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Written By Anthony
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Liam looks at the video in complete shock. Ivy feels that he has seen it with his own eyes now. It was murder, Steffy hit Aly. She rips the phone out of his hand while he is still in shock. Liam does not think that is true. It was self-defense. Ivy wants to know what it was self-defense over. Ivy asks if he has to play the video again. Liam says yes. Liam watches it again. Ivy believes that Steffy can claim self-defense all she wants but Steffy killed Aly and doesn’t even care.

Steffy continues to relieve what happened in her mind. She wakes up in shock and fear.

Caroline has a lot of questions. She thought that Aly died because she fell and hit her head. Thomas explains that it did. Caroline points out that he just stated that Steffy hit her with a tire iron. Thomas adds that it was self-defense. Caroline guesses that this is good because the video captured it all. Thomas believes that it is all subjected to interpretation. Thomas knows it is incredibly damning. Caroline cannot believe it looks like Steffy killed Aly and now Ivy is holding this over Steffy’s head. Thomas reminds her that Ivy wants to be the new face of Forrester. Thomas doesn’t want her to tell anyone at Forrester, especially Ridge. Caroline thinks that Ridge is going to want to know and be there for Steffy. Thomas is capable of protecting his sister. Thomas will not let Steffy be railroaded into taking the blame for something she didn’t do. Steffy however isn’t the only woman that he is worried about. He is worried about Caroline too. Caroline asks why. Thomas says because he is involved with his father.

Katie actually has been thinking about Ridge a whole lot lately. How different his life is. Ridge has a company to run as well as his all so young Caroline to come home to. Katie laughs. Katie knows that it is more than just sex. It isn’t hard to know why he fell for her. She is beautiful and wonderful and she also knows that Caroline wants a family. Katie knows what Ridge thinks about that.

Caroline believes that Ridge is good to her. Thomas knows that he always is in the beginning. He knows his father. He had a front row seat to it most of his life. He would make things for well in the beginning but things always became an issue. Caroline is happy with Ridge. Thomas asks if being with Ridge is everything that she always wanted. Caroline doesn’t answer. Thomas trusted Caroline with his secret so he wants her to return the favor. He asks if Ridge is everything he wanted.

Wyatt can tell that the video rocked Liam’s world. It is clear that he has only heard about it now. Ivy knows that Steffy is only about self-preservation. Wyatt wonders why she would keep it from him. Liam is all about being a protector. He knows that Liam wouldn’t go to the cops and turn her in. Ivy feels that it proves that Steffy isn’t worthy of him. Wyatt sighs. Ivy feels that it really does. Which means that he doesn’t know him. Otherwise she would be able to trust him. Wyatt believes that Ivy means that Liam doesn’t know Steffy like he knows Ivy. Ivy is over him. This isn’t even about her. This is about Steffy doing something so horrible. Then not accepting responsibility for it. Aly is dead and it is like her life meant nothing but Steffy’s does. Ivy is happy that Liam saw the video because maybe now Liam will see Steffy in a brand new light.

Steffy gets a water bottle from the kitchen and Liam comes home. Steffy asks how it went. She wonders if he saw the video. Liam did. Steffy assumes that it shows her defending herself. Liam sits down on the couch. Steffy wants to know why he isn’t saying anything. Steffy is starting to freak out. Liam admits that it is really bad. Steffy looks confused.

Katie understands that if she is prying that she can stop. It is just that Caroline has mentioned that she really wants to have children one day. Ridge notes that Katie is prying but Caroline is young and could grow out of it. Katie assumes that Ridge thinks that Caroline will grow out of it but in her experience she knows that it won’t happen. Ridge believes that it could happen. Ridge admits that they are only just starting their lives together. They will go on adventures together. Ridge doesn’t think that Caroline is going to want to give that up right now. Katie asks why she has to. Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean she has to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. She has a lot of options. Ridge wants to know whose side she is on. Katie is not on anyone’s side. Katie knows that when they were together Ridge said he would be a father to Will. Ridge meant it. Katie knows that he isn’t really interested in starting a family with Caroline. She is just wondering why.

Caroline asks who gets what they want from anyone. Caroline doesn’t even think that is possible. It is just asking for heartbreak. Caroline has learned a lot from her marriage from Rick and that is one of them. Thomas wonders if that means she is getting 99% of what she wants. That is the least she deserves. Caroline admits that one thing is an issue. Caroline can’t talk to him about these kind of things. Thomas will make things easy for her. He is guessing that it involves starting a family or more than likely not starting a family.

Ivy knows that Liam looks at Steffy as upstanding so it is making her wonder how it is effecting Liam to see Steffy hit Aly like that. Wyatt wonders why she hasn’t even told him until now. He thinks that it shows a lot about their relationship that he hasn’t even told him. Ivy thinks that it shows that it shows Steffy is a self-serving liar. Wyatt guesses there is that. Ivy knows it and Steffy knows it. Liam knows it as well now. She wonders how Liam can accept that. Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam is a saint. What trumps morality every time is coming to the rescue every time for the woman that he loves? Ivy doesn’t think that Liam can condone what is on that video. Wyatt can tell that is what she is counting on.

