B&B Thursday Update 8/6/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/6/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya and Rick are kissing in the living room. Rick reminds her that the countdown begins now. Maya knows. This time tomorrow she is marrying the most incredible man in the world. She is crazy nervous. Rick asks why. He is crazy in love with her. Maya admits that it is not really him she is nervous about. It is her parents. Especially her dad.

Brooke is dealing with some paperwork in Ridge’s office. She asks Eric if he is ready to head out. He is just about. He notes that they have a big night ahead of them. Brooke is glad that Rick has finally found his match. Eric is happy for the two of them. Brooke is shocked at how well adjusted Maya is with her parents. Her mother seems sweet but her dad Julius not so much. Eric can tell that he is a real piece of work. Brooke cannot believe that he disowned his own child. He better be on his best behavior at the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Julius walks in the front door of the mansion holding a golf club. Vivienne doesn’t think they should have just walked right in. Julius asks why not. This is where their “daughter” lives. Vivienne asks if it is really such an effort. Julius would never think that from the front of the house that it is so big but when you actually look at the property it just goes on and on. They could have a gold course out back. The two of them would think it is a waste of money but they have to understand that this is a completely different social class. Something that they are not used to. He wants to know who is even paying for this extravagant wedding. He isn’t. He knows that he is the father of the bride or whatever that is but he just can’t. Vivienne doesn’t think that the Forrester’s have that expectation. They are two classy to bring up money. Julius isn’t offering nothing. He isn’t some no good pauper. Rick walks up behind them and welcomes them both. He is so glad that they could make it. Julius explains that family is as family does.

Zende asks how anyone cannot accept Maya. Nicole feels that her father is trying. At least that is what he says. She doesn’t know. Nicole reminds him that he grew up as a Forrester. He doesn’t know what it is like to deal with this kind of stuff. Zende remembers when he first came to the states. His parents bragged to everyone about how he made his bed perfectly. It had been a couple weeks before they had realized that he had been sleeping on the floor to not mess up the bed. Nicole is sorry. She forgets sometimes that he must have gone through a lot. Nicole thinks he knows what she was getting at. The leave.

Julius asks if Rick runs the International division. Rick does. Julius assumes that Rick must have some different homes then all over the world. Vivienne changes the subject. She tells them both that when she saw Maya on stage her hands went numb. Julius assumes that after tomorrow Rick will be calling Vivienne mom. Rick thinks that tonight should be fun. They are both going to meet some interesting people. He asks if they have met Maya’s friend Nick yet. Julius has not. Rick assumes she has spoken to them about it. He will be performing the ceremony. Julius assumes he is a preacher then. Rick tells him no. Maya walks out and Vivienne is happy. Maya says hello and hugs Vivienne. Julius thinks that she looks a like a model wherever she goes.

Rick tells Maya that she sent Nicole and Zende out to inform everyone that dinner is almost ready. Rick wonders if she thought the rehearsal went well. Maya guesses that her dad behaved. Rick assures her that they all did. If he knows one thing about weddings it is that it is supposed to be someone in his family who is acting out. Maya reminds him that it was only the rehearsal. Nicole and Zende walk in. Nicole explains that it is so nice outside that no one is in a rush to come back in. Maya is fine with that. She wants everyone to be relaxed. Nicole has only been to two wedding before. She was forced to go to both of them. Zende has been to two or three weddings before for every Forrester. They all laugh. Nicole doesn’t know if she is the type to cry at weddings but she cried at Maya’s rehearsal. Maya tells them to go get some drinks and behave. Julius and Vivienne walk in. Julius asks how he did. Vivienne told him that he was a little stiff walking up to the preacher. Rick couldn’t be happier. Maya explains that Nick is not ordained. They are not having a religious ceremony. Julius wants to know who he is then. Maya tells him that he is a dear friend that she asked to marry them. Julius guesses this is a play wedding. Rick assures him that this is all real. They went down to the court house and everything. Julius says California Freedom sarcastically as he walks off. Brooke and Eric walk in now. Eric tells them both that everything looks wonderful. Rick doesn’t want him looking at him. Maya and Brooke did everything. Brooke agrees that they did a pretty good job.

In the foyer of the mansion Julius and Vivienne get new drinks. Zende and Nicole walk over. Julius asks if he is a Forrester. Zende confirms that his mother is. He was adopted in Africa. Vivienne thinks that was lucky. Zende doesn’t think there was any luck involved. He chose them and they chose him. A waitress comes over and offers them food.

