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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy cannot believe that Ivy has a video. Thomas explains that it was taken from her car at the scene of the accident. Steffy wants to make sure that Thomas is certain of this. Thomas has seen it with his own eyes. Steffy assumes that it shows her defending herself. Thomas tells her that isn’t what it shows. Steffy asks what is on it then. Thomas says that it is Steffy hitting Aly with the tire iron. To Ivy it looks like murder.

Ivy wonders if anyone has noticed. Wyatt asks what she means. Ivy means if anyone at the meeting today noticed that something was going on between them. Wyatt wants to know if it bothers her that people think that they are seeing each other. Ivy doesn’t care at all. She actually thinks it is a good thing. Wyatt is sure that they all think that him siding with Ivy is personal and it is. She deserves it though. She is talented and beautiful. She is also a Forrester. Ivy agrees that the two of them have been over looked. This video is their insurance policy.

Caroline is working on a sketch in Ridge’s office. Ridge is standing right next to her and he starts to draw with her. Caroline likes what he does. Two of the interns walk in and explain that Pam has them passing around a card because an employee had a baby. Ridge and Caroline sign it. Caroline saw the baby and she was so cute. Caroline didn’t want to let her go. The interns leave. Ridge wants to finish the drawing. Caroline agrees. She wonders who will wear the dress. She wants to know if Ridge is considering Ivy as the new face of Forrester. She does understand where Wyatt is coming from. Ridge does too. He found himself a new girlfriend and now he wants to be her cheerleader. He was all about Steffy just a while ago and now what? Is he bitter about Steffy? Caroline doesn’t think so. She does believe he brought up some valid points about Steffy. Mainly the confrontation. Ridge reminds her that Aly tried to kill Steffy and she is lucky to be alive. Caroline realizes this. Unfortunately though people are going to talk. It may not be a bad idea to let Steffy stay low for a while and just left Ivy step up.

Ivy bets that Thomas is going to convince Ridge to choose her. She knows that it sounds cold to use Aly’s death to advance her own career. Wyatt doesn’t think that she is doing that at all. They were best friends and she is trying to get what she deserves. Aly would want that for her. Wyatt wants that for her. She has earned this. Ivy has to get going. Ivy needs to go see Aly. Wyatt is confused as she walks off.

Steffy cannot believe this. She cannot believe that Ivy would record her best friend on the side of the road while she was going crazy. Thomas only knows what he was shown. Steffy was trying to get through to Aly. Thomas explains that it wasn’t on the video. Steffy guesses that they are blackmailing them. So much for miss sweetness. She will not be threatened. She was defending herself. Thomas reminds her that is not what it looked like. Steffy was defending herself. She is not going to let her get away with this. Thomas knows that she is innocent but this video makes her look bad. Very bad. Steffy asks who else has seen the video. Thomas knows that Wyatt has. Steffy can only imagine that he has. That is why he keeps giving her all those incriminating looks. Thomas explains that Wyatt is in this with Ivy. Steffy bets that they are trying to force them out. Steffy is putting a stop to the madness. She walks out of the room.

Caroline wants to know what Ridge is thinking about. Ridge doesn’t understand all this business with Ivy. Caroline doesn’t know. It is kind of obvious that she is with Wyatt now. Ridge thinks that there has to be more to it. Caroline can assume that they both resent Steffy and Liam getting back together plus their positions at Forrester. Ridge assumed that both of them were rather confident. In his day when the CEO said something that was it. Caroline reminds him that Ivy got hurt when Steffy took Liam from her, then Wyatt had to deal with Liam going back and forth with Hope. Then both of them got looked over in the takeover. Ridge is bothered more about the fact that Thomas is not loyal to his sister.

Thomas sits in Rick’s office and remembers seeing the video. He leaves the office.

