B&B Tuesday Update 8/18/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/18/15


Written By Anthony
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Ivy wants to know what Wyatt is doing. Wyatt doesn’t know. He just feels like having this video feels dangerous. Ivy needs this video. It is the only proof of what Steffy did. They can’t delete this video.

Thomas asks if Steffy thinks that Wyatt will actually do it. Steffy explains that he said he would. He seems like a man of his word. Aly attacked her and Wyatt understands that now. He will erase the video and she can put this horrible situation behind her.

Ridge asks Baker if this is a case now. Baker thinks that Ridge sounds surprised. Ridge is. He thought that this was ruled an accident. Baker needs make sure that he isn’t missing anything. They know him. He has to check everything out and make sure he has asked all the right questions. Caroline thought that Aly hit her head. She wonders what questions he would need to ask. Baker has a lot of questions that he needs to ask Steffy.

Pam is on the phone in the lobby and tells someone that she will send them again. She doesn’t think it is a problem. Pam gets angry at Charlotte the intern. She can’t just drop off hot dogs any old place. They were supposed to be for Jake and his crew. Charlotte is sorry. It was just that Caroline asked her to keep one of the bags. Pam knows that she had to do what was asked of her. It doesn’t solve Jake’s lunch problem though. Pam guesses that Charlotte is going to have to go and get more hot dogs. Pam asks Charlotte to get her a chili dog with jalapenos.

Ridge assumes that Baker wants to take to Steffy now. Baker sure does. There is a lot of unanswered questions about that night. Baker sees the hotdogs and thinks that something smells good. Caroline explains that the interns just dropped off lunch. She asks if he his hungry. Baker wouldn’t want to take their lunch. Caroline insists. They didn’t even order them. Ridge wants him to help himself. Caroline and Ridge look scared. Baker thinks that the hotdogs taste great. Baker needs the interns names. He thought he knew the best hotdog place in town. Ridge wants to know what he needs from Steffy.

Thomas hopes that she is right. He hopes that she doesn’t have to worry about Aly’s death. Steffy feels that once the video is erased they will have no proof. Steffy thinks that the police already know what happened. They know that she is a victim. Ivy running to the police and calling murder isn’t going to make a big difference. Steffy doesn’t think that it changes the truth. Thomas agrees that it doesn’t change the truth but she left out details and that is a destruction of justice. It just makes him wonder if she should have told the police back when she remembered.

Ivy will be taking her phone now. Wyatt wants to talk about this for a minute. Ivy asks if he has been playing her. Wyatt says no. Ivy thought that they were getting closer. Wyatt says that they are and they can. Ivy reminds him that he went behind her back and took her phone. They need this video. She asks why he would even think of deleting it. Wyatt admits that he spoke with Steffy. Ivy can imagine and she got to him. Ivy tells him that she knows because he is a Spencer male and he can’t resist.

Baker just needs to have a little chit chat with Steffy that is all. Find out more that happened the night that Aly died. Ridge doesn’t know what he could possibly need to ask. The officers there that night asked her questions. Baker wonders if they asked her the right questions. Baker knows that there was animosity between the two cousins. Ridge wouldn’t use that word. Aly had issues with a lot of people. She was a troubled kid. Ridge explains that she had mental issues when her mom died. Baker thinks that is kind of odd. He thinks that it might be tempting to push or get physical. He wants to know what Steffy has to say about that.

Thomas is worried that the truth will come out and it will look like she was lying. Steffy didn’t intentionally hurt her. She doesn’t even know what she could have said differently. Everything was going so fast. One minute a car is going down on her and the next minute she is answering questions from the police. Her cousin was on the ground. She doesn’t even know how she answered those questions. Thomas agrees with her. Steffy wants to know why he is doing this then. He should be helping her out. She can’t change what she said that night. Wyatt will get the video and delete it. Then Ivy can heal and move on.

