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Thomas doesn’t think that Ridge can be serious. Ridge isn’t going to be impressed with Thomas’s talents just because he himself is. That isn’t how things work around here. Thomas would like to know what does work around here. Ridge doesn’t give free rides, especially to the CEO’s son. Thomas wasn’t asking for a free ride. He was asking for Ridge’s opinion on his designs. Ridge did just that. If that is the best Thomas can bring then he will not be a part of his design team.

Brooke asks if Caroline is being a little pre-mature. Caroline assumes she means that she is teasing her followers that there will be a game changing thing happening at Forrester Creations. Brooke doesn’t know if she really thinks Thomas working here is a game changer. Caroline wonders if Brooke doesn’t like the idea of father and son working together. Brooke does. She thinks that it is great. She does assume that Caroline will have to referee. Caroline won’t have to do that because the two of them respect each other. They might not always agree but that doesn’t matter. Brooke wonders if Ridge will be pleased with Thomas’s designs.

Quinn is working on a piece of jewelry. Quinn assumes that Deacon is waiting around for another accidental bump in with Brooke. Deacon is waiting for another kiss with his hot wife. The two kiss each other. Eric walks out. He assumes that someone that someone did not get the memo. Quinn laughs and says hello to him. She asks what the memo is. Eric explains that there is a new rule from HR. No being over affectionate with ones signigant other while on the clock. They are going to have to get written up. He starts writing something down and Deacon laughs. Eric might not be kidding. Deacon finds it a little odd that he can’t kiss his wife at work. Eric would like to know how that is going. Quinn asks what he means. Eric understands that the marriage happened rather suddenly. Quinn thinks that it is going really well despite Brooke’s attempts. Eric believes that Brooke had good reason.

Caroline doesn’t think that it matters what she thinks of the designs. Ridge’s opinion is the only one that counts. Brooke does not think that Caroline is giving herself enough credit. She is Ridge’s muse and confidant. Everything she used to be. Caroline gets a text from Karen. She says that they are worried. Brooke notes that most parents are always worried about their children. Brooke doesn’t think that they have to worry about Ridge and Thomas. Ridge already knows who Thomas is. Brooke knows that what Thomas wants is to be on Ridge’s design team. Caroline cannot wait to hear how it goes.

Ridge explains to Thomas that if he wants to work on a top notch design team he has to be the best. Ridge wants the best for him and the best from him and that design wasn’t it. Thomas knows that he can never live up to his expectations. Ridge is the boss and has everything he wants around the office. Ridge would like to know where this is coming from. Thomas informs him that he has a real feel for design seeing what is going on. Whereas Ridge has been here trying to take over the company. Maybe it is Ridge who doesn’t have the pulse on the latest trends. He is just saying. Thomas grabs his portfolio and leaves. Ridge takes a deep breath.

In Rick’s office, Eric is looking at a piece by Quinn. He thinks that it is beautiful and they are lucky to have her here. Quinn thanks him. Eric is sad that Deacon had to rush off before he got to hear about what an exceptional job is wife is doing. Quinn appreciates that. She feels that the new team is working really well. Quinn can tell that Eric is not happy still with Ridge taking over. Eric is not but it is classic Ridge. He sees what he wants and takes it. Quinn assumes it is like the way he took Brooke from him.

Brooke is not in Ridge’s office. Ridge notes that she was with Caroline. Brooke explains that she went home. Her moms were afraid she was over doing it. Ridge tells her the same thing but she doesn’t listen. Ridge is proud of her after the accident. She hasn’t missed a beat. Ridge gets a text from Caroline. Brooke takes a wild guess that Caroline went home so she wouldn’t interrupt his meeting with Thomas. She is wearing something silky. Brooke used to be the woman waiting for him at home. Now look at her. Ridge reminds her that she can have any man she wants. Brooke wants the man who is taken. Brooke finds this all funny. She fought with Taylor for Ridge for so many years. In the end though there was always someone else. Someone younger.

