B&B Wednesday Update 8/19/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/19/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy is putting on her earrings in Wyatt’s bedroom. Wyatt walks in and offers her coffee. Ivy thanks him. Wyatt thinks that Ivy putting his clothes on is almost as sexy as her taking them off. Ivy mentions that they are going to be late for work. Wyatt suggests that they tell people that they are having a breakfast meeting. Ivy wonders how she will explain these clothes. She needs to go home and change. Wyatt offers to take her and then they can have a little lunch meeting. Ivy would love to but she can’t. Ivy is holding her phone and tells Wyatt that he is rather lucky. She hopes that he knows deleting the video would have been a huge mistake. Wyatt understand that she thinks that it proves Steffy killed Aly. Ivy can tell that he doesn’t think the same thing. Wyatt explains that is not why. Wyatt didn’t delete the video because she asked him not to. They kiss.

Steffy is staring point blank during a meeting in Ridge’s office. Ridge tries to get her to wake up into reality. Steffy asks what he wants. Liam mentions that Baker came here to question her yesterday. Steffy wants to know why Ridge told Liam. Ridge told him because he is the VP. Steffy doesn’t think that it should be something discussed because it didn’t have to do with Forrester. Caroline believes that because she worked with Aly here at Forrester and this gets out to the press that it could hurt things. Thomas is sure that Bill Spencer would love to get a hold of that story. Steffy promises that there is no story because she is taking care of it. The situation is under control. Liam is only hearing of this now. He wants to know what she said to Baker. Steffy thinks that it was nothing. Baker was more interested in the hotdogs that they had for lunch then what she had to say. It is nothing to worry about. Ridge has a few things that he would like to talk about to get the meeting started. Steffy actually has to go right now. She has a few things that she needs to take care of. Steffy leaves. Liam looks confused.

Later on in Ridge’s office Ridge is showing Thomas a design and explaining that one little detail distorts everything. Thomas sarcastically says that he gets that. Ridge wants to know where Steffy was going. Thomas doesn’t know. Caroline notes that it has been a while. Ridge is worried about her. She has Baker walking in here talking about Aly’s death. Caroline knows that they have to investigate because it is a police formality. Ridge has known Baker for a long time and that wasn’t just a formality. He wants to know why.

Steffy walks into Wyatt’s house. She asks him why he thinks she is here. She asked him to delete that video from Ivy’s phone. She asks if he did it.

Ivy walks into Rick’s office and Liam is in there. She looks a little disgruntled. Liam says hi. Liam knows that things are a little awkward between them still. Ivy is shocked that now he is trying to talk to her. Liam is trying to. Ivy wonders if Steffy made Liam come down here to talk to her. Liam doesn’t know what she means. Ivy thinks it is funny that Steffy took him away from her and now she is going to use their past to get herself out of a jam. Liam doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ivy realizes that she didn’t say anything. Liam jumps to the conclusion that Steffy is in a jam. Ivy tries to reason that she isn’t. Ivy assumes that if Steffy knows then he must know. Liam wants to know what he is supposed to know.

Ridge knows that Thomas loves his sister so he wants to know what they are fighting about. Thomas asks if someone said they were. Ridge knows that there has been a lot of tension. Thomas knows that it has been stressful for everyone around here. Ridge believes that it has been really stressful for Steffy. Ridge cannot believe that Thomas would agree with Wyatt. Thomas was making a business decision. Ridge wants to know how that is a business decision. Ridge understands why he would agree. Caroline feels that Thomas brings up a good point with the police investigation. Even if it is just protocol. Caroline thinks that it could reflect badly on their line. Ridge asks if they are supposed to just keep Steffy out of the spot light then. Thomas thinks that she has been through a lot. Ridge isn’t talking about that. Ridge wants to know what he is missing. He wants to know why he went after his sister. Thomas blurts out that he didn’t do it to hurt her but to protect her.

Steffy just wants to know if he deleted the video. Wyatt had Ivy’s phone in his hand. Ivy was in the other room and he had his finger on the button and he couldn’t do it. Ivy came out and she caught him. Steffy asks what he told her. Wyatt told her the truth. Steffy cannot believe that Ivy knows that she knows about the video. She asks what Ivy said. Ivy was mad obviously. Steffy cannot believe that instead of making the situation better Wyatt made it a thousand times worse. Wyatt isn’t looking at it like that. Steffy thought she could count on him. Wyatt tried. Steffy wants him to try again. Wyatt can’t. Things have changed. Steffy knows that they have. Ivy has more ammunition for wacko vendetta. She is out of control. Wyatt says that things have changed in his relationship with Ivy. Steffy asks since when. Wyatt tells her since last night.

Liam doesn’t think that is fair. Ivy asks if Liam really wants to talk to her about what is fair. Liam will leave her alone then because he can’t stay in here and listen to this. Ivy wants him to just stop. This is about Steffy. That beautiful, edgy, dangerous girl that he left her for. Ivy asks if she was just too honest and sweet. Liam says no. Ivy assumes that he doesn’t like that kind of thing. She likes things a little darker. Liam wonders what that means. Ivy thinks that he deserves to know what he has gotten into. Liam asks if this is some kind of warning. Ivy tells him it is. It is exactly what this is. Ivy assumes that Liam thinks this is a game to her and she is enjoying herself. She isn’t. He should know that his precious little Steffy isn’t as brainless as she pretends to be.

Ridge would like to know what Thomas is protecting Steffy from. He asks what is going on. Thomas feels that if he needed to know he would tell him. Ridge wants to be told now. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge needs to be in control of everything. He wants Ridge to work on his designs. Their family is fine. Ridge leaves.

