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Thomas tells Ivy that he doesn’t think that Steffy would ever let that happen. Ivy doesn’t think that she really has a choice. Thomas is starting to feel like he is being blackmailed. Ivy reminds him that he has seen the video. He knows that it was not an accident. It was murder. Thomas points out that Aly was his cousin too. It was a tragedy what happened but calling this murder is going too far. Ivy wonders what the police would think. Thomas doubts she would go to the cops. Ivy would like to know why she should cover for Steffy. She took away some one’s life. She took away Aly from her father. She died in vain. Ivy wants something for being quiet. Ivy wants to be right next to Maya as the new face of Forrester.

Caroline is in Ridge’s office. Ridge gets up from his desk and has a feeling she didn’t hear anything that he said. He wants to know where her mind went off too. Caroline shakes her head and tells him that she heard everything. She thinks that adding a second face to Forrester would be a great idea. Maya did mention wanting to focus on her marriage for a little bit. Steffy and Liam walk in. Steffy wonders where everyone is. Liam is actually ok with that because they need to talk about the press coverage from Aly’s death. It is time they address that as a company.

Katie is reading a Spencer magazine that has an article about Aly’s death. She tells Bill that she likes it. Bill thanks her. He is glad that she does. Katie thinks the whole thing is so awful. Bill agrees. He can tell her for a fact that other publications are going to go for more crucial details. Katie agrees that they will be digging for bits and pieces. Bill knows that when a Forrester is dead that is news and with Steffy being there when it happened is bigger news.

Thomas doesn’t think that if Ivy really wanted justice for Aly that she wouldn’t be making demands. Ivy believes that just because he doesn’t see it this is for her. Wyatt walks in. Thomas rudely asks if he minds because they are in the middle of something. Ivy is fine with this. He has seen the video as well. Thomas had a feeling he was behind this. Wyatt wants to know what he is implying. He wants to make it clear, this is tragic for everyone. Despite her instincts Ivy has kept quiet. He agrees. She deserves something for that.

Bill feels that Steffy could have been the one in that body bag. Katie knows that Aly had issues with Steffy she just didn’t know that they were that serious. Bill knows that she was dealing with some serious demons. Katie just finds it so unfortunate that she didn’t get the help she needed. Medication or something. Bill has to imagine that Thorne was taking her to the best shrinks in Paris. Katie points out that according to Liam Steffy is doing well with things. Bill doesn’t think that Steffy could have done anything differently to prevent Aly’s death. She should be grateful to be alive.

Carter informs everyone in Ridge’s office that Aly’s death is on the cover of every publication. You name it they are covering it. Thomas, Wyatt, and Ivy walk into the room. Zende and Nicole are in the corner as well. Ridge explains to all of them that they need to talk about image and marketing. Ridge notes that Maya is doing well as lead model and the numbers reflect that so he wants to add another face. Ridge talked with Steffy about her stepping up. Steffy knows that if there was any time to step up it is now. Ivy would like to throw her hat into the ring as well. Steffy looks puzzled. Ivy is sure that Steffy would do a good job but why not think outside the box. She gets it. Steffy is his daughter. Ridge didn’t ask because she is his daughter. She is just the most qualified. Caroline explains that they have photo shoots already lined up and ready to go. Ivy is ready. Ridge needs a seasoned spokesmodel. It is nothing against Ivy. Liam believes that Ivy would make a great choice. They need someone with a lot of experience. Wyatt knows that Steffy has experience. He really thinks that Ivy should be considered instead.

Katie knew that Aly had issues but she never thought that Aly would go crazy. Bill doesn’t think that anyone knew that Aly would do what she did. Katie wonders if she snapped. Bill mentions that they found pictures of Steffy and Maya with nails in their eye balls in her closet. So he imagines it was years of aggression. Katie just thinks that it is so extreme. Bill guesses that Aly wanted to get back at Taylor and did it through Steffy and her being a liberated woman. Katie feels that is one way to describe Steffy. She could think of a few more. Bill wonders if Ivy has a little blood on her hands. Ivy should have told Aly not to be so protective when it came to Liam and Steffy. Katie is sure that in Aly’s mind she was just being loyal to Ivy. Bill still thinks that it was a huge loss and Steffy is dealing with it.

