B&B Wednesday Update 8/26/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/26/15


Written By Anthony
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Liam demands that Ivy either delete the video or give it to the police. Those are her only two options. Ivy didn’t know that Liam was such a risk taker. Liam reminds her that he jumped into the river to save her. Ivy feels that was like a million years ago. Liam brings up the fact that he married her. Ivy knows that was the bigger risk because he didn’t even really love her. Liam doesn’t think that is true. Ivy realizes that it was in no way the same type of love he has for Steffy. Now Liam needs her to save Steffy from a prison sentence. Liam wants Ivy to do what is right.

Ridge wants Steffy to know that he is here for her. Steffy knows that he is always. Steffy just wants him not to worry about this. Ridge can’t help but worry about her. He can’t figure out why Steffy would turn down the face of Forrester and give it to Ivy. Steffy just feels it is for the best. She wants him to trust her. Ridge knows that something is bothering her and wants to know what he can do.

In Ridge’s apartment Caroline tells Thomas how to make a design flawless. She tries to fix something on it and Thomas remembers kissing her. Thomas gets a little closer and Caroline assumes that he doesn’t like it. Thomas does. He was just thinking about something else. Caroline assumes that it is about Steffy. Caroline does think that Steffy would look great in this as the face of Forrester. Thomas explains that Steffy turned it down and gave it to Ivy. He thinks that they both know why.

On the sky longue Quinn works on jewelry with Wyatt. Quinn thinks that these designs look so much better in natural light. Wyatt knows that his mother is a genius. Quinn hopes that he tells that to his girlfriend. Quinn wants to know how Ivy managed to pull off being the face of Forrester in the first place. Wyatt wants to be careful because she is becoming like the rest of them. Quinn wants to know who she is becoming like and asks if it is the rest of the Forrester’s. Wyatt confirms this. Quinn doubts that would happen. Wyatt believes that it has to do with entitlement. Quinn feels that he is becoming cynical. Wyatt wonders where he got it from. Quinn asks if Wyatt really thinks that his girlfriend deserves to be top model. Wyatt does because she has been passed over. It won’t happen anymore. She holds the winning ticket and he is going along for the ride. Quinn looks confused.

Caroline asks if Steffy really handed over the position just like that. Thomas confirms it. Caroline doesn’t think that Ivy can really go on with that position the way that she went about getting it. Thomas knows that it is the only reason that Steffy want along with all of this.

Ridge knows that she is a tough cookie and he can be as well when he has to be. Ridge wants to figure this out so he can help fix it. He can’t do that when she is hiding things from him. Steffy explains that her cousin is dead and she was there. She needs to recover from this. Ridge pats her on the head.

Ivy reminds Liam that all he wants her to do is do what is right for Steffy and not her. Certainly not Aly. Liam reminds her that Aly is no longer with them. Ivy is aware of this. It is because of his girlfriend. Liam asks what would happen if Ivy turned that over to the police. Her life here would never be the same. The entire family would turn her into a villain. He asks if that is what she really wants. Ivy knows that Liam loves her so much and is happy for her to escape justice. Liam does not think that she committed murder. Ivy holds her phone up and explains that this suggests otherwise.

Quinn is under the impression that Wyatt is all in with this Ivy. Wyatt is not answering anymore questions. Quinn hopes that at the very least he is getting something out of this situation. She means more than sex. Ever since he hooked up with Ivy he has been in some sort of a mission. Quinn thinks that she is the only one reaping in the benefits. Wyatt feels that she deserves it. Wyatt will have his moment. He promises. Quinn wants to know what is going on and wants to be told what it is.

Caroline wonders if Thomas thinks that Steffy could really be prosecuted. Thomas thinks that if a police officer were to have seen that video that then they would probably go to the DA. Caroline still is shocked that no one is going to tell Ridge. Thomas is sorry that Caroline has been put into the middle of this. Caroline is glad that he came to her. If someone is going to look out for Ridge it makes sense that it was her. Thomas says ok. Caroline is also glad that she can talk to Thomas as well. Thomas assumes she means having a family. Caroline is having trouble not thinking about it. Thomas feels that it is something hard not to think about. Caroline likes being able to talk to him about it. Thomas does think that she needs to consider a few things with Ridge.

Steffy knows that it is tough having a daughter that he wants to protect when she doesn’t want to be protected. Ridge still doesn’t know what he needs to protect her from. Ridge understands this whole thing with Aly. Steffy already knows that Aly attacked her. They all get it. Ridge reminds her that it wasn’t her fault. Steffy starts to think about Ivy. Ridge won’t tell her how to grieve but Aly put that on herself. She needs to get past it. Ridge just thinks that doing this job would be good for her. Steffy wants him to drop it. Ridge wants her to at least admit that Ivy is the wrong person for it. Ridge wants Steffy to think about it. It would be good for her. He will talk to Ivy and she will understand.

