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Thomas assures Steffy that she was just protecting herself. Steffy remembers Aly just standing over her. Pure hate. Thomas thinks that she attacked her. Steffy doesn’t know what could have set her off. Thomas reminds her again that Aly tried to kill her. She was in survival mode. Steffy is worried about something else. Ivy was there that night. She has been acting weird ever since.

Maya loves Vivienne too. Nicole walks over and explains that goes for her as well. The three hug each other. Nick asks if they need a minute. Maya tells him no. They stopped the wedding because she was afraid that her dad would ruin it. Maya tells Rick they are doing this.

In Rick’s office Ivy tells Wyatt that she has been waiting for Steffy to go to the police. Wyatt guesses that Ivy rattled her pretty hard. Ivy doesn’t think it was hard enough. Wyatt would have thought that after the memorial Steffy would have realized what she did was wrong. Ivy believes that is only if Steffy knows right from wrong. She comes into work and acts like the accident never happened. They know that. Aly would still be here if it were not for Steffy and she needs to take responsibility for that.

Thomas doesn’t think that Ivy came right out and accused Steffy. Steffy thinks that she got close. Thomas wonders if she would if she could. Steffy knows how Ivy feels towards her. She said that Aly’s death wasn’t an accident. Ivy really thinks that happened. Thomas knows that Steffy was defending herself. That is what really happened. Steffy wants to know why Ivy would ask her about lying to the police though. Thomas bets that it is to make her feel bad for getting back with Liam. Steffy says no. Ivy implied that she was responsible for Aly’s death.

Nick tells everyone that family can be complicated. That is why it is important on days like this to remember that below all of the complication and all of the pain there can be love. The love that Rick and Maya feel today from everyone will strengthen their love together. They will be strong with them. Today at the alter and every day in their hearts.

Steffy explains that Ivy was the one who called 911. Thomas guesses that it just happened then. Steffy believes that Ivy didn’t see anything. If she did then she would have said something but she didn’t. Thomas thinks that there is nothing to worry about then. They are the only ones who actually know what happened and they are not going to say anything to anyone. He needs her to promise. Steffy promises. Thomas reminds her that they are still brother and sister. If she needs to talk to someone then she comes to him. No one else. Don’t get into it with Ivy. She has been through enough. Thomas promises to do whatever it takes to protect her.

Nick says that when they swear you in as deputy official you have to take an oath of office. He is standing there in the court house thinking about what he would like to say today. These words came to him. “We hold these truths that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is how America began. That is how America declared its independence. Maya and he began their separate but shared journeys to becoming themselves. At first they had to declare their independence to be free and happy in their own skin like everyone else. Not abused or afraid to be whom they are. Maya found that belief and then she found a man who understood her. He is so pleased in joining them together.” Eric is very proud today. A lot of people have been married in this room. He tells Zende that his parents got married in this room. Not too long ago he said goodbye to his granddaughter Aly in this room. This is where their family comes together to celebrate and support each other. With Maya his son has become the man that he always knew Rick would be. Eric hugs him. Nick explains that Maya asked her mother to do the first reading.

Vivienne stands up. “Shakespeare wrote; love is not love which alters to the vines. Or bends with the remover. Oh no, it is an ever fixed mark. One tempus it is never shaken. It is the star wondering far.” Vivienne explains that Maya and Rick have true love. They need to let their love guide themselves. Pointing them in the right direction in every situation. Never let it steer them wrong. It is a blessing to them. An inspiration to all of them. She sits down. Nicole explains that this is a reader from the poet Dante Alighieri. “Love you never knew about. The good life. Which is my memory and was trapped when I first met you. It hurts. Here begins a new life. We all have those moments and days that change things so much that everything afterwards feels so new.” When Rick and Maya met it was like that and this day is too. Maya hugs Nicole.