Steffy doesn’t get it. She asks how bad the video looks. Liam says that it is hard to watch. Steffy can realize that it would be hard to watch. It is awful and she feels terrible at this. Liam knows. Liam says that in the video when she goes off with the tire iron… Steffy interrupts and reminds him that it was self-defense. She wonders how many times she is going to have to tell him. Aly attacked her. She was trying to reenact the night her mother died. She picked up the tire iron and started to swing. The she dropped it and grabbed a rock. Liam explains that there is no rock. Steffy asks what he means. There was a rock in Aly’s hand and she planned to crush it on her head. Liam says it is not in the video. He doesn’t know how that is. Liam doesn’t think that it looks good. She has to rethink what happened one more time. She needs to remember what happened.

Ridge not wanting to have a family has nothing to do with his feelings for Caroline it just is that he doesn’t want to start over. Katie understands but wonders if Caroline does as well. Ridge assumes that she does. He has to take her word for it though. Katie just knows that sometimes people say the things that they think you want to hear. Ridge knows that. Ridge just wants to be honest with her. He didn’t want to complicate her life. He just wanted them to be together and live every moment and enjoy every day.

Caroline of course wants to have a family one day. Thomas asks if it will be next year or five years from now. Caroline doesn’t know. Whenever it feels right. Thomas asks if Caroline has mentioned this to Ridge. Caroline has. Thomas asks how that went. Caroline explains that Ridge isn’t ready. Thomas asks if he is not ready or not interested. Caroline is under the impression that Ridge wants to live for right now. Thomas thinks that sounds great for him but where does that leave Caroline.

Wyatt sort of feels bad for Liam. Wyatt remembers how shocked he was when he first saw the video. Ivy doesn’t feel bad. Ivy thinks that he should be aware of the woman that he is involved with. He thinks that Steffy walks on water. She is far from it. She is a cold blooded killer. Wyatt feels that is a little extreme. Ivy wants him to wake up. She stole Aly’s life and hers just goes on. No consequences. If he really wants to feel bad for someone in this situation then he should feel bad for Aly. She is gone. She hasn’t forgotten though. Wyatt knows. He asks if this is how they want to spend their night. Ivy guesses that he has different ideas. Wyatt thinks she is sexy when she is angry.

Steffy wants to know what he means when he says what really happened. Steffy hopes that he doesn’t think she did something. Liam isn’t accusing her of anything but he does think she is a little confused. Steffy told him everything. Liam knows that she told him that it is coming back in pieces so he doesn’t know. Liam thinks that she might remember something that might make all the difference. It is important. Liam sits her down. Steffy takes a deep breath and tries to remember. She was in her car and was driving down PCH and got a flat tire. She pulled over to change it and then there were headlights going after her. Then she started to argue with Aly and started attacking her. Liam asks when Aly picked up the rock and what hand it was in. Steffy remembers it being in her right hand. Then she swung the tire iron to protect herself. She doesn’t have all the bits and pieces but she would never ever kill her cousin deliberately. Liam isn’t going anywhere. Liam knows that Steffy would never do this to hurt anyone intentionally. Steffy asks if he really would even after seeing the video. Liam does. Steffy needs to lay down. Liam starts to kiss her passionately.

Thomas knows that he wasn’t with Caroline long but he got a sense of what drives her. He knows that she has dreams and ambitions and should be giving herself all her life instead of giving it all up for his father. Caroline doesn’t think that is how it is at all. Thomas feels like Caroline is the one sacrificing things while Ridge lives his moments. Thomas knows he doesn’t want a family because it is all about him. He isn’t trying to upset her and he knows his father.

Wyatt is in bed with Ivy. He likes this. He likes her even if she is a million miles away right now. Ivy asks how he can say that after what happened. Ivy is sorry. She just was thinking. Wyatt guesses that she was thinking about Steffy and Liam. Ivy doesn’t think that they are like them. The kiss each other again.

Liam and Steffy are in bed. Steffy feels it means a lot that he believes her. Liam isn’t going to think that she morphed into a cold blooded killer one night. That is absurd. Ivy asks if it matters what Ivy says. Liam doesn’t think that Ivy and Wyatt are objective right now. They are lashing out for not getting with them. Steffy should have told him everything when she remembered. Steffy knows that Ivy can hurt her and get justice for Aly. Liam knows she is innocent. He won’t let Ivy use it as a tool just to ruin her life. He knows it is serious though. He will do what it takes though to make sure no one ever sees it.

Ivy looks at the video. Wyatt walks in and tells her to put it down. He kisses her.

Liam holds Steffy in bed and Steffy looks into the distance.

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