B&B Wednesday Update 7/29/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/29/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy looks at a picture of Aly and frowns. She starts to think of Steffy killing Aly again.

Steffy is on the sky deck and two of the interns are talking about how unreal it is that Aly is dead. Steffy overhears them. Liam walks outside and can tell that it is bothering Steffy. Liam asks if he can talk to Steffy alone. The two interns leave. Liam is sorry about them. Steffy doesn’t think that it is their fault. Liam states that it isn’t her fault either. He hopes that she knows that.

Wyatt walks into Rick’s office where Ivy is. He asks if she has read the reviews. Ivy has not. Wyatt reads one that praises the jewelry line. Ivy guesses that it is cool. Wyatt is not convinced that she believes that. Ivy cannot get it through her head. Aly should be here but she is not because of Steffy. Wyatt doesn’t want her to go there. Ivy can’t not. Steffy is the reason she is not alive. Ivy has proof.

Ridge attempts to draw. Caroline assumes that this is tough for him. Ridge has a lot on his mind. Steffy is going through a lot. Caroline can imagine how hard it is to see your cousin die on the side of the road. Thomas walks in and assumes that they are talking about Steffy. Ridge confirms that they are. Thomas tried talking to her but she seems withdrawn. It is almost like she feels responsible. Ridge knows that Aly was a troubled kid. Some days she was fine others she was completely nuts. Thomas asks why she would take it out on Steffy though. Caroline explains that it wasn’t just Steffy. She had issues with Maya and the entire California Freedom line. Thomas cannot believe that in the end it was Aly who ended up paying the price. Ridge feels that it was through no fault of her own.

Steffy notes that they have buyers meetings all week. Liam will take care of it. Steffy wants to help. Liam asks why. Steffy just does. Liam believes that what Steffy needs is to get away for a couple of days. Steffy tells him no. They are swamped with orders. Liam reminds her that is why they have a sales department. Liam believes that Steffy has been through a trauma that most people cannot even imagine. Steffy can take a minute. Steffy asks what she is supposed to do. Relive the events. Liam wants her to realize that Aly got out of control and hit her head on a rock. It is tragic but it is not her fault. She couldn’t have done anything to prevent it. Steffy wishes that it were that simple.

Quinn walks into Rick’s office. She tells Wyatt that she needs him to go into HR. It is the only way they are going to keep up with these orders. She walks over to Ivy. She needs her to go and get Liam in the loop. She will go and talk to Ridge. Ivy asks what she is doing looking confused. Quinn needs her to go talk to Liam about the line. Quinn understands that Ivy was close to Aly and if it were possible for them to shut down for a week that would be great but they can’t. Thorne walks in. Wyatt tells him that it is so good to see him. Thorne thanks him but wants them to get on with their work. Ivy asks if she can get him a coffee. Thorne is fine he just needed to get out of the house. It is hard to make sense out of something like this. He lost his daughter like this. Ivy looks at Wyatt and is in complete sorrow.

Thomas just wants Ridge to think about this while Steffy is recovering. Ridge explains to him that they are not changing anyone at the top while they are launching this new line not even temporarily. Thomas guesses that he can just stay here and design with him and Caroline then. He remembers that Ridge wants him to prove himself. Ridge does like everyone else. Thomas wonders what Caroline is doing. Caroline thinks that this hilarious watching them go on like a reality show. Thomas thinks that Ridge and Caroline are the reality show. They can call it part 2. He thinks it is bizarre. Caroline wonders what is bizarre. Thomas guesses nothing.

Liam suggests that Steffy try talking about all of this. Steffy feels that it only makes it worse. The way it happened it was all such a blur. Everything was based on reactions. Liam thinks that she needs to talk to someone. He knows her and she cannot keep things bottled up. He needs her to do this. Steffy is on the road. He asks what happens next. Steffy was driving her car and had a flat tire. She tried to change it and Aly tried hitting her with her car. Steffy was so angry and tried to call her out but Aly wasn’t acting like herself. She was going on about Darla like Steffy took something from her. She tried to get through to her but Aly wouldn’t listen and she attacked her. Liam asks if that is when Aly slipped and fell. Steffy feels that it happened so fast that she doesn’t know. Liam doesn’t think that she is to blame for any of this. They hug.