Wyatt mentions that Steffy has a lot on her plate. She is back in LA and President now. Steffy can manage. Ridge reminds Ivy that she is a jewelry designer and has her own career. Ivy has not had has much time as Steffy in front of the camera but she did step up for that shoot in Amsterdam. Carter agrees that she did an incredible job. Hope deserves credit for that too. Wyatt feels that Ivy has more to offer than just being a designer. This is everything that this company stands for. Ridge asks Ivy if she knows that representing the company is a bit different than a single shoot. Liam believes that they want to have consistency and she has a fan base. Wyatt says that is all the more reason to use Ivy. She is new. He hates to bring it up but they need to consider it. The confutation between Aly and Steffy. From a PR standpoint it is not wise to put Steffy in the spot light until this all is worked out. Ridge knows what happened. It was a tragic accident. Ivy agrees with Wyatt. Forrester could end up looking bad. Unless they do what is right. Steffy tries to tell her off. Thomas stops her and tells Ridge that they may have a point. He thinks that they should go with Ivy. Steffy wonders if Thomas is serious. Nicole asks if she should leave with Zende. Carter thinks that they are fine. Thomas thinks that it might not be a bad idea to keep Steffy behind the scenes for the time being. At least until thinks blow over. Liam could understand if Steffy was hiding something or did something wrong but that is not the case here. Caroline reminds him that Steffy didn’t do anything wrong. Carter knows that no charges have been filed. Thomas isn’t saying that. Thomas knows people are talking and coming up with theories. They have to be smart and respectful. Aly’s followers are devastated. They need to keep Steffy protected. Liam believes that if they hide Steffy that would send a weird image. Caroline agrees. Liam doesn’t think that anyone has broken the law. Thomas wants to keep Steffy safe. He knows that Steffy has a full schedule already running the company with Ridge. Ivy has modeled before. She came through in Amsterdam and it is the best choice for all of us. Steffy is shocked. Wyatt wants Ridge to consider it. Ridge will think about it. Steffy can’t believe this. Ridge ends the meeting. Everyone leaves. Steffy needs to talk to Thomas right now. Thomas leaves with Steffy.

Katie guesses that compared to Forrester it is pretty calm around here. No drama or secrets. Bill doesn’t think that anyone is hurting over at Forrester either. Thanks to him. Katie asks if he is still patting himself on the back for making Maya a household name. Bill wants her to admit that what he did wasn’t that bad. Katie thinks it was. Bill feels that he has been really good lately. Katie thinks that is strange but it has been calm around here. Bill agrees that everything is good. Bill starts kissing her. Katie wonders if she should lock the door. Bill already did.

On the sky lounge Wyatt gives Ivy a bottle of water. She thanks him for jumping in back there. Wyatt asks if she is ready to be on a bunch of billboards all over the world. Ivy reminds him that Ridge still has to make his choice. Wyatt thinks that good points were made in there. If Thomas knows what is good for both the company and Steffy then he will convince Ridge to choose Ivy. Ivy notes that Liam was really quick to jump to Steffy’s defense. Wyatt guesses that they are attached to the hip. Wyatt wonders if it would change if he saw the video. Ivy points out that Thomas has not told Steffy yet. She has no clue about the footage. She probably is wondering why he stood up for them. Wyatt is shocked that they can’t hear her screaming at him from all the way up here.

Steffy and Thomas go into Rick’s office. Steffy wants to know what the hell that was. Thomas wants her to calm down. Steffy thinks that he is supposed to be on her side. She wants to know why he is promoting Ivy. Thomas bursts out that he did it for Steffy.

Ridge can’t believe that meeting. Caroline doesn’t know how he didn’t completely lose it. Caroline thought that Thomas and Steffy were getting along. Ridge thought that too. Caroline guesses that they won’t be now. Ridge wants to know why Thomas is backing Wyatt and Ivy. Caroline doesn’t know. She thinks that if she is being honest Ridge did rip up his designs, offer Steffy presidency, and now he is offering her a modeling contract. Ridge knows that they have always been competitive. Ridge just feels like something else is happening. Caroline also thinks that Wyatt has a point. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why he is pro Ivy though. Ridge knows they are hooking up. Caroline is glad that it is obvious to someone else. Caroline wonders who he will pick.

Wyatt wants to know why Ivy isn’t representing the company. She is more than qualified. She deserves the title just as much as Steffy. Ivy believes that it would make Aly happy to see her succeeding. It would knock Steffy down a peg or two. Wyatt isn’t going to let her stand in the background. Ivy doesn’t want Wyatt to either. Wyatt already knows that he is much better than Liam at this job. Bill made Liam VP of both Forrester and Spencer. Something has to be illegal about that. Ivy thinks that is just like Liam though. He has to options and can pick whenever he likes. Wyatt tells her that he can have Steffy and both of the titles. They are not going to let anyone stop them. This is their time to shine.

Steffy wants to know how Thomas did this for her. Steffy thought that Thomas knew how she feels about Ivy. All the things that she has been saying about her. She is thinking about firing Ivy not making her the face. Thomas had a reason for saying what he did. Steffy asks if he thinks that she is talented. Steffy is not allowing this to happen. Thomas doesn’t think she has a choice. Steffy does have a choice. She is president and Ridge is CEO. Thomas made a promise to have Steffy’s back. He wants her to understand how dangerous this situation is. She can’t tell anyone. Steffy doesn’t care if Ivy is saying bad things. He doesn’t have to side with her. Steffy was defending herself. Thomas knows that. Steffy thinks it is her word against Ivy’s. Thomas says it is not that simple. He didn’t want to tell her this but he was trying to protect her. She has a video of her and Aly on the side of the road. Steffy asks what is going on. Thomas explains that Ivy is implying that it was murder.

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