B&B Friday Update 7/31/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/31/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In Ridge's office Quinn tries to explain to him why they don’t always see eye to eye. He is more a couture guy. He sees things very classy and is very old school. Ridge asks if she means that he is out of touch. Quinn isn’t saying that. She just means that what Ridge sees as over the top Quinn believes is making a bold statement. Ridge asks the model what she thinks. The model wonders if that is the trick question. Quinn suggests that she just show him what it looks like on the dress. Quinn puts it on and tells him to look. Ridge sees what she means. Ridge wants her to take out the top beads and just leave the middle. Quinn can do that. She is smiling. Quinn thanks him for hearing her out. Ridge reminds her that she is part of the team. Quinn leaves. The model mentions that she saw Thomas in the building and asks if he is staying around. Ridge explains that if his son has his way then he will be a permanent fixture.

In Rick’s office Thomas thanks Caroline for hanging out with him yesterday. It felt like old times. Caroline mentions that she was the envy of all the models because she got to watch him work out. Thomas mentions that it was a little weird that she got summoned home by his dad. Caroline doesn’t look at it that way. He just texted her that he was on his way home. Thomas knows that she shot out of there like a cannon ball. Thomas asks what they have in common. Caroline believes that they would be surprised. Thomas means besides the obvious. Caroline thinks that they just get each other. Thomas asks if he impresses her then that he will be impressing Ridge as well. Caroline believes that as designers they usually think alike. Thomas goes to get his sketches. He asks what she thinks of that.

Brooke is on the sky lounge talking to Deacon. She is not used to seeing him here at will. Deacon guesses that it is one of the nice things about being married to Quinn. He imagines that it is driving Ridge all sorts of crazy. Brooke can only imagine. Brooke wonders if Deacon is paying the price with Quinn. Deacon is happy with her. Quinn walks out and notices the two of them talking.

Thomas notes that she is not saying anything. Caroline is taking a second to absorb it. Thomas thinks that she hates it. Caroline says no. It is good. Thomas asks what is wrong. Caroline explains that in order for it to fit in it has to come in a little bit. Thomas says ok. Caroline believes that every body type has to be thought of with this line. Thomas can do that. Thomas might as well get started and take it over to Ridge. He will need luck. Caroline doesn’t think so. Caroline feels that soon enough he will be the third member of the Freedom design team.

Quinn walks up to Deacon and says hello. Deacon kisses her. Deacon would like to take a second to savor this moment. All that is missing is Hope. Quinn asks if she was interrupting a personal moment. Brooke explains that they were just talking about her. Quinn can only imagine. Quinn asks if she is trying to get Deacon to be against her. Brooke wonders if she has always been this paranoid. Quinn finds that funny coming from the woman who would go so low to video in Hope to try to stop her wedding. Deacon reminds her that they are married. Brooke explains that Deacon says he is happy so how can she be anything else.

Ridge continues to work the dress with the model. He wants her to go to Caroline before going to take it off. Thomas walks in and asks if he has a minute. Ridge tells Thomas that the model wants to know a little bit about him and his future plans. She tells him to please stop; she can speak for herself. She was just curious. Thomas will know more after this meeting but if she wants to call him sometime. He takes out his phone and hands it to her. She puts her number in it. She would like to hear from him soon. Thomas thinks that was different. The models were looking at him instead of Ridge. Ridge guesses that the son also rises. Thomas hopes that doesn’t bother him because that is exactly what is about to happen.

Quinn knows that she is beating her head against the wall and she knows that she will be doing it over and over again but it has to prove how much she loves this man. She knows that Brooke’s approval will make Deacon happy so she wonders if maybe today or next week Brooke could be happy. Brooke respects the fact that she is Deacon’s wife. Quinn guesses that is progress. Quinn assures her that she is not really that bad once people get to know her. Brooke wants her to keep up the good work of being normal. Deacon wonders how her meeting with Ridge went. Quinn explains that it went surprisingly well. Brooke asks why it was surprising. She asks if Ridge is not nice to her. Quinn believes that Ridge has always been her own version of nice. He is professional with his own version of personal. Today she learned that he is willing to compromise. Deacon assumes that means that he heard her. Quinn believes that he did. Quinn is happy working with Ridge. Ridge has brought the moral of the company back up. Quinn guesses that there is going to be some new old blood joining the design team. Deacon asks who that is. Quinn thinks that Thomas is back and she gets the feeling that he gets whatever he wants. Brooke nods her head.

