B&B Friday Update 8/7/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya puts her dress on the bed. She gets a text from Rick asking if she is ready to walk down the aisle. Maya cannot wait.

In the living room Rick is smiling over the text messages. Eric walks over and asks what has him smiling. Rick is just sending text messages to Maya. Brooke walks over and hopes that no one is sending selfies. It is bad luck. Rick promises that he is not. Bridget walks out from behind a wall and asks if it is bad luck to see your sister. Rick walks over and hugs her. She is so happy for him.

Nicole walks into Maya’s bedroom and is glad that isn’t dressed yet. Maya asks how that is good. Nicole feels that it means she gets to be the girl in the prettiest dress a little while longer. Nicole asks if anyone ever told her that the bridesmaids are supposed to look hideous. Maya doesn’t think that they are supposed to when the bride and groom work for Forrester Creations. Maya hugs her. Maya thinks that she looks so beautiful. Nicole thanks her.

Rick thought that Bridget couldn’t get the time off. Bridget had to get the time off. She wasn’t about to miss one more family event. Eric wonders if it is at all possible for her to just move back. Bridget does think about it. Rick asks if Logan is with her. Bridget explains that he is camping with Jackie and Owen. Eric is shocked to hear that Jackie of all people is camping. Bridget says that it is like “glamping” or that is what they are calling it at least. Vivienne and Julius walk. Rick spots them and walks over. He would like to introduce them all. He explains that this is his sister. Bridget feels that it is lovely to see meet them both. Vivienne asks if she is in fashion as well. Bridget dabbles. Rick explains that she is a doctor.

Maya looks at herself in a mirror. She wants to know if this is really happening. Nicole asks if this is all she ever wanted. Maya remembers when Vivienne used to volunteer for pot lucks. Nicole remembers she would set them up in the basement. Maya assumes that Nicole knows then that some of the pot lucks were for weddings. If they were then she would ask to go. She would sneak off and look for the bride. She was always blown away. It was so fascinating. Maya knew that someday she wanted that too. This is what she has been picturing for a very long time.

Bridget hugs Zende. She is so happy to see him. Bridge wants to know who told him to grow up. Zende laughs and tells her that Kristin says that all the time. Bridget remembers going to Miami only a year ago and he was much shorter. Bridget doesn’t need to cry. Katie walks in and Bridget spots her. Katie looks nervous. Bill slowly walks in with her. Rick sees him and marches over demanding that he get out. Rick doesn’t want Bill ruining Maya’s wedding day. Bill isn’t going to do this. Katie tells Rick that Bill has something he wants to say. Bill is not here to ruin Maya’s wedding day. He is here to say sorry. Rick asks if this is Katie’s doing. Katie says no. She wants to know when she has ever been able to get him to do something that he doesn’t want to do. Bill explains that this is his wedding day and he is Katie’s nephew. He wasn’t invited though. Bill didn’t think about all the consequences of publishing Maya’s story. He would like to express that to Maya. He would like to stay for the wedding. Rick reminds him that Maya is the one that he hurt. He will let Maya make that call.

Nicole goes over the list of things that they still have to do. Maya asks how they are on time. Nicole thinks that they are doing fine. Maya would like Nicole to go find Nick. Nicole wants Maya to calm down and have a drink. This is her wedding day. Maya is every moment. Nicole will go get Nick. Nicole wants her to put on her wedding dress.

Brooke asks Bridget if there are any handsome young doctors for her. Bridget asks if she would like to be set up. Brooke was talking about her. She is happy being single. Bridget is too busy with Logan. Nicole walks down stairs and Zende walks over. He thinks she looks phenomenal. Nicole thanks him.

Eric spots Nick and Carter walking through the door and welcomes them. Eric asks how this feels for Carter not to be giving the ceremony. Carter is finally going to sit back and enjoy a wedding. Nick promises that he is going to enjoy it too. It has been an amazing ride for Maya.