Caroline looks at her phone and someone knocks on the door. She goes to get it and it is Thomas who just walks in. Caroline asks if he is with his dad. Thomas says no and asks why. Caroline was just texting him and apparently he is still at the office. Thomas tells her that he hated his design and ripped it to pieces. Caroline tells him to sit. Thomas explains that he couldn’t find anything redeeming about it. Caroline cannot believe he said that to him. Thomas says that it wasn’t in so many words but his message was loud and clear. He is a pale imitation of Ridge in his mind. Caroline asks if she can talk to Ridge for him. Thomas doesn’t want her to. It isn’t like Ridge hasn’t put him through enough already. They used to have a great family but he tore that up to. Caroline suggests that he stay because Ridge is going to be home soon. She thinks that they all can talk and be more relaxed. Caroline tries to stand up but is stiff in her ankles. Ridge usually rubs them. Thomas can do that. Caroline thinks that is sweet but she can wait. Thomas tells her that she is in pain so he can do it. He asks if it feels ok and Caroline thanks him.

Eric believes that was a long time ago. Quinn can tell that he still hasn’t forgotten. Eric explains that fathers and sons tend to have complicated relationships. Even Ridge and Thomas have had their ups and downs. Quinn heard that Thomas would like to join the design team. Eric thinks that would be a good thing. Hopefully Thomas has inherited some of his design skills. Not some of his other traits though.

Ridge hopes that Brooke was not giving Caroline a hard time. Brooke wonders if he thinks that she would do that. Ridge knows that she would because Brooke keeps saying that she is too young for him. Brooke points out that she is young enough to be his daughter’s age. She does admit that he probably thought that back when she married Eric. Ridge cannot believe that she brought that up. Brooke wonders if he is still jealous of that. The whole triangle that they had still effects their relationship to this day. Brooke believes that it more has to do with how Ridge took the company away from their shared son. As a parent you hope to never have to see that. Brooke knows that he was in here with Thomas looking at his designs. It must have been a nice feeling. She sees the ripped up design. Ridge confirms that it is Thomas’s and he did rip it up. He would like to know her question.

Caroline tells him that he really doesn’t have to do this. Thomas wants her to think of him as a stand in for his old man. Caroline will be sure to tell him that. Thomas can’t wait. That should earn him some points. Caroline thinks that Ridge has certain expectations. Thomas expects his designs to not be trashed because he is ticked at him. Caroline doesn’t think that Ridge sees it that way. Thomas gets that Caroline has to defend him. Caroline knows that Ridge is happy that Thomas is back. Caroline is too she guesses. Thomas asks if it ever gets dull spending all her time with Ridge. Caroline believes that Ridge is very fun. Caroline thinks living a broad was good for Thomas. He is more mature now. Caroline thinks that Ridge will see the maturity in Thomas’s designs. Thomas feels that Caroline is beautiful and then she moves in here with his dad and it will all get dashed when he moves on. Caroline looks confused.

Brooke would like to know why he would do this. Ridge doesn’t think that it was very good. Brooke reminds him that Thomas is his son. Ridge guesses that she is right but he doesn’t want Thomas to get by on his name alone. Brooke understands that. Eric didn’t let him do that. Ridge agrees that Eric couldn’t let him. He is very different to Thomas. Brooke thinks that they are similar. They are both angry, rebellious, and charming. Ridge doesn’t think that he has ever been angry but he was very charming. Brooke feels that Thomas could be dangerous. It could be hard for any woman to stay away from him.

Thomas is sorry. He shouldn’t have said that it is just that monogamy has never been Ridge’s strong suit. Caroline doesn’t think that it is Thomas’s either. Thomas doesn’t treat women like he does. Caroline feels he is different. It shouldn’t be hard to believe that he has found something. Thomas doesn’t think it is hard to believe. Thomas remembers where she came to LA. Her legs coming out of the limo. He knew that she wasn’t going to last with Rick. Caroline suggests that if she knew what she knew now maybe she would have made a different choice. Thomas admits that he left town and they both made mistakes. Thomas kisses her leg. Caroline tells him that she thinks he has to leave. Thomas gets up and walks to the door. He locks it. Caroline looks at him. Thomas walks back over grabs her and puts her on top of him. He starts to kiss her but she cannot do it. Thomas already lost her once and won’t do it again. They start to kiss. Caroline kisses back. She starts to shake her head. She says no. Thomas says yes.

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