Ivy doesn’t know what hurts more. The fact that he is siding with Steffy or the fact that he is refusing to see the truth. Liam thinks that the truth is that Aly was planning to murder her and Steffy was fighting for her life. Ivy doesn’t think that is what the video shows. Steffy it Aly with a tire iron. Liam reminds her that she was there. Liam knows that she realizes there was more than that. Ivy asks if they have to watch the video again. Ivy has never seen this side of Liam. Liam has never seen her like this. She is so eager to be in judgement. Ivy knows that Liam refuses to see Steffy in a negative light. Even when it is right in front of him. Maybe they do need an objective third party. She decides that they will go to the police. Liam now looks worried.

Steffy already told Ridge that she doesn’t want to be the face of Forrester. Ridge thinks that they need her. Steffy wants him to use Ivy. Ridge admits that Ivy is good. She is beautiful and talented but she is not her. He really thinks that this would help her. Ridge will find someone else then. Steffy says no to that. Ivy has to do this. Ridge asks why everyone is talking about Ivy. Steffy reminds him that she lost her best friend and is suffering. Ridge thinks that they are all suffering. Steffy thinks that it is worse. Ridge doesn’t get where either one of his children are coming from. Steffy didn’t mean to upset him. Ridge is not upset. He is just worried about her. Steffy is fine. Steffy asks if Ridge was going to go home to Caroline. Ridge leaves. Steffy looks distressed.

Thomas can’t criticize Ridge because he is a great father. Caroline guesses that he is just a been there done that kind of guy. Thomas doesn’t blame him. Steffy, Phoebe, and him are all a pretty big handful. Caroline doubts that. Thomas assures her that Steffy has always been one way more than him. Thomas knows one thing is for sure. She would make a hell of a mom. Caroline would like a son instead of a daughter. Thomas thinks that girls are awesome. Caroline agrees but she doesn’t want to put anyone through what she has been. Thomas knows that Caroline will have a daughter. Caroline would happily give Ridge either one. Caroline doesn’t think that Ridge likes to live in the right now.

Wyatt admits that something is going on. Ivy is going to be a spokesperson and he is hanging on to her coat tails. Wyatt doesn’t think that he has ever done that with anyone and he is avoiding her question. Wyatt is not like Quinn. Wyatt doesn’t get suspicious. He is just happy. Quinn knows that he charms people. Quinn knows that he is up to something with Poison Ivy. Wyatt explains to her that Ivy just got a promotion and he is not far behind. This is their time. They have been looked over way to many times.

Liam is sorry. Ivy asks what he is sorry for. Liam is sorry for hurting her. He is sorry for making her act out like this. Ivy is not acting out. Ivy is not acting out. The Ivy he knew got stepped on and then her best friend died. Liam didn’t step on her. Ivy trusted him and gave him her love. That was huge for her. Liam knows it was. Ivy knows that he is doing what he always does with women. He plays the super hero. She fell and he went after her. He is doing the exact same thing for Steffy now. He is trying to help her avoid justice. He is riding in on his white horse. Ivy will not let it happen this time. Unlike Liam, she knows the definition of loyalty and will not let Aly die in vain. Ivy wants Liam to go home and confess to the police. He only has so much more time to do it because she is losing her cool. Steffy belongs in a court room. Liam rolls his eyes and leaves.

Caroline tells Thomas that his design is good. Thomas doesn’t want to be patronized. Caroline never said it was great. Caroline just knows what Ridge likes. This is a cool design but Ridge will hate it probably. Caroline knows that Thomas just needs to make it on the design team and then he can do what he wants. Thomas assumes that Ridge was under that impression when he painted Caroline. Caroline says that they loosened up that day. Caroline asks if Thomas paints. Thomas suggests that they do a painting. Caroline hopes he doesn’t mean naked. Thomas wants to do one from a different angle. Thomas tells her to strike a pose. Caroline does crazy poses and he draws a smiley face. Ridge walks in and asks what is going on here.

Liam and Steffy are kissing in his living room. Liam thought she would bring up Ivy the moment he walked through the door. Steffy asks how it went. Liam says not good. Liam is sorry. Liam isn’t giving up on this. Steffy knows it won’t be easy. Ridge isn’t stupid. Steffy hasn’t been able to mourn her cousin’s death. Every time she thinks about Aly she thinks about blackmail. Steffy wants to move on with her life. Liam thinks it is there life. Ivy is so wrong with all of this and she doesn’t even know it. It is like she is a different person.

Wyatt is shocked that Ivy didn’t take the bait. Ivy didn’t but Liam didn’t make it easy. He kept acting like they were going to come to terms and then when that didn’t work he acted like her life would be horrible if she took that video to the police. Liam is trying to scare her. Wyatt knows that he is because he is an idiot. Ivy wants to make a pact. They hold the power and have been pushed to the side. They have been neglected and ignored. Wyatt is the reason that jewelry was put on the map for the company. Wyatt knows but what about Ivy. She deserves a moment in the spot light. Ivy knows why. It is because she isn’t Ridge’s daughter. Ivy holds the key to everything. Wyatt wonders if it is time to open some doors. Wyatt wants her to have everything. Ivy wants that for him too. The start to kiss.

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