Ivy works on a piece of jewelry and Thomas walks in asking if she has a minute. She looks startled. Thomas was just talking to Steffy. He guesses that she said something to her. Ivy said a few things to her actually. Thomas asks if she tried to upset her. Ivy wonders if she is upset. Thomas believes that they are all upset. They just lost their cousin. He knows that Ivy was friends with her and was there when she died. He is sorry that she had to experience that. Thomas wasn’t here. He didn’t know what was going on with Aly. She had serious issues. Ivy knows that Aly was an extremely troubled person but she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Aly might have been sick but Steffy is no saint.

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office and says hello to Steffy. Steffy asks what Wyatt is holding. Wyatt says that it is jewelry. He sent an email about it. He knows that she got a little behind with everything. Steffy remembers. Wyatt asks how she is doing. Steffy is just focusing on work. Wyatt explains that Ivy is too. Steffy doesn’t want to talk about Ivy. Things are a little tense between them. She is sure that Wyatt already knows that considering how close the two are. Wyatt guesses that no one can keep a secret with Pam around. Steffy believes that she should watch the way she talks to people. Wyatt asks if she means Pam. Steffy explains that Ivy has been saying dangerous things about her. She wants it to stop.

Thomas feels that what happened to Aly that night was an accident. Ivy jumps at him and tells him that what happened to Aly that night cost her, her life. Thomas wants Ivy to be careful. What she is saying could be misunderstood. Ivy knows that Thomas thinks that Steffy is the victim in all of this but she is no saint. He has no idea what it is like since she has been back. She did everything to get Liam back with zero respect for their relationship or Aly. Thomas believes that the night was a traumatic one for Steffy and now Ivy is making threats. Ivy asked a simple question. Thomas wants Ivy to stay away from her. He doesn’t even want her to hint at what happened. Ivy thinks that it is the truth. She wishes that it wasn’t but she was there that night and saw exactly what happened.

Nick asks Rick and Maya to please join hands. He would like them to make their intentions to one another. Nick tells Maya to say “I Maya take you Rick as my lawfully wedded husband.” She repeats him adding “to have and to hold for richer and for poorer she will be faithful for all the days of her life.” Rick repeats her. Eric hands Nick the rings. Nick tells them to exchange these rings and wear them as the commitment that they have as love. Nick has Maya put the ring on Rick’s finger. She tells him to take this ring as a reminder of her love for him and a reminder of their marriage. Then Rick does the same. The two smile at one another.

Steffy doesn’t want this to get ugly. Wyatt scoffs and assumes that what Ivy is saying is bothering her. Steffy thinks that it would be in Ivy’s best interest to morn Aly’s death like the rest of them.

Thomas knows that Ivy called 911. Ivy did because she thought that Aly could still be saved. She thinks that Aly was already gone. She wasn’t breathing. Thomas is sorry about that. Steffy told her about how Aly fell. Ivy explains that isn’t how it happened. She didn’t just fall and hit her head. They were fighting. Thomas knows that Aly attacked her. Ivy knows that Steffy is lying. Steffy hit her with a tire iron. Thomas says no. Aly hit her head and fell. Ivy explains that is just what Steffy is telling everyone. Thomas guesses that it is just Steffy’s word against hers. Ivy has proof and goes to get her phone. She shows Thomas the video of Steffy hitting Steffy. Ivy explains that now he has seen what his sister has done. She doesn’t know why the whole world shouldn’t see it too.

Nick explains to Rick and Maya that they can now say their vows. The promises they say today will last forever. Rick grew up in a privileged family and thought he had everything until he met her. The confidence that she has given her is greater than any success. She has shown him true courage. Rick promises to be the husband that she wants him to be. He promises to tell her every day how much he appreciates it. He vows to love her in every stage. No matter how much they change or grow together. Maya vows to love her in every stage of their lives no matter how much they change or grow together. To build a life together. She didn’t grow up with the love and support he had. She does now though. Before she met her she never thought she would feel this love and peace. Maya wants to share her gift with the word. Being the woman that she truly is. Being a devoted wife to him. She loves him. Rick does too. Nick explains that Rick and Maya have pledged their love to one another with vows and rings. So it is with sincere happiness that he pronounces them husband and wife. They may kiss. Rick and Maya kiss and they all stand up and clap. Nick presents them all with Rick and Maya Forrester.

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