Quinn explains that they share Thorne’s loss. All of them do. Thorne thanks them. Thorne does not think that this ever should have happened. Then Ridge at the memorial service… Ivy believes that he took it too far. Thorne agrees it was typical of him though. He gets to move on but Thorne has to live with this. Quinn believes that Ridge shouldn’t have said those things. Thorne reminds them that his daughter is dead. Wyatt knows that Ridge feels bad and he shouldn’t doubt that. Thorne just feels that this is all too unreal. She hits her head and now she is dead. Thorne would like to know how it happened. Ivy looks scared.

Caroline doesn’t think that Thomas is really helping his cause. Thomas has no judgment. He is just saying… Caroline asks what he is just saying. Caroline wonders if Thomas thinks that Ridge is too old for her. Thomas just thinks that it is trippy. He is almost the same age as Caroline and Ridge is old enough to be his dad… Ridge wonders if he can design like his dad. Thomas guesses that is the question. Caroline bets that if he can design half as good as Ridge then he will be better than most. Thomas laughs. Ridge wants Thomas to show him something. Thomas tells him to make sure he wears his reading glasses. Caroline asks if stuff like that bothers him. Ridge does not want him to be ridicules.

Quinn isn’t sure that you can really explain a senseless death. Thorne feels that she was so young. She had so much to live for. Quinn agrees that is probably the only true thing about this tragedy. Ivy assures Thorne that Aly loved him and wouldn’t want him suffering. She spoke about him all the time. Thorne needs closure. They can’t help him unless they can make sense of it. He doesn’t understand. People die he gets that. This however there has to be more. Quinn wonders if Thorne needs a break. He suggests they go outside and get some fresh air. Ivy asks Wyatt how she cannot tell him the truth. Steffy killed her.

Ridge tells Steffy that on the bright side of things the industry loves the line. He asks Steffy if she is here. Steffy says sorry. Ridge knows that it is awful but they need her leadership. PR is doing what they can but he doesn’t want her answering a thing question from the press. Ridge wants Steffy to mourn her cousin in private with her family. He will do whatever he can to keep the press away from her. It is not a request. Thorne is listening at the door and asks if it really is a difficult time for Steffy. Ridge thinks it really is. Ridge is protecting her. Thorne asks about his daughter. He wants to know who protected Aly.

Wyatt cannot have Ivy react. Ivy asks if that is really what she is doing. Wyatt says no but he doesn’t know. Ivy asks if she should really keep her mouth shut. Wyatt just wants her to consider what could happen if she doesn’t. Ivy has thought about them but Wyatt just saw Thorne. He doesn’t deserve to accept his daughter’s death as a lie. Wyatt notes that he doesn’t know it is a lie. Ivy asks if he is really ok with that. Wyatt isn’t. Ivy reminds him that he is suffering and it doesn’t add up to him. Aly’s dad deserves to know the truth. Wyatt agrees that he does but it won’t change anything. Ivy believes it will bring some justice to all of this. Wyatt doesn’t believe that she is bringing up justice. Ivy knows that Aly was sweet and sensitive. She didn’t need a heavy hand. In Aly’s mind Steffy’s sexuality was the problem. She doesn’t agree with that entirely but Steffy shouldn’t have put herself in a position like that. Ivy knows that they don’t know what has happened. All they know is what Steffy told the police and what is recorded on her phone. It shows Steffy hitting Aly with a tire iron. Wyatt wants her to stop saying murder. Ivy wants to know why Steffy wouldn’t tell the police the whole story. Ivy knew that Aly was in trouble that night. She wanted to bring her back. She had done it before and this time she didn’t get the chance. Wyatt thinks that Ivy is amazing. Ivy is confused. Wyatt thinks that it is amazing how she is standing up for Aly. Ivy doesn’t think that she had to die. Wyatt starts to kiss Ivy and she kisses him back.

Ridge explains that everyone feels terrible about this. Thorne reminds him that Ridge wasn’t the one who lost a daughter. He did. Ridge does know what it feels like. Thorne knows that he wanted answers. When Phoebe died he wanted answers. Ridge got them and so did Thorne. Thorne didn’t. Ridge would like to help him. Thorne asks if that is why he said those things at the memorial. He trashed Aly in front of everyone. Ridge was talking about awareness. Aly was a victim of mental illness. Thorne demands to know what happened. He wants to know what happened. This is the only thing that matters to him. Steffy says that Aly was out of control and tried to hit her. She attacked her. She slipped and fell and hit her head. Thorne doesn’t believe it. Something else must have happened. He demands to be told.

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