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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/10/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Vivienne tells Julius that he cannot say those things. He cannot call their daughter a freak. Julius thinks that their daughter is a joke. He is trying to accept Maya for what he is but he will not accept that Myron has done to himself (Maya is listening from upstairs and is crying). Julius wishes that he could replace Myron with what he is in place of what he was but he is just not ready (Maya makes her way back to her bedroom).

In the living room Rick, Eric, and Bridget are talking. Nick walks over and tells them that they should start the ceremony. Bridget wishes him good luck and doesn’t want him to be nervous. Rick wasn’t until she said that but he thanks her for coming out for this. Nick tells Nicole to go tell Maya they are all ready. Nicole walks into Vivienne and Julius. She explains that she is going to go find Maya because she thought that she was ready. Julius is sure that she is just primping. Nicole ignores the comment. Vivienne wonders what is keeping her.

Maya walks into her room crying hysterically. She hears Julius’s words in her head while she continues to cry. Maya is balling her eyes out.

Nick guesses that he gathered everyone to early. He is sorry. They all laugh. Eric thinks that Maya is just being a bride. Brooke offers to go and check on her. Rick tells her that Nicole already went up to go and check on her. Carter is glad he isn’t giving the ceremony because it is Nick’s job to entertain them while they wait. Nick starts to make jokes but and then screams that Maya get down here because he is terrible at jokes. They all laugh. Vivienne likes that everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves. Vivienne wants them to celebrate. Julius asks if she wants him to be ok with what their son did. Their little boy who he had so many hopes and dreams for. He is a blushing bride. Julius guesses that he can do that. Julius will not call it a celebration. Vivienne thinks that Maya has a wonderful life and she had the courage to be herself. She is a model and is successful. Maya will never have the money problems that they had to face all these years. Julius wants to get through the ceremony. That is it. He goes to sit down.

Nicole walks in and hopes that she isn’t changing her mind again. Nicole notices that she is crying and asks what is wrong.

Eric looks at the food and Bridget walks over. She tells him that she is really liking his beard. Eric is glad. He decided to stop shaving he is handing around with John all over the world. Bridget is still wondering why he hasn’t made his way to New York. Eric explains that if he made it to New York he would actually have to admit that she lives there. Bridget asks how Brooke is going. Eric thinks that she is good ever since she had the thing. Bridge knows that Brooke and Deacon have been getting friendly. Eric tells her that he is married. Bridget remembers hearing about that. Hope didn’t have anything good to say about her. Eric isn’t surprised.

Zende walks over to Brooke and hands her a drink. Brooke looks stunned. Brooke thanks him. Brooke sets it down.

Over near the door Katie tells Bill that they should go introduce themselves. Bill just wants to stay here and eat his cookie. Katie tells him to put it down. They walk over to Vivienne and Julius and Katie introduces herself as Katie Spencer, Rick’s aunt. Bill introduces himself as well. Julius knows that name. He knows that he is the magazine game. Julius guesses that he likes to make money off of other people’s misery. Bill thinks that Maya has blossomed since coming out. Bill believes that he publishes the truth. In regard to Maya she has certainly flourished in the limelight.

Nicole asks Maya what happened. Maya cannot go down there right now. Nicole asks why not. Maya explains that there father said something. She knew not to trust him but she wanted to believe. She wished that their parents would be in her life again. Nicole says that they are. Maya knows that they are at their freak show wedding. Nicole asks what she means. Maya tells her what Julius said. Nicole doesn’t believe he said that. She cannot believe that. Maya was standing a top the stairs and she was ready to start her life and she hears him calling her a joke and a freak. She cannot go down there. She cannot face him. Nicole asks if she is calling off the wedding.

Vivienne asks if Julius just excused Bill. Julius doesn’t think that it is his place to have an opinion. Vivienne reminds him that he persecuted their daughter. Julius was embarrassed about that. He didn’t want his personal business out there. Vivienne wants him to think about what this did to Maya. Julius reminds her that Bill said he only prints the truth. The point is that it is his own doing. Eric walks over and asks if it is time to send more people up there. Nicole seems to have disappeared as well. Vivienne is sure that they will be down soon. Julius is ready to get this over with.

Maya doesn’t want to hold off the wedding. She wonders though how she can marry Rick like this. She asks how she can look him in the eye with this ache in her stomach. Maya wants to feel love today. This cannot be how she remembers her wedding day. Nicole asks if she misunderstood. Nicole wonders if Vivienne agreed. Maya says no and she is glad because Maya needs her. Nicole knows that Vivienne will help. Nicole knows that Julius is a close minded jerk. They already knew that. Maya thought that he was trying through. Nicole knows that he lied. He has to face that. This does not have to affect her. The only people that matter today are herself and Rick. Julius can feel whatever he wants. Everyone is waiting to celebrate to see her happy. She can’t let him take that away from her. Maya needs to go down there with her head held high. Maya needs to own her day. Maya agrees. This is her day. She is stronger than him. Maya can pretend that she didn’t hear him. Maya will pretend that he is nowhere near. They hug. Maya just needs a moment but tell everyone she is coming. This wedding is happening. Nicole leaves. Maya looks at herself in the mirror. She takes a deep breath.

Rick asks Eric if he should go check on Maya. Brooke wants him to stay here. She will go. Nicole walks down stairs. Rick asks if Maya is ok. Nicole tells them that she just needed a moment. They all get into place. Maya walks back over to the staircase and has a smile. Vivienne is smiling as well. The music starts and Maya walks down the stairs. Everyone is smiling, Rick especially. She makes it down the stairs and Julius walks over to her. He puts out his hand. Maya looks at him and they all stare. Maya grabs her flowers. She takes the hands of both her parents. Vivienne and Julius sit down. Rick asks if Maya is all right. Maya is now. Nick is honored to stand with them today on this day of commitment. Nick explains that Rick and Maya wanted to thank all of them for today. He has known Maya for a really long time. It wasn’t long ago though that she was unsure if she would have her family at her wedding though. Which leads him to ask who gives this woman away to join this man in marriage. Julius says that her mother and him do. Nick says that in fairness who gives Rick away. Eric tells him that his mother and he do. Nick feels that it is inspirational to see them all together today. Maya whispers for him to stop and Rick notices her feeling uncomfortable. People start whispering. Maya can’t do this. Rick asks what is wrong. Maya cannot look back on her wedding day knowing that the words being said are not true. They deserve to be surrounded by friends and family that support them. One person here she needs to talk to first and cannot continue until she does. Maya turns around. Julius asks what she wants.

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