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Written By Anthony
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Caroline takes a deep breath. Ridge is sorry. He knows that there is nothing happy about getting divorced. Caroline knows that she and Rick are both happier now. They have both moved on, they have new relationships it is just hard to let go of an idea. To let go of the vision she had for that life. Ridge thinks that on the bright side she is no longer sleeping with a married women. Ridge has an idea. Ridge wants to slip into something a little more comfortable. Caroline looks unsure of herself.

Brooke knows that Ridge can be a bit intense sometimes. She is glad that he apologized to Thomas though. Thomas feels that what Ridge did was a bit harsh. Brooke thinks that he is hard on Thomas and pushes him because he wants the best for him. That is what Ridge does for the people he loves. Thomas thanks her. He just wonders if he really does have Caroline’s best interest at heart.

In the show room Nicole is talking with Othello. She explains that she needs some help with things. Othello thinks that Nicole is going places. Nicole wonders if Othello has ever noticed how serious models are while walking down the runway. They are supposed to be expressionless and walking like a zombie she guesses but if she were up there she would put on a real show. Othello wants her to get up there then unless she is all talk. Nicole is about to school him. Othello puts music on and Zende is standing outside the room. He starts to laugh. Nicole is dancing in place. Othello jokingly introduces Nicole. Nicole is dancing on stage she spots Zende. She is doing some rather odd dance moves.

Brooke asks what Thomas means. Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge can know what is right for everyone. Brooke reminds him that he mentioned Caroline specifically. Thomas is just being overly protective. He has to question if Ridge being involved with Caroline is the smartest move. He thinks that they both know the answer to that.

Caroline and Ridge are eating in bed. This is exactly what she needed. She would like to lay in bed and pretend like they don’t have any responsibilities at all. Ridge knows that it is a lot to process. Caroline is ok with saying goodbye to the marriage. It is that she is letting go of the plans she made. She is grateful for all the good in her life she just never saw herself being here at this stage in her life. She always thought she would be more settled. Ridge reminds her that she is in Venice Beach eating cheese and grapes with her handsome boyfriend. What else could she possibly want? Caroline wants to have a baby.

Nicole is still dancing on the catwalk. Othello and Zende continue to watch. Zende tells Nicole to stay quiet and Nicole continues to dance. A new song starts and she is still dancing like she is in a club. Zende gets on stage and starts to dance.

Thomas wants to work with Ridge. He wants to be a vital part of the company. He is grateful for every opportunity that he has been given. Brooke is still trying to grasp how this involves Caroline. Thomas just knows that Caroline is a supportive and sweet girl who had an accident and just got divorced. She is going to get her heartbroken again. Brooke admits that she wasn’t supportive in the beginning but she does think they look good together. She is shocked that Thomas doesn’t seem supportive. Thomas knows that he ends things with women. That is the type of man he is. He saw him do it with Brooke and his mother. He doesn’t want to see it happen with Caroline. Brooke asks if this really has to do with Ridge or if he has feelings for Caroline.

Caroline can tell that she has caught Ridge off guard. Ridge agrees that she could say that. Caroline thinks that it is something that she has been thinking about for a while. She understands that it is a lot to digest though. Ridge asks why they can’t just be in the moment. Caroline thinks that they have been in the moment. Ridge wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Caroline does too. Caroline asks about starting a family. Ridge had a family. He just wants a like with her and no one else. He doesn’t want to share. Caroline understands. She has always admired the father he is with his kids. She still wants her own child though too.

Nicole asks Othello why he stopped the music. Othello wants to say hello to the man. He hugs Zende and is glad that he is back in LA. He doesn’t want him going to Miami anytime soon. Zende has a few reasons to stay. He looks at Nicole. Nicole thinks that the two of them should be lucky to watch her model right now. When she is a famous supermodel they will be able to tell others that they knew her when. Zende loves that about Nicole. Othello smiles. He goes over to his mix board and turns on a slower song along with the disco ball. He leaves.

Thomas laughs at the idea of having feelings for Caroline. Brooke knows he is right. This is none of her business. Thomas does not want Caroline to get hurt by Ridge. Brooke just thinks that there is something more going on. Thomas thinks about when Caroline first came to LA again. Brooke knows that he was interested in Caroline when she first came to town. Thomas knows that they dated for a minute and they moved on. Brooke asks if there is any part of him that wants to be with Caroline especially now that she is not married. Thomas wonders if she means go after the women that is with his dad. Thomas doesn’t play Ridge’s game.

Ridge knows that they never really talked about it before. Caroline guesses that they were just having fun. They were getting to know each other and dealing with work. It kind of felt like the right time to start talking about it. She knows it is over whelming. It terrifies her. Not being one scares her as well though. Ridge understands that. He thinks that she would make a wonderful mother. Caroline thanks him for saying that. Caroline thinks that the accident put things in perspective. Before she knows it time passes by and that is when you start thinking about the things you wish you had done. For her that means a family. Caroline sees Ridge with his kids and how important they are to him. Caroline really wants that. Caroline asks if he would consider having a child with her. She is crying. Ridge would if he was a twenty years younger. It is just that he cannot see himself being a father again. He starts to cry.

Zende thinks that the disco ball is an interesting touch. Nicole is reminded of her prom. They dimmed the lights put on a slow song and the teachers tried to keep people from getting freaky. Zende asks if they had to worry about Nicole. Nicole assures him that she was a complete angel. They didn’t have a disco ball though. Zende didn’t go to his prom. It is never too late though. He asks if she will dance. Nicole thought he would never ask. They start to slow dance. He wonders who is slow dancing. Nicole is and he has to get used to it. She smiles in his arms.

Ridge doesn’t want to hurt her. That is the last thing he ever wants. Ridge doesn’t want to lose her but wonders what they will do. Caroline wants to be a mother. She knew that going into this would be hard because of an age difference. Caroline is being honest. Caroline guesses that she always knew that he felt this way. Caroline had to know though. She really thinks that it is hard for her to have to choose between being a mom or being with Ridge. She will always choose Ridge. She kisses him. They hold each other’s hands.

Brooke believes that Ridge has grown in the last few years. He has had a few major impacts on his life. Thomas hopes that Brooke is right. Caroline is special. She deserves a guy that will stick around. Brooke knows that Ridge supports her and would never stop her from doing something she wants to do. Thomas imagines that is the fantasy and adventure. Then it all starts to turn and ends the same way. It ends in tears.

Caroline is crying hysterically in a ball and Ridge hugs her.

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