Ridge is shocked that Thomas has designs already. Thomas reminds him that he is a designer and that is what he does. Ridge offers him a tip. Sometimes attention to detail beats fast and furious. Thomas asks who is to say he didn’t do both. Thomas is ready to get back to work. The only thing that is stopping him is this dog and pony show. Ridge asks if that is what he thinks this is. Thomas knows what he brings to the table. Ridge is running the show so they will be doing it his way. He already showed Caroline the sketch and thinks that Ridge will like it as well.

Brooke walks in on Caroline. Brooke thought that Thomas would be here. Caroline explains that he is in with Ridge but that she is welcome to wait. Brooke decides to. It must be her day for character building. Caroline wonders what she means. Brooke tells her to forget it. She asks how Caroline is doing. Caroline keeps waiting for Aly to walk through that door. It is just strange that she never will again. Brooke knows how young she was. Caroline cannot believe that in an instant she can be gone. Caroline is doing well otherwise. Brooke wonders about Ridge. Caroline doesn’t want to go there. Brooke thinks that it must be good for her. Ridge is CEO and she has a huge success. Caroline thinks that it is all about to get better because he is hiring Thomas as they speak.

Thomas does not think he should be judged for how long it takes him to complete a design. Ridge isn’t judging him. He has just done this for a long time. Thomas is allowed to have his own style. Ridge just thinks that he can benefit from experience. Thomas feels he will like what he has. Ridge takes a look at the sketch.

Deacon brings Quinn coffee. Quinn asks if Deacon has noticed what just happened. She just had a moment with Brooke. Quinn thinks that Brooke is starting to warm up to her. Deacon thinks that they can be civil. Quinn will take it. She hopes that he got the message from that. Deacon would like to know what message that is. She means that she is so crazy that she will work with that woman. Even when she is warming up to her she is cold as ice. Quinn wonders how they even got together in the first place. Deacon starts to explain but Quinn tells him to stop she doesn’t want to know. Deacon wants to say that Quinn is a fantastic partner and the woman he never deserved. Quinn would do anything for him. Quinn is in a marriage that is actually working. Deacon asks if she doubted them. Quinn doubted her because she never thought she had any room for anyone else. Quinn asks if Deacon wishes that he was secretly single. Deacon believes that she is everything he needs. They kiss.

Brooke guesses that Thomas is here to stay. Caroline thinks so. He was over International and wants to design again. Brooke asks when he starts. Caroline explains that it hasn’t been determined yet. Thomas is showing Ridge a design right now. Brooke is confused. Thomas’s line did so well for Forrester before. Why wouldn’t he work again? Caroline thinks that Ridge wants him to earn it like anyone else. Brooke guesses that makes sense. Thomas is very talented though, so it shouldn’t be hard. Caroline is excited to have another Forrester on the team. Brooke remember that when Caroline first came to town, she was a couple with Thomas.

Thomas thinks that it is pretty good. He thinks that he did a classic Ridge move. He tries to explain that it is a combination of what put Forrester on the map with something a little bit more modern. Ridge asks him if he wants to know what he thinks. Thomas would love to. Ridge rips his design in half.

Caroline laughs at the mention of her relationship with Thomas. There has been so much growth since then. Thank goodness. She was so immature. Caroline thinks that she made an impression on Thomas and Rick… Caroline thinks that is a way to open up a huge can of worms. Brooke wonders if she is upset that she sent for her in the first place. Caroline isn’t. Coming to LA was the best choice she could have made. Brooke tells her she is welcome then. Caroline guesses that it is Brooke she has to thank. Caroline knows that Brooke said she can talk to her about Ridge but it feels strange. She isn’t so sure that it is a good idea. Brooke doesn’t want Ridge back. Caroline knows that if she did then she could have him just like that. Brooke laughs. Caroline is in love. Forrester has another father/son design team. Forrester is back to what made it so unique. One generation to the next.

Thomas asks what the hell that was. Ridge reminds him that he wanted his opinion. Ridge wants him to spend more time on that. They need cutting edge. Thomas thinks that this is a joke. This is what everyone is wearing on the streets of Paris. Ridge does not care what they are wearing in Paris. He cares about what they are going to wear tomorrow. They are trendsetters. He thinks that Thomas should be embarrassed of what he has shown him. So many young people want to work with them and now Thomas is lazy. Thomas cannot believe this. Ridge wants him to believe it. He doesn’t want to believe that this is the best he can come up with. He isn’t going to hire him.

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