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Ivy was there she saw what happened. Steffy does not think that Ivy knows what she is talking about. Ivy believes that Aly’s death wasn’t caused from hitting her head like Steffy said. It happened because of Steffy.

Liam and Wyatt are somewhere outside. Liam cannot believe that Aly is gone. He really feels for Thorne right now. He asks if Wyatt could imagine what it be like to be him. Wyatt knows that first he lost his wife and now his daughter. It is crazy. Liam knows it was two accidents. Two tragic accidents. Wyatt assumes that it is hard on Steffy. Liam agrees. He just has to keep telling Steffy that it is not her fault.

Caroline and Ridge walk into his office. Caroline cannot even imagine what Thorne is going through. Caroline knows that he is never going to see his daughter again. She wonders if there is anything possibly worse than losing a child. Ridge doesn’t think that there is anything. Caroline wishes that there was something they could do for him. He is all alone now and doesn’t have anyone. Ridge reminds her that he has them and the rest of the family. They have to love and support him. The two hug. Thomas walks in and sees the two of them hugging. Caroline notices Thomas at the door and says hello. Thomas hopes that he isn’t interrupting. Ridge asks how he is doing. Thomas is doing as well as he can be all things considered. Caroline explains that they were just talking about it. Ridge informs him that the whole family appreciated him being here. Thomas feels horrible for uncle Thorne and Steffy being there that night. Caroline doesn’t think that anyone thinks that Steffy is responsible for that night. Thomas agrees and everyone knows that. It is still upsetting though. He is just glad he can be there for her. Caroline asks if he plans on sticking around. Thomas has decided to move back here to LA.

Wyatt asks if Steffy told Liam everything about that night. Liam says yes. At least everything that she can remember. Wyatt just thinks that it is crazy how they stumbled and fell and now her life is over. Liam agrees that it is a freak accident. What really makes him sad is that this could have all been avoided if Aly didn’t go nuts. Instead Steffy has to deal with this and Aly is gone. Wyatt assumes that this will haunt her for the rest of her life. Liam cannot stop thinking about Steffy. Wyatt is worried about her to.

Ivy wants Steffy to just be straight with her. She saw the whole thing. Steffy clearly thinks that she didn’t or she wouldn’t be questioning her. Ivy knows exactly what happened. Steffy believes that this has been an emotional few days. Aly was her cousin as well. Steffy asks if Ivy really thinks that she wanted this. Ivy doesn’t think that Steffy wanted this. Aly did however die and there were only two of them on the side of the road. Steffy wonders what Ivy is implying. She asks if Ivy is asking if she is responsible for what happened to Aly. Ivy explains that is exactly what she is saying.

Ridge asks if Thomas has thought this all through. The pros and cons. Thomas does not think that there are any cons. Thomas asks if Ridge is not happy about this. Ridge just feels that it is a little sudden. Thomas didn’t just decide to do this. He has been thinking about it for a while now. Ridge believes that Thomas should have told someone about it. Caroline assures Thomas that Ridge is just trying to make sure that he is making the best choice. Thomas felt that Paris was great while it lasted. This has always been his home. Ridge asks if Thomas plans to just leave his position high and dry. Thomas has it covered. Ridge doesn’t have any executive positions here. Thomas is not looking for an executive position. He wants to join a design team. Caroline and Ridge look at each other.

Liam wonders why Wyatt would be worried. Wyatt just feels that Steffy is a friend. She is going through a tough time. Liam guesses that is cool of him to think that way. For the record though, Steffy has him to lean on. Wyatt knows. Liam looks at him in a funny way. Wyatt cannot believe that he is implying that he would hit on Steffy right now and take advantage of her. Liam doesn’t know. Wyatt deserves more credit than that. Liam is sorry. He guesses that Wyatt would never do that. Liam just feels that this is a stressful situation and he doesn’t know how to handle this really well. Wyatt wants him to put himself in Steffy’s shoes. She is probably feeling a lot of guilt and regret. Liam cannot grasp what he is talking about. Nobody is blaming Steffy. Wyatt feels that things might change. Liam asks what could change. Wyatt just thinks that they haven’t had a chance to process the situation. They weren’t there. Liam guesses that he is right. One thing he is sure about though is that this is not Steffy’s fault. Steffy has nothing to feel guilty about. Wyatt rolls his eyes.

