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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/4/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Thomas and Caroline look at each other. Thomas assures her that he is here for her. He stayed away to long but he is back for her now. He starts to kiss her. Caroline already told him that she can’t. Thomas asks what is stopping her. She says nothing. Thomas thought so. He starts to kiss her again.

Brooke looks at a design in Ridges office. Zende walks in and doesn’t want her to stop what she is doing. Brooke tells him that he is fine. He wasn’t interrupting. Brooke assures him that he is fine. Zende realizes that this probably wasn’t the best place to stash his gym bag. Brooke wonders if he is going up to the sky lounge. Zende will when he finally has a break. Brooke is glad that they are keeping him busy. Zende informs her that he got to sit in on a marketing meeting this morning. Brooke asks how it went. Zende thinks that it was interesting. Brooke knows that Ridge is excited to show him the ropes. Zende asks if Ridge is around he has to tell him something. Brooke explains that he just went home.

Thomas and Caroline continue to kiss and Ridge starts to bang on the door. Caroline laughs and asks him to go open the door. Ridge thanks who he thinks he is Caroline. He asks why Thomas is here. Caroline explains that they were just talking about him. Ridge wants to know what is going on. Thomas looks nervous.

Zende believes that Nicole is doing a good job as well. Brooke has heard as much. Zende thinks that all the interns are doing well though. Brooke assumes that Zende is friends with Nicole. Zende notes that they are getting to know each other. Brooke wonders if she talks about Maya. Zende explains that she doesn’t talk much about herself. He imagines that a girl like her must leave an impression. Brooke confirms that she has left an impression but has matured a lot since then. She has been through a lot with Maya but has matured through the process. They are what Forrester needs. They also need more Forrester’s back in the building as well. She is glad that Zende is here. Zende thanks her. He notes that Thomas is back as well now. Brooke knows but his return wasn’t on the happiest of terms. Zende imagines with Aly’s memorial. Brooke ads that what also happened today. Brooke explains that Ridge tore up his design. Zende wonders why. Brooke guesses that it didn’t meet his standards. She understands that Ridge wants to push him. No one knows what Thomas is capable of like Ridge does.

Caroline explains that Thomas was just helping her. Her stupid ankle hurt again. He helped her by rubbing them. Ridge says that it is lucky he was here. Caroline thanks him. Ridge wonders if there is something that he wanted to tell him. Thomas doesn’t want to talk about it. Ridge agrees he doesn’t want to get into a fight either. Ridge is glad that he is here. He wants to apologize. Caroline gets up and tells Thomas she was right. She had told him that Ridge was not trying to humiliate him. Thomas reminds him that he ripped up his design. Ridge knows and what he really needed was encouragement not what he did. He is sorry. He knows that he can do better. Caroline thinks that sounds like a compliment. Ridge knows that it is. He is talented and he is pushing him because he is his father. He believes in him. Thomas guesses that he didn’t have to take it so personally. Thomas wants to work on designs at the office. Ridge offers that he stay here and work with him. Thomas needs to clear his head. Thomas walks out and takes a deep breath.

Zende feels for Thomas. He left LA when he was a kid. So he knows that it can be hard to come back. Brooke agrees that coming back can be hard. He knows that she left too. Brooke did and when she came back things were strange. Her son got a divorce and was involved with some other woman. Then Quinn, Deacon, Ridge, and Caroline. Brooke was surprised. Zende was shocked. Brooke thinks that Ridge and Caroline might make a good team but it doesn’t make them a good couple. There are so many reasons and it is no bodies fault. Zende asks if it is work related. Brooke doesn’t think that they will last. They are in very different places in their lives.

Ridge looks at the picture of Aly. Ridge wonders if he can do anything. Caroline thinks that he is doing it. Ridge wants her to stop pushing herself. Caroline wants to push herself more. Caroline has to let him work with Thomas more. Ridge doesn’t think he wants that. Ridge shouldn’t have done what he did. It wasn’t very good though. Whatever he said he shouldn’t have done it. Caroline thought he was exaggerating. It wasn’t a terrible drawing. Ridge notes that people don’t want to buy something not terrible. Caroline reminds him it has been a long time. Ridge doesn’t care. Ridge said sorry and that wasn’t easy. Caroline is glad that he did. Thomas left here a lot less upset.

Thomas is working out in a tirade. Zende walks out and wants him to take it easy. He asks if this is about Ridge. Thomas wonders if he heard what happened. Zende assures him that it is not going around the office. He was talking to Brooke though and she told him what happened. Thomas confirms that it was torn in half. Ridge did say sorry though. He gets like that but he shouldn’t let it get to him. Thomas just hopes that he doesn’t get like that with Caroline. Zende notes that Brooke said they were good together. Zende is shocked seeing Brooke and his father’s history together. Zende thinks that everyone here has history here. Including himself and Caroline. Thomas cares about her especially after what Rick did to her. Now she is with Ridge. All those things that Caroline wanted might not even be an option anymore.

Ridge notes that young Thomas came over here to vent. Carline asks if he wanted to vent to Ridge. Ridge thinks that he was looking for Caroline. She liked his design so he needed someone to tell him how great he is. Caroline is glad that Ridge said sorry. Ridge doesn’t think that it helped at all. Caroline notes that he didn’t storm out. Ridge asks if he stormed in. Caroline says that he was pretty upset. Ridge knows that he was still upset when he left. Caroline is glad because it is good motivation. Caroline also thinks he was kind of mean to Thomas. Ridge was trying to make a point. Caroline asks how his day was. Ridge’s day is getting better. They start to kiss each other. Caroline’s phone starts to ring and he tells her to leave it but she thinks that it is important. Caroline looks at her phone. Ridge asks if it is work. Caroline got a message from Rick. The divorce is final so her marriage is over. Caroline is shocked. She is not married anymore. Ridge thinks that she seems surprised. Caroline has just been so busy with everything that she just lost track of time. She didn’t forget about it but she never failed at anything before. Ridge doesn’t think she failed, it just didn’t work out. Ridge thinks that things happen. Caroline had her whole life planned out and there was everything laid out in front of her. If she kept doing things the right way then it would turn out the way she wanted it to.

Zende guesses that Caroline wants kids then. Thomas thinks that she wanted to. Ridge has kids though and he doesn’t want more. Zende wonders if it is important to Caroline he might think about it. Thomas guesses that he might. Thomas doesn’t think that he would be fully honest if they talk about it. Thomas knows that she can make her own choices. He doesn’t want it to happen again with another woman. Ridge talks big and sells them on a future. He has never seen it happen not even once.

Ridge doesn’t think that life always go according to plan. Caroline’s was. Caroline has always been able to reach her goals. She really believed that she could. She was on the right path with a career and a home. Ridge knows that children make it harder. Caroline made the right choice and she is in an incredible place with him. They start to kiss. Ridge wants her to live in the moment. Caroline agrees and kisses him back.

Thomas continues to lift weights.

Caroline and Ridge continue to kiss. Caroline turns and looks unsure of things.

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