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Written By Anthony
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Ivy thinks that Steffy has finally done the right thing. Steffy doesn’t think that she had much of a choice. Ivy is under the impression that the night Aly died she could have chosen to walk away. Steffy explains that Aly came after her. Ivy feels that Steffy could have got up and ran away. Instead she decided to use the tire iron and murder Aly. Steffy doesn’t think that it was murder. She believes that it was self-defense. Ivy cannot take her lying anymore. They have the video right here of Steffy murdering their cousin clear as day. Steffy wants to know what else she could possibly want. Steffy wonders when Ivy is going to give this a rest. Ivy owns Steffy. As long as this video exists she always will.

Thomas realizes that Ivy is upset over Aly’s death and is taking it out on Steffy. Liam knows that. Thomas explains that they have to give Ivy the new position or she will go to the police. Liam points out that the video was just shocking. Thomas feels that Ivy doesn’t know the whole story. Liam doesn’t think that it matters because it is damning enough. Ridge walks over and tells them both that he talked to Steffy and doesn’t know what has gotten into her. She turned down being the new face of Forrester and insisted that he give it to Ivy.

Quinn is working on a piece of jewelry. Wyatt walks in. Quinn tells him that Ivy better watch it with that attitude. Wyatt scoffs at this. Wyatt cannot believe that she is still on this. Wyatt bets that Quinn is just not used to another woman standing up to her. Quinn feels that no one has the right to be that bossy. Wyatt thinks that the pot is talking to the kettle. Quinn needs to be given a break. She feels that she has been more pleasant lately. Wyatt admits that she has been less scary than usual. Wyatt does think that there is always room for improvement. Quinn wants him to tell that to his girlfriend. Quinn cannot believe that the two of them hooked up. He gave up on Steffy way too quickly. Quinn is under the impression that Wyatt throws in the towel too quickly. Quinn will not let Liam win all the time. Wyatt asks what he is supposed to do. Quinn says that where there is a will there is a way. Wyatt is just loving these clichés today. He finds this thrilling. It does bother him that Liam is VP of Forrester and President of Spencer. Quinn thinks that he deserves his moment and she has been saying that all along. Wyatt thinks that is finally happening. Wyatt assumes that he is finally getting his chance.

Ridge thought that Steffy would have jumped at the chance. Liam doesn’t think that anyone can really know how someone will react under pressure. Ridge thinks that Steffy thrives under pressure. Thomas adds that he doesn’t feel that Steffy was prepared for this. Ridge asks if he is asking too much. Liam doesn’t think that is the issue. Thomas reminds them both that either way it is Steffy’s choice and they shouldn’t worry t much. Ridge just doesn’t think it makes any sense why Steffy would turn something down and ask for it to be given to Ivy.

Steffy will not allow Ivy to call her heartless. Ivy sees no evidence to say anything else. If Steffy could go back Aly would still be alive. Ivy rolls her eyes. Steffy will not take blame for this and she doesn’t care if Ivy believes her or not because she knows what happened. Aly was going to hit her with a rock. She had no choice but to defend herself. Ivy feels that the video pains a very different story. It is vicious and violent. She gets away with everything. Stealing Liam, becoming President, and taking Aly. No more. Her charmed life is over.

Quinn just doesn’t see Wyatt with Ivy. Wyatt reminds her that she didn’t like Hope either at first. Quinn likes Steffy for him. Wyatt knows that she has made that clear. Quinn does think that the door is still open. Liam has not proposed to her. Wyatt is with Ivy. He asks if she will ever give her a chance. Quinn brings up marriage but Wyatt doesn’t think that they are even close to there yet. They are taking things slow. Quinn was actually getting along very well with Ivy a while back. Wyatt remembers. Ivy said that Quinn was very supportive. Quinn wants to know why she is getting barked at now. Wyatt says it is a lot to handle right now with her. She lost Aly and Liam to Steffy. Quinn doesn’t get what these two women see in this vegan troll. Wyatt doesn’t either. It is getting harder and harder to defend his brother. He is getting sick and tired of always losing out to him.

Liam believes that it is best to just let this all go. Ridge knows his daughter better than Liam does. Thomas is sure that Steffy has a lot of reasons for turning down the position. Ridge is sure she does but he is not sure if he buys it. Liam admits that Ivy did do a good job with modeling in Amsterdam. Thomas also feels that Wyatt did make some good points. The press is already breathing down Steffy’s neck. He is sure that she doesn’t want to deal with another fall out. Ridge wants to know what he is missing.