Ivy is not trying to upset Steffy. She is just trying to get Steffy to admit the truth. Steffy feels that the truth is that Aly went ballistic. She went crazy. Ivy saw the pictures. There is a picture of Maya with an ex crossed out and a picture of herself with a nail in her head. Ivy is not saying that she did this on purpose. Steffy reminds Ivy that Aly was out for revenge. She stuck a nail in her tire and then tried to drive her off the road. She tried to hit her with her car. She was attacking her. Aly was ill. She doesn’t want to talk badly of her but she clearly was not well. Ivy doesn’t think that explains Steffy’s role in Aly’s death. Steffy was trying to defend herself. Aly was attacking her. Then Aly hit her head on a rock and now she is dead. Ivy asks what Steffy thought would happen. People don’t just lose their footing and die. That is what she told the police. Ivy wants to know the truth. Ivy wants to know if it is at all possible that Steffy has distorted reality at all and doesn’t remember what happened. Steffy realizes that Ivy doesn’t like her but this is an all-time low. Steffy did nothing wrong and doesn’t need to defend herself to her. Wyatt and Liam walk in and ask if everything is ok. Steffy says it is nothing. They were just having a disagreement. Liam wonders if he should talk. Ivy says it is ok. Wyatt suggests that he and Steffy get some air. Ivy asks what he wants to talk to her about.

Ridge is shocked that Thomas wants to be a designer now. Thomas doesn’t think that he should be so shocked. Ridge has known more than anyone that Thomas has always wanted to get into designing. Ridge always thought that Thomas was happy with being an executive. Thomas wonders how he could be happy with crunching numbers at International. Caroline feels that everyone knows how excellent he is at his job. Thomas was just taking one for the team and learning another aspect of the company. Ridge explains that people don’t just get things handed to them. Thomas reminds him that he backed Ridge in the takeover. He might only have five percent but he is still a shareholder. He is also a designer. His Taboo line was a huge money maker. Ridge feels that was a long time ago. Thomas has been working on his craft every single day. Caroline informs him that they are already well into the spring line. Thomas has seen their designs and they are pretty good. He just feels that they would really like what he has to offer. He asks what they say.

Steffy walks outside. Wyatt thinks that is kind of weird. He wonders what Liam wants to discuss with Ivy. It isn’t Steffy’s place to say. Wyatt says no. He is dropping the bomb on her right now. Liam is breaking up with Ivy.

Wyatt doesn’t know how to do this. Ivy is so great and he doesn’t want to hurt her. Ivy asks if he is really breaking up with her. She cannot believe he is doing this right now. At her cousins memorial. Can he not see the flowers? Liam knows the timing is wrong. Ivy demands that he just come out and say it. It isn’t like it isn’t obvious. Ivy feels a bit betrayed. Steffy was trying to get between them and she was relentless. He finally gave in. Liam believes it is more complex. Liam thinks that they have finally been given another chance. Liam is sorry. Ivy asks what she was to Liam. She wonders if she was just a conquest. Liam doesn’t think so at all. He loved her and still does. Ivy doesn’t want him to say another word. If he wants to be with Steffy a woman with no moral center then he can deal with that.

Thomas asks if there is any room for him on their team. Ridge asks if Eric knows about this. Thomas reminds him that he is CEO now and Ridge calls the shots. If he were a betting man though he would predict that Eric would be thrilled. Thomas also imagines that Ridge will be tied up in running this place. Another Forrester on the design team makes sense. He won’t let him down. Ridge thinks that he will have to work hard. Thomas wouldn’t have it any other way.

In Rick’s office Liam and Steffy talk. Liam feels like such a jerk. Steffy reminds him it had to be done. Ivy needed to know. Liam agrees. He didn’t want to string her along. He tried to hold off because of the Aly thing. He cannot believe he broke up with someone at a funeral. Steffy knows that it wasn’t idea. Liam could feel the tension between the two of them when he walked in and assumed that was what they were talking about. Liam just thought that Ivy should hear it from him. Liam was wrong. Steffy believes that she was hurt. Liam just thought it got intense. She was saying some things about Steffy’s character. Liam knows that Steffy is the best for his life. He couldn’t be happier about their future.

The day of her cousin’s memorial Liam decides to have the talk. Wyatt is sorry that he decided to do this today. Especially today of all days. He deserves better. Ivy will live and survive. Aly is the one who is not here today because of Steffy. Wyatt asks if she admitted anything. Ivy shakes her head no. She kept pushing but Steffy wouldn’t budge. She kept lying and didn’t show any remorse. Ivy has the video and the proof. She looks at it. Aly was a good person. She was a loyal and sensitive friend with so much life. Ivy knows that she got judgmental and withdrawn. She was in pain and should have done more. Wyatt doesn’t think that there is anything more she can do. Wyatt knows that justice is what Ivy wants but no one can see this video. He asks if Ivy understands. It is way to dangerous.

Steffy looks at her phone. A pop up of Aly’s obituary is on her phone. Steffy starts to remember what happened and starts to cry a little bit. She hears Ivy say that it wasn’t an accident in her head and looks scared.

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