Steffy assumes that because Wyatt slept with Ivy that means he cannot help her out. Wyatt cannot help her. It wouldn’t change anything to delete the video. Steffy thinks that it would. If there would be no video then it would just be Ivy’s word against her own. Wyatt asks if she really wants to go down that road. Ivy is smart and probably made another copy or something. Steffy wants him to find it then and delete it. Wyatt didn’t expect Ivy to react the way she did but if he did that then he could be alienating her. Steffy feels that if Wyatt doesn’t do this then she could get dragged down to the police station for something she didn’t do. Wyatt doesn’t think anyone wants that. Steffy knows that Ivy does. Wyatt is telling Ivy not to use it. This isn’t about Steffy. It is about Aly. Ivy was closer to Aly then anyone in the family. They lived together. Ivy is hurting. Steffy thinks that she is blackmailing her. The same as Wyatt. He is mad that she chose Liam over him. Steffy thinks it is true. They both think that they got a raw deal. This isn’t a game though. Ivy isn’t talking behind her back spreading lies. They are not in high school. This video could get her in real trouble. She is innocent. Aly tried to attack her. How many times does she have to say this to him? This video is dangerous and doesn’t show what really happened.

Ivy wants to know what Steffy has told Liam about that night. Liam assumes she means Aly’s accident. Ivy wants to know what she has told him. Liam says not much. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Ivy knows the reason for that. Liam thinks he already knows. It was traumatic. Her cousin tried to kill her. Ivy reminds him that Aly is the one who died. Steffy is still here and is walking around. Liam does not think that makes Steffy the bad guy. What happened to Aly was horrible and they all wish they could have done something about it. Ivy knows that Steffy did something. Liam just thinks that she was changing her tire. Ivy didn’t see that. Liam thinks it is because she wasn’t there yet. Ivy saw them fighting. Liam knows they were fighting. Steffy was struggling and then Aly fell and hit her head on a rock. Ivy asks if that is what really happened. Liam wants to know what kind of question that is. Ivy feels that it is the only question that matters. Liam doesn’t want her to do that. Ivy will not Liam tell her that he doesn’t feel Steffy’s distraction or anxiety. Liam thinks that whatever this is it has to stop. He gets that she is angry because of what happened between them. He really loved her. Ivy doesn’t want to hear that. He can’t say that anymore. He has Steffy and that means he gets all of her secrets. If he really wants to know what happened to Aly that night he needs to speak to his girlfriend.

Thomas sighs and starts to erase a sketch. Caroline asks what he is doing it was looking good. Thomas knows that it wasn’t good enough for his dad. Caroline thinks that he needs a little bit of a twist. She has been there and has taken it a little bit further. Caroline suggests that he do something like this. Thomas gets distracted. Caroline thinks that she was totally out there. Thomas doesn’t think it was that. Caroline can tell it is Steffy. He told Ridge that she is fine but she means a lot to him.

Wyatt and Ivy are kissing in his living room. Wyatt assumes that she decided to play hooky. Ivy says no. She went to the office and saw Liam. Wyatt asks what happened with that. Ivy explains that he still thinks that they can be friends. He feels that if he says the right things that they can somehow be friends. Wyatt can tell that he made her upset. Ivy shouldn’t actually be upset because this was all bound to happen apparently. Ivy doesn’t understand how Steffy can break up a relationship but Ivy is the one who is being hurtful and vicious. Wyatt hopes that she didn’t accuse her. Ivy explains that Liam thinks that Steffy is a complete victim. Wyatt assumes that he hasn’t seen the video then. Ivy knows that he hasn’t. She didn’t even mention it to him. Wyatt asks if she didn’t either. He thinks she had to have said something. Ivy just wants him to realize that his incredible Steffy is capable of some really bad things. Wyatt thought they talked about this. She has to let Steffy deal with this in her own way. Ivy just thinks she could use a little more motivating. Wyatt asks what she did. Ivy just said that if he really wants to know what happened to Aly that night then he should go and talk to Steffy.

Steffy walks into Rick’s office and finds Liam. She explains that she has been looking for him. Steffy didn’t think he would be here. Liam just had some reports to right up. He needs to talk to Wyatt as well. Steffy just saw him, he is at the beach house. Liam asks if that is where she went when she left the meeting. Steffy needed him to take care of something for her. Liam asks if it was something for work. Steffy says something different. Liam assumes it is Ivy. Steffy needs someone to remind her that Steffy is the boss and needs a little bit of respect. Steffy would do it but she wasn’t feeling very warm and fuzzy about it. Liam admits that Ivy was just here and wasn’t feeling very happy. She let him have it. Steffy thinks that she needs to stop and get over this. Liam assumes that she means the two of them. Steffy claims that is why she is mad. Liam doesn’t think that made even begins to cover it. She should have heard what she said about her. Steffy asks what. Liam says that she claims he is interested in someone more dangerous and bad like Steffy. Steffy thinks she is immature and jealous. Liam was thinking that to and then she brought up Aly and the night she died. Steffy knows she cannot stop talking about it. That is why she saw Wyatt. So he can help her deal with it. She doesn’t think it is good that she keeps rehashing it. Aly attacked her and now she is gone. Liam knows it is because she fell and hit her head on the rock. Ivy thinks that something else happened. Steffy asks what she said. Liam doesn’t think she came out and said anything but she sort of blamed Steffy. He said that isn’t true. He thinks he is right. He asks if Steffy isn’t responsible.

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