Maya thanks them both for giving them such a glamorous wedding. Eric points out that Brooke loves everything about a wedding. Brooke thinks that it is the least they could do.

Julius spits out his food. He doesn’t think that it tastes very good. Vivienne tries to explain that the caviar is salt mixed with jelly. Julius doesn’t want her to embarrass herself. Eric and Brooke walk over. Eric notes that Julius did a wonderful job at the rehearsal. He knows that father of the bride is a complicated thing. Vivienne tells Brooke she looks lovely. Brooke thanks her and tells her the same. Julius asks all of them if he can have some alone time with Eric. As they walk off Zende asks if Vivienne is a gardener. She tells him that she is not one like she used to be. Julius understands that Eric is retired. Eric says not entirely. Julius brought Eric something. He shows him the gold club. Eric is very grateful but he doesn’t play golf. Julius suggests that he take it up. Maya and Nicole watch the two talk. Nicole guesses that Julius is doing his best to fit in. Maya asks if he is really trying. Nicole doesn’t think it is wrong to hope. Julius nods to Maya. Maya puts her hand on her heart and smiles.

Nick explains to Rick that aside from the legal things he has to say there is room for personal touches and he made some remarks. Rick trusts him. Maya trusts him. He wants to be surprised.

Vivienne has to admit that she is nervous. Julius thinks that everything makes Vivienne nervous. Vivienne just thinks that this is so exciting and different. Julius thinks that what is hard is the fact that he will never be a grandfather. Eric imagines that the two will adopt. Rick walks over with Nick. He wanted to introduce them. Vivienne guesses that he is like the justice of the peace. Nick guesses that he is for the day. Nick feels that if there was anyone who he wanted to see married it is their daughter. Vivienne thanks him. Eric tries to change the subject. Rick thinks that it is time they start dinner.

Julius thinks that Nick is in good shape. Julius explains that Nick should help teach Eric gold. Nick isn’t sure how good of a teacher he would be. He finds golf to be really frustrating. Julius understands. Nick thinks that they are all ready for them. Rick asks if Vivienne would like to go first. Vivienne thanks him. She notes that this is a grand occasion for herself and her husband. Being a part from her child she worried. To see Maya so successful makes her so happy. She toasts to Rick and Maya. She hopes that they have a long and happy marriage. Nick would like to go next. He toasts to Rick and Maya. His two dearest friends. He then toasts to Julius as well. Eric explains that he and Brooke have seen the changes that Maya has brought to Rick’s life. Brooke thinks it is to the whole word. She wishes them a lifetime of happiness. Rick doesn’t think that words can express the love he has for her. Her courage is limitless. There is no doubt to him that the world is not a better place because of Maya Avant. He cannot wait to make her a Forrester. They kiss. Julius looks angry and Maya can tell. Vivienne sits down. Maya walks over to her father. Maya wants to know if he wants to her here right now. She wants to know what he feels or doesn’t feel about her.

Zende asks if Maya is ok. Nick feels that Maya wants her father and wants his love. Nicole knows that is what he says. Yet he hurts her over and over again.

Julius would hope that him being here wouldn’t upset her. Maya knows that they lost a lot of time. Julius guesses that they grew up. Maya knows that there were years when he wanted nothing to do with her. Julius thinks that she is of a different generation. People didn’t talk about things like this. Maya has to believe that there were other kids that were different. Julius assumes they pretended they didn’t. If Maya had her family again she would have all her dreams. Julius can’t just snap his fingers and pretend to never have felt otherwise. Julius cannot fault her for doing so well in her life. He came up short with her. He had some problems but he had reasons. It is all behind him now. He is seeing things differently now. He can see what she has become with her life. Julius wants her to know that he wants to be a part of her life. He really does. Maya thanks him. Rick calls for her. She walks over to him. Rick asks if she is ok. Maya heard everything she needed to hear. Her heart is just so full.

Eric tells Julius that he is sorry about the golf thing but he appreciates it. Brooke thanks them both for their daughter. Rick thinks that they will have rough spots. He knows that what they have they will have either way. Maya knows that tomorrow she begins a whole new chapter of her life. She wonders if it sounds crazy that she feels like this was who she was born to be. Rick doesn’t. He loves Maya Avant. In a few hours she will be Maya Forrester. Maya smiles. The two of them hug. Julius spots them hugging.

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