Ivy wants Steffy to start accepting some responsibility. Steffy does to a certain degree. Steffy didn’t want Aly to die and she didn’t want to hurt her. Her life was in danger though and she knows Ivy would have done the same thing. Ivy would have never done that. Steffy wants to know how she would know that. Ivy pulled over on the side of the road and instead of doing anything she recorded them fighting. Steffy thought that Aly was Ivy’s best friend. Steffy protected herself. It was either survive or be killed. Ivy wonders if she would like to watch the video again. There is no rock. Steffy promises that it is there. Steffy knows that they have differences but to accuse her of killing their cousin intentionally. Steffy wants her to let this go. Ivy has watched this video over and over again and not once has she seen her version of the truth. She just keeps denying everything. Ivy doesn’t buy it. She has been played a fool too many times to ever believe her again. Ivy storms out.

Wyatt hopes that it doesn’t get awkward. Quinn thinks that Wyatt will have to ask Ivy that question. Ivy notes that they are two grown women and she is sure they can settle a few disagreements. Wyatt is sure that they can. Quinn thinks that her and Ivy have to very different styles in regards to everything. Ivy just wants them both to know that while jewelry is always going to be her passion she has a feeling that things are going to be changing around here. Wyatt wonders if she is saying… Ivy tells them that she is the new face of Forrester Creations. Wyatt hugs her. Wyatt thinks that is amazing. He isn’t that surprised. He always knew that Steffy would do the right thing. Quinn is not happy.

Ridge wonders if they should be concerned. Thomas doesn’t think so. Steffy can handle her business. Ridge wants to know what is going on. Thomas is sure that she just has a lot on her plate with everything happening to her in such a short amount of time. Ridge asks if it has to do with Aly’s death. Thomas doesn’t think that Steffy wants to make it harder on herself if she doesn’t have to. Ridge wonders though why she would want Ivy to be face of Forrester. Thomas is sure that she just doesn’t want there to be anymore drama. Ridge hopes that if something was going on he would tell him. Thomas assures him that if he thought Steffy was making the wrong choice he would let him know. Ridge just can’t shake it. He thinks there is more to the story and that Thomas knows what it is.

Steffy explains that Ridge has no idea why she turned down the job. Liam admits that Ridge seemed pretty surprised by it. Liam can’t let Steffy tell Ridge about the video. Steffy guesses that she is letting Ivy win. She told her that she made a huge mistake for accepting the position. Liam thinks that Steffy is being threatened. Steffy would have been honored to be the face of her families company but she didn’t have any control over what happened to Aly. Liam knows that she didn’t have options. Steffy asks how long this will last. She can’t have Ivy holding this over for the rest of her life. Liam will not let her do this to her. Liam reminds Steffy that she is innocent. Steffy knows that he knows how guilty she looks. Liam knows she isn’t though. Steffy says that Ivy owns her. She wants to know what she will do. Liam is putting a stop to this right now. He storms out of the office.

Later on Steffy tells Ridge that she hopes he understands why she had to say no. It was just bad timing and too many obligations to the family. Plus she can spend time with Liam. Ridge reminds her that Liam knows her work ethic and supports it. Steffy knows that it is more than he can ever imagine. Ridge wants to know the real reason. Steffy doesn’t know. Just modeling and putting things out there right now. Ridge asks where Ivy came from. Steffy asks why not. She has modeled before. She is in the family and it is a logical choice. Ridge is worried about her. Steffy doesn’t want him to be. She has things under control. Ridge thinks that this whole thing is a lot. Steffy is devastated about Aly but there was nothing she could have done. Ridge doesn’t want her to blame herself. Steffy isn’t but she knows people are. This will haunt her the rest of her life. Ridge hugs her.

Ivy is working on jewelry and Liam walks in. Liam congratulates her. Ivy assumes that Steffy told him. Liam says yes. Face of Forrester is a big deal. Ivy guesses so. Liam used to think of Ivy as beautiful and precious. He knows that she doesn’t like him using those words but it is true. Ivy knows that it might have been until Steffy stole him from her. Liam doesn’t think that anyone steals anyone from anyone else. He is responsible for his own choices. Liam knows that things got complicated between them. Especially with the immigration issues. Ivy asks how many times he will bring this up. Liam does think that it changed things between them. Liam thinks that Ivy is turning into Quinn. Ivy feels that is so low. Liam is not saying that to hurt her but because he is afraid of the person she is turning into. That isn’t who she is. Maybe she is justifying herself but this is illegal. They all feel horrible about Aly’s death but no one other than Steffy. Liam thinks that Ivy is exploiting Aly’s death to further her career. Ivy is trying to get justice for Aly. Liam doesn’t think this is justice. Ivy knows that real justice would be his girlfriend rotting in a jail cell. Liam has had enough of this. He will not let her get away with that. Ivy doesn’t think that is up to him. Liam tells her that she should go to the police. Let the secret come out. Or she can delete the video and let them all move on. No more threats. Those are her only two options. He asks what it will be.

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