B&B Tuesday Update 8/11/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/11/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Vivienne says Maya’s name frightened. Julius assumes that Maya is having a case of cold feet. Maya isn’t at all. Rick asks if she is feeling ok. Eric asks if she would like to sit down. Maya will be fine. Julius knows that Maya does have a medical condition. Maya is not sick. Julius just worries. He is a father. Maya wouldn’t know. Nick is ready to continue then. Vivienne whispers that she doesn’t want to make everyone wait. Maya has been waiting and waiting for this day and it is finally here. Nothing has changed. Maya wonders if Julius would be more comfortable leaving. Unless he is being asked to leave.

In Ridge’s office Steffy is crying over Aly again. She tries to get herself together and Thomas walks in. Steffy asks him what is wrong. Thomas wants her to tell him. She should see her face. Steffy wants him to close the door. Thomas knows something is not right. Steffy knows. Their cousin is dead and nothing is right about this. She might have killed her. Thomas looks shocked. Thomas doesn’t want her to say that. Steffy asks if she isn’t allowed to tell him that. Thomas explains that she can say whatever she wants to him but she has survivor’s guilt. She was there and she lived but Aly didn’t. So Steffy must feel like it is somehow her fault. Steffy doesn’t. It isn’t a matter of fault. She looks back at it and wonders what she could have done differently. Thomas believe that the fact is that it was an accident. Steffy doesn’t think it wasn’t. Thomas is the only person who knows that.

Eric tells everyone that they should go outside. They should give Maya some time alone. They all start whispering. Maya doesn’t want them to leave. She needs them all here. Maya needs to ask Julius again what she is to him. Julius does not think that this is the time and place for that. Maya thinks it is. Julius demands respect. He is her father. Having to try to give him the respect he thinks that he deserves was almost the end of her. Vivienne doesn’t think he meant anything by it. Julius will not be called out or publically embarrassed. Whatever problems they have had are in the past. He is here to do his fatherly duties. Maya asks what duty that is. Julius is here to give her away at her wedding. Maya doesn’t think you can give away something that he has already thrown out.

Thomas wants Steffy to let go of this guilt. Steffy feels that is easier said than done. Thomas doesn’t think that she can hold herself responsible for something that nobody saw coming. Steffy tried to confront Aly and she was firm and calm. Tomas wonders how Aly handled that. Steffy tells him that Aly planned to kill her. It was planned out. Thomas doesn’t know if a nail in her tire proves that. Steffy knows that it does because she told her. Aly wanted her to know every reason for why she was killing her. That she is a slut and she took Liam and her dad’s job. Thomas thinks that doesn’t make her responsible. Steffy asks herself why she didn’t just run. She should have just done that. Steffy thought that Aly realized that judging other people’s lives was ruining her own. Steffy honestly thought she got through to Aly who was lost. Then she attacked her. Thomas doesn’t want her to relive that again. Steffy keeps thinking about right before. Thomas wants to know what that matters. She fell and hit her head. Steffy says no. She hit her. Steffy picked up the tire iron and swung it. She tripped and fell.

Julius is now standing in the aisle. He asks if she thinks this is right what she is doing or if this is all a part of her new LA morals. Rick asks what happened. Brooke stands up and tells Julius that he is right. This is not the time or place. Maya heard Julius and what he said right at the bottom of those stairs. Vivienne asks what she heard him say. Maya heard that he despises her. He always has. Julius reminds her that she is his child. He clothed and fed her and all he asked for in return was respect and decency. Maya guesses she could never be enough for him. Julius realizes she means that because he doesn’t agree with what she did to herself he is a bad father. Maya asks if he tucked her in at night or bathed her. He couldn’t bear to touch her. Maya screams to say it to her face. Julius screams back that even Vivienne thinks this. Maya will not have him blaming her. Vivienne loved her enough to send her up to her room when Julius came home because all he saw when she was around was something wrong. Julius had a son who was afraid to be a man. Vivienne wants him to leave Maya alone. Maya cannot be what she never was. Julius thinks that is the problem. Her TV shows and blogs and the internet. They all say that it is ok to do whatever you want. A dog can’t be a cat and a boy can’t be a girl. He will not let her say that he didn’t pray for her and that he didn’t sacrifice for her. He didn’t know what to do with a child like her. So he gave her distance. Rick doesn’t think that he tried to give her the life that she wanted. He refused to see the life inside of her. Julius has a son who now stands around in pretty dresses and takes pictures with people who isn’t building a life for himself. Now Maya is going to rely on Rick and his money. Maya asks why he is here then. He came to whisk Nicole away and yet he still isn’t gone. Julius tried to accept it. Maya asks if he really was trying or if he faked it. Julius believes that there are certain things that just cannot be accepted. Maya guesses that if that is the case then why he is here.

