B&B Monday Update 8/24/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks Liam in Ridge’s office if you really can’t see the rock at all. Liam shakes his head no. Steffy gets frustrated over the video. Liam doesn’t doubt for a minute that it happened the way that Steffy said but the video is not good. Steffy thanks him for believing in her. Liam says of course. Steffy is sure that Ivy was hoping that he would turn his back on her. Liam doesn’t think that Ivy is being herself. He doesn’t know if it is Aly’s death or the break up… Not that it excuses her behavior. Steffy doesn’t think that there is any excuse for blackmail. Ivy didn’t kill someone though. She did, not on purpose. It doesn’t stop the nightmares. She keeps seeing Aly on the ground. Liam hugs her to calm her down. Liam cannot believe that Wyatt didn’t just delete the video. Steffy doesn’t care about the video anymore. Let the chips fall. Liam doesn’t think she means it. Steffy does. Steffy has been thinking about this a lot she wonders if telling the truth is a bad thing. She will not let Ivy Forrester control her life though. Liam gets what she is saying. The fact is that they don’t know if it was her hitting Aly or the fall that caused her death. Ridge walks in and Steffy turns around. Ridge says hey. He wants to know if everything is ok and wants to know what they are talking about.

In Rick’s office Wyatt is working on his computer while Quinn is showing Ivy how making a small adjustment to a piece of jewelry makes all the difference in the world. Ivy doesn’t think anything is wrong with it and wishes that Quinn wouldn’t critique her work like she is her flunky. Quinn is baffled by her. Ivy asks if she remembers that she took over the jewelry line because Quinn got fired then Rick rehired her for whatever reason. Ivy will not back down to her. She gets a text. Ridge has called a meeting. Quinn asks where and when. Ivy never said she was included. Wyatt asks if it involves the face of Forrester choice. Ivy assumes so. Ivy hopes that it is her and not Steffy. Quinn looks confused and hurt. Quinn sees that the rumors are true about the new face of Forrester. Wyatt explains that Ridge wants to expand the image by adding a new face. He is deciding between Steffy and Ivy. Quinn laughs at Ivy being considered. Ivy reminds her that she has modeling experience. Ivy didn’t think that she would really want to be back in the game but who better for this. Quinn would think Steffy. She has all that experience. Ivy asks what is wrong with the way she looks. Quinn assures her nothing. Wyatt feels that Steffy is way too involved with the press right now. Ivy also promises that she will be more hands on with the jewelry line than ever. Deacon walks in and asks what is going on here. Ivy tells him that Quinn is all his because they have a meeting. Deacon wonders what is going on with Ivy.

Ridge walks over to Steffy and notices that she seems a bit tense. He asks if everything is ok. Steffy assures him that everything is fine. Steffy promises him that there is no worries. Thomas walks over and assumes that there is a reason why he has been called here. He asks if Ridge has made up his mind. Ivy and Wyatt walk in. Ivy asks if they are starting without them. Ridge tells them to take a seat. Everyone else does as well. Ridge would like to acknowledge that the face of Forrester is a very critical position. He needs someone to step up and do the work that Maya is doing right now. Having said that he appreciates that Ivy put her head in the ring but Steffy will be the new face of Forrester. Ivy has a look of disgust. Thomas looks scared. Wyatt is baffled. Wyatt asks if this is final. Liam tells him that Ridge has already made his choice. Wyatt wonders why Liam is speaking for their CEO. Ridge assures Ivy that she is very beautiful and talented. Ivy knows that she is not his daughter though. Thomas promises her that Ridge does not play favorites with anyone. Wyatt asks about Steffy’s public profile. Liam wants to know what about it. Wyatt is pretty sure that they all know what he is talking about. Ridge knows that it was a tragedy. Wyatt doesn’t think that the press is just going to go away. Ridge screams at him. Steffy knows how to deal with the press she has done it for years. Wyatt looks at Ivy who is laughing. Ridge asks if Ivy has something she wants to say. Ivy just thinks he is making a big mistake. One that he probably will regret. Steffy asks if she could speak to Ivy alone for a minute. Ridge leaves without saying anything. The others go behind him.

Quinn tells Deacon that the way Ivy was reacting was as if she wanted Ivy to redo the entire piece of jewelry. Deacon assumes that Ivy is giving her a rough time. Quinn remembers when Ivy used to be nice and easy to manipulate. Deacon asks what she did to set her off. Quinn did nothing. She asked her to change a few minor things and she threw a fit. Deacon feels that Quinn could give her a little slack. It hasn’t been that long since she lost her cousin. He thinks she knows how close they were. Quinn thought that they were supposed to be having a good working relationship. Deacon suggests she talk to Ridge. Quinn doesn’t even know what she would say to him. That she is stepping into her nickname. Deacon wants to know what it is. Quinn calls her Poison Ivy.