Rick walks into his bedroom and knows that this is bad luck. Maya promises him that she is not in her dress so it is not bad luck. Rick tells her that they have a problem. They have an unexpected guest. He told him that he can only stay if it is ok with her. Rick tells him that he can come in. Katie walks in with Bill. Maya says that it is not ok. Bill has something he wants to say. Bill explains to her that she is getting married to Rick is Katie’s nephew. She is going to commit her life to Rick. Which means that they are going to be a part of the same extended family. Bill thinks that this is the best time to say sorry. Maya knows that he doesn’t want tension and that he would love to shrug off this and put it behind him. What Maya is asking is if she he is seriously sorry. Bill is for the whole deal. Maya asks if he is sorry he sold a lot of magazines. Bill isn’t. He never is sorry for making money. He admits that business crossed the line. What he could have done is express herself in her own way. Bill smelled blood and went in for the kill without thinking about how it would affect her. Bill is man enough to admit it. Maya assumes that he wants her to be man enough as well. Bill says yes and then realizes that she did. She almost got him. Maya reminds him that he almost got her to leave her job and leave town. What Bill did was cruel but what she has learned is hanging on to anger is not good. So she accepts his apology. She is happy he is here because he can see how she can never be brought down. Maya also suggests that now that they are related she might even give him that exclusive down the line. Bill is shocked. Maya wants to have her real voice out there. However the proceeds have to go to the charity of her choice. Bill thinks that they can talk about it. Bill and Katie leave. Rick is so proud of her. He doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. Maya thinks that everyone does. The two of them hug and Maya sheds a tear.

Later on Maya and Nick are going over how the wedding will go. She notes that her mother will be called up to read. Nick knows that. Maya is sorry she is a little frazzled. Nick promises her that she is allowed. Maya asks if she remembers when they first met. She was so scared and now look at her. The two of them smile.

Eric fixes Rick’s tie. He thinks that it looks perfect now. Eric refuses to have a crooked tie in the wedding. Eric notes that Rick is wearing his watch. Rick wanted to do a little something if Maya is going to have something old something borrowed and something blue. Rick wanted to be reminded of his father the one man who has always had his back. He supports and loves him. He also straightens his tie. Rick loves him. Eric loves him as well.

On the other side of the room Julius asks Zende if he likes the fashion business. Zende does so far. Julius wonders if he thinks that it is a little… he asks if he really wants to make clothes for a living. Vivienne grabs Julius to stop the conversation. Nicole walks over. She wants to know on a scale of one to ten how embarrassed should she be right now. Zende explains that he just insulted his whole families business. Nicole says that is great and rolls her eyes. Zende reminds her that dads are born to embarrass their children.

Julius wants to know what he did wrong. Vivienne just wanted to stop him before he did. Julius just thinks that Zende looks like a guys guy. He didn’t think that he would be that excited over women’s clothes. Vivienne wants him to try harder to behave himself. Julius cannot wait to see their son skipping down the aisle. Vivienne tells him to stop. Julius doesn’t agree with what Myron did. He messed with nature and you shouldn’t be doing that. Vivienne explains that she did and she is their child. Vivienne understands that this is hard for him. She struggled as well. She is just asking that he keeps his negativity to himself. Julius will try. Vivienne thanks him. She is going to go wish her daughter luck. Julius is going to stay here. He looks at her portrait.

Maya looks at herself in her wedding dress. Vivienne walks in. Vivienne tells her that she looks beautiful. Vivienne feels silly now. She came up here to give her something to wear to the ceremony but she looks flawless. Vivienne would still like to give her something if she is willing to wear it. Vivienne takes out a bracelet. Maya recognizes it as her grandmother’s. Maya remembers it. Vivienne thinks that this qualifies as a special occasion. Nicole walks in. She tells them that it is time. Maya smiles.

Julius looks at his watch. Nick walks over and asks if he is ready to walk his girl down the aisle. Julius is ready as he ever is going to be. Julius suggests that if Nick can get through this quickly they can still go play nine holes before it gets dark. Nick feels that they better hold off on that. Nick doesn’t need Maya coming after him for missing the father daughter dance. Julius just can’t can’t wait for that. Nicole and Vivienne walk down stairs. They ask if everything is ok. Julius imagined that he would be walking Nicole down the aisle one day but this is something to adjust to. Nicole wants him to think of Maya as his daughter. Then it doesn’t talk much adjusting at all. She walks away. Vivienne feels that she has a point. Julius wants to get through this. He really does. He thinks that this place is amazing with all the good that is coming into their life now. Maya hears them from upstairs. Julius wonders how long before the novelty wears off. Rick already has two ex-wives. Rick can have any woman he wants and he is going to marry into a freak show. Vivienne tells him to shut his mouth. Maya is crying. Julius wants to be inside her life. He will bite his tongue. He will hand his son over to a man. Maya is crying horribly. Julius promises to do the right things but he will be acting. He has to pretend like he believes this but it is sick and not natural. He will not accept it. What he is just isn’t right.

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