Thomas believes that Steffy’s mind is playing tricks on her. Steffy is whimpering and says no. Thomas thinks that it was an accident. Steffy was in shock and it all happened so fast. It was dark. She had these images in her mind but now she is starting to connect them. Thomas doesn’t want to her to connect them if she doesn’t know what they are. Steffy does though. She was changing the tire and she tried to hit her with her car. Steffy was so mad and she started to argue and then out of nowhere she started to attack and Steffy fell. Steffy grabbed the tire iron and… She realizes what she did. Steffy is sure of it. Thomas knows it was self-defense. Steffy thinks that she wasn’t being rational. Thomas reminds her that it could have been her. Thomas asks who else knows about this. Steffy tells him that nobody does. Thomas doesn’t think that they should. She threatened her life.

Julius believes that Maya and her California friends think that he is just a small town man. He is going to tell her who he is though. He is the proud son of Myron Avant. A proud and strong man. Who taught himself to read when he was working on the farm. Then he made it to Chicago and when he got there he slept in parks and alley ways. Until he found work and he worked day jobs painting and roofing until he was able to work his way up in the building industry until he started his own business. That is who he named Maya after. A self-made man. Rick believes that Julius has over stayed his welcome. Julius asks Rick if it makes him feel good to have a woman that no other man would want. Everyone gasps. Julius explains that before his father died he gave him a severance check and disowned him because he felt that his namesake was being disrespected. Julius calls for Vivienne. Vivienne is here for her daughter’s wedding. She is staying he can go.

Thomas still thinks that it is an accident. Steffy doesn’t think that it is exactly. Steffy didn’t mean for it to happen. It did though. Thomas explains to her that is the definition of an accident. When someone dies tragically the person there changes there story. He doesn’t want her to do that. He lost one sister already and he is not losing her.

Julius wants Vivienne to be careful and remember who she is. Vivienne gets in his face and explains to him that she obeyed him for thirty five years. Julius is a hard man to love but she loved him anyways. She is here to see her daughter get married. Vivienne is staying. Julius cannot believe that she is going to stay and witness this freak show. Rick asks how he can say something like that about his own child. Julius doesn’t think she is his child. Julius asks Vivienne how unnatural this is. With all the people here. Vivienne tells him no. He will not tell her about unnatural. The most unnatural thing in her life was when she had to turn her own child away from her door. Julius looked at her and said “I don’t know what you are and I don’t want to know”. He wanted her to be gone and Maya looked at her after he said that and she had to agree with him. Vivienne is so sorry. The words burn her tongue even today. She wishes a thousand times that she could take it back. She only hopes that the lord will forgive her. Vivienne cries. Julius asks if Maya is happy now. She has broken up the little bit of family she has left them with. Maya wanted his acceptance and approval for so long. She doesn’t care though. She is her own woman. She doesn’t want him here anymore than he wants to be here. So go and let her be. Julius is crying and shakes his head. He looks at all of them and leaves. Rick wants to know what Maya needs. Maya has it. She thinks that she has all of it. Vivienne knows she is a terrible person. She has her life and has done wrong to her. Vivienne knew she was wrong and she wanted to call her a hundred times. She wanted to come and say she was sorry. She wasted her life thinking she was weak. Vivienne looks at her now and she is so beautiful. Tougher than hard wood. They laugh. Vivienne thinks that she is beautiful and looks at herself. She is proud to be her mother. She didn’t do a good job but she is still proud. They hug.

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