Ridge, Thomas, and Liam are all on the sky deck. Thomas wonders if one of them should have stayed behind. Ridge thinks that Steffy wants to figure things out with Ivy. Liam thinks it might be more than that. Ridge asks like what. He wonders if Liam knows something that he doesn’t.

Ivy isn’t shocked that Ridge picked his daughter over her. Ivy asks herself why she would let herself believe this would turn out differently. Steffy is sorry. Ivy knows she is not. This is just another thing she has taken away from her. Steffy just wants her to listen. Steffy knows that Aly is gone. The family will never be the same. Ivy is holding her accountable for something. Probably the first time she has ever had to in her entire life. Steffy imagines that is what she keeps telling herself. She needs to believe this to justify her actions. Ivy thinks that Steffy is just trying to save herself. Steffy isn’t. She wants to know who Ivy is. She is blackmailing her with their cousin’s death to become a model. Ivy knows exactly what she is trying to do. She is trying to make it look like Steffy is the reasonable one and is just reaching out. She can imagine that Steffy was worried that Liam’s feelings might have changed after seeing the video. It obviously didn’t work because Liam is still defending her. Steffy took Aly, Liam, and the face of Forrester. She will not get away with this anymore.

Deacon is rubbing Quinn’s foot and she tells him to keep going harder. Quinn likes that. He knows how to do it. Wyatt walks in and can’t believe that Deacon is still here. Quinn asks how the meeting went. Wyatt says it was just like usual. The underdogs lose. Quinn assumes that means that Ivy is not the new face of Forrester. Wyatt tells her that it is Steffy. Deacon hopes that Ivy doesn’t give Quinn anything for this. She has already taken enough from her today. Quinn can take care of herself. She asks where Ivy is right now. Wyatt explains that Steffy wanted a private one on one with her. Not that Ivy will take what is happening. Deacon feels that nothing can change now that Ridge has spoken. Wyatt doesn’t think that Deacon knows Ivy. Deacon asks what Ivy has to fight with. Wyatt feels that they will be surprised. Ridge sure will be. Quinn asks what is going on. She is getting the feeling that more is going on than they are saying. Wyatt thinks that they are dating. Quinn thinks that whatever she is to him he better rain her in or she will for him.

Ridge wants to know what Liam knows. Liam promises Ridge that if there is more to know that Steffy will tell him. Ridge asks what Thomas knows. Thomas was looking out for Steffy. He gave him his reasons. Ridge wants Thomas to support Steffy.

Steffy asks if Ivy is giving her another threat. Ivy doesn’t think that she should have accepted the positon. Steffy technically didn’t. Ivy feels like Steffy is trying to threaten her too. Steffy is going to have to live with what she has done the rest of her life. She doesn’t need to be blackmailed. Ivy doesn’t see it as blackmail. She sees it has revenge for Aly. Ivy has the video. Steffy demands to see the video. She shows her the video. Steffy looks freaked out. Ivy doesn’t see any rock. Steffy attacked Aly and not the other way around. She asks if Steffy really wants the world seeing that she killed her cousin.

Thomas can tell that Liam has seen the video. Liam thinks that it is pretty incriminating. It is a good thing that Steffy can see how big a threat Ivy is. Ivy is using the video as leverage. Liam thinks that Ivy could make good on this threat and it can’t happen. Thomas asks how they fix this.

Ridge walks in. He really wants to talk to Steffy. Ivy was just rehashing things with her. Replaying what happened. Ridge hopes that they came to an understanding. It isn’t personal Steffy explains that Ivy should be the face of Forrester. Steffy can concentrate on being President. She changed her mind. That is all. Ridge asks why. Steffy has enough on her plate and that is all. Ridge wants to make sure that is what she wants. Steffy is. Ridge looks at Ivy and she looks back with a smile.

Wyatt tells Quinn to be careful. Quinn asks who Wyatt is talking to. She isn’t the one making demands being all uppity. Quinn asks if he heard her speak to her earlier. Wyatt knows that she just wanted Quinn to respect her choices as a designer. Quinn does mostly but she has more experience. Deacon just feels that Wyatt should ask Ivy to chill out a little bit. Wyatt will. Ivy is dealing with a lot right now and Ridge picking Steffy is a lot.

Ivy thinks that Aly would be happy that Steffy is not getting her way. Steffy reminds her that Aly had issues. She is starting to wonder if Ivy does too. Ivy is just holding Steffy accountable for something. Probably for the first time in her entire life. Steffy doesn’t think she is a jury. Ivy might not be but she is holding a video that would convince one. Steffy feels that what that video shows… Ivy thinks that it shows Steffy is a murderer. Ivy has played it too nice for too long. She will not be messed with. So long as Ivy is around she will own Steffy.

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