In Aly’s room Ivy sits on the bed and looks around. She gets up and walks over to pictures of Aly as a child. She sees a neckless of Aly’s that is a locket. Ivy picks it up and looks at it for a moment. She looks through her desk and finds more pictures of Steffy. Ivy looks scared

Steffy and Wyatt walk into Rick’s office. Wyatt guesses that when you get a text from the president you would assume you are moving up in the world. Steffy knows about the video. Wyatt assumes this is not about a job promotion then. Steffy doesn’t think that this is funny. Wyatt doesn’t think that this has to be serious. Steffy guesses he means if she goes along with their little plan. Wyatt doesn’t think that it was a plan. It was just a helpful suggestion. Wyatt wants Steffy away from reporters and Ivy deserves a chance to show her stuff. Steffy explains that Aly is gone. She put this on herself. She attacked Steffy. She tried to hurt her. Steffy was defending herself. Then Ivy is using her cousin to get ahead. Steffy reminds him that he is employed by Forrester. She thought they were friends. Wyatt did too. Steffy thinks that this is about Liam. So he is using Ivy to lash out. She reminds him that blackmail is illegal. Steffy feels that he is supporting the wrong person. She needs him to delete the video.

Caroline wants to know who it is going to be. Steffy or Ivy. Ridge cannot believe that he is in this position. The interns walk back in with lunch. Ridge and Caroline didn’t order hot dogs. Caroline wants them to leave a bag. Ridge reminds her that they have more important things to figure out. Caroline knows. She asks again. Who is it going to be? Steffy or Ivy.

Ivy is putting some of Aly’s things in a box.

Steffy demands that Wyatt get rid of the video. Wyatt asks if Steffy is telling him to get rid of the video. Steffy realizes that he is with Ivy now. She wonders if he has any idea what she is doing. She is blackmailing her family. Wyatt thinks that Ivy needs a break. Steffy is not talking about her need a break. She is trying to make her look like she is responsible for Aly’s death. Steffy knows that Ivy is upset. Wyatt thinks that she has every right to be. She just lost her man and best friend to Steffy. He is sorry but her work is getting trashed and she is upset. So is her. Wyatt asks if she remembers the summer of fun the two of them were supposed to have. If she wants to throw it in with Liam fine. This is the same guy though who is now VP of Forrester Creations and has never held a position here and has no experience here. Yet Wyatt is still selling jewelry. He guesses that is fair. Steffy is not going to try to convince him how important Wyatt is to this company. He should already know that. She does expect his allegiance. They are a team and he is starting to waver. She needs him to get the video. She needs him to make it is clear. Steffy wants the video gone. Steffy is innocent. Aly attacked her and she defended herself. It was a terrible accident. She wouldn’t have killed Aly. Steffy needs him to do the right thing. Focus on his future at Forrester. Erase the video. Steffy needs him to make sure no other copies exist. Wyatt says alright. Steffy means it. Wyatt said alright. He will get rid of it. He leaves.

Ridge worries about Steffy. She says that she is fine but he doesn’t know how she could be. Caroline honestly doesn’t know. She watched her cousin die. That would take Caroline forever to recover from. Ridge isn’t so sure. Caroline thinks that she is preoccupied. Ridge guesses that is Steffy. Someone knocks on the door. Ridge walks over to the door and it is Officer Baker. He assumes that he remembers Caroline. Baker tells her it is good to see her again. Caroline wishes him the same. Ridge asks what they can do for him. Baker sees a design and thinks it is beautiful. Caroline says they both drew it. Ridge wants to know how they can help him. Baker explains that he is here about Steffy’s case and her role in the death of Aly.

Ivy walks into Wyatt’s house with Wyatt following. He is carrying the box that Ivy put together. He wonders what all of this is. Ivy explains that those are Aly’s things. She just wanted sometime with Aly. Ivy expected to feel her there but she is dead. Ivy still cannot believe it. Ivy puts her phone down. Ivy shows him all of Aly’s things and explains why they are all a blur because of Steffy. Wyatt offers to draw Ivy a bubble bath. Ivy is sorry about acting like this. She hates laying all of this on him. She goes into the other room. Wyatt sees her phone.

Thomas asks Steffy what Wyatt said. Steffy explains that he feels unappreciated. Steffy told him to get the video and destroy it. They will see. He says that he is going to destroy it and she thinks that she got through to him. Steffy needs this to go away. Wyatt has to delete the video.

Wyatt walks over to Ivy’s phone and goes to the video. Ivy walks in and asks what he is doing. She sees that he is about to delete it. Ivy gets angry and tells him that he is not going to delete that video.

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