Ivy wants to know what she did. She assumes that Steffy started to wink at him and he agreed. Ivy can see that instead of coming to her about this she went to Wyatt. She did that because Wyatt is so easy to manipulate. Wyatt feels that a lot of the things that Steffy said made sense. He wants her to hear him out on this. Wyatt doesn’t think that Steffy killed Aly. Ivy saw what happened. Aly was defenseless. She didn’t just fall over and die. Wyatt knows that Aly was trying to attack her with a rock. Ivy didn’t see a rock. Wyatt says that is what Steffy told him. Ivy wants him to play the video. Wyatt plays the video. She doesn’t see the rock. Wyatt assumes that it is just the angle. Ivy thinks that this is very convenient. Ivy wishes people would start to realize that Steffy is a very good liar. She lied to the police that night and even lied to Wyatt. She is lying about Aly and the rock. Wyatt wonders if this video is going to send Steffy to jail for the wrong reasons. There are other ways of handling this without bad publicity. This could jeopardize his job. Ivy reminds him that she is a Forrester too just because didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills. Wyatt thinks that she knows what he means. They have been good to Ivy as well. Ivy isn’t trying to hurt her family name. Ivy isn’t trying to ruin their jobs. Aly is dead. She understands that Aly was hard to get along with but she was a good person. She just got caught up in all of this. Her death will mean nothing. Ivy doesn’t know what she wants. All she knows is that the video stays on her phone. One day she is going to figure out how to use that video. For Aly’s sake.

Pam is listening in at Ridge’s door. Steffy and Thomas walk out of Rick’s office. Steffy warns Pam to be careful. If her dad is in there with Caroline she might not like what she hears. Pam wouldn’t have her ear to the door if they were alone. Baker is in there so it must be something juicy. Steffy looks freaked out. Pam normally wouldn’t have pegged Caroline as a convict type but she has been at home because of her leg and is really into social media. Thomas doesn’t think that is it. Steffy decides to walk into the office. She walks in with Thomas. Baker says hello and explains that they were just talking about her. Steffy asks why. Baker first wants to say sorry for their loss. Steffy assumes this is about Aly. Baker assumes that they can imagine his surprise when he had the file come across his desk. Another Forrester death on PCH. Darla’s daughter no less. Baker asks if Steffy’s problem with Aly stemmed from their problem with their mother. Thomas doesn’t think that they had any problems. Baker knows that Ridge just told him that Aly had emotional issues and had problems with everyone. Steffy confirms that she did have mental issues. She was crazy. Baker thinks that sounds harsh. Steffy is talking about a girl who tried to reenact her mother’s death. Put a nail in her tire and waited on the highway so she could run her over with her car. Baker asks if anyone is going to eat the last hotdog. Ridge tells him to eat it. Baker doesn’t think that being crazy doesn’t justify killing someone.

Ivy hopes that Wyatt understands why she can’t give up this leverage. Wyatt understands that she wants revenge. Ivy will not have him sounding like this is somehow wrong. Steffy is what is wrong. She gets everything. She takes what she wants and everyone turns a blind eye. She will not let it go. Wyatt agrees with her but they can’t prove that she didn’t have the rock. Ivy asks if he wants to know why she doesn’t understand the rock story. She should have just told the police that at the accident. Wyatt assumes that she was scared. They have to be careful. Ivy thought that they were on the same side. Wyatt is. Ivy knows that the moment he talked to Steffy he turned sides. Ivy feels so alone in LA. It is hard to be away from her family and friends. She fell for Liam have him leave her and then her cousin die all because of Steffy. This is all too much for her. Wyatt is not on her side. She isn’t alone. He has found something in Ivy that he doesn’t want to mess up. He is sorry. He kisses Ivy. Ivy puts her hands around Wyatt. They start to kiss passionately. Wyatt picks up her and takes her into his bedroom. Ivy told Wyatt that when she was ready to give herself to him she would give him everything. Ivy is ready. They get on the bed and start to kiss passionately. The two drop back no naked under the sheets. Wyatt wasn’t expecting that. Wyatt thinks that it was great and is glad they did it. Ivy just has to let him know that she doesn’t just usually do this on a whim. Wyatt knows. Ivy hopes that this doesn’t scare him off but when she gives herself to a man she gives everything. Ivy means that she is really with him. She wants to be appreciated for that. She wants Wyatt to give everything as well. Ivy needs to make sure that they are on the same side. Wyatt is. Ivy is glad because she wants to be in bed together. She can only do it when she trusts him. For example her phone. The footage is important to her. She needs to make sure that he wouldn’t delete that without her permission. Wyatt says ok. They start to kiss passionately again.

Ridge thinks that Aly’s death was an accident and nobody killed anybody Steffy knows that if Aly had not tried to hit her with her car this wouldn’t have happened. Baker knows that it was on the same stretch of road as her mother ran over Aly’s. Thomas thought that Taylor was proven innocent. Baker guesses of a crime but then all of this happens again. Ridge wants to know about Aly. Baker does believe that she was targeting Steffy. Baker thinks something else is going on. Baker guesses. Baker has to do an investigation. Anytime there is a death in his little corner of LA County. Especially if that death could be a murder.

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