loves her honesty. She is sweet and loving and good and genuine. A lot of qualities he doesn’t poses. Ivy thinks he is all those things. Wyatt knows that Liam took advantage of her goodness but he won’t do that. What Liam did to her was wrong but it gave her a voice and he thinks it is sexy as hell. They start to kiss again.

Thomas realizes that his place on the Forrester design team has to be earned and he does get that. Thomas says that it feels good to earn his place. Ridge wants Thomas to be the best designer he can be. Thomas knows that if that happens it will be because both of them helped him. Thomas is going to go back to the office now. He is feeling inspired. Caroline is excited to see what he has brewing. As he leaves Caroline jumps on Ridge and makes out with her.

Liam and Steffy are cuddling on the couch. Liam likes this. Steffy does too. She didn’t want to talk about this but it just feels so good that Liam believes in her. Liam of course believes in her. Steffy knows that Liam could have walked away. Liam will not let go. They kiss each other.

Wyatt and Ivy have taken off all their clothes and are now naked on the couch after having sex. They are under a blanket. Ivy thinks about how her summer started out so differently. Marriage with Liam out of convenience and now she is here with Wyatt. Wyatt notes that she is moving up in the world. Ivy agrees. Wyatt notes that she is the new face of Forrester. Ivy has never loved anyone like this. Wyatt assumes besides her parents. Ivy loves her dad but he is crazy. He is in and out of the country. She learned at a very young age that she couldn’t count on him. Wyatt wonders about her mom. Ivy explains that they have different moms. Wyatt’s mom likes her and is involved in Wyatt’s life. Ivy’s mother hasn’t even come to visit her since she moved. If it was getting time off of work or a money thing she could understand but it isn’t. She can’t blame her. She has always been in her own world. Wyatt knows what that is like. He asks if she has seen Quinn. Ivy has. Wyatt thinks it is good that they found each other. Ivy thinks that they are kindred spirits. Wyatt thinks that they can do anything together. Ivy likes that they have leverage. Ivy thinks about what Aly could have done with her life. Ivy will not waste this video. She cannot let Aly die in vain. Ivy thinks that Wyatt was right before about them being the under dogs. If she was here she would have told them to do whatever it takes to win. Take what they deserve from Liam and Steffy.

Steffy rests on Liam and smiles. Steffy looks out and seems worried.

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